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  • O voo mais barato de Nova Iorque a Londres foi encontrado, em média, 85 dias antes da partida.
  • Reserve pelo menos 3 semanas antes da partida para conseguir um preço abaixo da média.
  • Considera-se época alta os meses de novembro, dezembro e janeiro. O mês mais barato para voar é março.
  • Em média*, partidas pela manhã são cerca de 46% mais baratas que um voo à noite.
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5 principais companhias aéreas a voar de Nova Iorque a Londres

Pontuações baseadas em avaliações de utilizadores da KAYAK
JetBluePontuação geral com base em 19439 avaliações
Avaliações sobre a companhia

O voo atrasou mais de uma hora. O portal de embarque em Orlando nao tinha o minimo espaco necessario para acomodar a quantidade de passageiros.

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O voo atrasou mais de uma hora. O portal de embarque em Orlando nao tinha o minimo espaco necessario para acomodar a quantidade de passageiros.

Prós: "Efficient boarding, reasonable space in cabin and overhead bins"
Contras: "JetBlue is awful. TVs don’t work. Staff isn’t friendly"
Prós: "The crew was accommodating"
Contras: "The TV did not work…"
Prós: "Crew was courteous and gave constant updates in regards to any delays."
Contras: "Flight was delayed and there was congestion prior to take off. Not sure there was anything that could’ve been done."
Prós: "Crew is always great."
Contras: "The TV wasn't working at my seat"
Prós: "The crew was ok."
Contras: "We wait too much, at least someone should have told the reasons for the waiting."
Contras: "The tvs didn't work."
Contras: "TV wasn’t working"
Contras: "Leaving on time. We got in at 4 AM."
Contras: "Would like JB to provide reading material."
Prós: "Seats are comfortable"
Contras: "Provide entertainment on board. Offer a healthy snack selection."
Prós: "Yes"
Contras: "Boarding pass on phone text"
Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "Awful treatment of passengers."
Prós: "The inflight crew was absolutely incredible. They were funny and helpful especially as our situation was incredibly bad."
Contras: "After waiting almost an extra hour plus for a delay, the boarding process was complete chaos. Not to the fault of the crew at LaGuardia, but just based on the annoyance and impatience of the passengers waiting to board. Once on the plane, our row was the only one with broken TVs. Unfortunately for my husband and myself, we were flying with two toddlers with whom we had solely expected to entertain with the TV."
Prós: "The personnel were courteous and listen to your request ,the flight was exceptional.."
Contras: "No comments at this time."
Prós: "Leg room and tv"
Contras: "Increased cost of luggage, snacks , and perhaps a little more info about the flight delay"
Prós: "The flight was on time. Fly-fi was available"
Contras: "Tv/ entertainment system was flickering intermittently"
Prós: "Great service. Also loved the size of the seats and the leg room that I had."
Prós: "On time flight, roomier seat"
Contras: "Airport, IGA"
Prós: "Free unlimited snacks! Lots of leg room"
Contras: "No safety video. Airport terminal was very small and stuffy. Security line was long"
Prós: "Boarding was a bit delayed in the beginning but back on time very quickly, seat comfort and legroom was great. Loved that I got a full sized can of soda, that's always fantastic and snacks were fine."
Contras: "My Seat 23D had a defective TV, so it was flashing on and off constantly throughout the whole flight, usually I don't have an issue with the entertainment because I like to sleep during flights, but due to some turbulence I was awake for part of the flight. Unfortunately with the flashing TV it gave me pretty bad nausea to the point of wanting to vomit, this is the first time I've experienced anything like this on a plane, was definitely looking forward to landing so I didn't have this nauseating feeling anymore. I have a video of the issue if anyone at Jetblue was interested in seeing. It was flight 499 from LGA to Orlando on 9-16-18. Thanks."
Prós: "Great flight with early departure; not crowded"
Contras: "Longer flight than normal due to Florence"
Contras: "delays, crying children and sniffling sneezing passengers. Restroom was dirty."
Contras: "Delays, changed departure gates. Getting used to this on most airlines these days. Was hoping JetBlue"
Prós: "Crew was very friendly and helpful. This was my first flight on JetBlue and I was impressed with the selection of snacks and drinks."
Contras: "N/A"
Prós: "Efficient and kept us informed despite weather delay. Lovely flight attendants"
Contras: "Non Working tv, cramped seats"
Contras: "The airline had the flight delayed due to waiting for flight attendants. Very irresponsible of the crew and members, which weren’t working on the flight"
Contras: "Flight was already delayed and then we sat on the airplane for approximately 45 minutes before take off."
Prós: "Friendly crew and fast flight."
Contras: "No reclining seats"
Prós: "On time. Smooth flight."
Contras: "Drunk guy on plane."
