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  • À procura de passagens baratas para Mumbai? 25% dos nossos utilizadores encontrou passagens para Mumbai por preços iguais ou inferiores a: De Lisboa 169 € ida - 382 € ida e volta, de Faro 661 € ida e volta, do o Funchal 828 € ida e volta
  • Reserve pelo menos 4 semanas antes da partida para conseguir um preço abaixo da média.
  • março, abril e maio são considerados época alta. O mês em que é mais barato voar de Portugal é setembro.
  • Introduz o aeroporto de partida e as datas que te interessam no formulário de pesquisa acima para veres as ofertas mais recentes de voos para Mumbai.

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Pontuações baseadas em avaliações de utilizadores da KAYAK
Singapore AirlinesPontuação geral com base em 3892 avaliações
Avaliações sobre a companhia
Prós: "The crew is always amazing: highly professional, attentive and friendly. The whole experience with Singapore Airlines is always a treat."
Ler mais sobre a Singapore Airlines
Prós: "The crew is always amazing: highly professional, attentive and friendly. The whole experience with Singapore Airlines is always a treat."
Contras: "Left 45 minutes late though we boarded on time. Pretty bad for a 50 minute in the middle of the morning."
Prós: "I can say all the crew was amazing"
Contras: "They are doing excelent job."
Prós: "Excellent"
Contras: "No complain . It’s singapore airlines and not dirty air India or jet Airways"
Prós: "Yes and yes"
Contras: "Not sure because I have never had a better experience."
Prós: "Crew was polite."
Contras: "For such a long journey, the plane could have been nicer."
Contras: "Comida poderia ser melhor."
Contras: "Seat space could be wider for working"
Prós: "Handset to control screen didn’t work. Airline reimbursed me with $75 voucher for inflight duty-free shop."
Prós: "Food was good"
Contras: "Boarding was just ok, but departure delayed by half hour. Seats were really poor. Zero comfort.. felt like sitting on a cramped park bench. Entertainment system is ancient. Can't see and can't listen properly. Didn't expect this type of horrible aircraft from Singapore Airlines!"
Prós: "Crew was very helpful and courteous Entertainment system was pretty good Food was good. They could have given water bottles instead of asking for water."
Contras: "Seat comfort in Economy was just ok. Since this was a long haul flight, seats could have been better."
Prós: "lot of turbulence, uncomfortable ride"
Contras: "entertainment system was good"
Prós: "Easy red eye flight, just slept the whole way"
Contras: "Singapore airline is always awesome. Crew professional and very caring"
Prós: "Everything was excellent, and we even arrived 30 minutes earlier than scheduled..... super."
Contras: "no problems"
Contras: "Cabin temperature too cool"
Prós: "The crew and the little things like blanket, pillow, hot towels etc that is just standard. The food was great except the bread rolls Entertainment system was fantastic"
Contras: "They seemed to miss a whole section with immigration cards which delayed my party of travellers when we landed. The recline of the seat is huge, great for those wo recline, not so great for the person behind them"
Prós: "Boarding was good and the flight time was shorter than expected."
Contras: "My son did not like any of the meal selections between beef and fish. We asked for a ramen noodle cup instead that the flight crew denied they had, only after seeing them offer it to another family just seconds before. I was very disappointed!! I believe the flight attendant knew of my concerns because she started asking me if the service was ok. If your doing a good job, then you won’t have to ask."
Prós: "Excellent crew"
Contras: "My seat was very hard"
Prós: "Finally, I could go to my final destination as planned by transmitted to Korean Air flights."
Contras: "My first flight of JetBlue from Olandor to New York was delayed that leading to my connecting flights to my destination were missed. Now, my suitcases have been missed, too."
Prós: "Very good service"
Contras: "Very poor entertainment. Upgrade options at the transfer desk not very clear and the staff present there not courteous"
Prós: "I haven’t flown Emirates, but SQ beats the many others I have flown by a significant margin—especially the Chinese airlines, but also all major US airlines, JAL, Korean, et al."
Contras: "Some staff not courteous which surprised me"
Prós: "Comfortable, full service through the night.."
Prós: "wide seats. great service. on time."
Contras: "food was not as good as one would expect."
Prós: "The service from the Singapore Airlines is always impeccable. The food is delicious. The business class seat is spacious and wider than all the US airlines. There are plenty storage space in your seat space. The entertainment system has many choices and has a lot new release movies and shows."
