Encontra voos baratos de Pristina para Portugal

Encontra voos baratos de Pristina para Portugal

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Pristina (PRN)
segunda 12/4
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agostoMelhor época para evitar as multidões, com uma queda média de 5% no preço.

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dezembroÉpoca mais popular para voar, com um aumento médio de 26% no preço.

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286 €(preço médio das últimas 2 semanas)

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232 €ou menos

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130 €ou menos

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  • À procura de voos baratos? 25% dos nossos utilizadores encontraram bilhetes de Pristina para Portugal a preços iguais ou inferiores a estes: ida por 289 € - ida e volta por 232 € para Lisboa, ida por 130 € - ida e volta por 262 € para o Porto
  • Como época alta, considera-se janeiro, fevereiro e dezembro. O mês mais barato para voar para Portugal é janeiro.

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Avaliações sobre a companhia

Prós: "I like the atmosphere of the Swiss airline company, checking in, flights was excellent"

Contras: "crew at the gate."

Prós: "Flight attendants are friendly and helpful."

Prós: "fresh baked bread!"
Contras: "fight was delayed almost 4 hours. we were stuck on the plane for over 2 hours before liftoff while technical difficulties were worked out. no compensation offered."

Prós: "Seating was good. Crew was good"
Contras: "Food could be better"

Contras: "Flight was delayed and missed 2nd flight due to delay"

Prós: "Seat more comfortable than most economy seats with other airlines. Smiling, attentive cabin attendants. Good food. Easy to get to next flight. Seems a bit more spacious than other airlines."
Contras: "Free Wifi."

Prós: "I like that the plan wasn’t that full and the movie was great also when I flew back the food and monies was different"
Contras: "More snacks maybe lackerli"

Prós: "The crew was excellent, very good food, good entertainment"

Prós: "The crew"
Contras: "More comfortable seats"

Contras: "Vôo atrasado 2h. As minhas 2 primeiras experiências com a saída foram péssimas. Houve sempre atrasos. Perdi a conexão por causa do atraso. Não houve o cuidado de deixar sair os passageiros com conexão primeiro. Nem havia staff do aeroporto para ajudar os passageiros a chegar ao outro terminal. Fiquei num hotel 2*. Pelo que ouvia da swiss nunca pensei que fosse ter uma experiência tão desagradável"

Contras: "Vôo muito atrasado sem conseguirem assegurar a conexão. Não houve nenhum staff a acompanhar nos, nao nos deixaram sair em 1o do avião. Não houve esforço da parte da swiss em garantir que conseguiamos embarcar. Primeira vez com a swiss nem tão cedo volto a voar com esta companhia"

Prós: "Nada"
Contras: "Voo com atraso de 40 minutos. Não deixaram os passageiros com conceção sair primeiro. Não havia ninguém para nos acompanhar. Ninguem sabia dar informações viemos para o hotel sem bagagem porque ninguém sabia quando chegava."

Contras: "Não pude fazer o vôo por falha grave da swiss que atrasou e não teve o cuidado de fazer com que os passageiros chegassem à sua conceção atempadamente. Senti-me muito desamparada."

Contras: "they cancelled letting me fly"

Prós: "check in & boarding were ok"
Contras: "very uncomfortable chairs worset food crew were very unfriendly the plan was full with the smell of vomiting"

Prós: "Again boarding was smooth"
Contras: "The seats were terrible"

Prós: "Eu gostei de tudo muito agradáveis pontuais muito bom"
Contras: "Eu não gostei da comida porque não hove"

Prós: "Good, in-flight entertainment"
Contras: "There must be a way for crew to intervene and help parents with screaming infants or disruptive children. The flight noise/comfort was miserable"

Prós: "Unexpected food/snacks that were provided.Good crew and the plane was on time."
Contras: "Poor boarding process. Plane change caused poor seat selection after they changed the seats that we paid extra for. Very little leg room for an overseas flight."

