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Wizz AirPontuação geral com base em 1603 avaliações
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The crew was exceptionally kind. Communication in terms of gate changes could be better

Contras: "Lower the aircondition temp, it was hot in the plane during flight"
Prós: "Flight duration"
Contras: "Leg space, cabin bag allowance more than 5 kg. Water at least to be served onboard a long distance flight."
Prós: "The crew was very professional and I cannot complain about that."
Contras: "Budapest airport has tricky terminal for the Wizzair planes. You have to go outside the main terminal to get to the Wizz terminals and then you have to go outside again to get to the plane. It was really weird but I understand that as it is a low budget flight provider. The thing that made me really upset was that we all (passengers) left the terminal to get to the plane and we had to wait outside till we could start entering the plane. I really don’t understand why someone made us to wait outside while it’s freezing cold when the doors are not open or plane is not ready. That was unreasonable and ruined my trip."
Contras: "The food"
Prós: "Absolutely nothing"
Contras: "Everything"
Prós: "We had an eventless and safe flight and it was not too cold on the plane."
Contras: "There was no paper towel in the toilet, the water for the tee was not warm enough to have tee. We have been told to have 10-20 min delay we arrived much later. And the intonation of the speaking stewardess was so annoying that you could not listen to it :( These are minor things but can change the customer experience."
Prós: "I was at the gate. Before the door to enter the airplane. The Hungarian crew wasn’t telling me that they are closing the gate or going to close it. They completely ignore me and let me stand there and at the end I see the door close in front of me, 2 meter from me and they told me I mised flight."
Contras: "I lost my money and I had to buy new flight with other company. Wizzair crew at budapest was very rude and didn’t take responsibility for the mistake they did. They could just say they are closing the door but nobody did. 2 meters from me and after I passed all security they ignored me completely."
Prós: "The cheap fares"
Contras: "Airplane was filthy, needed a thorough cleaning. More padding on the seat."
Prós: "I think some of the issues were passenger related, and passengers not listening to the crew. So it wasn't so much I liked it but some of the crew's attitudes were warranted based on the passengers."
Contras: "We were loaded onto the bus to take us to the plane and then stood on the bus for 45 minutes! Then were delayed even longer. With zero explanation the entire time. Additionally having to pay for even water is a bit much, especially when I came prepared, but drank more because it was hot on the bus."
Prós: "I did not had a seat"
Contras: "I did not had a seat"
Prós: "Once boarding started it was very fast and flight left shortly after"
Contras: "Seats are very uncomfortable"
Prós: "Flight left on time and arrived 15 mins ahead of schedule, staff was polite"
Contras: "alertar sobre compras de bagagem e nao ser tomado em conta a compra ja feta antecipadamente, tendo que pagar 3 x mais e nao poder usar a bagagem adicional que ja usei absurdo! Um roubo, se puder nunca mais, pior em nenhum lugar isto foi informado que se comprava 15 kg de bagagem nao pode ser usado"
Prós: "Tripulação simpática. Voo a horas e aterragem suave."
Contras: "So hot the flight. Seemed like a sauna."
Prós: "The crew was really nice"
Contras: "1h30 delay for no specific reason is unacceptable"
Contras: "Distância entre bancos curta, com pouco espaço para as pernas."
Prós: "The flight arrived ten minutes early at our destination."
Contras: "Extremely small and uncomfortable seats even for a small person."
Prós: "No delays"
Contras: "Paid for priority and was put on the same bus as everyone else and because I entered first the bus I was last to exit making paying for priority completely useless."
Prós: "The price"
Contras: "The check in was not opened on time The bordibg was not possible on time"
Prós: "Staff was nice and felt bad for their company’s policy."
Contras: "I was charged $45 US dollars to print my boarding pass!!! I’m used to only being able to check in 24 hours before my flight. I found out that I cannot print my boarding pass within 48 hours of my flight. I was monitarily RAPED and will be disputing these charges! Boo on you Wizz Air....aka f*ckwads."
Contras: "No air conditioned 2 hours late Poor ground service"
Prós: "Good legroom and comfortable seats"
Contras: "Couldn’t check in online. Got to airport to be told I couldn’t fly because fully booked. Still here in Macedonia. The earliest they could fly me back is Tuesday. Absolutely disgusting , fuming !!!!"
Contras: "Flight delayed by more than 2 hours, additional 40 minutes in the plain before departure. At least 30 minutes until doors opened. Overall huge delay that totally killed my business day."
Prós: "O voo foi quase pontual. Normal para voo low cost."
Contras: "Embarque caótico, falta de avisos e inglês péssimo da tripulação"
Contras: "I didn't check in, in advance as when logging on to the airline I needed a code. I didn't have the code as I was searching emails for the booking agent and airline when it was (as I later discovered) sent by another name. This resulted in £30 to check in going out and 40 euros back. Desk staff were unhelpful bordering on rude (the cabin staff were fine in that respect. I wasn't the only one at least 20 people queuing on the return with the same issue. Additionally on the delay out they advised food could be brought at the rear of the plane then inflight ran out so some people ate twice while by the time I got to my hotel they had stopped serving food and I had not eaten in the airport sorting out the boarding passes."