Contras: "The the fight was 2 hours late"
Prós: "Snacks, movies, leg rooms."
Contras: "Too cold, blanket and headphones are 5$ each"
Prós: "It's comfortable and the staff is friendly"
Contras: "The delay"
Contras: "My flight was canceled due to weather conditions. I made a request for a refund and never received a reply."
Contras: "Delayed"
Prós: "Flight was steady, entertainment was great, and it was comfortable."
Contras: "N/A"
Prós: "Opções de entretenimento e Wi-Fi free a bordo."
Contras: "Tripulação interrompe demais o voo vendendo produtos e cartões de crédito da cia. Entretenimento é interrompido o tempo todo. No voo de ida, houve atraso de 50min onde a tripulação não explicou a razão."
Prós: "Everything"
Contras: "Nothing"
Contras: "Everything was good !!! Thank you for the flying"
Prós: "Seems like spacing between the seats is greater on JetBlue than with some other airlines. Really like that."
Prós: "The terminal"
Prós: "Comfort"
Contras: "All the DELAYS! Seemed a bit unprepared"
Prós: "pontual"
Contras: "TV and seat"
Contras: "Delays delays delays"
Prós: "Voo no horário, sem burocracias e pessoal agradavel"
Contras: "Aeronaves muito antigas precisando de reforma"
Prós: "Apoio ao cliente da JetBlue é excepcional. Fácil reservar és mudar voo."
Prós: "Service was great, smooth landing. Great songs and communication by pilot and captain"
Contras: "None"
Prós: "Smooth boarding process. Terrific crew."
Prós: "Crew are always top notch, free drinks are readily available and entertainment system is great."
Contras: "The food portions and quality have definitely declined over the years sadly, as carriers cut costs no doubt."
Prós: "Amazing"
Contras: "Nothing really"
Prós: "Amazing crew, excellent drinks and decent food. Very comfortable seat"
Contras: "Everything was great"
Prós: "Crew was great !!!"
Contras: "Seating in upper class is uncomfortable and bedding is not fresh."
Prós: "The seating in upper class is unconventional and uncomfortable."
Contras: "Reconfigure seating in upper class. We will no longer be customers for that reason alone.."
Prós: "Crew was great. Flight was on time and crew helped the boarding process go smoothly. It was nice to get a beer or wine at no additional cost."
Contras: "Seat was shockingly small, even for economy class. TV was poor quality."
Contras: "Nothing"
Contras: "They have to uptade the airplanes"
Prós: "The flight itself was good! The one from London to Delhi was better than from JFK to London"
Contras: "I wasn’t told about my baggage were being delivered through different airlines the other day!"
Prós: "The airplane was quiet My seat did not recline, but was seated in a different place where the seat reclined Bathrooms were clean and plenty"
Contras: "The remote controls for the entertainment system That you can’t reach the vents when you have to be buckled"
Prós: "The flight felt so short, service was amazing, food was good. Great overall experience."
Prós: "Staff. Very couteous.polite. friendly."
Contras: "Good.entertainment choices."
Prós: "The ground staff was on top of it and the boarding process was smooth, but the cabin crew was brilliant. I’ve never had such pleasant service on a western airline. Well done. Entertainment system is top-notch, and the food was acceptable."
Contras: "The booking process and paying for luggage is disappointing. Plus, I paid a $90 upgrade and just moved up two rows in the same section. Sneaky."
Prós: "Crew were great"
Contras: "Uncomfortable to sit for eight hours"
Prós: "I thought the airline amenities were excellent and it was a seamless process getting on the flight. The flight attendants were very warm and accommodating. I felt immediately welcome as soon as I got on the flight. I liked that they were playful with my son and engaged him."
Contras: "Nothing. We did leave a piece of luggage on the plane so hoping that things turn out okay."
Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "Everything incl customer service at the airport"
Prós: "2 bags each 23 kilogram each total 46"
Contras: "Coffee. I don't know what it was but the worst coffee I have ever had and I tried it 3 times"
Prós: "Fast boarding and nice staff. Food selection was ok"
Contras: "One item missing from menu (unavailable). Issues with entertainment system. Bathrooms lacked moisturiser which is always very helpful on long flights where the air is dry"
Contras: "Staff was not concerned about anything, vague and uncaring..this was my son flying across the Atlantic idiots!! One pissed mom!!!"
Prós: "The crew and food were excellent. A little more space between seats would be appreciated. The entertainment equipment was not intuitive or easy to operate. I still feel the airline did a great job getting us to London on-time and a pleasant flight."
Contras: "I had to be rebooked on a later flight due to weather in London; this was obviously not the airline's fault. Because I took a later flight I missed my connection in London."
Prós: "love the lounge and easy check in and boarding, great attendants and smooth trip"
Contras: "would be nice if lounge was open earlier - arrived for 8:30am flight and had to wait around in freezing cold terminal with no coffee for an hour"
