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— Islândia
23 fev — 2 mar1
Ida e volta
1 adulto
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  • À procura de passagens baratas para a Islândia? 25% dos nossos utilizadores encontraram passagens para a Islândia por preços iguais ou inferiores a: De Faro 98 € ida - 174 € ida e volta, do o Porto 675 € ida - 288 € ida e volta, de Lisboa 73 € ida - 409 € ida e volta
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  • Como época alta, considera-se janeiro, fevereiro e dezembro. O mês mais barato para voar para a Islândia é janeiro.
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SASPontuação geral com base em 5383 avaliações
Avaliações sobre a companhia

The most comfortable business class seat/bed I have experienced. A lot of room to stow all your stuff. And excellent food and service, to boot!

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The most comfortable business class seat/bed I have experienced. A lot of room to stow all your stuff. And excellent food and service, to boot!

i had such fond memories of SAS from the golden days of travel before 911 & Covid - it appears what ever all airlines can do to bleed you dry for what use to be free is ridiculous There were no beverages offered on the return flight from HAM/CPH/SFO and the food was beyond disgusting

Prós: "Nothing much"
Contras: "The stewardess was rude and super pushy. It reminded us an old times of Ryanair"
Prós: "My first part of the flight, from SFO to CPH, was good. It was the second part that was terrible."
Contras: "SAS never emailed the second boarding ticket and there was no agent at the gate to help me print one. I paid $20 days in advance for a front aisle seat (6E), but was boarded last (group H) and had to put my carry-on in aisle 26. The stewardess was very rude and seemed racist towards me."
Prós: "food good"
Contras: "techical problems announced AFTER plane was fully boarded, took 1-1/2 hours with no refreshments offered except the water bottles at seat. However, captain did make periodic announcements as to progress of repairs."
Prós: "The crew was very nice , and very comfortable seats ."
Contras: "Everything was great"
Prós: "Safe polite crew"
Contras: "No entertainment options on plane. Possibly due to 737maxs being taken out of service."
Contras: "."
Contras: "Late departure for that most meaningless of excuses - the late arriving aircraft. And so late arriving at destination. On arrival at Berlin, there was also noone at the gate to allow us to leave the plane. All in all meant missing pickup time at the airport, and extra cost."
Prós: "Nice crew"
Contras: "There was three hour delay Boarding was chaotic and very bad organizedMain course was good, but poor snack Entertainment program very poor"
Prós: "My flight has been cancelled"
Prós: "USB charging port in the seat."
Contras: "No complementary snacks/food; no entertainment; late and unorganized boarding -- Felt like a (higher priced) ryanair flight."
Prós: "USB charging port on seats"
Contras: "No food, rude crew, no entertainment"
Prós: "Check in at the airport gate was handled professionally."
Contras: "Bought our seats 2 months in advance. One day before flight, saw our assigned seats were changed, someone had our original seats 31G/H, and we were put in 48C/D. Could not get any assistance to correct the situation until we were at the gate and by that time no comparable seats were available. Also, my husband spilled his drink; one of the attendants said he was too busy to help with cleanup. Fortunately, another attendant came over after my husband went to the galley to again ask for assistance."
Prós: "The flight itself was pretty good."
Contras: "Over 30 degrees Celsius at Hamburg airport. They don’t even have a decent air conditioning system! How unbelievable is that? Even in africa or South America the airports are more comfortable in terms of internal temperatute. Hambur airport was like a greenhouse. and all passengers there were like roasted turkeys inside a giant hot oven! Worst airport experience ever!"
Prós: "Crew Flight delayed. Said 30. Actual 1 hour"
Contras: "Kayak sold me a one way usd 500 ticket and did not give me the option to add the luggage. Had to pay 60 eur in the airport. Is probably better to buy in the airline directly"
Contras: "I would like more checked baggage allowance."
Prós: "Nice staff, comfortable."
Contras: "Not sure why they only have like 20 movies, most of which are not good. Delta has hundreds of movies to choose from. Old and new. When entertainment is included in the high price of these long haul trips, it helps to have a semi-decent selection."
Prós: "Services"
Contras: "Didn’t have veggies good on board"
Prós: "Food was good and so was the entertainment on board"
Contras: "Issues with boarding due to problems with brakes so flight was delayed by 3 hours. No food or drinks were offered"
Prós: "Flight on time and efficient boarding process"
Contras: "Food only average, some of the beverages only for purchase"
Prós: "premium economy"
Contras: "nothing, it was great!"
Prós: "Internet not working. Horrible."
