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Época mais popular para voar, com um aumento médio de 13% no preço.
Voo de Lisboa a Saint-Denis
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  • À procura de passagens baratas para Saint-Denis? 25% dos nossos utilizadores encontrou passagens para Saint-Denis por preços iguais ou inferiores a: De Lisboa 476 € ida - 805 € ida e volta, do o Funchal 977 € ida e volta, de Faro 1 006 € ida e volta
  • junho, julho e agosto são considerados época alta. O mês em que é mais barato voar de Portugal é março.
  • Introduz o aeroporto de partida e as datas que te interessam no formulário de pesquisa acima para veres as ofertas mais recentes de voos para Saint-Denis.

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Pontuações baseadas em avaliações de utilizadores da KAYAK
Air FrancePontuação geral com base em 4207 avaliações
Avaliações sobre a companhia

Embarque ruim. Permissão mínima de bagagem de mão, sobrou muito lugar de bagagem na aeronave. Uma chatice.

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Embarque ruim. Permissão mínima de bagagem de mão, sobrou muito lugar de bagagem na aeronave. Uma chatice.

Voo atrasado, tripulação ruim. Pessima companhia aérea. A TAM francesa.

A comida foi excelente

Um voo maravilhoso!

Se puder dispor de alguma grana, pague pelas poltronas em duplas, se estiver acompanhado é o melhor, para evitar o estresse de levantar para um banheiro no meio da madrugada