Prós: "Flew virgin after long time and kind of disappointment with comfortable seats. seats space is tight and legs space as well with some box under the seat."
Contras: "seat comfortable and let space"
Prós: "Safety. Service."
Contras: "Lavatory was icky and other passengers messy."
Contras: "Food was hard and little stale."
Contras: "Flight was cancelled ."
Prós: "The crew was the best part of my experience, super nice and accomodating"
Contras: "the wifi had subpar performance"
Prós: "No one would update that the flight was delayed. They would not even communicate as to why delayed and would not put us in a different flight. Absolutely no customer service. Disappointed and would not fly jet airways again . I missed my conference lecture today as I was late."
Contras: "No communication, nor will they tell you why it's late . Nor will they move you to another flight even wen requested"
Prós: "Everything from boarding to disembarking went very smoothly. Flight was on time, seats were comfortable and crew was friendly and accommodating."
Prós: "My first time flying to Europe! I love the service from the attendants but my seat mate made it uncomfortable to seat in my seat. Overall great experience"
Prós: "Smooth flight"
Contras: "My economy window seat was just too cramped for a big guy on a nine hour flight"
Prós: "I felt that they were very thoughtful about the fact that it was a long flight. We got two small meals, which was perfect, and even a little gift bag with a sleep mask and toothbrush and such in it. These were just a couple of the many nice touches included in the flight."
Contras: "Very small quibble: the screen resolution, or maybe the contrast, of the personal video players was not so great. This was fine in most cases, but it meant I could not watch videos that had subtitles. Not a big deal but possibly worth fixing. Thanks"
Prós: "The flight was late but the pilots made up most of the time"
Contras: "Uncomfortable seats"
Prós: "first time I flew VirginAtlantic. Heard so many good things about it. It fact even our Uber driver was praising the airline on our way to the airport. But once onboard: - poor food (I mean 'survival kit' style) - entertainment station was not working - games feel like 20 years old - design (heavy red) now looks dated and suffocating - hostesses are more focused on their hairstyle than their customers"
Contras: "Back to Air France next time!"
Prós: "Safe flight, good crew"
Contras: "Food quality was poor."
Prós: "nice new seats"
Contras: "The entre food top was torn, apparently opened before I got it, also there was no salad dressing. ATTN RICHARD BRANSON: Are you concerned for our environment? The head stewardess would not refill my sports water bottle after I asked her nicely, instead she poured water into a cup which she threw away, wasting plastic unnecessarily. I told her I did not like wasting plastic and she appeared to not enjoy what I had to say. This was the same lady who handed me my dinner. Rest of crew was great."
Prós: "From check in to landing in London, the gracious, helpful crew impressed us with their attitude and service"
Contras: "Sound didn't work on some of the entertainment choices"
Prós: "airline staff was helpful, friendly and accommodating from ticket check in to flight staff."
Prós: "They were were very kind and helpful to all passengers"
Prós: "Very professional crew throughout."
Prós: "Very good on board services and nice crew"
Contras: "At boarding in Atlanta, they only checked in 1 of my 3 luggages to my final destination, the 2 others are lost..."
Prós: "The space you have with your legs is sufficient and the chairs are very comfortable. The food was really nice. I enjoyed the trip, although it was a long one."
Prós: "Everything was great ! The staff very nice and the plane is absolutely amazing .."
Contras: "We paid for extra leg but there was no difference between normal and extra .."
Prós: "Mostly everything was fine."
Contras: "Not really anything particularly that I didn't like."
Prós: "Professionalism value of service"
Contras: "let me think...."
Prós: "Entertainment had a good selection"
Contras: "Seat very narrow. I'm a 5'5" 135 lb female."
Prós: "It arrived on time"
Contras: "The most miserable 10 hours of my year, so far. Sat in economy. Small seats. Uncomfortable seats. Design of headrest made comfort an impossibility."
Prós: "There were lots of choices of movies. The flight was only half full, so I got two seats together to stretch out."
Contras: "The cups for water and juice were very small."
Prós: "Very attentive and friendly crew! The plane was nice and clean, nice purple tinted lights. They served us plenty of complementary meals, snacks, mints and drinks. The in flight entertainment was the best I've seen yet: movies, tv, music, games, all recent and easy to use. We will definitely fly Virgin Atlantic again!"
Prós: "The ground staff at Delhi was very helpful in giving us a new flight ticket for the next day for free eventhough they maintained that it was actually Air India's responsibility."

