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Chiang Mai
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Koh Samui
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Voo de Lisboa Aeroporto Humberto Delgado a Banguecoque Aeroporto Internacional de Don Mueang
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  • À procura de passagens baratas para a Tailândia? 25% dos nossos utilizadores encontrou passagens para a Tailândia por preços iguais ou inferiores a: Do o Porto 587 € ida - 977 € ida e volta, de Lisboa 606 € ida - 1 164 € ida e volta, de Faro 613 € ida - 1 533 € ida e volta
  • Reserve pelo menos 2 semanas antes da partida para conseguir um preço abaixo da média.
  • janeiro, novembro e dezembro são considerados época alta. O mês em que é mais barato voar de Portugal é maio.
  • Introduz o aeroporto de partida e as datas que te interessam no formulário de pesquisa acima para veres as ofertas mais recentes de voos para a Tailândia.

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As 5 principais companhias aéreas a voar para a Tailândia

Pontuações baseadas em avaliações de utilizadores da KAYAK
Singapore AirlinesPontuação geral com base em 3883 avaliações
Avaliações sobre a companhia
Prós: "Reliable service, clean cabin"
Ler mais sobre a Singapore Airlines
Prós: "Reliable service, clean cabin"
Contras: "Better movie selection. Better organized boarding in Frankfurt"
Prós: "Spacious Premium Economy seats with excellent flight attendants looking after general wellness of customers."
Contras: "In-Flight Wi-Fi has archaic plans… 30MB Chat App-only Plan for 2-Hours. It also usually has a pause button to halt and resume the internet session later, but there wasn’t one this time."
Prós: "checking in at Changi Airport is always a pleasure, helpful friendly staff"
Contras: "the food is disgusting"
Prós: "Everything is perfect, the crew services are very warm and professional, I strongly believe that Singapore airlines is the best in world as I tried many airlines but I don’t see like their them, I will strongly recommend and I will be their customer for any flight to Far East inshaallah."
Contras: "I recommend if they can provide paid massage service ( not complementary)at the suits class for long trip because there’s enough space to do it , I’m very glad to congratulate them for the level of service they reached ."
Prós: "Very cramped seats"
Prós: "The help desk employees who helped me rebook my flight."
Contras: "After rushing to catch my connecting Singapore flight, their desks were closed and there wasn’t an employee in site. Given that airlines can see connecting fights it would have been great to have someone stay back to either give me a boarding pass or help me rebook! UNSATISFACTORY!"
Prós: "Flight time shorter than scheduled. Food good. Crew great."
Contras: "Somewhat limited recent release movies compared to Emirates."
Prós: "Movies selection is great. Seating space is comfortable."
Contras: "Boarding process could’ve been smoother"
Prós: "SQ always the best service"
Prós: "Comfort n clean"
Contras: "WiFi didn’t work on 3 of the 4 flights although all purportedly had it. Also didn’t work the majority of the time in the Business Class Lounge in Singapore. Food was mediocre both on flights and in the lounge. Movie selection could hardly have been worse."
Contras: "Flat bed in business class was disappointing. No way anyone taller than 6’ could stretch out. Overall, it was an inferior experience to business class on Cathay Pacific, which sets the standard IMO."
Prós: "Crew was amazing"
Contras: "Comida poderia ser melhor."
Prós: "Dim sum between Hong Kong & Singapore."
Prós: "Service was excellent, always with a smile."
Prós: "Entertainment ok but not newest, boarding smooth, food ok"
Contras: "Long waiting time for baggage, food not exceptional"
Prós: "Entertainment"
Contras: "Way too cold"
Prós: "Excellent attention to service and comfort."
Prós: "Most everything"
Contras: "Crying babies made it tough to sleep the whole flight"