Contras: "Unfortunately, the ride on Boeing 777 is not as smooth as the Airbus'. The noise in the cabin is louder. The seat is comfortable but the bed is not. First, the flat bed is not transformed by a button and it needs a physical person to flip it over. The mat is thin and I can feel some hard edges while lying down. The noise from the engine transmits to the bed and it is hard to sleep even with the noise cancellation headphone."
Prós: "The seats seem to have more leg room, food was actually good, and the staff was delightful."
Contras: "It was a 17 hour flight, but they made it bearable."
Prós: "Modern Aircraft , good seat ,Crew friendliness"
Prós: "A comida e serviços é muito bom"
Contras: "Nada"
Prós: "I felt safe ( important to me) and had just the right amount of attention from staff Very comfortable"
Prós: "Friendly, smiling staff, ever happy to help, nice food"
Contras: "Seats on the A380 upper deck economy are too uncomfortable, couldn't relax at all during the 5h red-eye to Singapore"
Prós: "Christmas decorations, service, attitude of staff"
Prós: "As comidas é muito gostoso e sempre oferecem drinques etc... serviços também muito bom."
Contras: "Nada..."
Prós: "Food was delicious!"
Prós: "The on-board crew was polite and humble. Food served was delicious and the flight reached on time."
Contras: "The flight was quite old, was a bit surprised as the route seems very busy. Our seat 36J and K interestingly had no windows. First time flew on a flight with no window row."
Prós: "The hot towels twice during the flight was great"
Contras: "Really just the food"
Prós: "The flight wasn't full so we had a spare seat between us, That made economy barely tolerable."
Contras: "The seats in economy are now Way TOO SMALL! You better start calling Economy - "Stearage"! Food was not as good as on past flights with SA. Movie selection not as good as past SA flights. Earphones supplied are horrible!!!"
Contras: "All good"
Prós: "Staff was the best, always smiling and going beyond expectations to assure you enjoy your flight and I certainly did. Take off was a breeze. Landing a little bumpy but nothing to cry about. I will fly Singapore whenever possible from now on."
Contras: "There was nothing that I didn't like."
Prós: "Sound sleep"
Contras: "N/A"
Prós: "Neat & clean flight.good cabin crew members.good service."
Contras: "Food served was not so good. Toilets are very small compared to other flights..speacially SFA - Singapore flight."
Prós: "Consistency of service, efficient"
Contras: "Having to convert chair to bed and vice versa. Prefer one that can just go flat st touch of button"
Prós: "Good service and entertainment."
Contras: "I didn't like that the flight from Singapore to Mumbai was of a lower standard."
Prós: "Vegeterian breakfast was good thou ."
Contras: "When I asked for non veg Indian breakfast it was over. And there were not much passengers also in flight ."
Prós: "For as long 14 hour journey they sure make it comfortable."
Prós: "Good seats, personal TV with movies and good shows. They gave us socks, blamkets, pillows headphones, etc."
Contras: "The crew was chronically rude to me. They would skip me when handing out beverages to everyone. I was lied to and passed down the beaurocracy over issues with my Stopover Holiday packages. They lost my bags. In Hong kong, I was told the designated smoking area in the terminal was close and the steward encouraged me to go...I almost missed the flight even though I didn't even make it to where she directed me. It was not close, she was a liar. They lost my bags. They kept calling me sir despite my corrections and obvious female anatomy. They had no remorse or apologies for their errors"
Prós: "Consistently good food."
Contras: "Entertainment system sometimes froze, didn't remember where I was in the movie."
Prós: "We had the BEST FEMALE flight attendants, they were soooo helpful and one of them came and wrote down my kids' names so she can call them by their names, and they got to choose the food and got theirs early so I was able to help them before mine arrived which was super thoughtful! Food option was pretty good and lots of shows and movies to choose from. Getting ice cream was such a treat for my kids!"
Contras: "The male flight attendants were kind of annoying, they were trying to be funny but didn't work so they just came off arrogant and annoying!"
Prós: "Clean ,on time"
Contras: "The movies were not updated"
Prós: "In-flight Entertainment. Orderly & on-time boarding."
Contras: "Food selection was limited given we were traveling Economy class."
Prós: "The service is top notch. The food served is not matched by any other airlines I have traveled with. The flight attendants are always very very professional. I try to make sure to get Singapore Airlines when I travel to Asia."

