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Encontra voos baratos de Algueiro para Portugal

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  • À procura de voos baratos? 25% dos nossos utilizadores encontraram bilhetes de Algueiro para Portugal a preços iguais ou inferiores a estes: ida por 132 € - ida e volta por 457 € para Lisboa
  • Como época alta, considera-se janeiro, fevereiro e dezembro. O mês mais barato para voar para Portugal é janeiro.

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Principais companhias aéreas a voar de Algueiro Fertilia to Portugal

Pontuações baseadas em avaliações de utilizadores da KAYAK

Air Europa
Pontuação geral com base em 3 212 avaliações
Avaliações sobre a companhia

Contras: "Include the baggage fee in the price of the ticket"

Prós: "Friendly crew"

Prós: "Too long ago!"

Prós: "Crew was great"
Contras: "The plane had a technical difficulty with the emergency exit making us feel so uncomfortable and nervous we left the aircraft and had to buy tickets to another flight later"

Contras: "At check in, our carry-on bag was 1lb over weight and we were told we would need to check our two bags. We saw several individuals with much larger bags boarding the plane."

Contras: "There was no entertainment system, it was a short flight anyway"

Prós: "Crew was great, the rest was average"
Contras: "My checked luggage for which i paid an extra $100 has been damaged to a point where 2 out of the 4 weels are about to fall. I don't know in which of the two flights it happened since my luggage was transfered during the layover."

Prós: "Good seating space."
Contras: "Food & drinks are expensive, but we brought our own."

Contras: "My business SEAT was exactly the same as economy and was nastly narrow that i barely Fit in. How can they charge more than double the fare without even courtains and sane lousy tight baby-seats. It was shameful and i felt fooled and scammed!!"

Contras: "Very unorganised"

Prós: "Plane left on time. The food was good."

Prós: "Cost effective, easy to access airport."
Contras: "Boarding should be streamlined, by groups, in an efficient manner. Currently, every passenger crowds the terminal in an attempt to be first."

Prós: "The boarding process was smooth, the crew were professional and efficient. The plane was a new, clean 787-8."
Contras: "The new 787-8 does not have individual climate control nozzles. The cabin tended to be warmer than a typical home/office environment even at altitude, and I found myself surprisingly cramped and overheated in the middle seat on the left side of the plane."

Prós: "Great flight on business class"

Prós: "Very friendly."
Contras: "Everything was perfect. Can't complain everything was good."

Prós: "Excelent !"

Contras: "Look tasted old and greasy"

Contras: "T"

Prós: "The plane was on time, but the boarding process was chaotic. The flight attendants were nice."
Contras: "The seats were so small. I am 5'2" and had no leg room. I don't know how anyone who is taller fits. The food was really poor and my entertainment system did not work. Also, the gate was not posted on the board until right before the flight boarded and the boarding process was chaotic at best."

Contras: "Too cold and unfriendly services"

Prós: "Smooth flight and courteous attendants."
Contras: "They told me 30 euros to check bag and then charged me 60, not fair."

Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "Kayak did not disclose that checking bags would cost extra. We got hit with a 60e checked bag fee at the airport. If it WAS disclosed it certainly wasn't in plain site on the mobile app. I checked back on the app to see if I had missed it disclosed somewhere but I still couldn't see it. So it's almost false advertising. Kayak should protect its users. Also, our checked bag that we paid the extra money for arrived late! After our flight was delayed over an hour by the way! Kayak should protect its customers better. Or at least make sure they're informed"

Prós: "It was an ok flight."
Contras: "The line at the airport, there were no tv for movies or entertainment of any kind (besides paying for an iPad or internet), and the chair didnt laid back."

Prós: "crew"
Contras: "food"

Prós: "The new planes are great! Lots of room in the overhead bins, I was able to fit my acoustic guitar in without any trouble. Crew were very helpful and professional. Thumbs up Air Europa!"

Prós: "Smooth flight"
Contras: "Air temperature inside too hot."

Prós: "Crew inside"
Contras: "Airport gate unprepared for wheel chairs and strollers. No elevator in gate area."

Prós: "terminal E7 was filled about 15 AE personnel standing around doing not much of anything. Not even simple announcement welcoming or informing the customers of why its flight was delayed. They were busy greeting their own VIP's heading in and out of the business class. When asked what's going on, the AE personnel simply stated 'just wait'"
Contras: "At the security, i was turned away because TSA will not take Air Europa's electronic boarding pass. When I went back to the check in counter, I asked why, no answer from three people at the check in standing around. Again, indifferent attitude. Shouldn't AE inform customers of this time wasting problem? No self check in kiosks."

Prós: "Everything was fine! I slept most of the trip as I was lucky enough to get a window seat. The food was okay and I actually quite liked the red wine I had."
Contras: "Can't complain! As I said for the way there, I would prefer not to have to pay to pre-pick my seats, but we choose the random option and I still got to sit next to my cousin (who I was traveling with) for all 4 flights of our trip."