Contras: "Food was really, really bad. Only one very bad choice ignoring health conditions of different passengers."
Contras: "SAS charged me 70 Euros for a small 14 KG carryon luggage. It should have been free. Even Ryan air only charged 35$ for a checked bag. This was ridiculous and service was poor."
Contras: "since all tickets and passports are checked in advance and do not need to be scanned again when boarding, they really should start boarding from the back of the aircraft (after all the business, first-class, and priority folks) because it would really speed things up the main meal was good, but the snack was much smaller compared to my flight from Chicago to Stockholm"
Prós: "I was very comfortable in the new seats, I did not have to recline or move for over eight hours"
Contras: "still there is not enough legroom for tall persons"
Prós: "Liked 2+4+2 seating"
Contras: "When passengers in front of us kept their seats reclined the entire trip, couldn't move, difficult to get in or out of seats. Had to ask flight attendants to ask them to raise seats, at least during meal service. Food was worst of any international flight we've been on and we fly internationally several times a year. Very poor selection of movies and map was not working this flight."
Prós: "Crew were good. Plane new and clean."
Contras: "I think the only free drinks are tea and coffee."
Prós: "This was a direct Copenhagen to Boston flight run by SAS for Privatair. It was a small aircraft with only 70 total seats. That being said, the seats were comfortable, the service was wonderful, and the flight was smooth."
Contras: "Inflight entertainment consisted of an iPad with very limited options. Only one non-alcoholic drink included with dinner, and purchase price of wine was the highest I have ever seen on a flight."
Contras: "Never made it to destination"
Contras: "Flight cancelled without warning less than two hours before departure."
Prós: "Super Ontime"
Prós: "Smooth flight, friendly crew, food was excellent."
Contras: "Seats very cramped"
Prós: "Overall excellent"
Prós: "Movie selection/Entertainment choices were good. Food was ok. Overhead storage space was adequate."
Contras: "Seats are awfully small and legroom is cramped. The crew was standoffish and inattentive. Beverage service is lacking."
Prós: "Flight was on-time, fast, efficient boarding, on-time arrival."
Contras: "SAS is really running down quality of service. An old bird that was showing its age and interior wear. No in-flight entertainment options. Food / beverage options are not on par with expectations or other airlines. Only no-cost drink options are coffee or tea. Juice, soda, water - all for a fee. Snacks available for sale include potato chips and nuts. It's 2017 folks - up your game!"
Prós: "No problems, great crew, easy check in and on time!"
Prós: "Being on time"
Contras: "Jetlag from the previous flight, please do something about it, just kidding..."
Contras: "No one from the flight crew gave us the border card. We waited in the border line only to be told once we reached the front that we needed to leave the line to fill one out. No guest on the Oslo to Edinburgh flight was given one."
Prós: "It was great to have a bottle of water right at the beginning of the flight! Made it easier to settle down and relax."
Contras: "It would be great to have a greater offer of music. I really like to listen to some new music from good artists and to get inspired for new music on a long flight. It's too bad, SAS only offers playlists of 1 hour..."
Prós: "Temperatures was good not very hot. Has a handicapped bathroom."
Contras: "Cabin light was only slightly dimmed during the 8 hrs flight. Then instead of gradually brighten the light. They just flip the switch to full blast. I think they are trying to sell you more duty free than letting their customers rest. Not ok!"
Contras: "Not very many current movies, very cramped."
Prós: "Nice meal, friendly staff"
Contras: "I asked for a second glass of water and the flight attendant told me I had to buy a bottle. Also, the flight departed one hour late."
Prós: "Great experience overall except for one flight attendant for inbound flight to Copenhagen - his attitude was a bit too casual although he was friendly."
Contras: "wifi - never worked"
Prós: "The food and movies were good."
Contras: "Didn't have enough money to sit in a seat with leg room."
Prós: "The new cabin and video monitor are nice. Crew was polite."
Contras: "Food is the same as I flew last year. Taste is the same. Need some changes and variety. Movies can include more recent ones."
Prós: "great plane and food and crew"
Contras: "cant pre book luggage way too expensive for bags"
Prós: "There was a good choice of movies to watch while in flight. Boarding was quick and easy and all of the crew members were very nice. The woman I was sat next to was very quiet and was very nice and courteous. All in all a pretty good flight"
Contras: "The seats weren't very comfortable, but then no seat is comfortable after 8 hours. I can't complain too much. The food was much better than I remember it being ten years ago when I last flew internationally, but still not the best."

