Encontra voos baratos de Milwaukee para Portugal

Encontra voos baratos de Milwaukee para Portugal

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Ida e volta
Milwaukee (MKE)
segunda 19/4
segunda 26/4
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Época baixa

abrilMelhor época para evitar as multidões, com uma queda média de 7% no preço.

Época alta

dezembroÉpoca mais popular para voar, com um aumento médio de 4% no preço.

Preço médio de ida e volta

569 €(preço para este mês)

As melhores dicas para encontrares voos baratos para Portugal

  • Como época alta, considera-se janeiro, fevereiro e dezembro. O mês mais barato para voar para Portugal é janeiro.
  • Em média*, partidas pela manhã são cerca de 43% mais caras que um voo à noite.
*Média dos preços mais baixos mostrados nos resultados de pesquisa da KAYAK para partidas nos próximos 30 dias

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Pontuação geral com base em 29 172 avaliações
Avaliações sobre a companhia

Prós: "Most humorous crew I have had in a long time. Had regular beverage service, coffee service and a water service!"
Contras: "I can’t think of a thing."

Prós: "Good flight"

Prós: "The crew was very friendly. The plane was very quiet (except for noisy crying babies)."
Contras: "Unless you can afford the higher priced "comfort class" or first class seats, the seating is very, very cramped on Delta's 757s. It's a good thing the flight was only 5+ hours (but that's not long enough to get any decent amount of sleep on this flight scheduled as a redeye)."

Prós: "Reliable Airline - on time - kept up to date on flight timing - Great crews. Good stuff."
Contras: "Good stuff."

Prós: "Boarding was efficient. came through often for water, coffee etc"
Contras: "Rotten attitude of most flight attendants (especially boarding door attendant for ATL-LAX portion and first class attendant for LAX-OGG portion). Some of the worst I've experienced in a while."

Prós: "comfort plus really makes a difference"
Contras: "include at least 1 checked back with comfort plus or some kind of discount."

Prós: "The only thing I liked about the experience and flight was the Delta Sky Club"
Contras: "Everything"

Contras: "Flight was delayed and we missed our connection. Wondering why all the shuttles were parked and unavailable when you knew there were connection s that were tight."

Prós: "Crew"
Contras: "Delays"

Prós: "Crew was great, comfortable and clean"
Contras: "One plane didn't have TV screens on the backs of the seats, which would have been nice for the 1 hr 45 min flight"

Contras: "No ear buds were offered, i had to ask and then FA forgot!!?? Snack basket was just awful choices. Captain was great I really appreciated the constant updates as our flight was 1. Hour delay on depart and also delay landing at jfk, very smooth trip"

Contras: "Unacceptable delays"

Prós: "Boarding was easy, plane clean, snacks good."
Contras: "Small plane but that’s not really fixable"

Contras: "Waited in the runway and then taxied forever"

Prós: "Quick flight"
Contras: "Nothing"

Prós: "Very short flight. Not much to say"
Contras: "Not much to say"

Prós: "The crew was very professional, hejpful and had good attitude towards the passengers. This made the flight easy and enjoyable."

Prós: "Our flight attendant was excellent. Service with a smile."
Contras: "We almost missed the flight sitting right in front of the gate. No announcements could be heard in the gate area and when we asked, they said they were already removing our luggage, Very odd. Food was terrible! Choices were pasta and cold chicken salad. I had the pasta, which was bland ravioli in two bland sauces. I was surprised, because I had experienced better food on recent international flights."

Prós: "Thanks for being so kind to me and my musical instrument. It’s how I make a living and your staff allowed me to keep it safe! I’m a huge fan!!"
Contras: "I didn’t like this question!! You guys are great!!"

Contras: "."

Prós: "Original flight delayed by more than 2 hours. Rescheduled and got to Bos with a layover"
Contras: "Delta rescheduled me automatically and I woudl not have found out if I did not call their re-booking center."