Contras: "We did not receive any beverage drinks during flight. Only the first 10 or 15 rows received this service. :("

Prós: "Price."
Contras: "Could not check-in 24 hours in advance. No free drink due to 1 hour flight; water would have been good."

Contras: "All atención on board was pretty nice !"

Prós: "The food was good, and my luggage arrived safe."
Contras: "It wasnt so comfortable and there was not TV or even radio, or entertainment for an 8hour flight. Also when trying to sleep, crew continues to pass by and turn on airplane lights."

Prós: "People were all nice both on the ground and in the air"
Contras: "It was a prop job, ground entrance and, because some passengers were delayed, we were 25 minutes late taking off. Problem was, as it wasn't close to the terminal, there was no AC and it got REALLY warm on board."

Prós: "The crew was great!"
Contras: "Meals not very healthy. Hardly and fruit or vegetables."

Prós: "Great plain, new comfortable clean, crew was fantastic, helpful and friendly"
Contras: "Food was good but could be fresher"

Contras: "When I booked my flight it was not at all clear that I had to pay for checked luggage, therefore I had to pay extra when I arrived at the airport. Please make it clear from the very beginning that checked luggage is not included. Easy Jet does a great job of this, giving you the option to pay for a checked bag when buying your ticket. With Air Europa, I had no idea at all."

Contras: "No free entertainmnet"

Prós: "Smooth process and quick check in."

Prós: "I was in business class on 787 and everything was fine."

Prós: "Seats were cushy. Food quality was ok."
Contras: "Seats too close together. No power jacks. No entertainment."

Prós: "The crew were very helpful once boarded in assisting with overhead baggage."
Contras: "The flight had major turbulence without any communication from the pilot or crew as to what to expect and having been on 8 flights just this week I am not a first time flyer, but have not felt so uncomfortable with noises of what what sounded like ice hitting the plane. Just looking around it was clear I was not the only one who felt this way. I understand that the pilots did there best to navigate through the weather but for the future it would be great for them to communicate that we would be hitting some turbulence. The landing as well was one of the worst I have experienced. I will not be flying or recommending air Europa to anyone. Just checking in to receive boarding passes was a nightmare as they informed me the plane had already closed even though it was an hour before my flight left. I was then directed to customer service who then sent me back to the counter where I finally received my boarding pass. Running through the airport and to security was awful and when I arrived at the gate the gate was still open and people were still boarding. It seems as thought air Europa is more concerned with how many tickets they can sell than customer service."

Contras: "Impossible to confirm flight online. Seat assignments split us up, including our children When we were finally able to be seated together it was 3 in last row an one in 2nd to last where attendants kept bumping into seats, making noise etc. 9 year old son's monitor didn't work after we bought headset. Took many hours and multiple requests for assistance and refund. Crew left 9 year old son off of flight manifest resulting in his detainment by homeland security st JFK."

Prós: "I paid $750 roundtrip to FRANKFURT and was really impressed with the flight. Being fed twice and how good it was since I have heard air Europa is like spirit airlines for Europe. Would suggest"

Prós: "Boarding system! It seemed to go smoothly."
Contras: "Nothing comes to mind"

Prós: "A nice short flight from Barcelona to Madrid. No complaints."
Contras: "Nothing negative to report."

Prós: "The food was good and plane was new and clean."
Contras: "Very small seats, they only have the seats in sets of three. The flight was 45 minutes delay."

Prós: "I'm sorry,but,I don't show up to the airport,I can't traveling,was very sick"

Prós: "The boarding process in Madrid was very desorganized by the crew of Aire Europa."

Prós: "Plane departed early and arrived early. No incident."
Contras: "Alitalia chose to offer no-servce flights. Not a cup of water. Passengers need to go to the back of the plane, where the attendants sit together and chat the whole flight, and ask for a (tiny) bottle. What they do during boarding is jump on anyone who would dare to place a piece of garment in the overhead bins. It comes through as a fad..."

Contras: "Online check-in process. Boarding pass not available to be added to wallet. Unable to view; had to have the boarding pass emailed to me. No option to set up SMS tracking foe flight status."

Prós: "Excellent dinner"
Contras: "Breakfast was dreadful"

Contras: "More variety of movies"

Contras: "Delayed takeoff. That happens but very poor communication about the delay."

Prós: "Flight was smooth and didn't feel like 9 hours! Crew handled an ill passenger in a caring and professional manner."
Contras: "Seated in the middle of four center seats, crew overlooked offering beverages/food a couple of times."

Prós: "Seamless boarding, departed and arrived on time."
Contras: "Very surly and unhappy looking crew"

Contras: "Um avião velho, com estrurura ultrapassada de entretenimento poderia ao menos ter uma comida um pouco mais adequada e espaço para as pernas compatível com as aeronaves atuais."