Contras: "Our flight to Zurich was canceled and we had to take 3 flights to get to San Diego instead of 2. It was a huge headache. None of our flights were even with Swiss."

Prós: "good flight didn’t have any problems"

Prós: "Great seat, wide enough for an adult and a 2 year old to sit in. Food was nice, but didn’t make you go wow."
Contras: "TV was a bit small"

Prós: "Friendly staff"
Contras: "Seats were horribly uncomfortable"

Prós: "There was a very long line at the check in counter on the way back. Many people were nervous about missing their flights. Apparently the counter computers were out of order and they only had 2 stations to support the passengers at a very busy time. Other than that, everything was smooth and pleasurable."

Prós: "movies choices were good, the crew was awesome, boarding was meh, but for NBO not bad"
Contras: "paid extra for the seats with more leg room and the amount of leg room I had was concerning in terms of what a regular seat may have looked like. I'm not even that tall, but when the woman in front of me reclined, I was pinned in my seat. Luckily I'm double jointed."

Prós: "Even though the flight was very short, the team moved quickly through the cabin ensuring everybody had a drink and a snack. They looked quite concerned when I turned down the pretzel sandwich, so I accepted and found it quite good! Also, team made sure my parent with reduced-mobility had a good boarding and transfer experience."
Contras: "As always, seats are narrow. And the "neighbors" were normal-sized. The usual struggle for elbow "air-space" occurred."

Prós: "The flight was delayed from Newark to Zurich but they were able to rearrange my connecting flight before landing. The Swiss staff were very courteous and amicable. The food was also tasty."

Prós: "on board"
Contras: "12 of January, 2018 Dear Austrian Airlines authority, I address to your kind attention to asist me to get to me the hat qhich I lost on board of the flight 1576 when I arrived to Vienna airport on my way frpom JFK to Lwo. It happened because it was no room above my seat's bin and the steard helped me to get my heat in another bin. Unfortunately I forgot at the moment when I left the board of the plane, a minute later I reminded that I forgot my hat but I was not allowed to go back and get my hat. I tried to communicate with the Lot&Found office in Vienna airport as I had 2h40 minutes in connection time and it was enough time to get me back the hat, unfortunately nothing was really done from the airport staff to get me my hat and made to me possible continue traveling with my hat. I spoke to two managers, the name I could share with you if you need. The Found office registered my black hat and the plastic box under the number F2018/000682. In this situation I ask your offices to deliver my hat and the plastic box to Lviv airport as sson as possible as this is a special hat for my daily prayers. I wish you best and ask for your kind assistance to send the item as soon as possible with the nearest flight. Sincerely, Meylakh Sheykhet"

Prós: "Good staff, good boarding, good announcements"
Contras: "The chairs are so small!"

Prós: "It was nice because plane was half empty so had quicker attention from stewards - everything was good."

Prós: "The woman who checked in my baggage was very helpful and patient. I had to re-arrange some weight and she assisted me in maximizing weight and minimizing cost. The flight attendants we very kind in trying to assist me in finding appropriate food. The flight was very comfortable and the flight attendants were wonderful all-around."
Contras: "Boarding of the flight was delayed which impacted our arrival time in Zurich. I had a connecting flight- but so did at least 10 other Swiss flights at that time. The queues for customs were incredibly long and the only reason I made my flight was because I ran through the airport. I also had a challenging time with food. I am celiac and often cannot eat the standard fare on planes. I called in advance of my flight to notify someone of my allergy - and they told me the only way I could ensure such a meal was by purchasing a meal that cost $30. I was not willing to pay such a hefty surcharge for food because I had already payed a bit extra than budgeted because my partner had recommended the excellent service of Swiss. I have traveled on several airlines for intercontinental flights between Boston and Europe - and have always had my allergy accommodated at no extra cost. Once on the flight - I was offered an orange and banana for dinner and a small yoghurt for breakfast. I will be flying Swiss again in December and I sincerely hope they will be better equipped to provide for my dietary requirements."