Prós: "Mobile app is very good, but just allow you to download boarding pass on PDF version right at the moment of the check in"
Contras: "They didn't let me flight. Even that I did the online check in 24 hours before they didn't send me the boarding pass on PDF format via email. Also there were no way to download it from the mobile app or the website. I was in the airport 2 hours before and they didn't want to print it for me even that I showed all the online check in confirmation. They requested that I pay €35 Euro for the airport print. I submitted a complain and hope to get a credit or refund. Confirmation code: L3QZWB"
Prós: "Maybe the food selection and the price of it."
Contras: "I paid priority still wasnt able to board early and had to put my only bag under the seat."
Contras: "long time wating in bus to get plane"
Contras: "Не понравилась старшая стюардесса. На лице было написано, что она совершенно не рада видеть всех присутствующих."
Prós: "fast"
Contras: "hot on the plane"
Prós: "The flight was cheap and got you where I wanted"
Contras: "Make sure you queue early if you want to take your hand luggage on board, as if you are too late in the line they will make you check it into the hold at the last minute. I guess I should have realised that by how early people started queueing and the fact that they charge for checked in luggage."
Prós: "Cooperative and kind crew. Excellent service. Pleasant flight, great landing and take off."
Contras: "NA"
Contras: "The whole process of wizz Airlines is terrible. No customer service at the airport to hidden fees to airport 3rd party contractors who don't care at checkin Do yourself a favor just book a major carrier of your choice instead of saving 100& on weak I mean wizz Airlines. It will make Budapest a more enjoyable time before you touchdown."
Prós: "New aircraft"
Contras: "Boarding was horrendous. Flight was late in."
Prós: "Cost was ok but you get into the trap where every turn is a cost option. The cost can climb to the point where other scheduled flights compete."
Contras: "The web site is laborious. Checking in was 48hrs prior and frankly you should be able to choose what remaining seats are available as a no cost option. You can choose prior to the 48hrs at cost (i was never given option on a 3rd party site when i booked!) Checking in should be longer than 3 hrs! Because if you book a exec lounge which is air side you lose 1.5 hrs as a minimum in the process of checking in luggage and security checks. Lose .5 hr+ to go to gate and you get 1hr only when you pay for 3 hrs! Where is the sense in that? Its miss-selling at its worst as everyone is complicit. Flight left 20min late for no apparent reason Seats are a bit stone age and hard although only a short flight my ar*e went to sleep before I could"
Prós: "Staff aboard the aircraft were very nice and so was the passengers."
Contras: "Bought a ticket two weeks ago to travel to Romania. Didn't have internet to check in, so I went to the airport to check in. When I got there because I was within 3 hours of boarding they had given away my ticket and made me a last priority boarder. I happened to get really lucky otherwise I wouldn't have gotten to fly on a flight I had previously paid for and was on time to."
Prós: "The crew in the plane"
Contras: "The quality of service in the boarding, Modified types of cabine bags, practically you have to bring one change of clothes an nothing else in order to fit for the standards of the "small cabine luggage" . The boarding crew was very rude"
Prós: "Pleasant staff and good flight"
Contras: "A bit of difficulty to check bag in online after original check in ...."
Prós: "I use Wizzair very often .flight is always good.Pilots and crew are very well if turbulences there is still trust in flight crew .today is very misty and cloudy in London .Very good landing in these bad conditions.i want to Thank all team of the crew."
Contras: "Turbulences.It is sad that wizzair charges very high cost large cabin bags (especially on holidays time is bags different price than other months.)but other companies as Easyjet and ryanair allows one big and one small bag for free on board"
Prós: "Horrible company never book with them"
Contras: "No hand luggage Normal luggage is the most expensive in the market ! No customer services ! Do ur self a fav and don't book it"
Contras: "Long wait in line to get on the airplane, No bathroom availability!"
Prós: "Everything"
Contras: "Everything"
Prós: "Price"
Contras: "Despite long delay, there were no announcements by the staff about the delay until we were already almost 40 minutes past our original departure time. No water or food was distributed to the passengers despite the delay. Delay was not wizzair's fault but there was no customer service to speak off."
Prós: "I like the bubbly upbeat attitude of the flight attendants interacting excellently in English and other languages and also how they dealt with an angry passenger."
Prós: "Magazine was pretty good. Staff were smiley and nice."
Contras: "Boarding was announced as last call 5 minutes after the gate was announced. Seats were uncomfortable with little legroom. Even for a value airline."
Prós: "On time."
Contras: "Nothing much."
Prós: "Nice new plane and caught up time even though it was late leaving left Luton late"
Contras: "Left late"