O voo era 13 hrs Atrasou para 14:50 E fomos finalmente voar às 17:36 Perdi minha conexão de Atlanta para sp e estou sem suporte


I lost my outbound flight because the companies, what else can I say?

Prós: "On schedule"
Contras: "Conforto"
Prós: "Dinner was great"
Prós: "Not one of my good experiences with Delta. Two hours delay in the flight"
Contras: "Information on the flight delay as communication was. at least very poor. Also A 220 was ok but First Class was so so"
Contras: "O espaço entre as poltronas"
Prós: "Da tripulação e entretenimento"
Contras: "Conforto. Espaço entre os bancos muito pequeno em todos os sentidos. Comida. Nada incluso em mais de 4 horas de voo , apenas snacks e no horário de almoço."
Prós: "A tripulação super atenciosa e disposta a ajudar"
Contras: "Aeronave muito pequena e desconfortável"
Prós: "Foi tudo ótimo, atendimento, embarque rápido, entretenimento, comida boa."
Contras: "Só para dormir e sempre desconfortável."
Contras: "Meu voo atrasou e acabei perdendo a minha conexão."
Prós: "Comida e entretenimento."
Contras: "Conforto. Pouco espaço para as pernas, voos domésticos são mais confortáveis do que esse voo internacional."
Prós: "As refeições, entretenimento e cordialidade"
Contras: "Oferecer algum petisco durante o período enre refeições, savemis que tem a opção, nas echato ficar pedindo. A poltrona podera reclinar mais um pouquinho, mas é normal"
Prós: "A comida, o entretenimento, pontualidade."
Contras: "Oferecer algum petisco durante o período enre refeições, savemis que tem a opção, nas echato ficar pedindo. A poltrona podera reclinar mais um pouquinho, mas é normal."
Contras: "Small plane, feels cramped"
Contras: "Really packed together seats...more room. Crew spoke very loudly on plane...jarring"
Prós: "Horrible delay with unruly customers on the plane. But the flight attendants did great handling them"
Contras: "sat on the tarmac for 3 hours because the pilot was late."
Prós: "The crew was great."
Contras: "The flight and crew were great. But I was not able to choose my seat because I purchased an economy flight. I was very uncomfortable. But I was luck that that people that were sitting with me were great."
Prós: "Awesome crew!"
Contras: "Faster lines at check-in. More courteous security personnel"
Prós: "Choice of Entertainment was excellent"
Contras: "Bigger snacks - 2 small cookies or small pack of almonds was indigenous 2 hr flight"
Prós: "avião antigo mas confortável. serviço de jantar razoável."
Contras: "embarque confuso. a Delta resolveu me separar da minha esposa, em um voo de 10 horas, colocando-nos em assentos “separados” pelo corredor SEM RESPEITAR A ESCOLHA PREVIA DE ASSENTOS."
Prós: "embarque rápido. avião moderno."
Prós: "Nothing."
Contras: "Flight was delayed 2 hours. Even though I had carry on, they checked it and this made me waste my time at baggage claim rather than gate checking. Flight attendants were miserable. Power supply didn’t work at seats."
Prós: "Crew was so friendly!"
Contras: "Food; movie choices"
Prós: "Filmes"
Contras: "Poltronas, conforto... um verdadeiro pesadelo, não dá pra descansar ou dormir."
Prós: "Embarque no horario"
Contras: "Comodidade"
Prós: "Good crew. Nice seats."
Contras: "This A320 aircraft departed LGA with the first class toilet inoperative. Flight was entirely full. First class passengers had to fight their way to the rear two toilets, around serving carts, etc. Cabin Crew was very good natured about all of this; but flight crew never mentioned it."
Prós: "Da rapidez o voo de Vancouver a Seattle durou 35 minutos..."
Contras: "Ter um avião mais confortável. Esse era péssimo minha cadeira estava com o braço esquerdo quebrado... Não reclinava a cadeira... Uma lástima!!!"
Prós: "The crew was attentive."
Contras: "Games on the tv were okay. Tetris would be a nice addition."
Contras: "Tripulação pouco cordial. Comida regular. Café da manhã bem medíocre. Assentos muito desconfortáveis e apertados. Sistema de entretenimento travando continuamente."
Prós: "Sinceramente, nada de positivo que tenha se destacado"
Contras: "O tripulante ficou falando mal do Brasil para mim quando chegamos, o café da manhã foi uma piada."
Contras: "N/A"
Contras: "Foi um pesadelo. A Delta jogava a culpa na Gol que jogava para a Decolar. Isto de meia noite até as 3 da manhã no aeroporto do Galeão. Só consegui ser realocada em outro vôo da Gol para os Estados Unidos no dia seguinte, Tive que sair do aeroporto SantosDumond no Rio para Brasília em 19/dez à noite para só pegar outro voo no dia 20//dez pela manhã. Todas as despesas de hotel, alimentação e transporte em Brasília foram custeadas por mim. Não recomendo comprar passagens internacionais pela Principalmente se houver mais de uma cia aérea envolvida na mesma viagem"
Prós: "vôo aterrissou em W.DC 25 minutos antes do horário fixado pela companhia. Excelente"
Prós: "Atendimento do balcão no embarque, qualidade dos serviços de bordo e as malas terem chegando corretamente. Muita pontualidade de horário."
Prós: "Voo saiu no horário e chegou 20 min antes do previsto"
Contras: "A falta de espaço e conforto acentua-se cada vez mais!!!"
Prós: "entertainment and leg room on regular seats"
Contras: "delay, boarding process"
Prós: "No delay and friendly crew!"
Contras: "Not much leg room and the coffee was horrific."
Prós: "Tripulaçao de cabine jovem e atenciosa."
Prós: "Arrived safely"
Contras: "Crew arrived late from Buffalo (?!?!) so our 7:59 flight didn’t start boarding until very close to that time. That delay, as Delta well knows, dominoed into LGA’s ATC issues and resulted in an arrival at DCA well after our scheduled arrival."
Prós: "Crews were great."
Contras: "Flight delays coming and going. Happens a lot with Delta."
Prós: "Confort"
Contras: "N/A"
Contras: "Atraso de 1h na saída. Delta deve prover meios facilitados para rearranjar conexões perdidas, mesmo c outras companhias n parceiras."
Prós: "Really nice staff all the way through from gate agent to flight attendants. Flight left on time and landed early. Night and day vs American"
Contras: "Nothing. Flight was perfect."
Contras: "I was in first class. Neither food option sounded appealing. Recommend keeping things a bit simpler to appeal to more people. Flight was 90 minutes later"
Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "The fact my flight was delayed three times...First delta said it was technical(mechanical) issues then sis it was the weather then said it was mechanical issues due to the weather. There were no compensation of the inconvenience it cause the customers."
Prós: "Tripulação simpática"