Uma dos melhores links entre o Brasil e a Asia


Embarque não respeitam o cartão de fidelidade q tem prioridade são confusos e não adianta explicar .

Atrasou os

Excelente opção para rotas para a Asia

Prós: "Best crew we’ve ever had."
Contras: "Qatar website needs work"
Prós: "Very pleasant and comfortable flight."
Contras: "NA"
Prós: "O vôo foi tranquilo, sem problemas ou imprevistos."
Contras: "A comunicação e orientações poderiam ser em meu idioma, mesmo que fosse uma gravação eletrônica, incluindo o menu da alimentação e o check in no balcão."
Prós: "Crews were excellent. Luggage came out very fast. Flight was very comfortable."
Contras: "maybe they can offer more snacks on the plain"
Prós: "The comfort of the plane"
Contras: "The staff at Atlanta International Airport were terrible; not customer friendly. The supervisor at the check-in counter needs to be replaced. I am not one of your frequent flyers but travel internationally. However, based on his attitude I will think twice to select Qatar as my choice of airlines."
Contras: "The lounge, they use the club lounge in Boston which was so so. Could we have use the one world BA lounge instead?"
Prós: "Convince, as this is good direct flight from Nagpur."
Contras: "Improve quality of crew and service from Doha to Nagpur sector."
Prós: "The supervisor on flight Doha to Charles de Gaulle was very helpful and knowledgeable. He explains to me th e process of how to help a person who is having a big problem to walk , Qatar Airways has a special service for person in needs of wheelchairs . Thanks a lot to that gentleman."
Prós: "Tripulação muito atenciosa"
Contras: "Nao funcionou a tv"
Prós: "Crew excellent"
Contras: "Baggage collection at Washington could be improved"
Prós: "Não há nada a comparar com a Qatar, atualmente."
Contras: "Many of the entertainment systems were broken."
Prós: "The crew, the seat and catering"
Prós: "seat space with leg room."
Prós: "All good"
Prós: "Food and entertainment was fine."
Contras: "Crew was not very organized or helpful. Need more training/experience."
Prós: "Servico espetacular"
Prós: "Entertainment system good,"
Contras: "Boarding was late, seating very cramped."
Prós: "all nice"
Contras: "nothing but avoid bread"
Contras: "My seats from Doha to Mumbai were very uncomfortable....37EFG. The 37D was a pain stepping out and in."
Prós: "O serviço de bordo da Qatar é muito bom."
Contras: "O lounge de Guarulhos é muito simples, poderiam melhorar."
Prós: "The service is Top Knotch!!!"
Contras: "Wasn’t much music to choose from..."
Prós: "Service, entertainment, crew were all excellent!"
Contras: "Flight length"
Prós: "I enjoyed my flight,it was a smooth trip from Doha to Manila, the Cabin Crew received adequate training on taking care of people, as a professional nurse who is use to taking care of others ,I see someone else looking after me and I really appreciate their efforts. Shortly before we landed at Manila, we were informed that in order to meet international flight rules and regulations that insecticide will be sprayed we were advised to cover our nose,as a medical personnel I see it not good cos it can trigger an Asthmatic attack in a known asthmatic patient ,it was a lovely journey"
Contras: "I enjoyed their meal and services wanted to be Oliver Twist"
Prós: "Atendimento muito bom melhor que outras companhias, Qatar faz diferença"
Prós: "Staff was outstanding"
Contras: "N/A"
Prós: "Crew"
Prós: "Leaving that god forsaken airport after hours of waiting in lines."
Contras: "Everything"
Prós: "Small airport"
Contras: "Transfer is inconvenient."
Prós: "The service from check-in till landing was on the ball and superb. They were friendly and eager to assist with everything. They have the latest movies and shows to watch on their in-flight entertainment."
Prós: "Every aspect of flight was wonderful, though I’m sure that fly"
Prós: "Comfy, good food, good service"
Contras: "No internet. Limited movie options."
Contras: "My flight was delayed almksr 3 hours...nothing more. It's very frustrating because the problem could have been avoided if they were more careful but oh well. I'm making this review very short compared to my others because I know that if I start on a rant, I won't stop. Trust me, I'll safe that for the phone call complaint I'll be making in a few hours..."
Prós: "Cabin crew including the ground staff were awesome in providing best of its class customer service. Food and entertainment onboard was really good."
Contras: "Few selection of food."
Contras: "Food"
Prós: "We had requested wheelchair assistance. And the way helper was assisting us its not professional services. Which Qatar Airways promissi g to us."
Contras: "Helper was literally dragging two whelchairs at a one time. Means two passengers sitting on two different whelchair was pulled by one helper. I actually want to share video with airline so they will understand what they are promissing and what they are providing to their customers."
Prós: "Atendimento, cordialidade , poltronas , entretenimento , simplesmente é tudo muito bem feito"
Contras: "Nada a declarar"
Prós: "good service, good food"
Contras: "staff could be more cheerful towards travellers"
Prós: "Some how it was a good experience"
Prós: "Nice crews"
Contras: "No headsets to hear movies"
Prós: "Mediocre staff, not very attentive, horrible boarding experience in Doha. Food was inedible, watched a crew member place food she had spilled onto the aisle FLOOR back onto a tray to give to someone as if nothing happened, which prompted me not to anything for an 8 hour trip. DISGUSTING!"
Contras: "I will never purchase a flight with Qatar"
Prós: "The crew were all lovely + meals were excellent."
Prós: "Crew was great"
Contras: "Out of mango juice and the plane was too old."

Durante o check in / embarque utilizou uma politica de despacho de bagagens no Brasil e outra na Argentina, onde me efetuou cobranças de bagagens extra sem prévio aviso, além de ter se complicado com os documentos pessoais de minha esposa para o check in.

No início do voo o comissário passou as informações em vários idiomas, inclusive Português e depois não mais e poderia, pois havia muitas pessoas que não entendem outro idioma a não ser o Português.

Já viajei em classe executiva de várias companhias aéreas e a da Suiss é a menos confortável. Colocaram um excesso de poltronas na executiva e as poltronas são muito estreitas com estofado um pouco fino, que da para sentir as base da poltrona ao deitar de lado. No restante tudo bem.

As poltronas da classe executiva deste voo (avião) são estreitas e as pernas ficam fechadas num casulo e ainda meio inclinadas. Já estive em várias outras e o conforto era melhor. Eu que tenho problemas de circulação sofri um pouco.


