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  • À procura de um voo barato? 25% dos nossos utilizadores encontrou voos nesta rota por 65 € ou menos (ida) e 128 € ou menos (ida e volta).
  • Considera-se época alta os meses de janeiro, fevereiro e março. O mês mais barato para voar é dezembro.

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Principais companhias aéreas a voar de Aeroporto da Ilha do Pico to Ponta Delgada Aeroporto João Paulo II

Pontuações baseadas em avaliações de utilizadores da KAYAK
SATA Air AcoresPontuação geral com base em 72 avaliações
Avaliações sobre a companhia
Contras: "First time I flew with this airline. I loved it. Blankets, pillows, decent food, and nice people"
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Contras: "First time I flew with this airline. I loved it. Blankets, pillows, decent food, and nice people"
Prós: "It was cancelled. Not the first time. Unacceptable."
Prós: "Quick fast flight"
Prós: "Quick easy flight"
Contras: "Gate changed just before boarding but no problem"
Prós: "It was a quick simple flight, arrived without issue"
Contras: "Older plane, but it was full, no real issues"
Contras: "Missed my flight still waiting to find my luggage"
Prós: "Plane, flight, stuff, food, all in acores airline is very good! Thank you !"
Prós: "I didn't die."
Contras: "The flight was two hours late. There were no announcements. The only indication of this was when the pilot spoke to us and told us he was sorry the flight was delayed."
Prós: "Clean airplane"
Contras: "No additional care was given for traveling with children . Specifically had my car seat for my child for the connecting flight checked ar the airplane entrance and was told once I got off it would be inside. Then got a run around nobody knew where it would be . It ended up not being available for our use till our checked luggage in Boston ! Very disappointed"
Prós: "Pontualidade"
Prós: "Everything was good"
Contras: "Everything was ok"
Prós: "Everyone was very kind and helpful"
Prós: "Horrible."
Contras: "Horrible service."
Prós: "Nada, voo com mais de 2 horas de atraso. Fraco serviço."
Contras: "Pior serviço de sempre"
Prós: "On time and easy"
Contras: "I was delayed again."
Prós: "Good crew, good flight"
Contras: "Both legs of trip were delayed without anyone notifying passengers."
Prós: "On time departure. On time arrival. Lots of leg room. What you would expect from a traditional airline. Bonus: great views from the pane."
Prós: "took off on time , landed on time, great job."
Contras: "nothing"
Prós: "The flight itself was smooth"
Contras: "Our bag ( and others) were left behind as a company policy appatently. We waited for it and had to file a complaint and then it arrived with the next flight 6 h later. So we waisted time, energy and frustration. Could just book less people on the flight??"
Prós: "Flight from Boston to Ponta Delgada featured remarkable service and surprisingly tolerable food."
Contras: "The plane was old and in a state of some disrepair. We were in the exit row and immediately noticed plastic chipped off of the exit door and broken case covering the emergency release handle. Not reassuring, but we got there in one piece."
Prós: "Cheap ticket between Toronto and PDL, didn't encounter any problems with crew"
Contras: "No usb charging ports on 5+ hour flight (Toronto to ponta delgada), not much leg room / chair reclining room, arbitrary pricing for flights within the Azores"
Prós: "Our flight from Lisbon to Ponta Delagada was 3 hours late."
Contras: "I paid for business and there were no TVs or any entertainments from Portugal to Boston on Airbus 321. The seats barely reclined so basically I was charged for business and got a premium economy seat. They do not have a business section, never flying with them again."
Prós: "Flight left Boston on time and arrived in Ponta Delgada 15 minutes early. Very clean and well maintained Airbus 321"
Prós: "Clean plane and friendly crew. Excellent landing."
Contras: "No entertainment system. SATA internet did not work"
Contras: "Took off late missed my connecting flight and they lost my luggage and claim process is taking for ever"
Prós: "Scam"
Contras: "Do not exit anymore"
Prós: "Tight seats, but freee wine makes up for it!"
Contras: "They cancelled the flight and made us try stand in line for an hour to get bussed to the hotel- another hour wait. No luggage because it was in a bin so no clothes or anything. Left at 6 am next morning . Got to Sao Miguel and missed my flight that was to leave the day before. Made me wait on stand by before putting me up in a grand hotel with no luggage. It was Still in Boston. I had to buy things to wear and use. So late no dinner at hotel . Terrible"
Prós: "Nice crew"
Contras: "No entertainment. Or difficult to access."
Prós: "It was beautiful"
Contras: "My brain new luggage was very badly damaged"
Prós: "Flight crew was very nice."
Contras: "Could not pick seats when buying tickets through website. Had to call airline separately, which we did. However, actual tickets that we received at airport were for different seats. Happened to another couple on our flight as well."
Prós: "Pontualidade. Tripulação"
Contras: "Assento avariado"
Prós: "very friendly airline...thank you."
Prós: "The crew were very kind very professional"
Contras: "No entertainment at all"
Prós: "Nice crew, good food and free wine."
Contras: "Flight was delayed and they charge extra for seating next to each other."
Prós: "NONE"
Contras: "Almost everything seemed to be out-of-order and the crew seemed to be really struggling in order to bring some level of comfort to the on-board passengers."
Prós: "Everything was on time. Good flight."
Contras: "My seat was broken and would not stay in upright position. They took too long to serve dinner."
Prós: "Everything was smooth and comfortable."
Contras: "There is no in- flight entertainment."