Voo muito bom e cómodo

Food choice and quality has to improve

The plane was tiny and filled with very tall Icelandic residents. The crew were disinterested in the passengers. We got 8oz of water and a cereal bar for a 3.5 hour international flight.

Contras: "Flight cancelled. Impossible to manage flight or request refund directly. Must make the request to the travel agency. The problem is that the client should have the right to bypass the travel agency..."
Contras: "Flight cancelled. Impossible to manage flight or request refund directly. Must make the request to the travel agency. The problem is that the client should have the right to bypass the travel agency..."
Prós: "Crewwere polite and competent. Seats felt a little cramped."
Prós: "Wasn’t a crowded flight so had room to spread iut"
Contras: "The food choices"
Contras: "A alimentação fornecida não permitiu opção para todos a bordo, além de apresentar cardápio pouco atrativo."
Contras: "No WiFi."
Prós: "Limpeza dos toaletes."
Contras: "A comida servida a bordo."
Contras: "Some form of entertainment"
Prós: "Lovely staff"
Prós: "Nao viajarmos, o voo foi cancellando sem avisar fui fazer o chekin e fiquei sapendo. Tive que comprar outra passagem pela Tam que custom muito cara devido a data estar muito em horror!"
Contras: "Tudo, inclusive me idenizarem pelos transtornos psicologicos e gastos desnecessario de muito dinheiro"
Prós: "A tripulação, particularmente a Sra. Betina, é a mais simpática e prestativa tripulação que já vi. Vinhos excelentes, servidos a vontade mesmo na classeeconômica. Os assentos são bastantes confortáveis. O pouso também foi perfeito."
Contras: "Só faltou servir o café, junto com a refeição da manhã"
Contras: "For a major carrier in Europe we expected more. Be Be prepared to pay for food and even a drink on a domestic flight. Seats tiny barely any leg room. Crew members appeared to be having a bad day not many welcoming smiles. I guess if you had to budget just pay use one of the other carriers"
Contras: "As opções de entretenimento e cadeiras mais confortáveis."
Prós: "Tripulação atenciosa e solidária"
Contras: "Procedimento de embarque respeitando os grupos para acessar a aeronave"
Prós: "I did not"
Contras: "Despite most of the plane being offered refreshment I never was as staff not organised enough to have time to do so, even though other airlines have managed easily."
Prós: "The crew was very attentive and professional. The seats were comfortable and food was good!"
Contras: "Keep the lights off :)"
Prós: "Flight good, crew helpful and no problem with boarding."
Contras: "No hot food and no announcement in the Airport. Limited choice of other food."
Prós: "Serviço de bordo comida"
Contras: "Assento com encosto de cabeça... horrivel"
Prós: "The crew was very helpful. Although delayed by nearly 3 hours the captain kept passengers up to date on the status."
Contras: "Aircraft is too cramped for search a long flight. It was very hot and the food was not good."
Contras: "Demora en el despegue"
Prós: "A atenção e cordialidade da BA é demais."
Contras: "Nada a dizee"
Contras: "Better business class seats"
Prós: "Uma verdadeira lata de sardinha"
Contras: "O tratamento pois depois de um atraso na decolagem de mais de uma hora dentro do avião, não serviram nem um copo de água ."
Contras: "Verdadeira lata de sardinha"
Prós: "Polite and helpful crew members."
Contras: "N/A"
Contras: "Voces me venderam uma passagem as 9:47. Eu tinha apenas 3min para fazer meu checkin pois encerrava as 9:50. Não consegui, perdi o voo e o dinheiro. Palhaçada, irei entrar na justiça. Deviam alertar ou bloquear as vendas faltando pouco tempo para o checkout."
Contras: "Lost my luggage"
Prós: "Vôo saiu no horário, tudo muito bom."
Prós: "Simpatia da tripulação"
Contras: "Espaço entre bancos demasiado pequeno"
Contras: "Cadeiras da Business"
Prós: "Tripulação muito atenciosa."
Contras: "A distância entre os assentos. Muito apertado."
Contras: "The absurd delay and the fact that last row seats can’t be reclined and have no windows. Not a nice experience."
Contras: "O prato que escolhi, disponível no menu, não estava disponível no vôo."
Prós: "On time, attentive staff"
Contras: "price"
Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "3 canceled flights and lost luggage.... bad communication by employers and absolutely no help ... we were sent all over the airport several times to the wrong places and felt that no body cared in this process .... I would like compensation and something to make this right ... we also lost our upgraded seats I lpaid for and the vegan meals we ordered in advance"
Prós: "Pontualidade, espaço entre as poltronas."
Contras: "Ter que comprar a água"
Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "Always late always charge for water that’s sad"
Prós: "Tripulação"
Contras: "Atraso de mais de 1 hora"
Contras: "The airline sent me on a wild goose chase through the airport only to end up back at the same counter. They then told me it was too late to check in. Do not book tickets with cheapoair-British Airlines said this releasesthem from all responsibilities and cheapoair will do nothing but send you to different people trying to sell you another flight. It was the worst experience every!"
Prós: "Timely"
Contras: "Nithing"
Prós: "Nada!"
Contras: "Estava na executiva e tinha cadeiras com tv quebradas, passageiros sendo removidos para econômica para chefe de cabine dormir, não tinham todas as opções do cardápio , vinho acabou , tripulação mal educada"
Prós: "Large plane operated by Iberia"
Contras: "Uninspiring food"
Prós: "Outstanding service"
Contras: "Down onevtoilet from get go was unfortunate but not a big deal until both toilets on our side were out.."
Prós: "São pontuais"
Contras: "Não servem nem uma água para vc beber, única aviação que não servem 1 lanche, nunca vi isso! Eles vendem alimentos, só vendem, não oferece nem água! Um absurdo!"
Prós: "A British Airline é uma empresa muito organizada, não houve atrasos e o serviço de bordo estava impecável, porém, tive problema com a minha tv, na verdade todo o bloco central perdeu acesso ao entretenimento e eles não conseguirem resolver ainda em voo."
Contras: "Do meu sistema de entretenimento ter parado de funcionar"
Prós: "The space"
Contras: "Messy boarding"

Good budget airline, comfortable seats and pleasant crew

The crew was efficient and welcoming. Boarding was a bit messy, some delay in the cleaning, it seems. All the rest was accordingly the flight tipology.