Prós: "nice crew on the Rome to US leg"
Contras: "Airline food is usually bad but this was inedible. Tiniest seats ever. Outdated entertainment selection. Obscene baggage fees. Never ever again- not worth the ‘deal’"

Prós: "Amazing crew helped us check in our luggage at a reduced rate."
Contras: "More inter European connections at more competitive price"

Prós: "Good service"
Contras: "Disorganized confusing boarding process, tight seats in coach."

Prós: "The flight itself was pleasant."
Contras: "The trip was apparently booked as a flight to Madrid with a one-night stopover in Milan and yet the ticketing staff told me that I would not be able to check my bag to Milan since it would go directly to Madrid. I found this to be very odd since I booked a multi-city flight through Kayak. I was also unable to use TSA pre-check with Alitalia, which was inconvenient."

Prós: "The staff was kind and helpful. The business class was good and the updrafts was really worth it"
Contras: "Entertainment was poor ."

Contras: "the food is terrible. he literally dropped my bread and picked it back up to give to me. it was soggy, tasteless and disgusting even more given the rude crew. I never comment a review unless it was a good or extremely terrible experience. One of the crew members was extremely rude to Americans. God forbid we ask him a question he would keep walking. For the price I paid and the duration of my flight (12 hours from LAX-FCO) I wish I chose a different airline. that was the most uncomfortable flight I've had in a long time and I travel often."

Prós: "Nothings"

Contras: "Alitalia and SkyTeam still can't figure out how to check luggage through on separately ticketed flights, even if both flights are the same airline."

Prós: "Snacks, drinks, puke bags in seat back pockets, easy to check in online."

Prós: "Ok ok."
Contras: "Our bag out of luggage was missing and more than 24 hours there was no action. We were left helpless as due to Easter everything was closed and could not arrange any alternative."

Prós: "legroom, service, boarding, meals"

Contras: "We arrived at the airport at 9:00 to check in for our flight that was scheduled for departure at 12:15 and we were told that we could not check in until 2 hours before the flight (10:15). All of the passengers for flight AZ1466 lined up in front of a check-in counter that displayed Alitalia for our flight. At 10:45 they announced the check in for AZ1466 at a different check-in counter knowing full-well that everyone was lined up for flight AZ1466 on our line. So then everyone that was lined up at the first counter had to line up at the new counter. My wife and I were initially 3rd in line and then after we had to move we were in the very back of the line. On top of that, they only had 1 person checking everyone into economy (which was most of the people on the plane) and they also had to weigh everyone’s carry-on baggage. We were initially told they had weather issues with the snow in Rome and they did not know if we would take off on time or would be cancelled. However, I was getting e-mail messages from Kayak stating our flight was on-time. So how is it that a 3rd party travel company knew what was going on, but the crew at Alitalia did not? Afterward I had to go through security, wait on the tax refund line, and go straight to board the plane. After that we waiting on the plane for 50 minutes and did not take-off until 1:05 PM. These were the problems in short: 1. No one informed us that we could not check in at this particular airport until 2 hours prior to flight departure. 2. They did not begin the check in process until 90 minutes prior to departure. 3. We had to switch check-in lines and they only had 1 check-in person. 4. We had no time to shop or eat lunch at the airport. 5. We boarded the plane and waited until 13:05 to takeoff when we were scheduled to take off at 12:15 (50 minute delay). 6. We received no communications about delays from Alitalia (via e-mail or app). However, we received e-mails from Kayak stating everything was on time. We had no communication from Alitalia about the delay or that we could not check in early (which you could do at every other airport I have been to). We also had a connecting flight in Rome that we were concerned we would miss. We arrived at Rome airport on a delayed flight out of Marco Polo airport (AZ1466). Our 13:40 flight to JFK (AZ610) was delayed until 14:45. After we arrived at Rome airport we ran through the airport to our gate and boarded the plane. After we boarded the plane we waited until 16:10 to take-off (85 minute delay). We did not receive any communication from Alitalia via e-mail, the Alitalia app, or crew members that our flight was being delayed any longer than it already was. We planned on stopping to use the bathrooms in the airport, eat a decent lunch, and shop (which I promised my wife we could do at the airport). However, we could not do any of those things because we did not receive any information about delays from Alitalia. After we arrived home in New York the airline l"

Prós: "Nothimg"
Contras: "My seats were changed to the rear end of the plane, not even a sandwich for snack.i had to empty my carry on luggage to 9kg ."

Prós: "Everything was great except that our srtoller was nos given back in our stop in Rome and we needed it badly."
Contras: "Everything was great except that our srtoller was nos given back in our stop in Rome and we needed it badly."