Tudo tranquilo

We onboarded 1h30 late. We stayed in the plane for 3 hours before it was canceled because of snow. And we waited another two hours to be off boarded. Information was rare and bad. Decisions badly made. No support AT ALL from Ryanair after the cancelation.

Um sorriso da tripulação.

Não embarquei pois o vôo anterior atrasou, pra não ficar preso. Dublin preferi ficar no porto.

Atrasado, equipe antes do embarque mal educada

É ridículo viajarem duas pessoas e cada uma ficar em lugares opostos na aeronave.

O voo foi ok mas atrasou quase 1 hora. Pelo menos a tripulação nos manteve informados sobre o motivo do atraso e previsão de decolagem.

Pelos menos servirem uma água ou café

Comprei os bilhetes pelo site kiwi. Não entregaram os bilhetes pelo email. A ryanair criou dificuldades para emitir no aeroporto. As poltronas são muito apertadas. Sou alto. Foi um sofrimento a viagem. Ryanair nunca mais


Sinceramente foi o pior serviço de todas as companhias aereas que jà viajei. Fico só por aqui senao tenho horrores para dizer

Partida com 2 horas de atraso

Tava tudo excelente

Paguei embarque prioritário Ponta Delgada - Lisboa e nada foi prioritário, o voo atrasou e depois foi tudo ao molho e fé em Deus...