Prós: "I araised safely in New York and all my luggage finally arrived. I suppose that is good but so much else was bad, very bad."
Contras: "The morning of my flight I got a notice the departures time was changed by one hour later but to still arrive at the airport at the same time. So I ended up spending almost four hours at the airport before leaving. Boarding was a mess as "groups" were not called but everyone just rushed the gate in mass and we're let on. Staff were functional but looked and acted surly. It was a functional flight in that I arrived at my destination but it was not managed and I did not feel my business was wanted-only my money."

Prós: "The leg room in comfort+ was nice."
Contras: "I didn't like how the cabin temperature was freezing cold. My wife and I were wearing long pants and sweaters and were still freezing. We asked the flight attendants twice for blankets and each time they said no. I know they had extra blankets but for some reason they did not give us one. I thought that sitting in comfort+ they'd at least give us the comfort of a blanket but I guess not... Oh well."

Prós: "Clean plane with nice navigable entertainment."
Contras: "Crew was chatty with each other & joking with one another but almost rude about serving us. Ran out of sandwiches for purchase at lunch flight & simply threw snacks at us. Made “ exhausted” comment about getting a lime wedge for a margarita & then went to rear of plane to chat with other flight attendents. Worse, we booked with kayak, but actually the delta/ Aeromexico flight was booked with vayama. When one flight changed departure time, we no longer had our great pre-selected seats & couldn’t check in online. We had to work it out with delta & then aero Mexico t. After 30 min on the phone we got the last 3 bavk row seats near the toilets & cackling, aging flight attendants. No reclining or real food made for a lousy 3 1/2 hr lunch flight. No apologies, smiles of sympathy. Just snacks tossed our way"

Contras: "No offers of sandwiches on a 4 hour flight. Smooth flight - very good crew."

Contras: "App did not work for entertainment."

Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "I never got to Cabo. It took 2 hours for Delta to de-ice the plane in Milwaukee. Because of the long delay we missed the flight to Cabo. We asked Delta to book us on another flight to get us to Cabo today, Delta reps said nothing was available. Delta gave us a discounted coupon for a hotel in Atlanta and rebooked us on a flight to Cabo tomorrow."

Prós: "Smooth take off and landing"
Contras: "N/A"

Prós: "The snack was nice."

Prós: "Everyone did try to be helpful but it seems that no one at Delta really knew anything that was going on today"
Contras: "The fact that I missed yet another connection because of a Delta issue. The difference is that this time there was not another connection for me to go to and I was told I would be provided a hotel in Atlanta which was not the case. I had to transfer to a flight 2 hrs away from my home only to still be on the floor of Atl airport because they are unable to appropriately de-ice planes."

Contras: "For the second consecutive Delta flight, one at LGA, one at JFK, (it’s never happened on any other airline) TSA pre-check was closed and over a dozen agents trying to upsell the CLEAR program were working hard to get people to spend $175 not to wait in the resulting one hour long line."

Prós: "I am 6’3” and have difficulty with leg room on planes. Staff help me out by moving my son and I to Comfort seating row."

Prós: "Online app to watch movies made the trip fly by. Pun intended"

Prós: "Boarding was good, crew was friendly and we were on time."

Prós: "The baby"

Prós: "I LOVED the 2 seater plane, so comfortable traveling with a companion and not having the third person."
Contras: "Boarding. It seems that it would be smarter to board from the back forward. I didn't have any food so I rated that wrong. Maybe add an N/A to the survey."

Prós: "Nice plane, smooth flight, flight was on time in spite of the disaster in Houston."
Contras: "There was food listed in the book but it was never offered. On a 4 hour flight, this is too long! Wifi was broken...I bought a $20 pair of earbuds in the airport specifically to watch movies and was never able to use them."

Prós: "It was quick and on time relatively smooth flights with little turbulance."
Contras: "Economy seats are too small you literally can't move your elbow without hitting the person next to you. And there was no point at which we weren't all touching legs."