Prós: "Great entertainment system for a short haul fl flight"
Contras: "Terrible food"
Prós: "I was inpressed"
Prós: "First class service with economy prices via Kayak! Blankets, pillows, full meals, snacks, entertainment, hot towels before take off and landing. The crew is always spot on! I love Singapore airlines!"
Prós: "More leg room than other airlines, superb service and excellent food!"
Prós: "A comida e serviços é muito bom"
Contras: "Nada"
Prós: "Crews were all nice, respectful and helpful!"
Contras: "I wanted to watch Indian movies, but I didn’t see the subtitles for most/all of them."
Prós: "food. schedule was on time"
Prós: "As comidas é muito gostoso e sempre oferecem drinques etc... serviços também muito bom."
Contras: "Nada..."
Prós: "The service crew served us well. They are friendly and helpful"
Contras: "Too many Indian movies"
Prós: "friendly staff top Service top Inflight"
Contras: "old aircraft, no usb or power point charging. choice of 5 movies"
Prós: "Personal Touch!"
Contras: "No such!"
Prós: "Everything"
Contras: "Put some natural spray in the washroom for guests to kill their odor. I was the lucky one sitting outside the washrooms."
Prós: "they even addressed me by name"
Prós: "Very helpful and polite staff"
Contras: "Old B777-200 with small personal screen. And they don't have pillows on board."
Prós: "Crew was very pleasant!"
Contras: "Cabin area warm for a 9.5 hour flight! Food selection was not much."
Prós: "nothing"
Contras: "poor ground and inflight crews hospitality poor food quality poor food variation"
Prós: "Attendants are always nice, flight is always smooth."
Contras: "Nothing!"
Prós: "Flight Delhi to Singapore was uncomfortable. Flight to SFWas very comfortable. Roomy seats. Good service."
Contras: "Segment Delhi to Singapore."
Prós: "Great service, great experience."
Contras: "I liked it all."
Prós: "great service. new plane. excellent video system."
Contras: "not much to complain about."
Prós: "got us there, efficient and effective crew."
Prós: "Great food, friendly staff, on time... what else do you need?"
Prós: "I liked how often the staff walked down the ailes to help. They are very attentive. The entertainment is endless. Seats were standard in economy class, I recommended upgrading for that long of a flight."
Contras: "To my flight specifically, it got adjusted without telling me so I ended up missing my final transfer. I was not given a notification for a flight change. Someone met me at the end of my second flight to tell me I missed my connecting flight. With the adjusted flight Singapore gave me, there was no chance I would have made it. They did purchase a ticket for me on another airline to get to San Francisco in the end."
Prós: "Check in and boarding were flawless. The flight left about one hour late. The seats in coach are getting smaller and smaller. I got an aisle seat to have a little extra room (I'm 6'1") only to get hit big time by the food cart (they did apologize). The food was plentiful, but mediocre at best. The flight attendants were working hard, but we're abrupt and tired. Overall, I have three stars, when in the past, flying SA was always a five star experience. It got me back home though. :)"
Prós: "The meals were great, the seats very comfortable, the entertainment system very good as well."
Contras: "The Internet was very expensive and very little. I was disappointed, and had to ask 3 times to different attendants to help me set it up. They were not acquainted with the process at all."
Prós: "Airline was great"
Contras: "The customer service at is abysmal. I will NEVER do business with them again."
Prós: "Staff friendly and efficient"
Prós: "toothbrush and toothpaste and ability to charge cell phone"
Contras: "my personal headphones did not work well with the seat audio jack"
Prós: "We lucked out and got seats with leg room! Yeah!!!! Thank you."
Contras: "Breakfast was very late into CPH and they only had one choice... Think maybe some ovens were not turn on!"