Prós: "Swiss doesn't"t always have comfortable planes but this one was super comfortable"
Prós: "Crew was very helpful"
Contras: "More entertainment"
Contras: "Food and entertainment cud be better"
Prós: "Tripulação"
Contras: "A cadeira estava c assento partido , viajei 3 horas assim"
Contras: "The TVs weren’t working on the seats for the duration of the 8 hour flight. Some of them were working for other customers and we pointed it out to some of the flight attendants but they took no action"
Prós: "The crew was amazing. They left snacks and drinks out in between service."
Prós: "Crew were great"
Contras: "Cabin kept very hot, very difficult to sleep. Seats were so-so comfortable"
Prós: "comfortable seating, friendly helpful crew, good food"
Contras: "sometimes too cold sometimes too warm"
Prós: "The crew was amazingly efficient serving food and drink. In the recline position the seat bottom extended which was far more comfortable than simply reclining."
Contras: "The food was mediocre and the selection of movies was very limited."
Contras: "Flight delayed due to technical issues, boarding crew said there was a hole in the plane and that it might be canceled. After a long delay we finally tookoff. Plane was very cramped and very little room for the legs. Food and entertainment were average and fine."
Contras: "Need more leg room"
Prós: "crew"
Contras: "comfort, leg room, very crowded, overhead space jammed"
Prós: "The crew was polite and we arrived safely."
Contras: "The seats are like torture devices. So small and uncomfortable. After 14 hours of travel, my knees were sore from jamming into the seat in front of me, and I'm only average height. When the person in front of you puts their seat back, their headrest is practically under your chin. A disgrace."
Contras: "No overhead fans and seats were not very comfortable."
Prós: "Food / movies"
Contras: "Comfort/ staff"
Contras: "Vôo atrasado 2h. As minhas 2 primeiras experiências com a saída foram péssimas. Houve sempre atrasos. Perdi a conexão por causa do atraso. Não houve o cuidado de deixar sair os passageiros com conexão primeiro. Nem havia staff do aeroporto para ajudar os passageiros a chegar ao outro terminal. Fiquei num hotel 2*. Pelo que ouvia da swiss nunca pensei que fosse ter uma experiência tão desagradável"
Prós: "Check in agent was extremely helpful in expediting both me and my bags after a late check-in. Flight attendants very friendly and helpful, food excellent. If Swiss Air flew everywhere I need to go, I would fly them every time!"
Contras: "Vôo muito atrasado sem conseguirem assegurar a conexão. Não houve nenhum staff a acompanhar nos, nao nos deixaram sair em 1o do avião. Não houve esforço da parte da swiss em garantir que conseguiamos embarcar. Primeira vez com a swiss nem tão cedo volto a voar com esta companhia"
Prós: "Nada"
Contras: "Voo com atraso de 40 minutos. Não deixaram os passageiros com conceção sair primeiro. Não havia ninguém para nos acompanhar. Ninguem sabia dar informações viemos para o hotel sem bagagem porque ninguém sabia quando chegava."
Contras: "Não pude fazer o vôo por falha grave da swiss que atrasou e não teve o cuidado de fazer com que os passageiros chegassem à sua conceção atempadamente. Senti-me muito desamparada."
Prós: "Attendants were very pleasant and helpful"
Contras: "The plane was extremely cramped as the seats reclined so far back that it rested on my knees. It was extremely difficult to keep my seat back up which created an uncomfortable angle for my back on a 9 hour flight. The cabin was extremely warm and there was little airflow. The airline also lost our luggage"
Prós: "Smooth ride, most of the crew was very welcoming"
Contras: "Some crew not so friendly. I was surprised we received dinner immediately but nothing again until breakfast box upon landing. It would’ve been nice to have a snack in between"
Prós: "Flight was delayed which caused us to change our flight from United to Lufthansa. Like Lufthansa much better."
Contras: "Flight was delayed. Had to get a different flight because we would miss the next flight."
Prós: "The stewardesses were absolutely amazing, asking/ offering beverages in between main meals t/ out the whole flight! They were just doing their job above and beyond! Wonderful crew especially the girls in the section 30’s on the side FGJK, THANK YOU SO MUCH! YOU WERE AMAZING!"
Prós: "Companhia com excelente tratamento ao passageiro, ainda mais quando comparamos às companhias brasileiras!!!"
Prós: "Companhia com excelente tratamento ao passageiro, ainda mais quando comparamos às companhias brasileiras!!!"
Prós: "Primeira viagem pela Swiss, mas uma experiência altamente recomendável!!!! Atenção do início ao fim com o passageiro!!!"
Prós: "Primeira viagem pela Swiss, experiência altamente recomendável!!! Atenção com o passageiro do início ao fim da viagem!!!"
Prós: "Same as above- wonderful crew, smooth take off and landing Very pleasant flight attendants the entire flight Service was great"
Contras: "Again / wish all airlines had more comfortable seating in economy clas"
Prós: "Enjoyed the surprisingly good vegetarian hot meal, wine, and chocolate! (And silverware) Said to us they cared for passengers and the environment. A much better overall experience than with United!"
Contras: "Plane did not have a place to switch to the other aisle without disturbing passengers or crew! You need to move a tad bit on such a long flight!"
Prós: "Eu gostei de tudo muito agradáveis pontuais muito bom"
Contras: "Eu não gostei da comida porque não hove"
Prós: "Everything"
Contras: "12 hours flight just one hot meal."
Contras: "Entertainment system was not working"
Prós: "The lovely nice stewardess and Crew kindness."
Contras: "I have faced the horrific flight ever in my life last days, I never imagined a completely 4-5 Hours such horror turbulence on a long Night flight. thank God we made, and thank the lovely crew for their super support.."
Prós: "Though I was never sent an email for my daughter's check in, I had a different reservation for her but still under my name and same email, when I called on the phone the people were pleasant. They still never provided me with an email though and information allowing me to have my daughter checked in. they only provided me with her reference number."
Contras: "All in all we had a poor experience and my family and I were disappointed. I'm about to book yet another ticket for my brother, but this time I'm not considering Swiss Air. Just so you know, I'm a very positive person and appreciate every polite and courteous gesture. Unfortunately this experience didn't allow me to do so."
Contras: "Kayak sold me a “lite” ticket on Swiss, but never mentioned that it didn’t include baggage. Even though Swiss is Star Alliance they didng count my Star Alliance Gold status for free bags and didn’t offer an upgrade. Zurich was incredibly hot and the airport didn’t have air conditoning anywhere. The boarding was worse than Ryan Air. The plane was okd and super uncomfortable. staff was rude and not at all helpful. Swiss is definitely a budget air line!!!!"
Prós: "Special GF meals care on board, friendly staff, good food and drinks"
Prós: "Swiss"
Contras: "French unions"
Prós: "Comida muito boa"
Contras: "Cadeiras apertadas e com ferros nos pés. Descomoda"
Contras: "muito, muito, muito apertado para as pernas. tentei comprar o mais espaço mas quando finalmente abriram as reservas já estava lotado. não recebi nenhum aviso de quando poderia reservar os acentos e nem algum tipo de "promoção" para trocar de vôo."
Contras: "Our flight was canceled and re-booked today. We’re so frustrated and inconvenience us. Very stressful! Swiss Air notification in email was sent short of notice."
Prós: "After almost completely adapting to the spartan amenities of US domestic airlines, my recent SWISS flight had a too-good-to-be-true quality that rendered my travel companion and I giddy with delight. My dinner (one of three food services) consisted of chicken, potatoes, steamed broccoli, salad, a dinner roll with butter, gruyere, and a strawberry tart... included cream and sugar signaled an inevitable coffee service. This was accompanied by complimentary wine and sparkling water, and heavy-weight stainless cutlery. The seat reclination was good, and the in-flight entertainment was a cut above. Coming off many Frontier flights with pay-for-beverage service, no leg-room, and un-reclining seats, it was about as good as coach can get. I'm actually looking at SWISS routes first before I plan my next vacation."
Prós: "2 seats on outside sections not 3, so you can sit together as a couple and not have a random stranger in seat 3."
Contras: "Leg room is on the tighter side!"
Prós: "Everything was as accommodating as possible."

