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Pesquisa voos baratos para a Arménia

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2+ escalas desde 345 €
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outubroMelhor época para evitar as multidões, com uma queda média de 4% no preço.

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agostoÉpoca mais popular para voar, com um aumento médio de 12% no preço.

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As melhores dicas para encontrares voos baratos para a Arménia

  • À procura de passagens baratas para a Arménia? 25% dos nossos utilizadores encontraram passagens para a Arménia por preços iguais ou inferiores a: De Lisboa 189 € ida - 345 € ida e volta, do o Porto 262 € ida - 352 € ida e volta, do o Funchal 580 € ida e volta
  • Como época alta, considera-se julho, agosto e setembro. O mês mais barato para voar para a Arménia é janeiro.
  • Introduz o aeroporto de partida e as datas que te interessam no formulário de pesquisa acima para veres as ofertas mais recentes de voos para a Arménia.

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As 3 principais companhias aéreas a voar para a Arménia

Pontuações baseadas em avaliações de utilizadores da KAYAK

Qatar Airways
Pontuação geral com base em 10 971 avaliações
Avaliações sobre a companhia

Prós: "Great crew, excellent staff at the airport. Planes were nice and comfortable. Food was ok. They have an excellent price to quality ratio; you can often get great prices on some of the more popular destinations and the service is 5 stars."
Contras: "Some alcoholic drinks"

Prós: "Flight is spacious"
Contras: "Crew members service is very slow and not courteous, Also, boarding has to be more planned and informed.."

Prós: "Crew was very attentive,"
Contras: "Have all the food choice in the menu available. And add sudoku to the game"

Prós: "The customer service was amazing. Air hostesses were very courteous, friendly and helpful."
Contras: "Seats were too small to sit comfortably on a long flight I wish Qatar had better seats for long journey and had advanced entertainment system."

Prós: "The Q-suite is exceptionally comfortable and the door really does make a difference. I usually have difficulty sleeping but the isolation from aisle traffic and ambient noise reduction was enough to allow some very good sleep. Staff experience was also exceptional - friendly and highly competent, looking to go the extra mile. Food was great and full menu available upon request."
Contras: "I did not find a gap"

Prós: "My FA from IAH to DOH was outstanding. She made sure I was comfortable the whole flight"

Prós: "The “mini-refrigerator” for beverage storage at the business class seat."
Contras: "The portion of the Arabic language expression on the live flight mapping software should have been minimized."

Prós: "Não há nada a comparar com a Qatar, atualmente."

Contras: "Bad service for wheel chair. No wheel chair at Doha Airport! Need to walk."

Prós: "Service"

Prós: "The service was perfect the aircraft was clean and tidy. The pyjamas were a great added bonus and comfortable."
Contras: "There was nothing to complain about."

Contras: "The airline demaged both of my completely new suitcases. They both had TSA approved locks. One of the suitcses has a missing wheel, another one ripped zipper and missing lock and it was wraped in plastic. A few items were missing from that bag."

Prós: "Great"

Prós: "Too tired after almost 24 hours traveling. No complaints."

Prós: "The crew was attentive and polite. The flights were on time, and the entertainment options were good. The Doha airport is quite nice, with many eating and retail options. although everything is very expensive, even by airport standards."
Contras: "My wife and I personally don't mind a selection that leans heavily toward Indian food, but I imagine others will not. The main courses were mediocre and the "sandwich" offered between meals on the 13+ hour flight was cold, soggy and inedible. The seats on our A350 were hard and not very comfortable, and the recline function was difficult to operate. Security at the Doha airport was confusing. We had to go through 3 separate checkpoints for our transfer, each with different rules and procedures. The final check at our departure gate was the worst, with impatient officials giving hurried instructions in heavily-accented English, and scolding if passengers didn't understand. I was sent back through a second time to remove my camera from the bag (and to be scolded by the agent), and was patted down a second time coming back through the x-ray, which had green-lighted me both times. It made me wonder if this was a reaction to the extra scrutiny that Arab passengers receive from our airport security in the USA."