Prós: "The flight was fine."
Contras: "Super delayed. I arrived in Vienna at night with no further outbound flights because of the delay. Also, the airline will not accept responsibility for the missed connection so Im done with Eurowings."
Prós: "The flight was pretty smooth considering it was a small plane."
Contras: "I did not appreciate having to give my hand luggage into the hold which meant that I did not have any money to purchase any drinks on the flights and I was also sitting next to an overweight man which made it very tight for space."
Prós: "?"
Contras: "No"
Prós: "The plane left and arrived on time."
Contras: "The seats were just okay, not comfortable. No snacks or drinks were complimentary."
Prós: "Boarding and getting off the plane was fast"
Contras: "Our luggage space was occupied with bags from passengers from other rows."
Contras: "It was so late and we were not told anything!!!"
Prós: "Punctual"
Contras: "Seats"
Prós: "Easy boarding"
Contras: "Leaving on time"
Prós: "It was efficient"
Contras: "More comfortable"
Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "Everything from checking in where I asked for an aisle seat and was informed that I was given an aisle seat just to find that I was given a middle seat on both legs even though I had checked in for the second leg of the trip. Added to which my luggage is now missing"
Contras: "The seats are uncomfortable and too close together. The flight was late because we circled the airport several times in the air, and spent thirty minutes waiting on the tarmac to come to the gate. The stewardess spilled on my neighbor each time she filled my water."
Prós: "The crew was fine and boarding was efficient."
Contras: "We missed our connecting flight, had to wait six hours to fly to Munich, then sat in the Munich airport for four more hours as the flight to Milan was delayed. My bag made it to Milan by 10:30, I arrived at 22:00."
Contras: "Boarding took ages. And there were no announcements telling passengers what was causing the delay."
Prós: "The flight was quick and they waited for our flight from JFK, which had been delayed and arrived and hour later than scheduled."
Prós: "Very fast check in. No problems"
Contras: "Nothing"
Contras: "More legroom. And not having to pay for a simple glass of water."
Prós: "The plane itself is small, and quite comfortable and spacious."
Contras: "The review process at the airport (even for domestic flights) seemed exaggerated, time consuming and difficult. The crew kept their ship's service even with the heavy turbulence of the flight, which made them afraid that something could fly at any moment in the armchair."
Prós: "The aircraft is spacious and comfortable."
Contras: "The crew was not exactly very friendly. The flight was turbulent (exaggeratedly)."
Contras: "Everything, flight was super late, no explanation whatsoever,"
Prós: "Good view with the high winged propeller plane"
Contras: "Small overhead storage"
Prós: "The plane was almost empty, I had a whole row for myself (albeit with very limited legroom)"
Contras: "Can't comment on food as it isn't provided with the basic fare."
Contras: "There was a change of name and the wrong name was changed. I very nearly didn’t get on the flight and had to pay extra fees to fly. I wasn’t aware I was booking with last, whom I have had issues with before. Worried about the return flights already."
Prós: "The crew was friendly and helpful!"
Contras: "Our flight was delayed three hours for no readily apparent reason. The food served on-board was inedible. When it was finally time to land, we briefly touched down before going back up into the air and circling for an additional half hour because another plane was at our gate. The quick up-and-down caused at least two passengers near me to vomit. I’ll try my best to avoid Eurowings in the future."
Prós: "Not much really except Wi-fi which is pricey though."
Contras: "Delayed with no information. Boarding bit chaotic and once on board no food left to buy as everything has been sold out. Despite me being in row 1 and the first customer to be served. Plane arrived at low cost Barcelona terminal and we had to wait quite long for our luggage. Eurowings race to the bottom."
Prós: "Nothing."
Contras: "Delayed twice, no explanation. Full flight then had to board through one door, with no separation of seat numbers. Truly amateur. Euro Wings food choices certainly didn't appeal."
Contras: "Missed flight because of another flight delay"
Contras: "Delayed, causing me to miss all other flights."
Contras: "I did not board, because another flight delay caused me to miss this flight."
Prós: "Arrived to Seattle on time."
Contras: "I did not know what airline, crew flew me to Seattle."
Prós: "I arrived in Köln."
Contras: "Eurowings operated by Sun Express? I did not know what airline was flying me to Seattle."
Prós: "We had one of the more legroom seats so that was nice"
Contras: "Everything else. I felt the stewardess from my aisle was extremely rude. She would ask someone a question and obviously they can’t hear her because their watching a movie, so she would wave her hand in their face. Another time she was telling me “excuse me” in German while I was watching a movie. I thought she was speaking to someone else since I did not understand German and then she very rudely said “excuseee me”. The food was not filling and they charged for drinks. She also said I was only allowed one free drink of coffee. The second snack was a cake or cheese sandwhich. We were starving the entire flight we had to give in and pay for snacks on board. I’ll try to avoid eurowings from now on."
Contras: "Falta tomada na aeronave"
Prós: "The Lufstansa flight we ended up boarding to San Francisco for a connector to Las Vegas was a pretty good flight. The entertainment and food choices were excellent. As a matter of fact I ended up declining the last meal served because I was still full from the first meal and snack. The crew was friendly and professional. I really liked the bathroom waiting area on the lower deck, which was great place to stretch out and do a few exercises on a long flight."
Contras: "To begin with I should mention I am 6'1" and stocky, so the economy seat was a bit tight; my knees were against the back of the seat in front of me. The previous flight coming to Europe had more room between the seats. The biggest problem by far was that the Eurowings flight was delayed by 8 hours! The Lufstansa customer service at first handed us a sheet of paper with contact information for Eurowings, Once she found out that we booked the original flight through Air Canada, she was able to help us get another flight. The flight was routed through San Francisco, with a transfer to a United flight to Las Vegas. Unfortunately, the United flight has 'technical' issues that delayed it another three and a half hours! So, rather than getting home to Las Vegas at 4 p.m. on Thursday, we ended up getting home at 4 a.m. on Friday morning. We never were told why the original flight was delayed 8 hours!"