Embarque não respeitam o cartão de fidelidade q tem prioridade são confusos e não adianta explicar .

Atrasou os

Excelente opção para rotas para a Asia

Prós: "Everything great!"
Contras: "~"
Prós: "Crew is amazing and very courteous. The seats were very comfy and food was awesome. Thanks."
Prós: "All is well"
Contras: "Everything is excellent"
Prós: "O vôo foi tranquilo, sem problemas ou imprevistos."
Contras: "A comunicação e orientações poderiam ser em meu idioma, mesmo que fosse uma gravação eletrônica, incluindo o menu da alimentação e o check in no balcão."
Prós: "The crew was amazing. One of the onboarding staff was exceptional. Some onboarding staffs were unfriendly."
Contras: "Not allowing a laptop bag unlike Etihad, Emirates and other airlines was a bummer."
Prós: "The service. The friendly crew. The clean airplane and bathrooms, the food and drinks. A1"
Prós: "Food selection. However, the snacks need to be readily available on long flights."
Contras: "Entertainment is lacking behind other international carriers"
Prós: "The seat was ok and the food was good."
Contras: "Though the staff was friendly, I found them a bit unhelpful. I was literally holding three bags and a toddler in my arms, and passed at least three airline crew members. However, not one of them even bothered offering for help. I don’t expect that from a world class airline."
Prós: "Tripulação muito atenciosa"
Contras: "Nao funcionou a tv"
Contras: "Boarding process, and in-flight entertainment and wifi"
Prós: "Service by the crew was outstanding, but special mention to Deepika who made sure I had a Business Class experience out of this world, always smiling and checking if I needed anything"
Contras: "The food and the wine selection did not impressed me. Qatar needs to make some changes."
Prós: "Crew were friendly"
Contras: "Food could be better and frequent"
Prós: "Plenty legroom with Qatar. Food good."
Contras: "Everything good as usual"
Prós: "Não há nada a comparar com a Qatar, atualmente."
Prós: "Yes crew was very polite and seat were comfortable. Roomy enough to stretch leg for height of people up to 5'7"
Contras: "overall everything was good. Toilet could have been little roomier. little cranked up. People with overweight would have tough time.."
Prós: "Everything"
Contras: "WC size (too small) and location. Other airlines such as Lufthansa (NYC - Munich) do way better job in this category ( I believe Lufthansa aircraft was either A330 or 340)"
Prós: "Attentive crew. Good selection of meals excellent wines"
Contras: "Very poor meal for vegetarians on one flight (toasted veggies on a tiny round bun)."
Prós: "Staff was friendly and helpful, aircrafts were all comfortable, food was incredible. If I could only ever fly one airline again I would pick Qatar!"
Contras: "Nothing"
Prós: "Servico espetacular"
Prós: "Foods were great."
Contras: "Flight was delayed for 7 hrs in Manila. Then in Qatar, there's no flight available going to Philadelphia. It will be the next morning. But they did very good in assisting us in everything. From food to accomodation. We'll still fly with Qatar Airways. I know there's a good reason for the delays."
Prós: "Cabin crew service was very good. Flght with Airbus 350 plane was really comfortable and quite. They put extra care for kids and babies and all of kids get gift bag with toys, chocolate etc. which makes everyone happy Especially kids. I personally like to watch new release movies and enjoyed to pass my flight time."
Contras: "Their south indian food was testless in both inbound and outbound flight from Philadelphia to doha. Snacks was good but meal definitely they should have better to change it."
Prós: "God was good. Staff was efficient"
Contras: "Seat comfort was terrible. Too narrow. Crew were efficient but were not cordial."
Prós: "boarding process was efficent"
Contras: "delayed takeoff, delays on tarmac after landing/getting to gate, overly heated plane, hot food was served cold"
Prós: "Crew was very friendly"
Prós: "Entertainment is very good"
Contras: "boarding hall was very small, food was below average for Qatar Airways"
Prós: "O serviço de bordo da Qatar é muito bom."
Contras: "O lounge de Guarulhos é muito simples, poderiam melhorar."
Prós: "Atendimento muito bom melhor que outras companhias, Qatar faz diferença"
Contras: "Organization of the boarding"
Prós: "Great cabin crew"
Contras: "Crappy old style recliner seats in business class for a 6 hour flight. Not consistent with the Qatar brand"
Prós: "Good amenity kit. Decent food offerings. Great range of alcoholic beverages"
Contras: "Business class crew were overstretched and inattentive. Had to find my own seat and flag crew down for hot towel."
Contras: "Should use 380 craft"
Prós: "Flight was very comfortable and a pleasant ride"
Contras: "food service could be a bit more prompt"
Prós: "Atendimento, cordialidade , poltronas , entretenimento , simplesmente é tudo muito bem feito"
Contras: "Nada a declarar"
Prós: "The crew on my side of the cabin was very good."
Contras: "Not having available air for the center seats made our flight a truly awful experience. The older style seats are actually more comfortable for taller and larger people. My wife was virtually ignored by the male crew on her side of the aircraft."
Prós: "The crew were all lovely + meals were excellent."
Prós: "Desde o checkin, serviço de bordo, entretenimento, comida, equipe, tudo do mais alto nível. Parabéns para Qatar."
Contras: "They gave us a small chicken sandwhich for breakfastand the next meel was over 6 hrs later with a small bag of chips in between. I was actually hungry when we got off our 13 hr flight."
Prós: "Nada"
Contras: "Desmarcaram o voo na hora e nos deixaram atirados no aeroporto por 12h em filas intermináveis, sem ninguém para explicar nada, sem comer nada, sem nenhuma consideração com ninguém! A pior viagem da minha vida! Qatar Airways é um lixo!"
Prós: "Crew"
Prós: "Everyone on board was pleasantly and helpful and that goes a long way."
Prós: "Everything"
Prós: "Entertainment"
Contras: "The crew has no control over passengers. Specifically, it is the cabin supervisors responsibility to maintain order on the flight. Everyone before boarding, during boarding and during the flight kept sitting in incorrect seats, no boarding passes checked. Felt like a zoo on the airline. Very disappointed."
Prós: "Food, service, staff at the counter"
Contras: "Cant think of any"
Prós: "I like Qatar service very much and that is why I fly with them most of the time."
Prós: "Every thing likely"
Contras: "Non"