Contras: "My flight cancelled. I waited 3hours in the flight. They said they provide the bus instead of flight. Now, I waiting 2 hours for they provide bus."


Contras: "you have to show all the empty seats at check in. I have bought a seat for 90$ and it was empty seats near me"

Contras: "Got canceled and we were stuck in Rome. Had to spend $3k to get back to United States. Thank you Air Berlin for nothing"

Prós: "Flight was delayed by over 1 hr , with no explanation fm the ground staff or on board"

Prós: "The helpful crew on the ground in athens"
Contras: "Delay, change of gate, crew on ground helpful but crew on board was not polite at all."

Contras: "Lost our luggage from Rome to Malta. Now, 13 hours after arrival in Malta, no one can tell us where our luggage is!!"

Prós: "Everything else was excellent."
Contras: "There was no entertainment on this flight"

Prós: "Short flight crew was very friendly. Not many passengers so crew let us move around"

Contras: "food"

Prós: "Entertainment options"
Contras: "Had problem with luggage, did not like food specifically cheese on dark bread sandwich, did not like going to gate but would need to climb stairs and get shuttle to plane"

Prós: "Friendly staff"
Contras: "No free food, even drinks need to be paid."

Prós: "Nothing..."
Contras: "Late boarding Rude crew Bad service Lost my luggage"

Contras: "Delay! I missed my connection! Had to spend a night in Rome! Had to be late to work Monday morning."

Prós: "Flight was quiet and smooth"
Contras: "Food was substandard Leg space very crummy"

Prós: "Staff was friendly."
Contras: "The flight attendant at the check in said our luggage was too big and needed to be checked. We got a ticket from her but when we got to the plane nobody said anything and we simply did what we had done all the previous flights we have ever taken, we stowed them in the overhead bins. The flight wasn't full and in fact some overhead bins were completely empty, but I guess she had her job to do and thought it wouldn't fit, but maybe she could have asked if we had used it before. I don't know why they say it's too big when we had been traveling throughout Europe for almost a month and had taken it on 4-5 flights and many other trips. It all worked out. Footnote Air France never made a issue of the exact same baggage that Alitalia said was to big. The bags fit fine on all airlines we have traveled. The flight was delayed 45 minutes which made my connection a bit tight. I was connecting to Air France which is part of The SkyTeam alliance comprises with Alitalia but my luggage could not be moved to the Flight to LAX so I had to get the bag I did check and go through the process all over again."

Prós: "Easy booking and boarding. Flights on-time very nice catching next flight in and hour and have to go through customs and change tefminals. Didnt feel extra anxiety about catching next plane"
Contras: "Our entire row of inflight entertainment was not working. It wasnt a huge deal but it would have been nice on an international flight LAX to Rome 11+hours. Also limited drink options. Water or cola from bottle and sm serving sizes. It would have been nice to have option of can or cup."

Prós: "More leg space."
Contras: "No tv screen"

Prós: "Crew was nice and seat comfy"
Contras: "They should upgrade their intartainment system"

Prós: "The food was great and they provide plenty and the entertainment was awesome"
Contras: "The comfort of the flight for 10 hours in economy was horrible: it's just to cramped. I would only fly first class in the future for long flights. For a better idea: I'm only 5'2 and 160lbs."

Prós: "The crew was great. Very attentive"
Contras: "No entertainment. Food was ok. Seats not comfortable for business class."

Prós: "Check in easy."
Contras: "Two hour weather delay Impossible European connection (which I somehow made) No luggage (it didn't make connection)"

Contras: "f"

Contras: "Worst airline company ever. Lost my baggage for 4 days although a friend of mine on the exact same flight with me received his. I'm on a snowboarding trip and they lost all my gear and basically made it impossible to enjoy my vacation. I sent 3 emails and no one has contacted me yet! I agree that these things might occur but the airline has to take responsibility for their mistakes and address the issues. WORST airline I've been to, if you are thinking of using it I double insure everything and don't count on them to be responsive!"

Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "I had to book a separate $1500 flight"

Contras: "We were not able to print our boarding passes for our connecting flight in Berlin and thus were forced to check in again for our flight to Rome. The system did not have the update and we were forced to wait over an hour with the agent. We nearly missed our flight."


Contras: "Very disappointed male fly attendant I don't know he had a bad day or racist but he look like a didnt want service to me include Chinese ppl who seat next me"

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Medidas de segurança das companhias aéreas que voam de Algueiro

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Reforço das medidas de higiene

Limpeza diária, instalação de filtros HEPA na cabina em voos de Algueiro

Uso de máscara obrigatório

Uso de máscara obrigatório a bordo; máscaras fornecidas em voos de Algueiro

Lugares com distanciamento físico

Lugares do meio indisponíveis em voos de Algueiro

Teste antes do voo

Teste de anticorpos e sintomas em voos de Algueiro

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