Contras: "Rude staff, unprofessional"
Contras: "Flight had delay for about 40 minutes on taking off ... and landed about 30 minutes late ..."
Contras: "Houve um atraso e não avisaram. Ficámos em pé imenso tempo para embarcar como se o voo estivesse a horas."
Prós: "Gostei da tranquilidade do voo"
Contras: "O atendimento poderia ser melhor, mais explicativo sobre as dificuldades do cliente que não entende do sistema e estar em hotel. Isso dificultou a comunicação. A atendente geral no posto de atendimento muito arrogante."
Prós: "Tripulação prestativa e simpática."
Contras: "Voo atrasou mais de 40 minutos."
Contras: "O atraso do voo 45 minutos e a espera pelo autocarro para nos levar à saída do avião (10 min) !"
Prós: "Tudo muito bem organizado"
Contras: "O espaco entre os bancos e ao menos água deveria ser ofertada"
Contras: "Got asked several times for passport checks, about six times. Didn't quite understand why so many. Not many seats in Lisbon airport. Same with toilets."
Prós: "0 conforto"
Contras: "Priority line...."
Prós: "Amazing crew"
Contras: "It would be nice if the back of the chair was reclining"
Prós: "Tripulacao."
Contras: "Nao poderem entrqr trlles mais pequenosque mtos sacos d viagens precoa ebgnadores fica uma viagem prevo TAP"
Contras: "Desde a organização das informações para realização do Check-in até o atendimento durante o voo, a empresa deixa muito a desejar. Principalmente no quesito bagagem. Prestem muita atenção, pois eles não informam adequadamente sobre o despacho de bagagem, fazendo com que você desembolse valores absurdos no aeroporto."
Prós: "The price of the flight"
Contras: "1 hour late departure"
Prós: "Horário cumprido"
Contras: "Tripulação pouco simpática"
Prós: "Nada"
Contras: "Perdi todas as minhas conexões"
Prós: "Smooth flight"
Prós: "Preço e facilidade busca"
Contras: "Tratamento no checkin e embarque. Só respeitam prioridades legais a quem paga a mais por isso"
Prós: "A experiência no embarque foi PÉSSIMA, com a companhia RYANAIR, rnão desejo relatar nada do que tenha gostado."
Contras: "A companhia RYANAIR, não deixa claro a política de bagagens e na hora do embarque cobra por valores não informados antecipadamente."
Contras: "Turbulência"
Prós: "Cheap"
Contras: "They didn’t turn the cabin lights off on a 11 pm flight!"
Prós: "Ship flight arrived 20 minutes before"
Contras: "Big person on very small space Disturb quite a lot"
Contras: "Atraso de duas horas no voo. Cheguei em casa muito tarde."
Prós: "Seats were roomy. Staff were friendly"
Contras: "50euro per bag for check in! Very delayed departure. More money to sit next to spouse and more money to have one carry on bag-- which was for medications."
Prós: "Chegou antes da hora. 20 min adiantado"
Contras: "........."
Prós: "Price"
Contras: "Horrible experience. Queued on foot at gate for ages including 15 mins waiting on tarmac outside plane in blazing sun. Luggage took one and a half hours to appear after landing. Ridiculous baggage arrangements which seem to be designed to save Ryanair airport handling charges. You take your bag through security as hand baggage which means no liquids but then it’s put in the hold and you have to wait for it on arriving. As usual with Ryanair, maximum inconvenience to passengers."
Contras: "They delayed the flight from 8:55 to 10:15 but we didn’t board until about 11. They left us outside in the cold and extreme wind instead of having us just stay inside until the plane was ready. When I complained the employee said there was a woman onboard with a wheelchair and they didn’t have a way to get her off. When we finally got on takeoff was delayed another hour. They blamed all of this on air traffic control staffing in France, didn’t take any responsibility for the delay with the wheelchair. Ryanair is a disgrace."
Contras: "The guy at the boarding did not know the procedures for a non EU passport and kept me waiting for so long because he had not sure if my visa was real. He did not even check my passport if I had a visa. I paid for priority and ended as a lat person in the queue. Then a woman came and checked my passport and saw the visa and could not see any problem with it. I want to know why did a pay for priority services if the person at the boarding does not even know anything. Is the company going to reimburse the company for the time waiting and bring the last one?"
Prós: "Segurança"
Contras: "1- A comida parece a Comida servida nos Anos 70, muito básica com sabor Indústrial típico da Aviação. Tipo de comida que pelo aspecto e sabor nos faz sentir desconfortável e com náuseas. 2- Uma viagem transatlântica num Avião velho e desactualizado o barulho e a vibração do motor, principalmente junto a janela é tanto que não me permitiu dormir, mesmo sendo uma viagem de 7 horas (de Toronto, Canadá até Lisboa Portugal. 3- Inizisténcia de qualquer tipo de Entertenimento! Ausência total de monitores ou televisores não podendo assim assistir a nenhum tipo de programas ou filme., que agrava, principalmente quando se viaga com crianças."
Contras: "More one and half hour fight delay. Plus terrible queue at border control."
Contras: "Waiting time, unfriendly crew, pilot out of the cabin chatting with the door wide open."
Prós: "O voo em si foi bom"
Contras: "Um atraso de 2h e estar 30 minutos com o avião parado e sem o AC ligado"
Contras: "do tempo de espera"
Contras: "Received emails about baggage, the policy stated that any cabin baggage beyond 1 would be checked for FREE in the hold. My wife and I both arrived with a small carry-on bag and a backpack. Upon arrival to Lisbon the attendant told us we needed to pay40euro each for the extra bag because it was slightly bigger than the bag “tester” box. (It fit sideways but not long ways). We showed the email about the free checked bag and she said because it was too big we had to pay 40 euro each. After a while we agreed. She then told us just to go to the gate, it would be ok. At the gate we had the same conversation with a different attendendent, this time it was 50 euro a piece! She said there was nothing she could do and just like that we are out 100 Euro. Do not fly with these Crooks!"
Contras: "We are senior travelers and were unable to check in early due to tecnology issues. So we we went to the airport early. We arrived a half hour before the check in deadline ended. There were not enough agents at the booth and we waited and waited. By the time we finally got service we were past the two hour deadline, and we were charged an additional 220 euros. This was not due to an error on our part. We want afull refund. If we donnot receive some sort of satisfaction, rest assured we will never fly your airline again. Nor will we recommend it."

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