Contras: "Very less leg room"
Prós: "Voo"
Contras: "Embarque com finger e mais próximo do gate"
Prós: "The crew were awesome"
Contras: "The film choice was poor"
Prós: "O voo foi ótimo e bem tranquilo. Ótimo bar para as classes Premium e assentos muito confortáveis."
Contras: "A ultima refeição da rota não foi oferecida, mesmo sem ter colocado a informação de não incomodar no assento (adesivo disponível para informar a tripulação que o cliente optou por não fazer a refeição)."
Prós: "O assento é realmente muito confortável e o bar no fundo do A380 é fantástico."
Prós: "The flight was on schedule, departure and arrival."
Contras: "The seats were very narrow."
Prós: "O entretenimento foi ótimo!! Tripulação muito atenciosa!!"
Contras: "Alimentação!!"
Prós: "The crew"
Contras: "Wifi"
Contras: "No almoço tinha 2 opcoes: frango e peixe, escolhi peixe mas não tinha no momento e teria de esperar para esquentar, optei pelo frango e no final foi ma boa escolha, pois estava bom"
Prós: "Great value"
Prós: "Padrão Emirates Ou seja, tudo muito bom"
Prós: "Assento comum da classe econômica mais largo e com mais espaço para as pernas"
Prós: "Tripulação e assento"
Contras: "The boarding process needs improvement. The crew should be more friendly. And, there needs to be more movies and TV shows."
Prós: "Crew always great. Aircraft great."
Contras: "Tv screen too old. As not good as A380."
Prós: "Voo e ótimo"
Contras: "Staff no solo e PESSIMO"
Prós: "Tudo"
Contras: "Quando cheguei minha conexão durava mais de 24h eles não me deram hotel muito menos alimentação! PÉSSIMO atendimento!"
Prós: "Emirates perfeita"
Contras: "Nada"
Prós: "Excelente!"
Prós: "Efficient and good actually good for airline food"
Contras: "Electronic equipment a bit out dated and below standard"
Prós: "In all the flight was good, except for the food."
Contras: "They didn't have any option (not even fruits) for those who dislike spicy food. My colleague and I had nothing but bread and butter to dine."
Prós: "departure on time, seat comfort, service okay at time when I expect to have it."
Contras: "Departure and arrival at almost mid night which difficult for reach home at night, kids can't wait at airport."
Prós: "I felt very pampered!"
Contras: "Everything was perfect"
Prós: "Embarque pelo Lounge é muito rápido"
Contras: "A cadeira ao se apertar os botões travava.... A tv toda hora, do nada, saía do filme.e ia pra tela principal. Melhorou qdo comecei a usar o controle que fica ao lado da poltrona, pois pelo touch screen na própria tela wstava impossível. Decepção para quem paga caro por um serviço melhor."
Prós: "I love everything and I will flight with them again . A very positive experience."
Contras: "Cobrança de excesso de peso apesar de eu e minha família ainda termos 69kg de franquia é de termos despachado as mesmas malas do voo Brisbane para Dubai, com a mesma Emirates, normalmente. Assento quebrado. Assento do meu filho sujo. Não recomendo parar em Dubai pela arbitrariedade da Emirates"
Prós: "Atenção e simpatia da tripulação"
Contras: "A classe executiva na disponibiliza chinelo, muito menos pijama como outras companhias aéreas fazem. A poltrona ao estar totalmente na horizontal não dá o conforto que dá, por exemplo, a poltrona da Etihad."
Prós: "Da comida e do entretenimento. Apreciei o cardápio e a quantidade de comida oferecida. O entretenimento também agrada bastante."
Contras: "O salão de embarque não oferecia espaço suficiente para todos os passageiros. Não havia uma organização para acomodar a enorme quantidade de passageiros. Poucos banheiros. Tripulação sobrecarregada de serviços."
Prós: "A comida oferecida é muito boa e saborosa. Porém, pela quantidade de passageiros, há uma dificuldade em servir a todos. O entretenimento é bem diversificado."
Contras: "Faltam banheiros na classe econômica. A grande quantidade de passageiros sempre precisa aguardar em filas para conseguir usar o banheiro."
Prós: "Good service, plenty of food, nice crew."
Contras: "Charge to select seats, had to embark and disembark to the tarmac in dubai (horrible experience because of the extreme heat)"
Prós: "Good service, plenty of food, nice crew."
Contras: "Charge to select seats, had to embark and disembark to the tarmac in dubai (horrible experience because of the extreme heat)"
Prós: "Good entertainment selection. Nice quality blankets. Flight wasn't overbooked. Leg room. Complimentary wine."
Contras: "We were delayed 2 hours on the runway. Temperature got hot during the night."
Prós: "Good entertainment"
Contras: "Stawardess took too long to collect trays after we had least two hours."
Prós: "Attentive flight crew and spacious interior"
Contras: "Food, food and food"
Prós: "Flight was comfortable"
Contras: "Not enough Veg food even though requested well in advance."
Prós: "So comfy... Great service. Wished the flight was longer b"
Contras: "Nothing"
Prós: "Everything."
Contras: "None."
Prós: "Loved the seating space. Comfortable seats and I was able to stretch my legs a bit even though I was in economy. Didn't even feel like I was in the air for almost 9 hours."
Contras: "Boarding was a bit late and could have been organised better."
Contras: "Flight lisbon/Dubai 8 hours delay,slepping one night in Dubai and after 15 of my arrival in Durban no luggage."
Contras: "Had a tough time to get a replacement ticket."
Prós: "I was able to receive a vegan meal, though I didn't make an early request. The attendants were very kind and graceful. Thanks for the newspaper."
Contras: "Reliance on electronic entertainment"
Contras: "The airline lost my bag in transit. It took them 4 days for me to get it."
Prós: "Ample legroom, accommodating flight attendants, ample overhead space, great entertainment on board. WIFI available, plane beautifully designed. Wash rooms clean. Generous free baggage allowance. Food pretty good. Overall, a very pleasant experience."
Contras: "WiFi free, but a bit weak."
Prós: "Suff"
Contras: "Food"
Prós: "I first flew with Emirates in 2007 on a flight from Dubai to Johannesburg. Since then I have used Emirates to fly to Europe, India and China. I've never had a bad experience. The comfort, entertainment and food is always outstanding. The crews are always top rated. I hope to keep flying Emirates for many years to come."
Contras: "I would rather fly the A380 opposed to the 777. They seem to have more space."
Prós: "Would recommend it to everyone, really loved it."
Prós: "Emirates is my favourite airline. I find their service to be above and beyond other airliners I've used"

Durante o check in / embarque utilizou uma politica de despacho de bagagens no Brasil e outra na Argentina, onde me efetuou cobranças de bagagens extra sem prévio aviso, além de ter se complicado com os documentos pessoais de minha esposa para o check in.