Prós: "I got an aisle seat. Bathrooms were not bad in terms of cleanliness."
Contras: "Service was ok. I was forgotten to be served items that other passengers were given. Seating ended up being kind of cramped as passenger in front was relaxing a bit too much. Entertainment was ok."

Prós: "The crew was very sweet and very helpful, especially to kids who were constantly thirsty or hungry."
Contras: "We were supposed to take the flight 8 hours earlier. I’m not sure flight with such short connections should be sold at all - with the previous flight being late 20 minutes, we were met at arrival gate by Qatar airlines employee that told us our connecting flight left without us. They helped us with everything onward- getting new boarding passses, hotel and meal vouchers, but all of this should not have been needed if such short connections were not sold."

Prós: "Very nice"

Prós: "Everything was good - food, entertainment, on time."

Prós: "Everything very smooth. Staff delightful and always helpful!"

Prós: "The same as the flight from L.A to Doha, did not feel the time passing..."
Contras: "I have nothing to complain about..."

Prós: "Great service and excellent flying!"
Contras: "Food was a bit dry"

Prós: "Great cabin crew"
Contras: "Crappy old style recliner seats in business class for a 6 hour flight. Not consistent with the Qatar brand"

Prós: "All around a great experience."
Contras: "The internet worked for like 2 minutes and then said my time was up, even though I was supposed to get 15 minutes for free or something."

Prós: "Exceptional service!"

Prós: "Quick boarding, good entertainment choices."
Contras: "Food is below average. Very salty tofu salad, and they keep giving the same food in every leg."

Prós: "Excellent service from the crew. Flight on time."

Prós: "Cabin crew including the ground staff were awesome in providing best of its class customer service. Food and entertainment onboard was really good."

Prós: "Boarding was very ease and helpful for my family while I was traveling with kids I appreciate that fact that customer service at boarding was reached out to my wife to help and make us feel great thru the process thanks"
Contras: "No comment"

Contras: "the wifi was average at best. I get that we there are limitations...but if the service is going to be this poor, make it free & unlimited."

Prós: "Felt like a new plane, with great service!"

Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "Everything"

Prós: "This was car better than most flights I've been on in the US. Lots of leg room excellent entertainment system good service and customer care."

Prós: "Onboard crew"
Contras: "Boarding process. It could start on time as printed on the boarding pass. If it is by zone, the provide a few minutes between the zones and adjust time accordingly."

Contras: "I planned a wonderful vacation for my birthday only to face a horrible experience. Not only was the flight uncomfortable, but my television did not work. There was a huge box underneath the seat in front of me which prevented me from stretching my legs outward. The television was on but the screen itself wasn't operating. I reached for the remote located in the armrest only to find the entire piece missing. Only the base was there. I asked the flight attendents three times if I can move to an empty seat and they said "give me a moment". The moment never came. I really expected more from this airline."

Prós: "The stewards were very attractive, the entertainment was plenty of movie choices."
Contras: "The food was terrible, the seats were extremely uncomfortiable."

Contras: "horrible customer service at Doha Airport"

Prós: "Comfortable seat and good service"
Contras: "None"

Prós: "Comfort"
Contras: "Food"

Contras: "Norhing really"

Prós: "It was a long flight from US but was comfortable. Staff was courteous."

Prós: "Crew is very helpful and friendly. Camecthrough with drinks at good pace. Check in very smooth"
Contras: "Food - very mediocre and felt like each meal was similar"

Prós: "I liked that it was empty and I could lie down."

Contras: "Crowded flight, late departure."

Prós: "Excellent service on all 6 legs of the itinerary. Great selection of food and wine and entertainment. Superb seating layout in business."
Contras: "Frankly nothing!"