Gostei particularmente da configuração da aeronave e a alimentação é péssima. Para servir aquele sanduiche é melhor não oferecer nada!!

Vôo convencional sem nada de especial

Meu embarque foi adiado por overbooking, ficamos várias pessoas, e dos que sobraram embarcaram várias senhoritas jovens e belas e deixaram dois homens , sendo eu com 66 anos e viajando só. Foi extremamente constrangedor e revoltante, e para piorar acharam que eu estava faminto oferecendo um burgking.é evidente que foi uma falta de respeito.

Ocorre que na conexão para amman, fizera overbooking, e os comissários do aeroporto, apesar de eu ter chegado antes e ser idoso, preferiram dar prioridade às mocinhas , e simplesmente me ignoraram, porém muito gentilmente me ofereceram um burger king.(isso é pra moleque de 10 anos) eu tenho 65 anos. O que me irritou, é a falta de atenção que eu e outro senhor recebemos. Totalmente groceiros e despreparados. Tinha horário para pegar um carro locado e hotel.

Companhia muito boa, aeromoças atendem com alegria e cordialidade. Comida boa.

Prós: "Assento e refeição"
Contras: "Atraso"
Prós: "appetizers excellent"
Contras: "steak was overdone."
Prós: "Perfect. 10/10"
Prós: "Crew was helpful and pleasent"
Contras: "Flight from Istanbul to Mumbai was not that great. Leg space was not that great. Food overall was pretty same across the 3 meals. Expect more variety which I have seen on other airlines like Emirates and Etihad."
Prós: "The crew was great and the flight was smooth. The food was also good."
Contras: "The passenger next to me in the middle was hitting his arm rest on my leg and made my flight uncomfortable because he would not sit still. I think crew needs to do a better job of making sure everyone stays seated when the plane is still moving before jumping out of their seats and grabbing their luggage. Passengers should be able to exit out of more than one door same as entering."
Prós: "Voo rápido e tranquilo"
Prós: "Leg room"
Contras: "I was served Butter chicken after confirming with the flight attendant whether it was an ASIAN VEG MEAL which I had requested. On being confronted about the issue, the flight attendant gave a cold response saying they were out of asian veg meals. One of the worse airlines and should not be a part of Star Alliance."
Prós: "Nice plane , nice crew. Ok food , not as good as Sfo to Ist ."
Contras: "We left delayed as it seemed they were waiting for someone. Older 777 wich shows wear."
Prós: "Uma das melhores cias aéreas que já viajei. Estão de parabéns! Se preocupam o tempo todo com o conforto das crianças e isso fez a diferença no nosso voo, pois minhas filhas viajaram confortáveis e felizes o que fez com que elas não chorassem ou incomodassem nenhum passageiro. Realmente muito satisfeita."
Contras: "Too warm, chaotic boarding, not enough baggage space, airline couldn’t upgrade me at the gate with miles."
Prós: "Everything"
Contras: "Food"
Contras: "Nada"
Contras: "I sent my old grandparents trusted them to take care of them but they were treated very badly and had a horrible trip"
Contras: "Nao permite reserva de assentos nem no checkin online"
Contras: "Atrasso, comida ruim"
Contras: "Need More premier economy seats"
Contras: "Seat adjustments were not working on both seats in the Houston- Istanbul segment!!"
Prós: "Lousy airport (not technically airlines fault)"
Prós: "All good"
Contras: "Same comment as above."
Contras: "No gangways."
Contras: "gate was announced at the last minute, and within 5 or 10 minutes of the announcement, the plane was boarding. the boarding process was not handled well. the entire hallway leading to several gates was blocked off for checking boarding passes and passports. it was not at all clear what was going on. no explanations were offered, and there was a huge crowd stuck in the hallway."
Contras: "Poderia ter melhores filmes, de resto nota 10"
Prós: "Overall the experience was good. Cabin crew helpful."
Contras: "while going to US from Mumbai -Wheelchair service at Istanbul was found unsatisfactory. The attendanct was unfriendly adamant and rude. overall the wheel chair persons were neglected by the airlines (even at Boston ) but the cabin crew took care of all wheel chair persons."
Prós: "A aeronave é bem equipada e confortável. A equipe muito simpática."
Contras: "Não tinha instruções em português ou funcionários que falassem. O wifi não conectou."
Contras: "Boarding at Ataturk Istanbul airport was happening randomly. They did not follow the group boarding like in IAD airport."
Contras: "I was in the middle seat next to a very big man. His belly and arm was spilling over to my seat. I could not even pull out my food tray from inside the arm rest. Had to eat with my food on my lap. Throughout the long flight his arm on my side and his elbow was hurting me."
Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "Comfort, service, food"
Prós: "The entertainment and services of crew"
Contras: "The vegetarian food was not that can be made better."
Prós: "Excellent Service & On time Schedule"
Contras: "They lost one of our bags."
Contras: "Em athenas recebi uma informação errada, na qual me disseram q eu não precisaria retirar minha bagagem em São Paulo, que iria direto pro Rio de Janeiro. Após o desembarque em São Paulo, quase perdi a conexão esperei horas até conseguir recuperará minha mala, não havia nenhum funcionário da turkish ou avíanca para me orientar nem me ajudar a recuperar bagagens. Tive q contar com ajuda de seguranças do aeroporto que já haviam visto aquela situação . Não houve pedido de desculpas, nem nenhuma assistência."
Contras: "Em athenas recebi uma informação errada, na qual me disseram q eu não precisaria retirar minha bagagem em São Paulo, que iria direto pro Rio de Janeiro. Após o desembarque em São Paulo, quase perdi a conexão esperei horas até conseguir recuperará minha mala, não havia nenhum funcionário da turkish ou avíanca para me orientar nem me ajudar a recuperar bagagens. Tive q contar com ajuda de seguranças do aeroporto que já haviam visto aquela situação . Não houve pedido de desculpas, nem nenhuma assistência."
Contras: "Departure is 4 hours late. Missed connecting flight at Istanbul. Asked us to pay for Visa to stay in hotel. Did not have money. Also forgot to take Credit card from USA. As per the rule Airlines has to pay for Visa. They never paid. Asked us to pay. Totally harassment. Never book Turkish Airlines in my remaining whole life. Also will this incident to all my friends after going back to USA. Very very bad experience. Sat down 24 hours at Airport without food and sleep. Mostly will file a case against Airlines."
Prós: "same as my experience to Istabul, ths was a connecting flight, I saw their Ad in their inflight magazine, didn't know they were rated #1 6 years in a row. Was pleasantly surprised on how good they were. Comfortable seats, excellent on board service, food better than average, pleasant and professional staff. Try them, you won't be disappointed"
Contras: "Nothing"
Contras: "I was told that I can get a free Hotel since I had to wait for my next flight almost 16 hours. But when I got outside the airport at the Hotel Desk they told me that I couldn't. They told me one thing but in the end they didn't keep their word. I find it unprofessional and cheating. And on the way back I had food poisoning. Really disappointed about the whole trip."
Contras: "I didn't hear the boarding call in English."
Prós: "Excellent STAR lounge in Istanbul Good service, once settled. Friendly staff."
Contras: "On line check-in system does not remember frequent flier info. Passport check at gate was poorly managed. Everyone was in waiting area then told to get out and stand in line for passport check. It happened each time so this seems to be their normal process. On flight back they bused us to the airplane and waited for all three buses to arrive at the airplane before allowing anyone to board. Flight attendants helped with moving carry on bags in bins but with little consideration to the items. Completely unorganized boarding process to the point it is worth paying a little more to fly a different airline."
Prós: "Flight itself was comfortable even though it was very full. Good, well maintained airplane. Great pillow and blanket. Somewhat hard seat. Love the newspapers they give us to read - what a selection."
Contras: "Istanbul airport really lacks seating for its passengers in the general areas. You need to sit in a restaurant to rest your feet as waits are quite long between flights. Another problem is the lack of internet for passengers without Turkish cell accounts. This should be corrected. Finally, lack of water fountains in the airport is also a problem."
Prós: "Everything. The crew was very accommodating as well as helpful."
Contras: "Nothing."
Prós: "The overall experience was good but small gestures by crew can improve the same significantly."
Contras: "Crew slow to respond or non responsive even for a glass of water."
Prós: "I am always pleased with Turkish Airlines service and I love that they still give the little extras. It makes me feel more comfortable and the earplugs are always welcome!"
Contras: "Agaun same food..."
Prós: "The bread service"

As minhas malas novinhas chegaram simplesmente destruídas. Impossível utilizar novamente. Amassadas absurdamente, quebradas…

O assento 6A estava um pouco sujo e a comida deixou a desejar (opção faltando, muito peixe/frutos do mar)

A diferença pra mim foi em relação a tripulação. Estavam sempre muito gentis, alegres, atenderam a todos com rapidez e atenção.Parabéns para a equipe!