No início do voo o comissário passou as informações em vários idiomas, inclusive Português e depois não mais e poderia, pois havia muitas pessoas que não entendem outro idioma a não ser o Português.

Já viajei em classe executiva de várias companhias aéreas e a da Suiss é a menos confortável. Colocaram um excesso de poltronas na executiva e as poltronas são muito estreitas com estofado um pouco fino, que da para sentir as base da poltrona ao deitar de lado. No restante tudo bem.

As poltronas da classe executiva deste voo (avião) são estreitas e as pernas ficam fechadas num casulo e ainda meio inclinadas. Já estive em várias outras e o conforto era melhor. Eu que tenho problemas de circulação sofri um pouco.


Prós: "The crew was super friendly and attentive. Best in flight service I have received in a long time."
Contras: "The plane doesn't have usb ports to charge the phones, and as there are no screens or anything else, make sure you bring your battery pack."
Prós: "Tripulação"
Contras: "A cadeira estava c assento partido , viajei 3 horas assim"
Contras: "Flight was 90 minutes late."
Prós: "The crew was friendly and helpful."
Prós: "comfortable seating, friendly helpful crew, good food"
Contras: "sometimes too cold sometimes too warm"
Prós: "Amazing crew and great comfort"
Contras: "Entertainment system didn't work. Couldn't hear movie at all with headphones provided and screen very hard to use and just stopped several times. Even after crew reset it twice, still problems."
Contras: "The seat bottom was very uncomfortable and made my bum sore the rest of the day."
Prós: "3 - 2 seat arrangement and lots of leg room. Excellent boarding."
Contras: "Bread of sandwich was dry."
Contras: "Guy behind me kept asking for a seat upgrade and when they didn’t oblige spent the whole 11hours kicking the back of my chair in protest. I understand this isn’t the crews’ fault. But maybe the bid upgrade for seats isn’t the best system?"
Prós: "The crew was polite and we arrived safely."
Contras: "The seats are like torture devices. So small and uncomfortable. After 14 hours of travel, my knees were sore from jamming into the seat in front of me, and I'm only average height. When the person in front of you puts their seat back, their headrest is practically under your chin. A disgrace."
Contras: "Vôo atrasado 2h. As minhas 2 primeiras experiências com a saída foram péssimas. Houve sempre atrasos. Perdi a conexão por causa do atraso. Não houve o cuidado de deixar sair os passageiros com conexão primeiro. Nem havia staff do aeroporto para ajudar os passageiros a chegar ao outro terminal. Fiquei num hotel 2*. Pelo que ouvia da swiss nunca pensei que fosse ter uma experiência tão desagradável"
Contras: "Vôo muito atrasado sem conseguirem assegurar a conexão. Não houve nenhum staff a acompanhar nos, nao nos deixaram sair em 1o do avião. Não houve esforço da parte da swiss em garantir que conseguiamos embarcar. Primeira vez com a swiss nem tão cedo volto a voar com esta companhia"
Prós: "Nada"
Contras: "Voo com atraso de 40 minutos. Não deixaram os passageiros com conceção sair primeiro. Não havia ninguém para nos acompanhar. Ninguem sabia dar informações viemos para o hotel sem bagagem porque ninguém sabia quando chegava."
Contras: "Não pude fazer o vôo por falha grave da swiss que atrasou e não teve o cuidado de fazer com que os passageiros chegassem à sua conceção atempadamente. Senti-me muito desamparada."
Prós: "Companhia com excelente tratamento ao passageiro, ainda mais quando comparamos às companhias brasileiras!!!"
Prós: "Companhia com excelente tratamento ao passageiro, ainda mais quando comparamos às companhias brasileiras!!!"
Prós: "Primeira viagem pela Swiss, mas uma experiência altamente recomendável!!!! Atenção do início ao fim com o passageiro!!!"
Prós: "Primeira viagem pela Swiss, experiência altamente recomendável!!! Atenção com o passageiro do início ao fim da viagem!!!"
Prós: "We left on time, arrived on time. Flight went well despite lasting over 10h30"
Contras: "Two of the flight attrendants in our area were in a bad mood and it showed."
Prós: "The food was good."
Contras: "The boarding process need improvement. The sits are very tight."
Prós: "Eu gostei de tudo muito agradáveis pontuais muito bom"
Contras: "Eu não gostei da comida porque não hove"
Prós: "Crew very courteous as usual"
Contras: "Lately all Swiss flights I have taken are late. This last one was 1 hour late. No more sandwich is offered, or even chips or peanuts. The only drink available for free was a glass of water! Not even a small bottle!! Bye bye Swiss service!"
Prós: "Everything, but the lack of entertainment, and the seats I bought were separated."
Contras: "The lack of entertainment, and the seats I bought were separated."
Prós: "Comida muito boa"
Contras: "Cadeiras apertadas e com ferros nos pés. Descomoda"
Contras: "muito, muito, muito apertado para as pernas. tentei comprar o mais espaço mas quando finalmente abriram as reservas já estava lotado. não recebi nenhum aviso de quando poderia reservar os acentos e nem algum tipo de "promoção" para trocar de vôo."
Prós: "We like being able to check our ski equipment without extra charge. Service is consistently professional and courteous."
Contras: "Being charged for seat selection. The late hour of departure for the Boston to Zurich flight."
Prós: "Excellent food. Lovely service. Departure and boarding on time."
Contras: "No entertainment at all. Very limited leg room"
Prós: "Smooth flight"
Contras: "Ordered kosher and did not get it"
Prós: "Great service"
Contras: "Super slow boarding. Long lines at check in"
Prós: "Swiss is always a tad nicer than the alternatives"
Contras: "Bathroom not clean"
Prós: "Nothing really"
Contras: "Seats, food , entertainment."
Prós: "The flight attendants were extremely polite . Great service i love my accommodation in Business class . Very clean , punctual, comfortable, up dates by pilot frequently. Over all a hard work TEAM of Flight Attendants. Thank You to all of them."
Prós: "lovely flight -left on time arrived 1 hr early. my earphones did not fit plane plug, the one provided did not fit my ears - slept instead,,,Excellent service..."
Contras: "O voo atrasou mais de uma hora, sem nenhuma justificativa"
Prós: "Best airline I have ever flown"
Contras: "N/A"
Prós: "Professional polite crew."
Contras: "Seats too SMALL Food not eatable"
Prós: "+ Crew, professional and polite."
Contras: "- food unevenly cooked - No entertainment - Small toilet"
Prós: "All was good except the snack - it was ok"
Contras: "n/a - quick flight"
Contras: "Could use some more seating space"
Prós: "I really enjoyed the flight overall. Made a long flight seem not so bad."
Prós: "Food & beverage, onboard entertainment and beauty product in the bathroom was good."
Contras: "Service was okay and the seats were horribly uncomfortable. Not what I remember from Swiss when I use to fly constantly with them 2 years ago. Also, I was singled out by the crew at the gate and pulled aside. Racially profiling at its finest."
Prós: "Boarding and cabin crew were excellent."
Contras: "Seats were too tight and squeezed."
Contras: "You charge the ticket and my reservation wasn't there!!"
Prós: "The crew was very proactive and kind."
Contras: "The delay of almost 40 minutes was extremely uncofortable, once I had a connection to Brazil"