Prós: "Everything is fine and have a wonderful time"

Prós: "The QA Crew acted with courage during very severe turbulence, continuing to be professional despite injuries"
Contras: "QA HQ did not respond to the emergency with professionalism. They did a decent job w/hotel accommodation but only the hotel reception provided any communication. Only constant complaints led to food being provided at the airport after a 6 hour wait to board. No compensation was offered by QA when we arrived in Doha. Nothing. Exceptionally poor performance by an airline you expect more from."

Prós: "Food"
Contras: "Was told to move seat up and down repeatedly"

Prós: "Food was good"
Contras: "The crew did not respond to call lights. No Wi-Fi on such a long flight."

Prós: "The crew is nice"
Contras: "No respect of distancing the seats ; all the seats were occupied. No wifi"

Prós: "The seats were much more comfortable then my last flight. The entertainment system was also updated from the 1980’s remote and cord ones on my flight from DC to Paris."
Contras: "There was no food between the two meals on an 8 hour flight. I had a flight attendant rudely tell me that there is nothing to offer until the next meal. No one reached out to me about the horrible flight and comments I made from the last flight."

Prós: "How great everyone was and smooth sailing."
Contras: "Made sure the flight was not over booked."

Prós: "Crew attentive. The delay was due to airport conditions in FCO, cannot be blamed on Air France."
Contras: "Food. For a 2-hour plus flight, from 11am to 1:30pm, we got 20gr pretzel sticks. This is ridiculous. Don't pretend you are not low-cost! Formerly, before the Joon failed (thank God) venture, Air France had real sandwiches around that time of the day on that line."

Contras: "Flight was delayed"

Contras: "Seats were too close together."

Prós: "The bread was fresh and food better than other times"
Contras: "Crew is always aggressive and unfriendly"

Prós: "The Delta flight service was much better than the Air France flight I took on the previous leg."

Prós: "Tripulação boa"

Prós: "Crew was great. Seats were comfortable."
Contras: "The airline lost both of my luggage suitcases."

Prós: "Tripulação excelente."

Prós: "Great newer plane, great service!"

Prós: "Crew was good, seat was not, it was freezing cold and one little blanket was inadequate!"
Contras: "Provide another blanket when needed, was wearing shorts and a short sleeve shirt."

Prós: "Food"
Contras: "Seat"

Prós: "Great crew and prompt boarding."
Contras: "Airline food and close main cabin seating. Should offer upgraded meals, just like the extra seating space."

Prós: "Crew was very friendly. Food was excellent"

Prós: "I really liked my seat, but it was one of the only ones that didn't have a USB port."
Contras: "See above. Overall, very nice experience."

Prós: "crew was wonderful, great food, quick boarding"
Contras: "cant think of anything"

Prós: "I did like Flying with Delta and Air France but not with Ukrainian airlines (when booking , it should tell you what airlines will be used , to make a better selection )"
Contras: "When I purchased my flight ticket , I purchased with a checked bag (23 kg /50 #) how ever ( who will fly to Ukraine with a 10kg suitcase) I booked for a KLM flight , they used (partener airlines ) when I arrived to LA I flew with Delta , they checked my Suitcase at no cost all the way to my final destinations , that was expected ! When I was going to return , they made me payed 120 dollars ( in Kiev , Ukraine (UIA) , I was very disappointed and I really will love an explanation about all this !"

Prós: "Flight was on time."
Contras: "Food could have been much better in comparison with other airlines."

Prós: "Entertainment"

Prós: "The plain was ok, the crew really nice and attentive. The only “problem” would be the food, mostly for the breakfast that was awful."

Prós: "Check in process was easy. The flight attendants are all very helpful and kind. We are playing was OK but it could’ve been cleaned a little better before we got on board."
Contras: "Check in process was easy. The flight attendants are all very helpful and kind."

Contras: "The food was cold. We were served about 40 minutes after most of the plane got their food. The overhead compartments kept opening by themselves through out the flight. Food was horrible."

Prós: "Enjoyed my food, especially tasty for airplan fare!"
Contras: "Not enough leg room"

Prós: ". Budget airline with no legroom or extras"
Contras: "See above. Nothing specific to like."