Prós: "On Time"

Prós: "The plane was not so new or good"
Contras: "The plane and the atention"

Contras: "Late taking off"

Prós: "Quick, efficient boarding. Good crew. Comfortable seats. On schedule."

Contras: "Board the back of the plane first"

Contras: "Why can't all the Delta gates be near each other. My connecting flight was very far."

Prós: "On board crew was helpful and polite considwring our circumstances."
Contras: "Our flight was delayed 3xs (non weather) they said we would miss our connection (I didn't think we would) THEY rebooked a later flight. Of course we landed in time for our original flight. They refused to let us back on our original flight. Put me in touch w/ the help desk who after talking in circles admitted it was their mistake but he had no authority to help. FINAlly & only because others missed their flight we were given the option to go. Crew misplaced our luggage and sent it on a flight we were never supposed to be on, and the bad experience with delays of hours on end continued coming home. (Mechanimal non weather) WE WILL NEVER FLY DELTA AGAIN!"

Prós: "We got to board first"
Contras: "The seats were uncomfortable, the food was uneddible and we had to wait a very long time for our baggage"

Contras: "Short flight didn't provide food or beverage service. Cabin crew announcements were rapid & muffled, difficult or impossible to hear or understand. Would not have felt confident if there'd been an emergency."

Prós: "The crew, as always, were fantastic."
Contras: "Being delayed for hours because of bad weather 5 days ago is unfathomable. Delta needs to fix the IT scheduling issues causing the frequent delays."

Contras: "Delta allowed us to board knowing of possible weather delays at the destination! Once on board the captain announced that we could not take off due to weather at the destination! Why didn't they let us just sit in the airport until Delta knew one way or another? Been sitting, trapped in the plane, no AC, no announcement from the flight crew. Could be waiting in relative comfort inside the airport!!"

Prós: "The crew positive attitude"
Contras: "We understand the COVID-19 crisis but a drink on board other than water will not have bid cost impact on Air Canada, for instance juice or cola,... Also, access on internet on board is now payable -$25 for the flight is exaggerated, it should be free knowing the limited number of passengers on board"

Prós: "Got to the destination"
Contras: "Everything"

Prós: "Seat was both comfortable and spacious. Crew were very attentive and personable."
Contras: "Really great flight. Can’t say enough about it."

Prós: "everything from the boarding and check-in process to in flight comfort."

Contras: "The entertainment system broke down completely on the whole plane and the crew was sort of grumpy."

Prós: "The crew."
Contras: "The airplane arrived over 45 minutes late."

Prós: "Do pequeno almoço"
Contras: "Os acentos"

Prós: "Good leg room in aircraft and comfortable seating."
Contras: "My checkedin baggage did not reach the final destination and was delayed by 24 hours. Further, when my baggage did reach, one suitcase was damaged. Did not expect this from Luftansa."

Contras: "I did not like the food"

Contras: "1hr 20 minutes late"

Prós: "Booked upper deck, lots of leg room and space. Very comfortable 11hr flight. Staff were lovely and food good."

Prós: "A comida e a disponbilidade da tripulação."
Contras: "O atraso de uma hora!"

Prós: "A disponibilidade da tripulação"
Contras: "Do atraso que já não permitiu, que durante a escala visitasse a cidade de Munique."

Prós: "The crew was very thoughtful. Again, a smooth descent into Dublin.-"

Prós: "The food and the smooth descend into Munich."
Contras: "The delay on embarking into the plane. Stayed on the bus, in from of the plane for about 15 minutes and I thought I was in an sauna. and on the departure was delay for about 15 minutes . The crew was OK but nothing out of the ordinary."

Prós: "Good crew, very polite. Good ambient temperature on the plane. Food was good."
Contras: "Paid WiFi didn’t work for half the flight. They should post a map with when it works (above which countries) as apparently it’s a licensing issue."

Contras: "Flight was delayed. There was not enough space for my carry-on luggage so they had to take it in the front."