Gostei particularmente da configuração da aeronave e a alimentação é péssima. Para servir aquele sanduiche é melhor não oferecer nada!!

Vôo convencional sem nada de especial

Meu embarque foi adiado por overbooking, ficamos várias pessoas, e dos que sobraram embarcaram várias senhoritas jovens e belas e deixaram dois homens , sendo eu com 66 anos e viajando só. Foi extremamente constrangedor e revoltante, e para piorar acharam que eu estava faminto oferecendo um burgking.é evidente que foi uma falta de respeito.

Ocorre que na conexão para amman, fizera overbooking, e os comissários do aeroporto, apesar de eu ter chegado antes e ser idoso, preferiram dar prioridade às mocinhas , e simplesmente me ignoraram, porém muito gentilmente me ofereceram um burger king.(isso é pra moleque de 10 anos) eu tenho 65 anos. O que me irritou, é a falta de atenção que eu e outro senhor recebemos. Totalmente groceiros e despreparados. Tinha horário para pegar um carro locado e hotel.

Companhia muito boa, aeromoças atendem com alegria e cordialidade. Comida boa.

Prós: "Very comfortable overall"
Contras: "Unrelated to the flight, the ground handling staff at Istanbul airport, especially the information desk, should be given a crash course in customer care."
Prós: "Assento e refeição"
Contras: "Atraso"
Prós: "Crew was friendly and service was good."
Contras: "Seats should be more comfortable"
Prós: "Great service! Food was very good."
Contras: "That boarding. People who were not in line rushed to the front when boarding started."
Prós: "Voo rápido e tranquilo"
Prós: "Uma das melhores cias aéreas que já viajei. Estão de parabéns! Se preocupam o tempo todo com o conforto das crianças e isso fez a diferença no nosso voo, pois minhas filhas viajaram confortáveis e felizes o que fez com que elas não chorassem ou incomodassem nenhum passageiro. Realmente muito satisfeita."
Contras: "Nada"
Contras: "Nao permite reserva de assentos nem no checkin online"
Prós: "Good food, comfort seat"
Contras: "Crew skipped my row when giving food and didn't realize until I came and asked. None of the crew showed their apology"
Contras: "Atrasso, comida ruim"
Prós: "Food, service, entertainment, cleanness of the plane"
Contras: "Too many announcements in the beginning of the flight."
Prós: "Best service"
Contras: "Poderia ter melhores filmes, de resto nota 10"
Prós: "A aeronave é bem equipada e confortável. A equipe muito simpática."
Contras: "Não tinha instruções em português ou funcionários que falassem. O wifi não conectou."
Contras: "Older plane, uncomfortable seats, no individual entertainment systems. Long boarding without a lot of staff facilitating extra coat/overhead luggage storage because of winter, then we sat on tarmac for two hours because they missed their slot to take-off."
Prós: "Treated very poorly no hotel stay in the airport for 24 hour"
Contras: "Nothing"
Contras: "I have a flight that i booked to istanbul for my self and my fiance over 1000 and was not refunded anything when it was not my fault rhat i could not go to istanbul.on holiday with fiance meeting me there were stopped because of politics and turkish airlines and Yamaha .com would not refund my money terrible way ro steal off people"
Prós: "Airplane crew was amazingly friendly and helpful"
Prós: "The Lounge at Istanbul airport is fantastic"
Contras: "Seating in Economy class is terrible. For tall persons like me it is a punshment to be squeazed in such a narrow space. Turkish airlines should add more space and comfort with their seating in Economy. Introduce a Premium Economy Class would solve that problem"
Contras: "No space"
Prós: "Food, crew."
Contras: "Boarding process which did not use jetway."
Prós: "Excellent"
Prós: "Great food! Loved that you get a menu to choose from"
Contras: "We were not asked or given the option to choose our seats on the plane."
Prós: "Flight attendants need to be friendly."
Contras: "I will never use Turkish airlines again."
Prós: "Nothing."
Contras: "The fact that I missed my connection flight in Thailand because of a two hour delay. I was never informed why there was so much of a delay and in turn I had to pay triple of what I payed before for my flight. Very disappointed. Won't be flying this airline again. Service was rude. They should be more responsible when it comes to timing. We were on the flight waiting for two hours!!!"
Prós: "Great attention and kindness from the attendants"
Contras: "The cabin was very very hot during the flight."