Prós: "The staff was very nice and friendly"
Contras: "One hour delay without any information on embarking and another hour in the plane before departure"

Contras: "Plane left more than 40 minutes late with no explanation or apology."

Contras: "I am not sure why this happened, but our daughter, travelling away from home for the first time, was targeted at every step of her journey. From the terminal in DCA to Cincinnati, to CDG. Delta/Air France clearly singled her out. i am outraged! I have traveled many, many times and have sent hundreds of students on nearly the same trip -- and none have had as rough a time as she had. They will be hearing from me."

Prós: "Plus seat was good. On board crew was nice."
Contras: "Another Air France company, with their motto: We Don't Care. Ground staff was rude, no good food onboard and have to pay for it. Entertainment is your device, but you can't download the app to use it."

Contras: "Its been a week. My trip has ended. I still do not have my bags. Terrible customer service."

Prós: "Good cabin, but very conjugated :|"
Contras: "Too much of hassle checking in as the airlines partners with a couple of other airlines like Jet Airways, WestJet & Aircanada. The food was just okay and the cabin crew refused to serve extra butter. When you are serving extra bread, make sure you serve the butter as well. How could someone eat bread by itself?"

Prós: "Friendly staff"
Contras: "Window pane was broken on my side and I couldn't shut it down. As it was a day flight the sun heated my skin badly"

Contras: "Cramped, no cabin bag space, late departure with no communication and lost checked luggage. Not a great Air France experience."

Prós: "Short & easy flight"
Contras: "All ok"

Prós: "Got pillow, blanket, headphone and eye cover"
Contras: "Older plane Very small tv screen Didn't get the bread roll with my dinner. Asked for it but she didn't bring it to me. No usb plug to charge"

Prós: "Crew very professional and nice food Boarding process well organized"
Contras: "Poor seat comfort in business class and no entertainment for a flight lasting more than 1h"

Contras: "only there were del;ay at JFK"

Contras: "The food: asked for vegetarian but got incipit vegan... Mostly rice with coconut milk"

Contras: "Disappointed to get delayed due to control tower issues at CdG. Landed more than 30 mins late in London"

Prós: "On time...comfortable, clean, newish A321...good leg room...friendly crew...pain au chocolat for breakfast"

Prós: "Being able to have my meal at the airport before my flight so that I could sleep in comfort."

Prós: "Friendly crew and exit row had nice legroom."
Contras: "Ran out of the (already not sufficient) salty crackers and, as the flight had been delayed, we had a one packet of cracker 'lunch' at noon... the flight really should have had a sandwich or at least something slightly more substantial."

Prós: "Not much"
Contras: "Plane late departing allegedly because of cleaning the plane, but why was the cleaning done that late? Also, ground crew remarkably uninformed about what was going on in the plane. Poor communication between plane and ground crew. No explanation from pilot as to continuing reason for delay even after we boarded. Departure time, 1.00 pm, boarded at 1.10, actual departure time 1.45, causing me to almost miss my connection and definitely causing my bags to miss the connection."

Contras: "bad smell around my seat"

Contras: "Too crowded"

Contras: "I was forced to rebook my 3rd leg after taking trains in the middle."

Prós: "Punctuallity"
Contras: "Bording far away, got my cabin luggage and everyone elses into the cellar because ¨it didn´t fit in the plane¨. There was plenty of room, I had breakable stuff in my luggage, didn´t get the chance to choose. No entertainment AT ALL. Confort: no leg space at all. Not an AirFrance plane, subcontracted. Lousy food."