Prós: "Staff at the airport (ticket counter and check-in) were very polite."
Contras: "The flight was delayed. Then, after flying to Berlin, the staff said we couldn't land there because of weather. They decided to fly us to Leipzig-Halle (another city a two hour drive away) and said they would provide busses to take us back to Berlin. But then, when we got to Leipzig, they said oh we might be able to fly you back to Berlin, just let us refuel. So we all sat in the plane for an hour and a half while they did that. Then, they announced that they couldn't go back to the Berlin airport because there were too many planes landing there. So they told us to get off the plane, go into the arrival hall and we would get more information there. When we got out of the plane, we were greeted by an information lady who informed us that no trains were running at that hour (it was about 11:30pm), and Eurowings would not provide us with accommodation or transportation back to Berlin. The information staff told us that our options were to personally pay for either a taxi back to Leipzig (two hours away!) or rent a car, or wait until morning to take a bus or train. I was able to stay with a friend in the city, and paid to take a bus to Berlin the next day, but what about everyone else who didn't know people in Leipzig and had to fend for themselves? As a young woman traveling by myself in a foreign country, landing in an unexpected city in the middle of the night, it could have been a potentially dangerous situation. I am extremely frustrated with Eurowings. I paid them to take me to Berlin, and they didn't. I talked to customer service on the phone, and they told me that I should make my own travel plans to return to Berlin and they would reimburse me later. Aside from the fact that there weren't buses, trains or flights running till the next morning - I shouldn't have to make my own travel plans! My plans were to fly Eurowings from Duesseldorf to Tegel, and they should be responsible for getting me there. I am never flying Eurowings again, and sharing the story with any friends who travel in Europe. They absolutely do not care about their customers."
Prós: "Departure on time, arrival even earlier than scheduled. Great!"
Contras: "The boarding system in Olbia is chaotic. We were "boarded" to be kept in the building like cattle, then got into a bus waiting for about 20 min. before we were driven to the aircraft that was standing about 200 m from a gate where we could have boarded walking over. Very poor organization"
Contras: "The entire process to get on a bus to go to flight was delayed by over 15 minutes so the ticket agent could fix one person's flight. There were over 40 people waiting to board the bus. Terrible."
Contras: "No Bus"
Prós: "For a short flight, the trip was fine. No delays were experienced."
Contras: "The security line at Tegel airport was long. It took over 30 minutes get to the security scanner."
Prós: "legroom was ok but i paid for it"
Contras: "i somehow ended up having paid for a "meal" onboard, which consisted of half a sandwich (don't know why they thought mayonnaise went with cheddar), half a cup of coffee and a carton of water. Apparently that cost me 10 euros and it was something i should have unticked when reserving my seat. the flight was also delayed an hour with minimal apology."
Prós: "N/A"
Contras: "Flight members were very rude, one didn't smile once. She also yelled at me when I was standing in an empty row stretching and waiting for the bathroom. She told me I was not allowed to stand up, even though I was in no one's way and we we're free to move about the cabin. Horribly rude during drink and food service as well."
Prós: "Flight was OK"
Contras: "Departure time was not as expected"
Contras: "*Various flight delays *I was told the only available seat was next to the emergency door. I didn't want to sit there, but had no choice. After boarding, I noticed there were several empty seats available. *I tried to get a attendant's attention for water, but they never came to me. *I wanted to keep my jacket with me to put on during flight, but was told I had to put it in the overhead compartment."
Prós: "Dass es ein ein Sandvich und nicht nur Kekse gab"
Contras: "Die Verspätung und die fehlenden Sitze für die, im übrigen nicht annoncierte, Wartezeit, sowie das nicht sehr gut geleitete Einsteigen (zu langer Stau im Rüssel)"
Contras: "Y in Geneva without clothes or meds. SwissPort at GVA doesn’t Java a clue."
Contras: "Long walk plus bus ride to plane in windy and chilly weather with slight drizzle."
Prós: "Eurowings employees overall were friendly, helpful and polite. Language was not much of a barrier. Seats were fairly comfortable for their size. Boarding was smooth and efficient. Information given in-flight was nice. I loved the electronic flight path information available on the entertainment console. We did not purchase the entertainment, but it looked like selections were adequate."
Contras: "Food menu was not accurate. Items listed not available. Food prices were too high. $15 Euro for a reheated fish dinner and small beverage is ridiculous. Carry on bags were weighed. Very difficult to meet carryon weight when carrying necessary electronics and chargers along with prescriptions and the recommended change of clothes. Made the trip stressful. I am used to meeting carryon SIZE requirements but the weight requirement was extremely irritating and unexpected. I would not have been able to do a one bag carryon of my clothing with the weight restrictions. It essentially forces a passenger to check their bag ($65 minimum)."
Prós: "Prices of food items was reasonable"
Contras: "Flight was delayed by an hour . The aircraft had to be refuelled and we were asked to remove our seat belts and wait for an hour. Ae Service was horrible. The passengers who paid extra for snacks with the ticket were served first and even after I said my ears were hurting and I needed something sweet to chew on (I was going to buy something to eat anyway) I wasn't served till roughly 75 minutes into the flight. The crew was inconsiderate towards passengers who bought economy seats and was focusing only on passengers who paid extra for seats and snacks. If that's the case then they should stop serving other customers anyway and tell us beforehand so that we can arrange our own food/drinks from the airport lounge"
Contras: "The service of the airline was horrible. They lost our bags and refused to show any empathy towards us or the multiple other passengers that also lost their bags from our flight. I will never fly Eurowings again."