Contras: "Delayed 4 hrs; boarding agent couldn't give any details (meanwhile me kids are screaming); seats were narrow and I couldn't lift the armrest up out of the way. Food was terrible. No entertainment visible from our seats and the headphones didn't work. Flight from BOS was much of the same. NEVER FLYING SATA AGAIN!"
Contras: "Airline was 2 hours late and missed our connection which made us miss our first port for our cruise we then had to make other arrangements while the airline did nothing to help. I would NEVER FLY with them again."
Contras: "It was seven hours delay. What do you think about that?"
Prós: "The crew were nice and the food was free."
Contras: "The airline staff struggled to get the check-in line going. The agent checking us in had no clue about our itinerary, for example, to tell us that we were changing planes in the Azores, AND - really important - making sure we had the boarding passes to do so. Food was really lame (I know, we're lucky they gave us any, right) and there was no in-flight wifi or entertainment."
Prós: "Quick Easy check in, great flight and staff!"
Prós: "Crew members were O.K."
Contras: "- There are no more direct flights into Terceira (coming from the U.S.A.) which is ridiculous!!! - Both flights were delayed. The one from Boston to São Miguel was delayed 4 hours. The flight from São Miguel to Terceira was delayed in 30 minutes. - As if the delay wasn't enough, we had to return to gate as the plane prepared for takeoff because of technical problems. SATA (Azorean Airlines) international planes are too old..."
Contras: "Delayed, no reimbursement, ac was off while we just sat on the runway, missed my connecting flight. Meanwhile all their other flights were delayed also. I couldn't believe how hot it was for so long on the plane. Worst flight I've ever been on"
Prós: "The crew were PHENOMENAL going out of their way to ensure the needs of the passengers were met - truly the backbone of Azores Airlines. The seats on the Airbus 330 were relatively comfortable with decent pitch and extendable headrests."
Contras: "Boarding was delayed twice for a little over an hour total - limited time to make transfer in ponta delgada."
Contras: "Way too warm, uncomfortable seats, no entertainment"
Prós: "Nothing-will never fly this airline again"
Contras: "Noghjng"
Prós: "Not much"
Contras: "Never had such an uncomfortable flight! The temperature at my seat was far too hot- I and others were sweating constantly. Also I am 6' 3" but wouldn't recommend anyone over 6' fly this airline, at least not in the normal economy seats- I've never had the experience of being unable to move my legs due to the seat in front."
Contras: "They sold me a flight jknowing it was delayed by more than 13 hours"
Contras: "Long delay not on time"
Prós: "The flight was delayed for 2 hours. The movie was horrible. No ones speakers worked. Serive was fine"
Prós: "Smooth ride. The pilot communicated well. Food/drinks were good. Airline stewards were polite."
Contras: "The boarding process was disorganized"
Prós: "everithing is good"
Prós: "Spacious"
Contras: "Delayed 4 times without explanation. No option to select vegetarian meal at time of ticket purchase or check in. Boarding is a free for all. No order, just a mass of people funneling in to get through the gate. Then had to get on a shuttle bus to the plane... which took us to the wrong plane. Boarding the plane is also a free for all. The disorganization must have at least doubled the required boarding time."
Contras: "Flight was cancelled"
Prós: "The flight crew was absolutely wonderful and very helpful with our 3-year-old son. He keeps asking to go on plane again because of how attentive they were and made his trip very enjoyable."
Contras: "No entertainment at all. The seats could have more recline as it was an overnight flight and nearly impossible to sleep. The trays for business class are so close that it is awkward and uncomfortable to use."
Prós: "Food was good. Full dinner and breakfast"
Contras: "Made us get off the plane in Azores but would not let us in to shops and cafe. Meal not served till 11pm. Seats very narrow."
Contras: "The 12 hour delay without being told why. We would be told we would leave at a certain time and then it was cancelled, told a different time and it was cancelled, and told again, etc was suppose to be in Lisbon in the morning, arrived in Lisbon near midnight."
Prós: "Staff"
Contras: "Ponta Delgada ground staff misguided us with less than 30 min to catch connecting flight..."
Prós: "serves wine for free."
Contras: "No entertainment, seats are extremely small and uncomfortable."
Prós: "Doss improved from first experience but still mediocre; staff friendly overall"
Contras: "Late departure, affecting connecting flight"
Prós: "Crew was great!"
Contras: "Flight was freezing, departed late, baggage took 35+ mins to get to carousel :/"
Prós: "It was a economical flight. The food was pretty good as well."
Contras: "We had changes to pretty much every leg of our flights. One was delayed by 2.5 hours. I understand that flights get delayed but they hardly gave us any information as to what was going on. The flight was pretty smooth but the flight attendants didn't seem interested in our comfort. They weren't rude but they weren't pleasant either. I guess I'm used to a different style of service that I did not receive on Azores."
Prós: "Flight was on time. Staff was courteous."
Contras: "Food was average. No entertainment."
Prós: "Friendly"
Contras: "Slow"
Prós: "Price, friendly service"
Contras: "packed in like sardines"
Prós: "The a330 was nice, seats had a good incline and cabin crew was very accommodating and friendly to me."
Contras: "In flight entertainment didn't work at all Food was bland, but somewhat on par with American carriers (low bar). But the ticket was pretty cheap. Very cold"
Prós: "Really enjoyed this flight. seats were comfortable, crew was friendly. Enjoyed the wine"
Contras: "Only one choice of sandwich which was meat. I am a vegetarian and hoped there was a choice."

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