Prós: "Entertainment center is brand new and Cleanliness Crew was ok And yeah there's wine (that way you can get plastered and ignore the uncomfortable seats)"
Contras: "Checking in was ridiculous. They're charging for literally EVERYTHING now. On economy class you have many options: - Normal (free!) "ergonomic" seats: uncomfortable, narrow, really close to the one in front of you. - Normal (exit row): just give up. There's like 6 of these and they're taken immediately. - Normal (middle of the plane): are you kidding me? These are NORMAL seats and you charge an extra €30? - Normal (2 seats per row!): what a bargain. Same crappy seats, but two people instead of three! This is really worth my money. - Upgrade to business! Why are you so poor! AF food went from being the best in international flights to disgusting microwave food (especially vegetarian)."

Prós: "Bar/Coctail service on AF was excellent."
Contras: "Boarding area at CDG had almost nothing in the way of food and drink. Only one small Illy. Unbelievable in a major international airport."

Contras: "Never again low cost Poor seating, no food"

Prós: "Ground staff (check-in) not the happiest or most welcoming."
Contras: "Other airlines give a warm welcome. Getting to airport, plus the run up to a trip can be stressful. It is also where for me the holiday/trip begins and a smile, or even a 'have a good holiday/trip' said genuinely would really get things off to good start. I felt depressed."

Prós: "boarding and flight was on time, no delay at all"
Contras: "everything else, nicer crew, newer aircraft with comfort seats, entertainment, more free food and drinks and not only water and some poor sandwich. making problems of every small bag even when the bags are from the duty-free in the airport people had to pay extra for the bag size"

Prós: "We have been upgraded to business class, so that was really great experience"
Contras: "Nothing here."

Contras: "Comfort seats for tall people"

Contras: "Lost my luggage for 5 days. No private seat movie entertainment."

Prós: "It was a good flight. nothing unusual."

Contras: "they charged  me €102 for my carry on? This all what I carry !! I should have  0ne 7kg km and one 5kg Its 7 kg and same weight in your instruction and I traveled  3 trip with the same bag with your Airline  *(canada to Kiev  . Kiev to Cyprus  . Cyprus to kiev ) No one charged  me or give me any complain  Is that new way to get money  from your costumers???? And that's in the gate after I checked in and"

Contras: "Very long check-in line which went very slow because they charge for printing boarding passes and many people did not have theirs printed, leading to confusion. The fact that they charge for this is pretty ridiculous and scammy--I'm pretty sure they do it just to pull money from people who don't know any better. This information should be more readily available."

Prós: "everything good.."

Contras: "24 hours was before flight was delayed 50 minutes and after when I was at airport an other 1 hour and 40 minutes delay , when You have a transfer flight to take it is not serious"

Prós: "Absolutely nothing"
Contras: "Oh maybe not scamming their customers"

Prós: "Nice crew. Plan made it to the destination."
Contras: "Flight changed. Then late. My first experience could have been better."

Contras: "Had a 18 hour delay as seen was "planned " by the company never will travel with uia ever again"

Prós: "Nice to be bumped up to premium class. Lots of space. Friendly attendants and amazing food."
Contras: "It was really hot and stuffy"

Prós: "O voo saio num intervalo de 15 minutos face a hora prevista o que é bom"
Contras: "Nada a apontar em especial. Controlo de passaportes um pouco demorado em kiev"

Prós: "Price"
Contras: "Pretty much everything esle"

Contras: "Nine hours delay! This airline is terrible !!! Twenty min. delay to Kiev and nine! hours delay back, old uncomfortable airplane (Boeing767), old unsafe seats without screen and charging plugs. Food was cold and not tasty. Their web site says “…favorite dishes from the unique menu from the chef!” Really? Cold pasta with tomato sauce!"

Contras: "They changed my flight to a different airline!!"