Aeroporto de amstedam colapsou Evitar

O atendimento foi ótimo, seja no embarque seja no avião, todos muito atenciosos...

Voo atrasou uma hora para aguardar passageiros em conexão.

Fui muito bem assistida, principalmente pq antes de voar eu despenquei da escada rolante e recebi uma assistência incrível. Mas a comida e a variedade de filmes muito ruins.

Contras: "The touch screen did not work properly"
Prós: "Absence of food"
Contras: "In flight service"
Prós: "Due to business I travel allot so I deal with allot of airlines. This is by far the best airlines I have used. Excellent crew and airport staff. I don’t think words can express how satisfied I am with this airlines and airport. The nicest people and great service. Clean and modern aircraft. Going to try flying only with KLM from now on."
Contras: "Nothing"
Prós: "Services is good ."
Contras: "Food can be better"
Prós: "Nice crew, good food."
Contras: "Both bathroom were not working in business class area."
Prós: "Very friendly and responsive crew. Announcements from the Capitan and chief of flight attendants are very informative and comforting. Seat positions: very good leg room (even in economy)!"
Contras: "Newer airplane, as 747s are kind of outdated now, especially for long distance flights. But overall had good experience with KLM"
Prós: "Impressive service... amazing crew, very friendly and professional"
Prós: "The socks offered in business were comfortable and nice looking. The red wine was good."
Contras: "The food was just average and the seat not too comfortable"
Prós: "Fast boarding"
Contras: "Slow in refuelling, got us delayed for 40-"
Prós: "A Gol faz o estilo low cost então não espere grande coisa."
Contras: "O atendimento da tripulação."
Contras: "A mesa de bordo e a bandeja de refeições não estavam firmes. A bandeja escorregava o tempo todo."
Prós: "Infelizmente não tive nada que me agradou, tanto que não voltarei a voar nesse companhia."
Contras: "Tudo, o atendimento ao cliente é péssimo."
Prós: "Nada."
Contras: "Tudo tem que ser melhorado"
Contras: "Boarding was chaotic & therefore delayed take off a little Receiving luggage was slow -@ 35 minutes from landing to luggage claim, so actual arrival was considerably later for those meeting me"
Prós: "O voo saiu adiantado, pois todos ja estavam no aviao."
Prós: "Crew was nice and pleasant"
Contras: "Flight very late"
Prós: "Crew helpful. Food good."
Contras: "Better range of movies please"
Contras: "Don’t be late"
Prós: "Refeições de alto nível"
Prós: "Seat was comfy and spacious for economy class"
Contras: "Vegetarian meal was okay but could be more enjoyable if served with bread at start of meal."
Prós: "General flight journey"
Prós: "Seat was good"
Contras: "Depart on time (1 hour late), hostess put a laptop in the overhead, which fell out and hit me when the bin was opened"
Contras: "KLM was not prepared to get wheel chair passenger off plane. Cost me delay of 1 hour. I will never fly KLM again."
Contras: "Acomodação na área econômica, espaço entre as poltronas."
Contras: "We were allowed to choose our seats from SFO to Amsterdam but not for the return flight. I like to be able to choise my seats when I book the flight. Choosing seats 24 hours before is not convenient when traveling for the return trip."
Prós: "The crew was great! The food was also much better than other airlines. And passing out whole bottles of water was much appreciated."
Prós: "Filmes à disposição"
Contras: "Comida"
Contras: "Auxiliei no atendimento a um passageiro que passou mal, e a comissária me informou que iria receber um desconto numa próxima viagem, e que receberia tal desconto em meu e-mail, porém não o recebi. Meu nome: ELISABETE DE SOUZA PINHEIRO. Preenchi e assinei em seu tablete inclusive."
Prós: "Crew was great and professional."
Contras: "Entertainment controls were outdated and confusing to operate. There were no charging ports."
Prós: "Just the cabin crew being nice"
Contras: "Punctuality KLM is always late"
Prós: "Helpful and kind crew"
Contras: "I wish there was WiFi"
Prós: "A tripulação fez o quê pode para nos ajudar!"
Contras: "Devido à um pouso de emergência fomos forçados a pemanecer dentro do avião por 8 horas!"
Prós: "On time and friendly crew"
Contras: "Boarding needs improvement"
Prós: "Sistema de entretenimento é um destaque a parte! Opção de internet à bordo (pagamento a parte), refeição de excelente qualidade!"
Prós: "Os acentos são os padrões da classe econômica, mas um destaque que merece respeito é o sistema de entretenimento/multimídia, além da opção de internet à bordo (pagamento a parte, caro, mas para quem precisa, é ótimo). Sempre tem algo na galley para quem gosta de esticar as pernas!"
Prós: "Smooth and faster than expected trip. I felt free to get up and walk around on this long flight. Food was good. I sat in seat with extra leg room for the first time and it was worth it"
Prós: "Friendly and efficient crew. Flights were on time if not even early."
Prós: "Do serviço de bordo"
Contras: "Gostaria que tivesse uma tradução para português, através do sistema de multimídia, seja por legenda ou áudio, nas orientações no decorrer do voo"
Prós: "Friendly and efficient crew. I travel KLM often and always enjoy the flights."
Contras: "There were several flight delays and gates were changes a few times."
Contras: "My suitcase didn't come with the airline."
Prós: "Gaps between seats are very narrow."
Contras: "when serving drinks, cabin crew limited to serve liquor only once and it was poor service."
Prós: "short, sweet and to the point. 1+ hour flight is usually an easy hop."
Contras: "Having to change my seat to accommodate a rude belligerent passenger, who had taken my seat, refused to move until spoken to by steward. She then made my flight a nightmare, until I let her sit in my aisle seat. Even then she was not satisfied, she abused me the whole flight damaged the screen so I could not use it until the steward fixed it. Demanded that I except any and all alcohol to give to her to drink. When I am tea total she then continued to abuse me. I asked the steward to move me he just shrugged his shoulders and said there was nowhere else. This is definitely my the worst flight I have experienced."