Prós: "Great crew. Super nice to our 4 year old daughter. They were quick, extra polite and efficient. I'm usually quite picky but this leg was perfect."
Contras: "It was all good(which I rarely get to say these days on any carrier)"
Prós: "not much"
Contras: "hostesses not so courteous"
Contras: "Em athenas recebi uma informação errada, na qual me disseram q eu não precisaria retirar minha bagagem em São Paulo, que iria direto pro Rio de Janeiro. Após o desembarque em São Paulo, quase perdi a conexão esperei horas até conseguir recuperará minha mala, não havia nenhum funcionário da turkish ou avíanca para me orientar nem me ajudar a recuperar bagagens. Tive q contar com ajuda de seguranças do aeroporto que já haviam visto aquela situação . Não houve pedido de desculpas, nem nenhuma assistência."
Contras: "Em athenas recebi uma informação errada, na qual me disseram q eu não precisaria retirar minha bagagem em São Paulo, que iria direto pro Rio de Janeiro. Após o desembarque em São Paulo, quase perdi a conexão esperei horas até conseguir recuperará minha mala, não havia nenhum funcionário da turkish ou avíanca para me orientar nem me ajudar a recuperar bagagens. Tive q contar com ajuda de seguranças do aeroporto que já haviam visto aquela situação . Não houve pedido de desculpas, nem nenhuma assistência."
Prós: "It was a short flight but they still fed us and supplied beverages. So many airlines do not do this or charge you for everything!"
Contras: "Why does Turkish Air boarding always have to be so chaotic - pushing and shoving, etc. Why cant TK control their business class space - people from economy always coming up for bathrooms when there are plenty in the back....."
Contras: "I was surprised that my laptop was taken from me without giving any explanation, I think the customer have to be informed about it."
Prós: "food is always good..crew too"
Contras: "less and less space in economy class for passengers not very kind boaridng people no info on posibble complimentary upgrade for Gold Card passengers"
Prós: "Was surprised to get a full meal on such a short flight. Very good food."
Contras: "Pretty average flying experience. The plane looked older, but that's nothing unusual"
Prós: "Customer service and professionalism of crew was outstanding. It felt like how it USED to be on other airlines, and even better! The food service was great, and I appreciated the little necessities bag. The travel experience was a positive part of our trip, instead of the usual exhausting drudgery of traveling very far distances."
Contras: "The bathroom did get a little smelly, and, as a tall person, the leg room was very tight when people put their seats back."
Prós: "Better food and service than other airlines on which I've traveled recently. Loading passengers was disciplined and speedy. Staff very helpful. Istanbul airport is great for a long wait. If you go to a gate waiting area with no flight soon, you can stretch out and sleep. Good English-language bookstore."
Contras: "I wa in the restroom and the attendant opened the door on my while I"
Prós: "It was great to be fed, especially a full meal, on such a short flight."
Contras: "They ran out of homemade lemonade with fresh mint before I got any."
Prós: "surpassed our expectation"
Prós: "The flight itself wasn't bad, we got a meal on each flight and the crew was charming."
Contras: "I had a trip with one connection, from Tel Aviv to Milan. The flight from Tel Aviv was delayed, which coused the connection flight to be delayed. Also, and most importantly, they've left my luggage in Istanbul (where the connection was from), so that I was left with no proper clothes/essentials for four (!) days (and it was colder than expected in Italy)."
Contras: "The flight attendant was kind of rude. They ignored what I would say when the drinks came around. Also, one of them would try to hurry me and always tap on my shoulder instead of just saying "excuse me""
Prós: "Service from the flight attendants were fantastic. The food was delicious and the entertainment included plenty of movie options. I'm also glad that my bags were never lost throughout all of my flights this summer on Turkish Airlines."
Contras: "I know seats in the 777-300 recline but do not disrupt the next row's space. That was not the case on the Airbus A330-300. It would be nice if the same seats were on the Airbus aircraft I flew from Istanbul to Bangkok."
Contras: "Agaun same food..."
Prós: "The bread service"