Para variar, mais um atraso. Vôos de 1h tomam 6h do dia...

Atraso na partida

Contras: "Terrible boarding process"
Prós: "Crew was friendly and professional."
Prós: "All was good, also of note is the flight was not full"
Prós: "The staff at WestJet was very accommodating to me."
Contras: "Better snack choices"
Prós: "The crew did the best they could considering the delays."
Contras: "More information on the three-hour delay"
Prós: "The pilot got us to Toronto."
Contras: "Everything. Contrary to most of my experiences with WestJet over the past nineteen years, this was the worst, overall, trip I have ever had with them, from delays, to missing my connecting flight, to gross incompetence with the staff, to a failure to even empathize with our situation (with a baby!)."
Prós: "N/A"
Contras: "due to weather a pile of flights were cancelled, we had to call West Jet and get re-routed"
Prós: "Seat"
Contras: "Nothing"
Prós: "Comfortable seats. Nice staff."
Contras: "Poor entertainment. I usually watch movies on my iPad but there was no wifi and the available TV shows were not to my taste, the screens were small and not clear. The magazine was boring, no games to play. Flight delayed an hour for no apparent reason."
Contras: "No coffee"
Contras: "O voo atrasou mais de 30 minutos o que prejudica o passageiro caso tenha alguma conexão em horário próximo"
Prós: "voo super rapido"
Prós: "Flight was only delayed 20 minutes."
Contras: "Nothing."
Prós: "I fly frequently and this is the first time I've travelled with West Jet. The big difference was the staff. Unlikely many airlines the West Jet crew - in flight and the ground crew - were all very friendly, helpful and actually seemed like they enjoyed their jobs. I called West Jet prior to checking in on-line and my call was answered within a minute by a real human who was so helpful. That's the polar opposite of so many airlines like Air Canada."
Contras: "The seats are too close together but that's not unique to West Jet. And the in flight crew was so helpful that it makes up for the lack of space."
Prós: "Very nice crew, good snack and drinks."
Contras: "LGA, the start was delay because of traffic jam...we spent 1 hr in the plane taxing."
Prós: "The boarding process was very unorganized."
Contras: "The 7:30 flight was canceled."
Prós: "comfortable seats, wifi entertainment"
Contras: "Unable to upgrade delta flight because it was a westjet code share flight, westjet unable to upgrade delta flight because it was to be done on delta servers. I was finally able to upgrade at the delta check-in counter for a higher fee than usual (ontop of the perfered seat upgrade I already paid for). I waited 1.5hrs after takeoff before I called staff for a drink. Over 2hrs before they officially started serving main cabin drinks and snacks. There was some turbulence but they could have served people by hand without the cart. They had no problem serving first class before, during and after takeoff."
Contras: "I miss the wedding party I was the bridesmaid"
Prós: "Free beer"
Contras: "2.5 hours late"
Contras: "The flight was continuously delayed. The crew was not helpful in helping people with connections."
Contras: "Poorly organized departure lines had plane boarding late, resulting in a long wait on apron for takeoff slot. Late arrival in Toronto meant waiting for a gate, and then customs delay due to multiple arrivals at once"
Contras: "Faulty weather radar on a stormy evening cancelled our WestJet PREMIUM ECONOMY flight. After deplaning and waiting for all passengers without checked bags to be rebooked, we eventually were on our way by car from LGA to JFK airport to meet a British Airways ECONOMY flight with only minutes to spare"
Prós: "WE HAVE SPECIAL NEEDS AND THEY WERE VERY HELPFUL TO HELPING USE WITH ARE NEEDS THANKS SO MUCH IT WAS A PLEASURE TO FLY WITH WEST JET CHEERS monica formosa and josephine formosa thankyou to all west jet employees such wonderful kind hearted people"
Prós: "The flight was delayed, so I was going to miss my connector. They made some calls and got me booked on a British air flight straight to my destination. Thank you!"