Prós: "Clean plane , good crew ,"
Contras: "they didn't load my baggage from flight 1 to 2"
Contras: "There was no amenities pack given in Premium economy. The food was ok. It would have been nice to have been offered another bread roll. Seat comfort was fine, but I kept getting hit by the separating curtain as the flight attendants went back and forth from economy."
Prós: "The seats were much more comfortable then my last flight. The entertainment system was also updated from the 1980’s remote and cord ones on my flight from DC to Paris."
Contras: "There was no food between the two meals on an 8 hour flight. I had a flight attendant rudely tell me that there is nothing to offer until the next meal. No one reached out to me about the horrible flight and comments I made from the last flight."
Prós: "The seat was really comfortable and I was able to sleep the whole flight with no disturbance"
Contras: "N/A"
Prós: "Perfectly on time, no hassle, seat OK. This is the way I appreciate a flight."
Contras: "Food. No choice, three "madeleine" (sweet) cookies for all, no sugar-free (salty) alternative..."
Contras: "Flight was delayed"
Contras: "Thé qualité officielle the images"
Prós: "Tripulação boa"
Prós: "Amazing crew and on time flight"
Contras: "None"
Prós: "Had decent room space seats comfortable"
Contras: "My luggage could have arrived for a start"
Prós: "Nada"
Contras: "Horário"
Prós: "Food and wine. Entertainment."
Contras: "Sat closer to water closet. Maybe more air freshener in there."
Prós: "Entire trip was easy and comfortable."
Contras: "Too much time spent at boarding. On luggage missing."
Prós: "The new movies selection, food was very good, staff more friendly than previous flights"
Contras: "Boarding always a problem on MEA we have to wait too long in the queue"
Prós: "The gate reps from CDG to MSP were professionals. The cabin crew on the Delta flight were exceptional! This was not my experience in Copenhagen with the Air France staff, they seemed to be self centered and rude."
Contras: "Delta please make excellence a priority in all areas of customer service. Set high standards for staff so customers know that you appreciate them and are ready for business. The world is at the customer's fingertips, let their first choice be Delta. When their are bad days, customers will understand"
Prós: "Genial ! Comissários fantásticos ! Alegres e educados ! Parabéns ! Comida nota 10."
Contras: "Nunca havia visto um time de comissários tão educados , prestativos , felizes e que tornam a viagem uma excelente experiência ! Parabéns !"
Contras: "Boarding at CDG was awfully slow"
Prós: "Do conforto, comida e os atendentes muito educados."
Contras: "A falta de creme para as mãos na necessaire, ou ao menos no lavatório. As mãos ressecam muito em voos longos."
Contras: "make passengers from Nigeria to feel respected and important. Imagine no entertainment in the aircraft in addition to a very poor food."
Prós: "The crew was very gentile."
Contras: "No enterteinment on the plane."
Prós: "DIY snack area"
Contras: "Food and seating"
Prós: "Most of the crew tired especially hard to keep everyone comfortable and safe. The food was absolutely amazing."
Contras: "Other members of the crew were snarky to passengers and dismissive of questions from passengers during the early stages of the delay. We were all trapped on board for about 4 or so hours without much communication from the crew or captain which made me very anxious. We arrived 5 hrs late and it put my whole trip in jeopardy. Based on this experience, I eont be inclined to use this airline again for future trip planning. This airline will need to work hard to earn my trust back because i felt physically and emotionally unsafe throughout the experience, many times."
Prós: "Just a routine flight but done with perfect execution."
Contras: "Nothing."
Prós: "Check in process was easy. The flight attendants are all very helpful and kind. We are playing was OK but it could’ve been cleaned a little better before we got on board."
Contras: "Check in process was easy. The flight attendants are all very helpful and kind."
Prós: "Very quiet"
Contras: "We were in the last few rows on a turbulent route. The yaw damper constantly overcorrected, resulting in lots of side to side motion for the passengers"
Contras: "Told us to get in line for boarding and review our tickets and then made us stand there for 75 minutes before boarding."
Prós: ". Budget airline with no legroom or extras"
Contras: "See above. Nothing specific to like."
Prós: "Absolutely everything perfect."
Contras: "Through my own fault I ordered a different seat instead of window seat. :)"
Prós: "The crew was very friendly and professional. The food very good"
Contras: "First the plane was delayed because of a technical issue that I think they should check before The plane was crowded and old."
Prós: "Boarding for BUsiness class was fine. Seating was cramped."
Contras: "As I said in my rating, seating was cramped. Food was mediocre. Crew was pleasant."
Prós: "Cordialidade da tripulação."
Contras: "Assentos demasiadamente inconfortaveis para um vôo de longa duração. Comida de baixa qualidade."
Contras: "Plane was canceled at the last minute with a transfer desk literally assaulted by 100s of people. Only 3 persons on the desk. No lane for sky priority. Queued for nearly two hours before some airport employee gave us instructions to travel by train without any other information or tickets etc. Had to buy my ticket. Couldn’t recuperate my suitcase. Had to wait for it the next day for three hours. Up to this hour I don’t know how I am going to be reimbursed (train and plane)."
Prós: "Plus seat was good. On board crew was nice."
Contras: "Another Air France company, with their motto: We Don't Care. Ground staff was rude, no good food onboard and have to pay for it. Entertainment is your device, but you can't download the app to use it."
Prós: "Courteous crew"
Prós: "Plane was clean. Pilots made up some of departure delay time in the air between NCE & CDG."
Contras: "Unorganized boarding process and minimal info or announcements regarding delay. Failure to respect SkyPriority status at boarding were disappointing. (Staff allowed it to be a bit pushy and chaotic and people were able to force their way in line, ahead of those who had been waiting in line.) Seats were okay but no recline and underseat storage was small. (Backpack wouldn't fit underseat and had to be stored in overhead.) Passengers crowding from back of plane upon arrival made it hard to deplane and felt rude."
Prós: "Super fast boarding and smooth takeoff"
Prós: "great seat, good food and drink, pleasant staff, efficient boarding and exit."
Contras: "no complaints"
Prós: "Comida"
Contras: "Embarque"
Prós: "Os assentos e a organização da tripulação são ótimos."
Contras: "Não há entretenimento, então recomendo apenas voos curtos."
Prós: "The crew is great, with their typical slightly humourous and casual French attitude. Great collection of international quality movies."
Contras: "Average and disappointing sitting space. The vegan lacto-ovo meal is disappointing."
Prós: "On time departure and arrival"
Prós: "Missed connection and it was airport not Delta that was the problem. Not a good way to start a vacation. Rating is for the Paris Airport, not the flight crew or Air France employees. Still sitting in the airport when we should be at our destination."
Contras: "Hundreds of people missed their flights. Delta had us into Paris with an hour and a half to get to connecting flight. Missed flight due to huge delay in passport approval. They seemed completely unprepared."

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Voos para Saint-Denis


Saint-Denis (RUN)Ilha da Reunião

Ofertas de voo de volta:

Saint-Denis - Portugal

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2 145 €
1 002 €

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