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2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
20h 45mLIS-BKK
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
24h 05mBKK-LIS
557 €
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
20h 45mLIS-BKK
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
24h 05mBKK-LIS
571 €
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
23h 00mLIS-BKK
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
24h 45mBKK-LIS
595 €
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
20h 45mLIS-BKK
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
24h 05mBKK-LIS
624 €
1 escalaSWISS
21h 00mLIS-BKK
1 escalaSWISS
15h 50mBKK-LIS
674 €
1 escalaKLM
32h 40mLIS-BKK
1 escalaKLM
16h 45mBKK-LIS
678 €
1 escalaTurkish Airlines
36h 15mOPO-BKK
1 escalaTurkish Airlines
37h 55mBKK-OPO
680 €
1 escalaFinnair
30h 50mLIS-BKK
2 escalasFinnair
22h 10mBKK-LIS
683 €
1 escalaTurkish Airlines
36h 15mOPO-BKK
1 escalaTurkish Airlines
37h 55mBKK-OPO
691 €
2 escalasFinnair
38h 45mLIS-BKK
2 escalasFinnair
22h 10mBKK-LIS
698 €
1 escalaKLM
32h 00mLIS-BKK
1 escalaKLM
37h 40mBKK-LIS
700 €
2 escalasFinnair
33h 20mLIS-BKK
2 escalasFinnair
22h 10mBKK-LIS
708 €
1 escalaTurkish Airlines
36h 15mOPO-BKK
1 escalaTurkish Airlines
37h 55mBKK-OPO
710 €
1 escalaSWISS
36h 50mLIS-BKK
1 escalaSWISS
31h 35mBKK-LIS
730 €
1 escalaSWISS
21h 00mLIS-BKK
1 escalaSWISS
16h 10mBKK-LIS
736 €
2 escalasEtihad Airways
43h 05mLIS-BKK
2 escalasEtihad Airways
46h 35mBKK-LIS
738 €
2 escalasEtihad Airways
43h 05mLIS-BKK
2 escalasEtihad Airways
46h 35mBKK-LIS
762 €
1 escalaEmirates
16h 00mLIS-UTP
1 escalaEmirates
30h 35mUTP-LIS
855 €
2 escalasAustrian Airlines
20h 50mOPO-HKT
2 escalasAustrian Airlines
25h 10mHKT-OPO
1 233 €
1 escalaLufthansa
15h 15mFAO-BKK
1 escalaLufthansa
22h 00mBKK-FAO
1 330 €

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Ofertas recentes de voos de ida

3 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
51h 35mLIS-DMK
327 €
3 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
53h 15mLIS-DMK
332 €
3 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
37h 20mLIS-BKK
340 €
3 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
59h 00mLIS-DMK
353 €
3 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
32h 35mLIS-BKK
354 €
3 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
58h 15mLIS-BKK
360 €
1 escalaTurkish Airlines
15h 25mLIS-BKK
432 €
1 escalaTurkish Airlines
15h 40mLIS-BKK
433 €
1 escalaTurkish Airlines
37h 25mLIS-BKK
454 €
1 escalaTurkish Airlines
31h 55mLIS-BKK
456 €
2 escalasEtihad Airways
43h 05mLIS-BKK
475 €
2 escalasEtihad Airways
43h 05mLIS-BKK
477 €
1 escalaLufthansa
18h 30mOPO-BKK
513 €
1 escalaAustrian Airlines
19h 15mOPO-BKK
515 €
1 escalaAustrian Airlines
19h 15mOPO-BKK
516 €
1 escalaAustrian Airlines
17h 10mOPO-BKK
521 €
1 escalaSWISS
19h 55mOPO-BKK
525 €
1 escalaKLM
16h 05mOPO-BKK
575 €
1 escalaEmirates
16h 15mLIS-HKT
642 €
2 escalasAir France
43h 50mLIS-HKT
745 €

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Tailândia - Portugal

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674 €
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