The flight was two hours late on departure and made me loose a connection flight. The nobody wanted to help me to find a solution


Fiquei em terra

Fiz a compra pela Kaiak mas no momento da viajem a companhia aérea não encontrou minha reserva, e eu perdi meu voo

Prós: "N/A"
Contras: "Not cancelling this flight and 5 other flights."
Prós: "A simpatia dos profissionais do avião"
Contras: "Quando cheguei ao aeroporto de Gartwik fui até ao guichê da easyget pedir uma informação sobre o meu voo por volta das 5h55m e fui estremamente mal atendida por as funcionárias uma delas até me perguntou se eu não tinhas olhos para ver o placar não me deu a informação que eu pedir não foi nada educação povo sem educação nada profissional"
Prós: "O assento é confortável para uma empresa de lowcost"
Contras: "O embarque e o desembarque."
Prós: "Nothing stands out on this flight"
Contras: "No delay, the same reason was used on our flight out. Had to wait for staff to join this flight, surely they would have know the night before. No hand luggage which would save a great deal of time"
Contras: "long delays"
Contras: "Great flight, everything went perfect."
Prós: "On time ,staff great"
Contras: "Maybe free beer ??? But know ,all sound"
Prós: "Finally arriving at London Gatwick."
Contras: "Cabin crew could have been more friendlier and welcoming. The delay of 4 hours was not due to the passengers!"
Contras: "O voo atrasou 1 hora."
Contras: "I have flown 16 times with Easy Jet this year alone and they have excelled themselves once again with another delay and this time by 2 Hours. We actually got all the way through the gate and just about to walk onto the plane this time and then turned around back to the gate, with no explanation!!"
Prós: "Embarque"
Contras: "Espaço entre cadeiras e atraso no voo. Bagagem demorou muitotemoi a chegar"
Prós: "Pontualidade"
Contras: "Espaço entre cadeiras"
Contras: "atraso de 2h no voo, sem nenhuma indicação por parte dos assistentes de terra. serviço pós venda terrivel, sempre a desresponsabilizar de todos e quaisquer factos. nao volto a contratar serviços a esta companhia."
Contras: "Sair a horas"
Contras: "Receberem a minha bagagem de mão na porta do avião"
Contras: "O espaço entre as poltronas é pequeno demais."
Prós: "Voo confortável tripulação simpática, aterragem muito suave"
Prós: "Seating fine, staff friendly"
Contras: "More help with descending from aircraft to bus for less able passengers with bags, not everybody needing help comes under the category of disabled"
Prós: "A simpatia da tripulação."
Contras: "Estar a espera mais de uma hora para sair de Paris."
Prós: "Ease of booking and no fuss boarding"
Contras: "Explanation of what easyJet plus is all about when booking flight"
Contras: "On time would have been good and longer than 2 minutes to get to the gate after it came up on the board"
Contras: "O tempo de embarque, ou seja, depois de passar a porta de embarque, muito tempo à espera para entrar no aviao"
Prós: "Acho ridículo não nos oferecerem nem 1 chiclete na viagem"
Prós: "My trip with Easy Jet was very good and the flight crew did very well."
Contras: "I missed the flight from Vancouver to London and had to purchase a ticket from Air Canada in order to carry on with my trip. The rest of the flight went well."
Prós: "Avião limpo e confortável"
Prós: "Hard to understand some of the crew announcements due to speaking way too fast"
Contras: "Escolhi a easy jet porque considerava que se diferenciava das outras low-cost. A péssima experiência de autêntica caça à bagagem extra por um funcionário dedicado exclusivamente a essa função na fila de embarque provou-me que afinal estava enganado. Deixou de ter a minha preferência."
Prós: "Na verdade não gostei dos assentos apertados e de não ter como carregar o celular."
Prós: "The price was cheaper"
Contras: "They could serve water"
Contras: "4 hour delay"
Prós: "EasyJet no frills flight as usual."
Contras: "Flight was delayed by 20mins takeoff to landing"
Prós: "Tripulação mal educada e grossa. Terrível."
Contras: "Ter ido por outra companhia aérea."
Prós: "Preço"
Contras: "Atrasou muito"
Prós: "Melhor pouso que já tive."
Prós: "Emergency seats with space to stretch the legs."
Contras: "Only one hand luggage"
Prós: "Easy ticketing and check-in, boarding was quick and efficient, flight arrived earlier"
Contras: "Seat a bit cramped and it was a bit hot on-flight"
Prós: "Straight forward flight"
Contras: "Economy flights are not known for the space"
Prós: "Pontual"
Contras: "Nem uma água de cortesia."
Prós: "The cabin crew were friendly and it was a comfortable flight"
Contras: "The staff at luggage drop weren’t particularly friendly and we were only given half an hour’s notice of the gate which wasn’t long enough"
Prós: "Crew were excellent and the flight was without faults"
Prós: "Preco"
Contras: "Sem servico gratuido de alimentaca"
Prós: "Good airplane and very welcoming crew, food options are also good."
Contras: "The seats are va little uncomfortable but nothing that affects the flight."
Contras: "They charge you for a carry on and Budapest AirPort everything is very complicate so you can not pay for the suitcase when you check in you have to go to other office and then come back were you started. At the plane they don’t give you nothing no water, nothing. They are no kind."
Prós: "Our flight was delayed two hours due to mechanical issues. They were very apologetic - customer service was great."
Contras: "Delayed flight"
Prós: "Normal."
Contras: "Devter um atraso superior a 1:30"
Prós: "In flight crew were great."
Contras: "Seems like the consensus. Nice in flight crew, very rude check in crew. One worker at check in went out of her way to make me pay for a bag that the other lady said would be fine. I agreed to pay and she still tried to shame me. Kind of sad if that is where she finds enjoyment."

Everything is just great, it is worth paying extra, but I wish they had a better coffee.

Positive: The flight was on time, which is quite a rarity, especially for low-cost carriers. The flight attendants "upgraded" me to an extra legroom seat (although it was more for practical reasons, as they needed someone by the emergency exit). Negative: In full Covid-19 pandemic wave, most of the passengers were checked for boarding, but instead of either being allowed to directly board the plane or at least to wait in front of the boarding gate at a relatively safe distance, everyone was crammed into a tiny space between the boarding desk and the actual gate. I'm not sure I wouldn't been comfortable being piled together with 150 other people in a little over 50sqm in "normal" times, let alone during a pandemic. Also, despite the plane only being at around 2/3 capacity and most of the extra legroom seats being unoccupied, the flight attendants were very reluctant to allow a fellow travel companion to sit in the same extra legroom row with me, because "these seats cost more than the regular seats", which I thought was very petty (regardless of whether it was company policy or the attendants' own rigid attitude towards the situation).