Prós: "I thought Swiss did a nice job. The people were kind and the service was excellent. The meals were great. I never wanted for anything. The entertainment was also very nice."

Prós: "I was concerned the connections would be too tight but it worked out great!"

Prós: "Flight was comfortable and crew was second to none. They were very attentive and courteous."
Contras: "Nothing."

Prós: "The flight attendants seemed very courteous, but unable to do anything about the situation."
Contras: "We had a family of four sitting behind us. The father yelled all the time. They took up four overhead bins and he was frequently up and down getting things out of the bins. His very hairy large belly was touching my daughters head every time. He and his children punched the backs of our seats on a regular basis. My back was in constant pain and I was unable to do very many things due to the back pain during my "vacation", The flight attendants had to remind the parents that their children could not stand on the seats during takeoff or crawl around under the seats. No ability to change seats or I would have. I didn't have a problem with the other children on the flight, when they were crying their parents tried to do something. However these people brought playdough for their child to roll out or punch on the seat tray and all they did was constantly yell loudly at their children, Well not about the kicking, punching, or crawling around. Just yell in general at them."

Prós: "Airline services and great time scheduling"
Contras: "Upon arriving to Chicago airport the Chicago airport couldn't get passengers off the plane due to mechanical issue"

Contras: "We did not receive the baby pram after landing. Needed to pick it up at the baggage claim."

Prós: "The crew made the right call after the Swiss computers shutted down"
Contras: "Boarding problem. But I have to congratulate the crew for their efforts to overcome the problem in the best possible way"

Prós: "The flight crew was super friendly and efficient. Lots of leg room and the croissant is a nice touch!"

Prós: "non stop food was a great distraction from being on plane so long. Loved blanket and pillow and having own TV. Service was constant and the crew were so wonderful! I would be delighted to fly swiss air again."
Contras: "Boarding was unorganized but I am sure that is no fault of your own."

Prós: "Great flying with Swiss!"
Contras: "seats were a bit tight! otherwise, great!"

Prós: "The crew was very professional and friendly. That is a great thing since it's a long flight. Very well prepared! Entertainment was nice lots of options there to keep you busy."
Contras: "I wasn't pleased with their meals so that it's important when it's a long flight, and not many choices available."

Contras: "We loose our flight and they didn't give us any chance to save some money on a new ticket."

Prós: "My wife got travel sickness and the crew was very very nice to help her out by offering her a place to lie down and other offerings"

Prós: "Do like flying on Swiss, but might have to rethink that. The food it fine and I really appreciate the gluten free meals. The crews have been very pleasant and helpful. Boarding on this last flight... Nov 2 from Zurich seemed a bit frenetic. Passports we checked once again and this seemed to be taking an extra long time. I do like the entertainment selections, but the seat TVs and remotes do not always work well."
Contras: "I do not like the cramped space that we are in. It was difficult for my husband and I to get in and out of our seats. The passenger in front of me pushed her seat back and it seemed as though she was righ in my face. She could not go upright as the person in front of her was pushed all the way back. This situation also makes eating difficult. The flight yesterday was extremely warm, which I had not experienced on my three former flights. I guess I will try your airlines once more and see how it is for a third trip."

Prós: "Terrific flight. All on schedule"

Prós: "I loved the timing of my connecting flights. Just enough layover time."
Contras: "There is no entertainment on this flight."

Prós: "Boarding was very quick and efficient. Seating arrangements were nice pretty average overall."
Contras: "The crew was terrible. Young and in experience was on thing. But worse was they did the bare minimum and then hid out in the back for the rest of the flight. They served a weird cheese sandwich mid flight and would roll their eyes if you asked for water. The food selection and taste was bland or way too salty."

Prós: "All what you served !"
Contras: "Everything is okey !"