Contras: "Break between the 2 flights of mire than 6 hours."

Prós: "Monitor in front of me did not work during the whole flight."
Contras: "Monitor in front of me did not work during the whole flight. The seat was really crammed in and not enough leg room."

Contras: "4 good movies, regular water rounds, friendly staff, enough toilets"

Contras: "Too uncomfortable for sleep, but that’s every economy flight now."

Prós: "Overall it was a good flight."
Contras: "The dessert could have been better than a Kit Kat chocolate bar."

Contras: "We landed an hour later than planned with no warning, I missed my connecting flight."

Contras: "Poor food on first leg. Sat by a man who was allowed to have 7 cans of beer. On second leg of journey I was willing to pay for food. The best choice for anyone trying to eat a healthy diet was pot noodles. Air Canada get 2 stars. Return journey on United gets 4stars."

Prós: "Friendly crew. Flight left on time"

Contras: "Houve um atraso na saída de Munique."

Prós: "The Staff and the available entertainment at the seat."

Prós: "Courtesy"

Contras: "Flight delays,...."

Prós: "The entire crew went above and beyond to ensure the most comfortable and enjoyable experience."

Prós: "Lufthansa always impresses with good food featuring more local ingredients (sauerkraut and mache when leaving Europe), loads of in-flight entertainment included in the ticket price and a very speedy boarding process, even when dealing with United States security requirements. I always like beer and wine being offered at meals as part of the flight price, as well as the aperitif option too."
Contras: "There were a few flight crew this time that disappointed by being less than professional and less than present, knocking serving carts into chairs, being curt in their service and less polite than usual. I noticed two flight attendants in particular this time when normally the entire flight crew is very professional, courteous and timely. Flight was also late leaving Munich (computer issues) which made connecting flights in Denver difficult."

Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "The seats was un confotble"

Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "2 people working passport control in line about 100 people were in. Most had connecting flights leaving shortly. People were panicked they would miss their flights."

Prós: "The sandwich and wine were nice...and prompt, too"
Contras: "Was told to check in at wrong desk by databoard. This caused delay..."

Prós: "Lufthansa doesn't disappoint"
Contras: "Not much to ask for on a 60 min flight"

Contras: "Will newer agan fly business with Lufthansa!! It's not business at all just regular econom seats with short leg room and casual service. They should be sorry for that kind of business!!"

Prós: "Houve atrasos mas saídas"

Prós: "Leg room and the chairs were great."

Contras: "My plane was non existent and put me on a time crunch for connecting flight."

Prós: "Clean plane tho old 747. Great crew."
Contras: "Of course really tiny seats. Meals can only ever be mediocre but better than American carriers."

Contras: "No screens at all and the boarding was messy"

Contras: "LH761 was late by an hour and a half. I was not given help to get to my connecting flight LH438."

Prós: "Flight was ok"
Contras: "We had one hour delay, on a 1:30h flight, totally unacceptable"

Prós: "The staff on board had the same view on the "comfort" on board and told us, that even her husband tries to avoid Lufthansa if possible."
Contras: "Everything on board the economy class is on Ryanair level. It is nearly not possible for me (1,89 meters) to have a comfortable flight in these seats. We will try to avoid Lufthansa as often as possible in the future (I`ve had a senator level in earlier times and things changed massively!)"

Prós: "The caring of the air hostesses"
Contras: "The space was very limited"

Contras: "If Canada wants to charge an ETA fee, then this should come up when booking the tickets. Finding out at the airport then being subjected to a mandatory payment process on my smartphone with zero help from Air Canada is just classless. And the crew almost appear delighted communicating the fact that failure to do this means I will not get on the plane. Like expensive plane tickets are bought on charity. I even tried to cancel the ticket and your agents, Calvin and a lady who did not have a badge gave me a card with a 1800 no. that was never answered."