Prós: "Economy class seats were comfortable. No complaints there."
Contras: "Boarding process was a nightmare. Treatment of handicapped passengers (my wife included) by the ground crew was disgraceful. Disorganized, curt, accusatory, and simply mean-spirited. Once on board, the flight crew had none of those same behaviors. However, a couple with a baby (sitting in the exit row just behind the cabin separator) wanted to set their baby in the attachable baby basket, which usually mount into the cabin separator. They were told the basket wasn’t on board, then that it was, then again that it wasn’t, and finally that it was a safety violation to have the baby there so they’d have to move seats (there was apparently no 5th oxygen mask for the baby in the center seats in case of emergency). They were forced to move to another row once in flight. The food was comparable to 1990’s food on American or Delta Airlines. Foil-wrapped mush, regardless of the contents. The state of the plane was pretty deplorable. A Boeing 767, it’s gotta be on its last legs. Beige tape held corners of the walls up. TVs at the front of the cabin played a recent film in far too grainy a format for a modern film. The sound was inconsistent and scratchy. All in all, it was panic-inducing, stressful, and poorly managed."

Prós: "Pleassant flight,professionally service. Thanks...."

Prós: "Easy check in"
Contras: "Paying for my checked bag"

Prós: "average flight"
Contras: "baggage allowance does not exist"

Contras: "Charging for everything including check--in"

Prós: "Crew extremely nice and helpful at all times during the flight"
Contras: "Nothing in particular no complaints really"

Contras: "The baggage was damaged."

Prós: "Non stop flight"
Contras: "There was no space for my hand laggage at all. Many people brought 2-3 big bags. Food was really bad. Not enough water. No entertainment . 10 hours in hell."

Prós: "The price"

Contras: "They sent passengers an e-mail about downloading and printing our tickets. And because I was n`t even able to download, let alone to find a printer and print it. I end up paying 10euros for something that was always their responsibility."

Contras: "We couldn't fly because of serious health problem of my pregnant wife and no one cancelled our booking and even didn't provide partial refund. It is the worst customer service I've ever met."

Prós: "The flight arrived on time"
Contras: "Very noisy, only 2 bathrooms with que and quite dirty. People were pushing to get off the plane. Also very rough landing."

Contras: "wasn't worth the money. everything on the flight besides water was NOT included and you were asked to pay extra money for a cup of juice or coffee. the chairs weren't comfortable at all and very dense. the airplane was old and not in a good condition. that will absolutely be my last flight with this company. I'm very disappointed."

Prós: "honestly nothing"
Contras: "we took international flight from TLV to JFK through Kiev and the flight wasn't worth the money. there were no personal screen, but a central screen for about 5 rows, they didn't even give us headphones to listen. everything on the flight besides water was NOT included and you were asked to pay extra money for a cup of juice or coffee. the chairs weren't comfortable at all and very dense. the airplane was old and not in a good condition. that will absolutely be my last flight with this company. I'm very disappointed."

Prós: "Service was terrible"

Prós: "Not only was our flight cancelled but they didn't provide proper information or rebook us on a connecting flight from Kiev to Odessa..we ended up having to pay for a 5.5 hour taxi ride..the worst flying experience EVER"
Contras: "Not only was our flight cancelled but they didn't provide proper information or rebook us on a connecting flight from Kiev to Odessa..we ended up having to pay for a 5.5 hour taxi ride..the worst flying experience EVER"

Prós: "Only the fact that it got me from point A to point B, and was cheap."
Contras: "About an hour long line to check in, due to their only having a couple of counters open to check in a huge, and completely full, international flight. On both departure and return trips, flights were delayed. On our departure, this led to us not being allowed to go to our connecting flight (even though there was some time remaining and we had only carry-on luggage, but they didn't seem to understand that), and on our return we nearly missed our connecting flight, except for the fact that it, too, was delayed. On one fairly long flight, no refreshments were offered except for purchase, but there was no menu or price list provided, and the service took a very long time. The weight limit for carry-on baggage was different (less) for the return than for the departure. And so on. UIA simply doesn't seem to have its act together. Also, for our own case, our flights took longer than necessary due to UIA having to fly *around* Russia, rather than take a correct route that would go *over* Russia. While I'm sure they can't help this, it is a factor worth considering depending on your route. Overall, I can't recommend UIA. In the future, I will be taking other airlines even if it means spending a significant amount more."

Contras: "Transit zone in Kiev is terrible, lines are not professional and time consuming. No reason for it."