Prós: "On time"
Contras: "We got sanatizer when boarding which was so small like a stamp, useless"
Contras: "Very very bad."
Prós: "It was enough fast"
Contras: "Too much money for nothing service."
Contras: "Girl at the bording desk got in an argument with an passenger and she could have managed it a lot better then that."
Prós: "Stewards"
Contras: "Uncomfortable seats"
Contras: "You must check in few hours before the flight. Checking in at the airport will cost you 35€. Besides that, the boarding took almost 40min and the seats are not comfy at all. That said, i would rather pay extra $50 and fly with normal company."
Prós: "The crew was very professional and I cannot complain about that."
Contras: "Budapest airport has tricky terminal for the Wizzair planes. You have to go outside the main terminal to get to the Wizz terminals and then you have to go outside again to get to the plane. It was really weird but I understand that as it is a low budget flight provider. The thing that made me really upset was that we all (passengers) left the terminal to get to the plane and we had to wait outside till we could start entering the plane. I really don’t understand why someone made us to wait outside while it’s freezing cold when the doors are not open or plane is not ready. That was unreasonable and ruined my trip."
Prós: "Boarding took forever and we were an hour late"
Contras: "Start boarding time 30min before it is set to fly instead of doing when we are supposed to take off"
Prós: "We had an eventless and safe flight and it was not too cold on the plane."
Contras: "There was no paper towel in the toilet, the water for the tee was not warm enough to have tee. We have been told to have 10-20 min delay we arrived much later. And the intonation of the speaking stewardess was so annoying that you could not listen to it :( These are minor things but can change the customer experience."
Prós: "Prices on in flight purchases"
Contras: "Boarding was ridiculous, check in lady had no idea what an infant is and how their own app works. Suggested us to use the e-gate with an infant and angrily put us at the back of the cue. The infant wanted to breastfeed..."
Prós: "The seat not so comfortable but good"
Prós: "Friendly crew"
Contras: "Long check-in lines Seats uncomfortable"
Prós: "Tina voo marcado para as 12:30 e o voo foi alterado para as 8:30 sem sem aviso prévio. Tinha carro alugado, tinha um cliente ainda para visitar e tive de alterar tudo. Inadmissível!!! Momondo nunca mais e vai ser a opinião que vou passar no meu circulo de amigos. Muito mau!"
Prós: "Ok flight"
Contras: "Comply with departure times"
Contras: "Space between the seats."
Prós: "The flight was on time, even though it left with almost 30 mins' delay (despite the fact that boarding was complete with a few minutes before the schedule take off time)."
Contras: "Seat comfort - the seats are tied with Ryanair for worst comfort (rigid and very cramped). Worst of all, though, as with Ryanair - seat allocation. Please, stop this "even though you're travelling together, you may be seated separately unless you pay to choose your seats" nonsense. It's ridiculous!"
Contras: "It was hot and stuffy and dirty"
Contras: "alertar sobre compras de bagagem e nao ser tomado em conta a compra ja feta antecipadamente, tendo que pagar 3 x mais e nao poder usar a bagagem adicional que ja usei absurdo! Um roubo, se puder nunca mais, pior em nenhum lugar isto foi informado que se comprava 15 kg de bagagem nao pode ser usado"
Contras: "1h 45 minutes waiting for luggages in Bucharest Otopeni. Still not delivered."
Prós: "Tripulação simpática. Voo a horas e aterragem suave."
Contras: "So hot the flight. Seemed like a sauna."
Contras: "Seats are terrible."
Contras: "Distância entre bancos curta, com pouco espaço para as pernas."
Prós: "I called flight network and was put on hold for about five minutes, simply to get an answer to the question of the baggage allowance - I didn’t see it anywhere when booking the wiz air ticket. They told me that I was slowed one checked baggage and one cabin baggage that would be charged about €40 if it was over 30 kilos (which it was not). At the airport wizz air said that I had chosen online booking (which I had not) and therefore I had to pay a €30 fee. Also they said I had no checked baggage allowance and was charged an additional €150 !!!!"
Contras: "That I wa given false information that cost me a huge amount of money, And that the booking page does not make it easy to add baggage information."
Prós: "Everything went to plan and we were very happy"
Prós: "All and all great value for the money"
Prós: "The Check in was nice and polite"
Contras: "1. There was a delay in the flight. 2. The landing was horrible 3. The boarding was delayed. 4. The plane was not comfortable ."
Prós: "No delays"
Contras: "Paid for priority and was put on the same bus as everyone else and because I entered first the bus I was last to exit making paying for priority completely useless."
Prós: "We got to our destination."
Contras: "There was a problem with their website that was out of our control, that didn’t allow us to print boarding passes and we were charged at the airport even though we had proof we tried and were not able through no fault of our own"
Contras: "2 hrs late and we missed all our following connections as a result."
Contras: "You have to inform the customers, that company needs you to have a visa"
Prós: "The crew was really nice"
Contras: "They are not organized. This company doesn’t have a transparent policy. Because I didn’t checked in on time I had to pay 35 euros. I was there 2 1/2 hours early and I almost missed the flight. I’m extremely upset"
Prós: "Good legroom and comfortable seats"
Contras: "Horrible web/check in experience, 2hour delay. Inexistence of entertainment or comfort. What else can be said ?"
Prós: "O voo foi quase pontual. Normal para voo low cost."
Contras: "Embarque caótico, falta de avisos e inglês péssimo da tripulação"
Prós: "Nice crew"
Contras: "Both flights were Delaid. It was unorganized in every point, felt like chaos. Ryanair sells same services for cheaper price, so I thought it was overpriced."
Contras: "I didn't check in, in advance as when logging on to the airline I needed a code. I didn't have the code as I was searching emails for the booking agent and airline when it was (as I later discovered) sent by another name. This resulted in £30 to check in going out and 40 euros back. Desk staff were unhelpful bordering on rude (the cabin staff were fine in that respect. I wasn't the only one at least 20 people queuing on the return with the same issue. Additionally on the delay out they advised food could be brought at the rear of the plane then inflight ran out so some people ate twice while by the time I got to my hotel they had stopped serving food and I had not eaten in the airport sorting out the boarding passes."
Prós: "Mobile app is very good, but just allow you to download boarding pass on PDF version right at the moment of the check in"
Contras: "They didn't let me flight. Even that I did the online check in 24 hours before they didn't send me the boarding pass on PDF format via email. Also there were no way to download it from the mobile app or the website. I was in the airport 2 hours before and they didn't want to print it for me even that I showed all the online check in confirmation. They requested that I pay €35 Euro for the airport print. I submitted a complain and hope to get a credit or refund. Confirmation code: L3QZWB"
Prós: "Maybe the food selection and the price of it."
Contras: "I paid priority still wasnt able to board early and had to put my only bag under the seat."
Prós: "Comfortable seats. I chose premium price so no issues at check-in. Staff was fantastic! This was my first WIZZ Air flight. It will not be my last!"
Contras: "Boarding did not provide order as everyone crowded to the front. Needs better lines."
Contras: "Lost our baggage, took a day to get it. Paying to sit next to your travel partner is ridiculous."
Contras: "Priority: advantage only on call. Afterwards no adantage afterwardsroom for hand luggage"
Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "The airline does not have kiosk check-in. You are checked in automatically, and if you buy through a third party, your boarding pass is emailed to you. Never having flown this 'unique' airline before, we did not know the process. At the check-in desk, the clerk told us that if we couldn't show him our boarding pass, he would charge us 30GBP to print them. He was a complete jerk. After no help from him, I was able to figure out that we did have them as attachments. Never again."
Contras: "Was delayed on tarmac due to security error, not their error, but they seemed unwilling to at least give people complimentary water or coffee. Cheap airline they are!"
Contras: "Extra fees for baggage and tickets that were not disclosed. The check in was incredibly disorganized. No help was provided with problems."
Prós: "I'm disappointed with your service"
Contras: "I'm disappointed with your service"
Prós: "Nice clean plane, friendly airline staff (as friendly as they get, we all know how they have that teflon attitude), OK food, I sat between 2 Bulgarian passengers which were very well behaved, one screaming baby nearby (as there always is) and no-one playing football with the back of my seat all the flight (you know who you are - hope someone does it to you), and no-one fidgeting all flight so all in all a good experience."
Contras: "Bit slow in opening the gate for people to get on. They expect to cram you like sardines on a hot staircase with no where to go when there is other people being checked in to board behind you, really stupid and possibly sadistic."
Contras: "The flight is late from tlv to luton and from luton to tlv."
Prós: "the flight to and from liverpool was for me flawless easy quick boarding punctual and good plane and journey ....others complain about the baggage charges but if you read the policy and take heed of the rules then you won’t go wrong"
Contras: "seats could be a bit more comfy"
COVID-19: informações