Prós: "Got two meals , very good service"

Prós: "Never made it. Flight overbooked, late connection in. Hours to wait for help. Finally rebooked o arrive over 24 hours late. Hotel an meals provided, no compensation on site."

Prós: "I got the meal of my choice. Excellent attention and check in experience was smooth and quick"

Contras: "Missed connection along with about 25 others due to the delay getting to Lisbon (no reasons given)."

Contras: "They ran out of food people would actually like to purchase and all that was left was cruddy Mac and cheese, pizza and truly awful sushi made by someone who has both never tried but inexorably hates it."

Prós: "Great crew, prompt take-off and boarding / de-planing"
Contras: "Seats were dated and uncomfortable"

Contras: "Embarked late. Sat on runway for 30 minutes waiting to disembark. Missed ride to Eugene Or. Not happy."

Prós: "Not a thing"
Contras: "The fact I didn't even make it to my destination. Not one person working for Air Canada gave me the impression they knew what was going on. They certainly didn't apologize for ruining my vacation and they did not try to do a single thing to help us make our flight or make the disappointment of missing it any better."

Prós: "Overnight flight so slept. Flight attendants were friendly and helpful."
Contras: "Cramped seating. No entertainment."

Prós: "Left on time, arrived a bit early, excellent trip"

Prós: "On time and pleasant staff"

Prós: "Flight was late leaving and I had a connection flight - they changed my seat so I could be at the front and get my bag easily and run to get my connecting flight. Everyone was very helpful."

Prós: "Price"
Contras: "Power outlet's didn't work"

Prós: "Great service, multiple meal/snack services and staff was friendly and helpful when needed,"
Contras: "The customer service line through telephone was not very helpful and seemed to cause more worry when we ran into a problem with our flight."

Contras: "All good"

Prós: "CAs are very kind."
Contras: "CA skipped me for snack Last years trip to Japan I experienced same they skipped me. So, I try to bring own snack next time."

Prós: "This was not a Luftansa flight!! It was Air Canada Rouge which is a budget airline that doesnt compare to Luftansa"
Contras: "The fact that it said thia was a luftansa flight when in fact it qas not"

Contras: "2 hour delay, lack of connecting ticket made me have to go through security all over again, the "entertainment" is an app for your smartphone/tablet."

Contras: "-didn't make it clear that we needed to download air canada app for entertainment. Crew gave conflicting information. International flight was NOT equipped for inflight entertainment. Food was not good--mainly packaged and not fresh."

Contras: "After taking Air Canada to Toronto, this Air Canada flight from Toronto to Orlando was a shock- no back-of-seat tv screens, no entertainment choice, no meals provided, less space, less comfortable."

Prós: "Flight was good, decent food and drink"
Contras: "the delay caused ua to miss connection and had to be rebooked"

Prós: "It was aweful !!!...."
Contras: "Staff barely available . Entertainment, drinks charged ,why ? They were free flying to Europe ?!.Air Canada Rouge terrible in every possible way !!! Flight delayed by 2.5 hr....bathrooms dirty and when same mentioned ( no room to place more dirty towels in) staff indifferent !!! Lufthansa is shooting itself into foot by Air Canada alliance .Never again will I book my flight with Air Canada Airlines ( God forbid Rouge).Flight Toronto Vancouver ,disgrace ....freezing cold on board but staff wouldn't notice same because they were not present except giving off skimpy 2 servings of water/juice . Tea (old ,too strong,yak).Wake up people ,none of the passengers I spoken to had anything positive to say ! I liked my Lufthansa flight to Europe but for the sheer reason having to return with Air Canada I will avoid booking this flight .Thank You."

Prós: "Once I made my flight (the next day) everything went smoothly"
Contras: "Online checkin does not inform passenger if their passport is suitable for travel. Although my online checkin was successful, once at the airport the attendant would not allow boarding because expiration was within 6 months of travel - a requirement for certain countries. It would be much more efficient - for airline and passengers - if the online check in system can catch this before arrival at the airport."