Prós: "The cabin crew were outstanding on WS709 today. This is my fourth trip with Westjet, and today stood above. Diane was beyond efficient and pleasant while maintaining a smile and grace, while a number of unattended children were onboard. My seat was changed, and that's fine - mostly because of the manner in which the crew at Pearson handled it. Then, I couldn't resist giving up my re-assigned (centre) seat so that two sisters could sit together. The two folk in my row were lovely, they talked more than I did, but when I joined in, it was a genuinely pleasant conversation. Three strangers, meeting per chance. The woman next to me had given her seat up for a family to sit together, so it really was a chance encounter! Diane needs to be promoted!"
Contras: "While things happen, I wonder why when I was readied a seat, it was missed that two children, sisters, were sitting in separate rows? Should they have automatically been assigned two seats together - they were unaccompanied. As happens, an 'aunt-like' woman was seated next to them, and again, Diane was an another in-charge auntie!"
Prós: "They delayed the flight by 5 hours but forgot to tell everyone. Customer service dealing with the delays was horrible."
Contras: "Terrible service"
Contras: "The plugs don't actually charge anything... :-/"
Prós: "They were quick and efficient"
Prós: "Staff are very welcoming and helpful."
Contras: "Two worst landings I have experienced. Boarding is always chaotic on Westjet"
Prós: "staff very pleasent"
Contras: "delays cancelled flights"
Prós: "Crew and food"
Contras: "No tv and boarding was a mess"
Contras: "- The unprofessional way the staff "sorted us out". Especially the lady at check-in. Our flight was from NY to Toronto and then connecting after a nine-hour layover from Toronto to London. On all flights, we got the seats in the middle of the aircraft allocated, which is challenging when you are on crutches. - The second flight to London was in a terribly old machine where the overhead compartments were not well equipped to accommodate my crutches. The only way they fitted was at the very back underneath all the luggage. So when I asked the flight staff to help me get my crutch to go to the toilet, as I could not get it myself, he asked: "do you really have to use it?". I considered that very rude! - The selling of the entertainment systems took forever, which meant that the food sale was very late. Almost 4 hours into the flight on an overnight flight is really late! Especially when people would prefer to sleep. Due to my medication, I had to wait for food, but it took forever. All in all, not the best experience"
Prós: "Landed safely."
Contras: "No communication that flight was cancelled. WiFi didn't work."
Prós: "Always friendly"
Contras: "No complimentary drink all of a sudden"
Prós: "The flight was on time, there was enough room for carryons in the overhead bins"
Contras: "I did not have any food or use the entertainment options so that’s why I scored them low as I don’t know how good they were."
Prós: "I received adequate notification for check in and updates"
Contras: "There was a slight delay though we managed to arrive on time"
Prós: "Gave me accommodations for the night and rescheduled my flight."
Contras: "Misinformed me about where to catch shuttle for the hotel. A representative told me I was to be given a free entrance to the flight lounge for the inconvenience and it was not approved."
Contras: "Flight was late to leave"
Prós: "Good crew."
Contras: "Waiting. But not West Jet:s fault.Winfy in LGA. Snow on the ground in YYZ."
Prós: "Very pleasant crew. Complimentary wine was a welcome surprise"
Contras: "Not applicable"
Prós: "Boarding was fast and we were up in the air in no time."
Contras: "Seats were a bit uncomfortable"
Contras: "We were delayed by two hours and didn’t take off until 10 m which was a huge inconvenience"
Prós: "Seats and the crew"
Contras: "Checking in takes a long time"
Prós: "Friendliness of customer service (phone), gate attendant and flight crew. I travelled with a pet and their organization is seamless! Well done... again!"
Contras: "Everything was great"
Prós: "The fly is in time"
Contras: "A bit of disorganization in the row where they reviewed documentation and the suitcases of three machines to print passages only served 1"
Prós: "Hilarious crew member. Great Canadian jokes"
Prós: "The crew were very helpful but no refreshments because of turbulence. Flight was low so very interesting to be below clouds and just above. Good notice of flight delay in time to stay home for two hours.... thanks!!"
Contras: "The flight was two hours late leaving.m Arrival in Toronto was so far from exit and thru customs was very slow... new machines."