Medidas de segurança das companhias aéreas que voam para a Islândia

As companhias aéreas que voam para a Islândia adotaram medidas de segurança adicionais e ajustaram as suas políticas para melhor acomodarem os passageiros. As políticas variam consoante a companhia.

Reforço das medidas de higiene

Limpeza diária, instalação de filtros HEPA na cabina em voos para a Islândia

Uso de máscara obrigatório

Uso de máscara obrigatório a bordo; máscaras fornecidas em voos para a Islândia

Lugares com distanciamento físico

Lugares do meio indisponíveis em voos para a Islândia

Teste antes do voo

Teste de anticorpos e sintomas em voos para a Islândia

Cancelamentos flexíveis

Sem taxas de alteração. Pesquisa voos flexíveis para a Islândia

Reserva passagens aéreas baratas para a Islândia

Ofertas recentes de voos de ida e volta

1 escalaVárias companhias aéreas
26h 20mOPO-KEF
1 escalaVárias companhias aéreas
16h 25mKEF-OPO
75 €
1 escalaVárias companhias aéreas
26h 20mOPO-KEF
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
28h 00mKEF-OPO
89 €
1 escalaVárias companhias aéreas
11h 10mOPO-KEF
1 escalaVárias companhias aéreas
12h 15mKEF-OPO
92 €
1 escalaVárias companhias aéreas
26h 20mOPO-KEF
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
16h 15mKEF-OPO
99 €
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
26h 25mOPO-KEF
1 escalaVárias companhias aéreas
25h 55mKEF-OPO
101 €
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
18h 20mOPO-KEF
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
28h 00mKEF-OPO
104 €
1 escalaVárias companhias aéreas
26h 20mOPO-KEF
1 escalaVárias companhias aéreas
27h 00mKEF-OPO
105 €
1 escalaVárias companhias aéreas
14h 40mLIS-KEF
1 escalaVárias companhias aéreas
12h 20mKEF-LIS
105 €
1 escalaVárias companhias aéreas
13h 30mOPO-KEF
1 escalaVárias companhias aéreas
9h 55mKEF-OPO
106 €
1 escalaVárias companhias aéreas
22h 05mLIS-KEF
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
22h 20mKEF-LIS
106 €
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
26h 25mOPO-KEF
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
26h 35mKEF-OPO
107 €
1 escalaVárias companhias aéreas
11h 00mLIS-KEF
1 escalaVárias companhias aéreas
11h 20mKEF-LIS
107 €
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
26h 25mOPO-KEF
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
28h 00mKEF-OPO
108 €
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
35h 55mOPO-KEF
1 escalaVárias companhias aéreas
25h 55mKEF-OPO
108 €
1 escalaVárias companhias aéreas
24h 45mLIS-KEF
1 escalaVárias companhias aéreas
10h 20mKEF-LIS
108 €
1 escalaVárias companhias aéreas
22h 05mLIS-KEF
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
27h 10mKEF-LIS
109 €
1 escalaeasyJet
12h 30mFAO-KEF
1 escalaeasyJet
10h 20mKEF-FAO
197 €
1 escalaeasyJet
12h 30mFAO-KEF
1 escalaeasyJet
10h 35mKEF-FAO
226 €
1 escalaSAS
24h 30mFAO-KEF
1 escalaSAS
10h 00mKEF-FAO
403 €
1 escalaEurowings
15h 50mFAO-KEF
1 escalaEurowings
15h 40mKEF-FAO
426 €

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Ofertas recentes de voos de ida

1 escalaVárias companhias aéreas
26h 20mOPO-KEF
29 €
1 escalaWizz Air UK
24h 30mLIS-KEF
38 €
1 escalaVárias companhias aéreas
26h 20mOPO-KEF
41 €
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
23h 30mLIS-KEF
46 €
1 escalaVárias companhias aéreas
13h 30mOPO-KEF
50 €
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
18h 20mOPO-KEF
54 €
1 escalaVárias companhias aéreas
15h 00mOPO-KEF
57 €
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
16h 45mLIS-KEF
57 €
1 escalaVárias companhias aéreas
23h 30mLIS-KEF
59 €
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
35h 00mLIS-KEF
60 €
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
23h 10mOPO-KEF
61 €
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
14h 30mLIS-KEF
63 €
1 escalaWizz Air
23h 05mLIS-KEF
78 €
1 escalaeasyJet
15h 45mLIS-KEF
80 €
1 escalaWizz Air UK
24h 55mOPO-KEF
86 €
1 escalaeasyJet
12h 20mLIS-KEF
103 €
1 escalaeasyJet
23h 15mOPO-KEF
106 €
1 escalaeasyJet
22h 40mLIS-KEF
108 €
1 escalaeasyJet
17h 50mLIS-KEF
111 €
1 escalaBritish Airways
21h 40mFNC-KEF
262 €

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Voos para a Islândia

Ofertas de voo de volta:

Islândia - Portugal

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111 €
105 €
204 €
92 €