Prós: "The food was pretty good!"
Contras: "*The in-flight entertainement required you tonise your own mobile devices, but locks "premium" content (movies) and forces you to install an app to view it - which you can't do once your on the plane and have no wifi. Also, there's no way my iPad would've lasted 7h without a charging port anyways..."

Prós: "Great price, easy transitions and connecting flights. No complaints here!"

Prós: "We were upgraded to business class and received wonderful service by all crew members."

Prós: "Pilot was able to make up for delayed departure and flight arrived on time."
Contras: "Plane needed better cleaning - Lots of stuff (food, paper, dirt) between the seats. Entertainment system not working properly - screen kept going blank."

Prós: "The flight attendant were good and professional."
Contras: "There was an overbooking, so I gave up my place for someone else to travel in exchange of compensation. The flight back to Toronto from Atlanta was delayed by 2 hours and a half, which put me in risk to miss my connection flight. The plane was small and there was not enough space for mid size people."

Prós: "I rented the iPad for movies and enjoyed that option much more than trying to make the in-seat touchscreen TV work on a previous flight on Air Canada."

Prós: "There were no problems. I had an empty seat next to me."
Contras: "Nothing. There were no problems. The screen did lock when I tried to look at the map."

Contras: "Air Canada over booked the flight from toronto to Montreal and approximately 10 pax were surprised - at the gate!!! - that no seat is available on the plane although we booked this flight months in advance. It is a shame. Although we recieved 200 dollar compensation check it does not cover damage has been done for me at this trip because of my late arrival to a very important business meeting. It is really not fare and shame."

Prós: "TV screens and entertainment were nice."
Contras: "I would like to have the two meal options be one with meat and one without. The quality of the meal could have been better."

Contras: "Small legroom and poor selection in the entertainment provided via wifi"

Prós: "nothing particularly spectacular. The entertainment on the place is much better than most (since most don't have it) for such short flights."
Contras: "The place was delayed for over an hour for a 'maintenance issue' - what I dislike is lack of information being shared from the plane to people at the gate. Also when we are delayed for the airlines fault - customers should be given something - anything - a small voucher, or even a drink ect., this is not a weather issue. I think airlines have too much power making most terrible at customer service - air Canada is one of the worst ones."

Prós: "Service,"
Contras: "Small spaces for legs, dinner taste... No tv screen in the seata back"

Prós: "One person assisting passengers whose flights had been canceled was gracious and skillful."
Contras: "My flight, 370 was canceled. Initially, one of the AC staff at customer service was overwhelmed and impatient. The next flight was delayed by about seven hours. My baggage didn't arrive in Toronto. I found it extremely difficult to learn where the baggage could be, spent hours on hold with Air Canada and then Dynamex, and waited four days to receive my bag. I was with about 100 people at a summer camp. The staff created a funny skit about AC, Dynamex (sp?) and the endless "your call is important to us" tape recording. I understand that flight plans must be canceled and changed due to weather, but AC relies too heavily on automated "service.""

Prós: "Your service was good."
Contras: "The outcome was not. They would not allow me to board the plane b/c I didn't have a valid passport. I grew up in Canada & over the years have crossed the border in both directions & never needed a passport. Could you be more diligent in letting people know this."

Prós: "Service was poor. Attitude was less than enthusiastic."

Contras: "The flight attendants were overwhelmingly rude and unhelpful."

Contras: "Great"

Prós: "Boeing 767 is a great aircraft in every way!"
Contras: "A shame to connect in Toronto!"

Contras: "5 hours late with no info"

Prós: "Everything was average."
Contras: "Not all food available on the food catalog menu."

Prós: "Food"
Contras: "Mechanical problems and missed flight to Milan. Then next day flight to Milan delayed. Air canada put us up in cheep hotel with minimal food vouchers."