Embarque ruim. Permissão mínima de bagagem de mão, sobrou muito lugar de bagagem na aeronave. Uma chatice.

Voo atrasado, tripulação ruim. Pessima companhia aérea. A TAM francesa.

A comida foi excelente

Um voo maravilhoso!

Se puder dispor de alguma grana, pague pelas poltronas em duplas, se estiver acompanhado é o melhor, para evitar o estresse de levantar para um banheiro no meio da madrugada

Prós: "Easy boarding, entertainment"
Contras: "Crew was not very friendly on bot departure and return flights. Will make me reconsider Air France in the future."
Contras: "Boarding was a disaster as my companion was selected for random search which held us up as there was no urgency to process us. Then there was no sign for where we should go since upper deck on 747 so we went in "economy" line as indicated on ticket and then was sent to correct line when we got to the front, wasting more time. The seatrs were the most uncomfortable I have ever beeon on for a long flight. I also paid extra to be in the exit row, to have people constantly congregating in front of us."
Prós: "I like the crew and their service, the food was amazing speacially the vanilla cheese cake desert was on point, loved it. I loved the “my flight “interaction on the screen and the different view of the plane, cockpit view, left, right etc.. amazing feature."
Contras: "The seat could have been much better as far as reclining and space. Overall I loved the flight."
Contras: "Entertainment system was not working on all seats"
Prós: "Crew were very good."
Contras: "No vegan food available."
Prós: "n/a"
Contras: "The conditions were very cramped. The entertainment system was quite old and had very little selection. My entertainment system actually stopped working all together. I called for assistance from my seat a couple of times, but nobody came."
Prós: "The crew was terrific."
Prós: "Not much, seats are super uncomfortable"
Contras: "Better code sharing with KLM"
Prós: "Tripulação boa"
Contras: "They made me check my carryon rolly which is allowed on every other plane in the world, which meant going all the way back into a chaos of hundreds of people to check in. Because I had a connecting flight to New York in London, the check in caused many problems...and everything inside soaking wet"
Prós: "Well trained, professional, highly efficient flight attendant, and what is more important, in good mood during the whole the flight"
Contras: "The mobile application Air France didn't know the city or airport Dubai. Often same thing happens on the android application work Sheremetievo airport in Moscow"
Prós: "Friendly crew"
Prós: "Crew was solicitous."
Contras: "They didn't seat a couple with a baby together which put me in the unpleasant place of being asked to give up my bulkhead seat for a window seat."
Prós: "Excellent service"
Prós: "Crew great."
Prós: "Nada"
Contras: "Horário"
Contras: "There was no entertainment and the food could be better"
Prós: "Crew was amazing. Service and food was good."
Contras: "Random TSA check was not needed at the end when boarding."
Contras: "Great experience"
Prós: "Genial ! Comissários fantásticos ! Alegres e educados ! Parabéns ! Comida nota 10."
Contras: "Nunca havia visto um time de comissários tão educados , prestativos , felizes e que tornam a viagem uma excelente experiência ! Parabéns !"
Prós: "Do conforto, comida e os atendentes muito educados."
Contras: "A falta de creme para as mãos na necessaire, ou ao menos no lavatório. As mãos ressecam muito em voos longos."
Prós: "Very efficient boarding. We actually departed earlier and then landed in Barcelona 15 minutes ahead of schedule. Overall a very smooth experience."
Contras: "There was no entertainment and there was a lot of annoyed passengers and flight attendants"
Prós: "FA kept bumping into my seat waking me up"
Contras: "Return the 777 to 9 across"