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3 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
31h 25mLIS-BOM
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
34h 35mBOM-LIS
576 €
3 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
31h 25mLIS-BOM
3 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
26h 40mBOM-LIS
587 €
3 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
31h 40mLIS-BOM
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
20h 00mBOM-LIS
594 €
3 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
31h 40mLIS-BOM
3 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
28h 35mBOM-LIS
597 €
1 escalaVárias companhias aéreas
25h 05mLIS-BOM
1 escalaVárias companhias aéreas
24h 45mBOM-LIS
650 €
2 escalasIndiGo
18h 50mLIS-BOM
1 escalaIndiGo
14h 35mBOM-LIS
652 €
1 escalaBritish Airways
23h 25mLIS-BOM
1 escalaBritish Airways
14h 10mBOM-LIS
668 €
2 escalasAir France
25h 10mLIS-BOM
1 escalaAir France
24h 45mBOM-LIS
670 €
1 escalaLufthansa
12h 25mLIS-BOM
1 escalaLufthansa
17h 10mBOM-LIS
674 €
2 escalasIndiGo
18h 50mLIS-BOM
1 escalaIndiGo
13h 25mBOM-LIS
698 €
2 escalasIndiGo
25h 05mLIS-BOM
1 escalaIndiGo
13h 25mBOM-LIS
712 €
1 escalaIndiGo
13h 10mLIS-BOM
1 escalaIndiGo
13h 25mBOM-LIS
714 €
1 escalaLufthansa
12h 25mLIS-BOM
1 escalaLufthansa
25h 20mBOM-LIS
719 €
1 escalaLufthansa
12h 25mLIS-BOM
1 escalaLufthansa
17h 10mBOM-LIS
725 €
1 escalaLufthansa
12h 25mLIS-BOM
1 escalaLufthansa
17h 10mBOM-LIS
745 €
1 escalaBritish Airways
23h 25mLIS-BOM
1 escalaBritish Airways
15h 30mBOM-LIS
754 €
2 escalasQatar Airways
17h 05mLIS-BOM
2 escalasQatar Airways
23h 45mBOM-LIS
777 €
2 escalasEtihad Airways
38h 50mLIS-BOM
1 escalaEtihad Airways
19h 35mBOM-LIS
802 €
2 escalasIberia
30h 45mOPO-BOM
2 escalasIberia
34h 20mBOM-OPO
959 €
1 escalaTurkish Airlines
12h 20mOPO-BOM
1 escalaTurkish Airlines
33h 10mBOM-OPO
1 064 €

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3 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
29h 35mOPO-BOM
369 €
3 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
28h 45mLIS-BOM
378 €
3 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
28h 45mLIS-BOM
380 €
1 escalaTurkish Airlines
32h 00mLIS-BOM
391 €
1 escalaIndiGo
13h 10mLIS-BOM
415 €
1 escalaTurkish Airlines
12h 20mOPO-BOM
423 €
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
16h 30mLIS-BOM
426 €
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
26h 55mLIS-BOM
433 €
3 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
33h 30mLIS-BOM
442 €
1 escalaTurkish Airlines
31h 45mOPO-BOM
445 €
1 escalaIndiGo
12h 45mLIS-BOM
453 €
1 escalaTurkish Airlines
13h 30mLIS-BOM
457 €
1 escalaTurkish Airlines
31h 40mLIS-BOM
474 €
2 escalasIndiGo
20h 50mLIS-BOM
481 €
1 escalaKLM
21h 55mOPO-BOM
503 €
2 escalasKLM
27h 10mOPO-BOM
530 €
2 escalasKLM
27h 40mOPO-BOM
576 €
1 escalaAir France
13h 55mLIS-BOM
895 €
1 escalaLufthansa
28h 20mLIS-BOM
956 €
1 escalaSWISS
14h 05mOPO-BOM
997 €

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Ofertas de voos domésticos recentes

1h 10mHYD-BOM
1h 25mBOM-HYD
82 €
1h 40mHYD-BOM
1h 25mBOM-HYD
85 €
2h 05mDEL-BOM
2h 10mBOM-DEL
107 €
diretoAir India
1h 55mBLR-BOM
diretoAir India
1h 50mBOM-BLR
107 €
2h 05mDEL-BOM
2h 00mBOM-DEL
109 €

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Mumbai (BOM)Índia

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Mumbai - Portugal

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568 €

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