Prós: "Boarding was okay."
Contras: "Flight was late for almost an hour but they did not update the information. The aircraft was so old. I felt insecure all the way to my first destination (for 9 hours). The flight was long but there was no entertainment except the screens they have on the top of the airplane. It felt like I was on a bus. I am highly worried about my flight back. I just wish that it was possible to be refunded with some of it so that I can buy a new ticket."

Prós: "לקחו כסף על אקסטרה דברים שזה היה בעצם חליפה שעלתה למטוס"

Prós: "They gave me the special meal i ordered. The crew was very kind"
Contras: "The condisions are poor, the chairs are old and not comfortable. It was lucky for us to preorder emergency exit"

Prós: "That I arrived in one piece to my destination"
Contras: "The boarding process was insane Paid for business, didn't get business accommodations They lost my luggage They were delayed The outlets on the plane didn't work There was basically no entertainment I ordered a specific meal based on dietary needs and they didn't have it They let babies sit in business class They don't have a normal process for lost luggage"

Prós: "good was only one - we landed safety."
Contras: "poor airconditioning. it almost did not work tea and coffee onboard for 2euros they did not load my luggage!!! and it was my second time with Ukraine Intl Airlines when the forget to load my luggage. pity, i did not have a chance to choose another airlines. all the time they have very special surprises for their customers."

Prós: "Air crew was courteous and helpful."
Contras: "Airline arbitrarily cancelled my return flight reservation, had to repurchase a seat at the airport. Steve"

Prós: "Check in was a snap. Bags arrived just as I got to baggage claim."
Contras: "Flight was delayed 45 minutes. Cuing is not a strong point for Ukrainians."

Prós: "Service"

Prós: "On time"
Contras: "Charged for checked bag"

Prós: "Stuff is nice and gorgeous."
Contras: "No tv. No headphone even if you want to watch the big screen for everyone. No room. Plane is shaking like its about to fall apart. I fly every year, sometimes twice. Never with this airline again."

Prós: "We made it safely to our destination."
Contras: "You have to bring your own food (or pay for airline food). There were several sandwich options on the menu but only two in reality: eggplant mush or unknown processed meat. You also have to bring your own entertainment. And if your carry on bag weighs 8kg you will be made to check it because 7kg is the limit...and then you will notice that everyone else who boards from any location other than Switzerland has carry ons twice that size and weight."

Prós: "on time"
Contras: "food"

Prós: "The crew was wonderful. The seats were a fair size. The flight was quicker than estimated."
Contras: "Boarding and disembarking were a mess. They were out of most of the food."

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Medidas de segurança das companhias aéreas que voam para a Arménia

As companhias aéreas que voam para a Arménia adotaram medidas de segurança adicionais e ajustaram as suas políticas para melhor acomodarem os passageiros. As políticas variam consoante a companhia.

Reforço das medidas de higiene

Limpeza diária, instalação de filtros HEPA na cabina em voos para a Arménia

Uso de máscara obrigatório

Uso de máscara obrigatório a bordo; máscaras fornecidas em voos para a Arménia

Lugares com distanciamento físico

Lugares do meio indisponíveis em voos para a Arménia

Teste antes do voo

Teste de anticorpos e sintomas em voos para a Arménia

Reserva passagens aéreas baratas para Arménia

Ofertas recentes de voos de ida e volta

2 escalas
Ukraine International Airlines
12h 50m
2 escalas
Ukraine International Airlines
15h 45m
2 escalas
Qatar Airways
34h 45m
2 escalas
Qatar Airways
19h 05m
1 escala
Air France
28h 25m
1 escala
Air France
12h 20m
2 escalas
Ukraine International Airlines
12h 50m
2 escalas
Ukraine International Airlines
15h 45m
2 escalas
Ukraine International Airlines
12h 50m
2 escalas
Ukraine International Airlines
15h 45m
1 escala
Air France
11h 00m
1 escala
Air France
16h 55m
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