Contras: "The departure time for the flight was 6:00am and there was no one in the check in counter until 4:15am. There was a long queue for the check in. Not a pleasant waiting time for the check in"

Prós: "Friendly employees at each turn"
Contras: "Change food to more palatable. Improve entertainment options to rival Delta and Aer Lingus"

Prós: "Their was a two hour delay, the planes cabin was at about 55-60 degrees and due to bumpy ride...service was delayed (obviously not the fault of anyone). Just overall, uncomfortable experience!"

Prós: "The boarding process was extremely fast."
Contras: "Total lack of entertainment, out dated plane"

Prós: "The crew was very nice and helpful."
Contras: "No TVs, you had to download an app to watch movies (could you at least have warned us this was the case? The flight was over 9 hours!) Gate was ridiculously crowded, boarding was chaotic, left over an hour late and my friend missed her connecting flight."

Prós: "It was excellent!"

Prós: "All"
Contras: "Nothing"

Prós: "Great food!"

Contras: "The crew"

Prós: "The crew was amazing. I have never been able to hold a conversation with a flight attendant before, but the staff was friendly and kind. I also love the entertainment, like the games. They had some decent games and it was fun to compete with other people on the plane."
Contras: "I didn't like the food too much, though. The quality was unpalatable: wilted salad, mystery meat sandwich, and cold eggs. Blegh. Also, I felt very cramped in economy. I rode other airlines that give slightly more leg room and on a 14 hour flight a little goes a long way. This one was just uncomfortable."

Prós: "The crew was great. Trent was outstanding"

Contras: "Very crowded plane."

Prós: "Emergency exit"
Contras: "Extra blankets as emergency exit is terribly cold Boarding"

Contras: "arrived 24 hours late. had to stay overnight in Newark. And United lost our luggage. The worst trip I have ever had."

Prós: "Good flight, decent crew. Food was okay."
Contras: "My entertainment set didn't work because the headphone jack was broken so that was a major bummer."

Prós: "Crew was great. Let me sleep and was pleasant and professional."
Contras: "food"

Prós: "Fast boarding and helpful crew."
Contras: "Food was cold and soggy."

Contras: "O avião tem bancos demasiado estreitos. Um corredor único também excessivamente estreito. Apenas 2 WC para a economia - a confusão é grande, há dificuldade em ir ao WC e de circular minimamente. Não acho o avião adequado para a extensão da viagem."

Prós: "The food was very good. The crew was very pleasant and accommodating. A bit late leaving but time was made up in flight. All in all a pleasant trip."
Contras: "Some of the entertainment screens were inoperative. The occupied light for the forward restroom (in business class) was not working so you never knew if it was free or not."

Contras: "Não efetuei o voo por causa de um atraso no voo anterior que fez com que perdesse a minha conexão. Senti que a swiss nao se esforçou em ajudar os passageiros da melhor forma possível"

Contras: "the stewardess and steward bumped seated me continually when I complained she told me it was tight inexcusable"

Prós: "On time departure and arrival and a friendly crew helped keep this flight smooth despite some turbulence. The fact that there have been electrical outlets on this route for so long is a testimony to the Continental heritage."
Contras: "The seats in economy are just so tight that sleep on this short overnight flight was almost impossible. The lack of more recline (as in the recarro sears used on the LH/LX products) and short pitch make it hard to either work or sleep. The small plane size makes this sardine feeling worse and slows service to the rear of be craft."

Prós: "Embarque com crianças Entrerenimento"

Contras: "Entretenimento de vídeo avariado"

Prós: "Departed / arrived on time, clean, good snack options."

Prós: "Pretty smooth despite high winds and on time."

Prós: "Everything was fantastic except I was a little squished; but I suppose that is to be expected on the economy flight. We did land later than expected but it ended up being just fine and I was able to connect to my next flight."

Prós: "...."
Contras: "Cheiro a jet fuel dentro do avião, barulho despropositado feito pelo pessoal de bordo aquando no tempo de descanso."