Prós: "The crew were polite and friendly"
Contras: "Everything was incredibly poor. Flight was delayed, entertainment was outdated and the airport staff were rude."
Contras: "Being in the middle of the 4 seats with guys on both sides. They tend to restrict the space by using the arm rests."
Prós: "The plain was ok, the crew really nice and attentive. The only “problem” would be the food, mostly for the breakfast that was awful."
Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "The plane (Boeing 777) is packed like a sardines can, with 10 narrow uncomfortable seats across in Economy Class. The crew didn't even bring water for an 1,5 hr into the flight! The plane was very hot, with very little air flowing through the salon. Food was bland for dinner and inedible for breakfast. The crew was barely there, and borderline rude when asked something."
Prós: "Great service"
Prós: "Very nice stews. Food was A plus compared to US airlines AND included. Great list of movies etc."
Prós: "The crew worked hard, but the food was below the French standards."
Contras: "The flight was delayed for 2.5 hours and the passengers spent this time in the cabin without a/c."
Contras: "Plane left more than 40 minutes late with no explanation or apology."
Prós: "It was a wonderful flight and service . Hospitality and welcoming."
Contras: "Nothing everything was amazing ."
Contras: "I don’t know why they keep making boarding with stairs and bus."
Prós: "Cordialidade da tripulação."
Contras: "Assentos demasiadamente inconfortaveis para um vôo de longa duração. Comida de baixa qualidade."
Prós: "Plus seat was good. On board crew was nice."
Contras: "Another Air France company, with their motto: We Don't Care. Ground staff was rude, no good food onboard and have to pay for it. Entertainment is your device, but you can't download the app to use it."
Prós: "Service was great, flight was on time and I really enjoyed everything"
Contras: "Little turbulence but overall it comes as usual so it was worth the flight"
Contras: "My seat was changed without my permission. Very unprofessional staff at Mumbai airport"
Prós: "The crew, the service, the food and beverages"
Contras: "The 3 hours delay"
Prós: "Comida"
Contras: "Embarque"
Prós: "On time after latish start"
Contras: "Staff took carryon bags even for skypriority even tho lots of room in overhead, allegedly to speed deplaning. Nowarning to repack. Infuriating and stubborn staff!"
Prós: "Os assentos e a organização da tripulação são ótimos."
Contras: "Não há entretenimento, então recomendo apenas voos curtos."
Prós: "It es a good flight back"
Contras: "Items missing on duty free purchases"

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2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
22h 00mLGA-LHR
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
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1 escalaAir Canada
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15h 05mLGA-LHR
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1 escalaJetBlue
10h 15mLGA-LHR
541 €
2 escalasUnited Airlines
15h 14mLGA-LHR
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1 escalaVirgin Atlantic
10h 35mLGA-LHR
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1 escalaAir Canada
29h 10mLGA-LHR
562 €
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568 €
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
21h 01mLGA-LHR
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2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
21h 01mLGA-LHR
571 €
1 escalaDelta
10h 35mLGA-LHR
583 €
2 escalasUnited Airlines
17h 16mLGA-LHR
584 €
1 escalaUnited Airlines
9h 15mLGA-LHR
592 €
2 escalasWestJet
19h 05mLGA-LHR
595 €
1 escalaDelta
10h 35mLGA-LHR
596 €
2 escalasAir France
13h 30mLGA-LHR
660 €

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