Prós: "We got to Lisbon"
Contras: "The entertainment system in 36E didn't work. The sound in 36D what a lot of noise (it made it unusable)."

Prós: "Good entertainment and nice seats."
Contras: "I don't understand how you pay $500 for a six hour flight and a meal is not included."

Prós: "The check in with united was rather disappointing. The staff working with united were not clear with instructions and rather rude. Checking in can be a rather stressful process when there are long lines and tons of people.... this person was just short, unclear and rude."
Contras: "Please see above"

Contras: "La persona que me atendió para abordar y segundo avión con destino a Puerto Rico era una mujer desagradable mal educada trataba mal a toda persona que le estába. Verificando el boarding pass Verguenza me dio que fuera boricua"

Contras: "Couldn't get direct tv yo work"

Prós: "It was a pleasant flight - nothing too exciting. The staff was lovely."

Prós: "Everyone was so very helpful."

Prós: "Nothing. Horrible experience all around. Didn't get home till midnight"
Contras: "Kayak sent me a push notification saying flight was delayed. Arrived at airport, it was scheduled for on time. Airline wouldn't let me or my bag on the flight meaning I had to wait in the airport for 4 hours until the next flight out."

Prós: "The planes appeared to be newer."
Contras: "We had very little leg room and my husband had a sore back after the flights."

Contras: "Bumpy plane"

Prós: "Service and comfortable seat"
Contras: "100 dollar baggage fee"

Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "Flight from mke to Chicago was delayed so long I missed my connecting flight to charlotte. U had to spend the night in ohare airport. Very unhappy with United airlines."

Prós: "I got a window seat"
Contras: "Chair didnt recline"

Contras: "It was cancelled no email no text no call thanks"

Prós: "I got a fair price ticket and plane wasn't dirty ."

Contras: "I was delayed for 6 hrs"

Prós: "Very friendly and kept us up to date with the issues we had with off-loading about ever 15 minutes."
Contras: "It took 50 minutes after we landed to park and get off the plane."

Prós: "Although it was s bit bumpy bcs of the weather, we had the wind with us and we arrived about 30 minutes early."

Prós: "Fast boarding. Flights were on time."
Contras: "Very cramped seating in the back of the plane."

Prós: "The staff was efficient, funny, friendly and honest. Smooth landing and good service. Thank you!"

Contras: "Less than friendly staff at the desk. The gate was changed on us and again no United app updates or texts until much later."

Prós: "Smooth ride, professional and friendly crew"
Contras: "Wish the cup "holders" in the tray were deeper"

Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "United would not put my bags on despite being at the counter 40 minutes before the flight. Then they put me on stand by for 6 hours during which time they lost my bags and ultimately not having a seat for me."

Contras: "Need water offered free"

Contras: "Crew members were not helpful."

Prós: "Quick and efficient"
Contras: "Very small and hard to sleep if you are a tall human. Ended up with neck ache"

Contras: "Cancelled and rebooked on a different airline with a long layover."

Prós: "On time. Early."

Contras: "Nothing was fine"

Contras: "Emergency landing with no power in flightn"

Prós: "Overall it was a great experience. Will travel on United again in the near future"

Prós: "Agents checking baggage were unbelievably slow. Good thing there wasn't a long line."

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Medidas de segurança das companhias aéreas que voam de Milwaukee

As companhias aéreas que voam de Milwaukee adotaram medidas de segurança adicionais e ajustaram as suas políticas para melhor acomodarem os passageiros. As políticas variam consoante a companhia.

Reforço das medidas de higiene

Limpeza diária, instalação de filtros HEPA na cabina em voos de Milwaukee

Uso de máscara obrigatório

Uso de máscara obrigatório a bordo; máscaras fornecidas em voos de Milwaukee

Lugares com distanciamento físico

Lugares do meio indisponíveis em voos de Milwaukee

Teste antes do voo

Teste de anticorpos e sintomas em voos de Milwaukee

Reserve voos baratos de Milwaukee para Portugal

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