Prós: "Always great crew."
Contras: "I didn't have any cimplaints."

Prós: "service on the flight was very good"
Contras: "the airport was very large - had attempted to get help with a phone call before flight and service was very poor.... website was a mess to work with"

Prós: "Everything"

Prós: "Plenty of movies/shows to watch. Food was pretty good too."
Contras: "It was too hot in the cabin with no fans overhead. The last meal did not allow me to have a veggie option and there was no place for me to order it ahead of time."

Prós: "Sam."
Contras: "Same.."

Contras: "Long delays, poor information, cold food and an entertainment system that wouldn't play films properly."

Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "Food"

Prós: "Overall good experience"
Contras: "Bathrooms were already dirty upon boarding"

Prós: "Staff was good"
Contras: "6 hrs delays"

Prós: "All fright attendants were so seriously working in any occasion. All pilots Of my flights were excellent, their taking offs and landings were very smooth. I was very comfortable all the time."

Prós: "The food was excellent"

Contras: "The people at the counter for boarding were not really friendly. the plane was dirty and in my opinion old. It made a lot of noice."

Prós: "Good comfort, staff friendly and smiling. Passport control, security and boarding were straightforward."
Contras: "No boarding pass available online in advance for flights from Nicosia (neither electronic nor printed). Only to be collected at the airport. As a result , although I had no hold luggage (only cabin bag), I had to queue at the check-in/drop-baggage desk to obtain my boarding pass! This is the old prehistoric system dating back to the last century."

Prós: "Well I liked the fact I didn’t have stop. It was nice to have direct flight"
Contras: "I didn’t like the seat it was all the way in the back 48c And the I asked at check if I could have a seat in the front but the check in personal rudely said no flight is booked, there were people that got ticket way later than me had the seat up front."

Prós: "Flight was on time and landed safely. Great food even in economy -- but they ran out of coffee."
Contras: "Check-in was very slow."

Prós: "Staff"
Contras: "Seats, food and service"

Prós: "Onboard food was good"
Contras: "Crew wasn't attentive, flight boarding was delayed with passengers on the bus waiting for boarding ramp to the plane, for awhile no explanation was given."

Prós: "great crew and flight!"
Contras: "We would have loved to have been able to easily upgrade to business class but weren't able to."

Contras: "The sound from the headphones is just horrible. I decided not to listen to music and could barely hear the voices in a movie."

Contras: "they lost my lagge and I been in JFK airport waiting over 2 hours I am soo upset it is a very bad experience I hope they found my stuff"

Prós: "Crew."
Contras: "Too many ads and promotional messages, not letting to use entertainment system much."

Prós: "I have taken the same route earlier past year Atlanta-Istanbul-Sarajevo ,and return Overall best experience best comfort and definitely beat food"

Prós: "Staff were all amazing, meals pretty good for airline food, plenty of tv, movie and music options to stay occupied for the long trip."

Prós: "Turkish tea."
Contras: "The food was not good"

Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "At the airport communication was very poor and everyone was very unhelpful"

Prós: "The food was the best I've had on an airplane and the in flight entertainment had an enormous selection. Flight staff and their service were amazing. I've flown all over and have never taken Turkish Airlines before. Now I don't want to fly with anyone else."
Contras: "seats were a little cramped for a 12hr flight, but I'm not a short guy. I guess it pays to go business class."

Prós: "Business class did have their own line."
Contras: "It did not matter where you were on the flight, last row or business class, you all boarded at once. It was a big free for all. And usually business class is given a given special treatment as soon as they are seated but it was not the case. The short flights are not worth the price of the business class."

Prós: "Excellent price, customer service & we enjoyed it. Thank you."
Contras: "Nothing"

Contras: "The veg food is quiet bland"

Prós: "food"
Contras: "the worst costumer service ever"

Prós: "Absolutely nothing, because it never happened."
Contras: "I don't like the fact that I'm stuck in a hotel in turkey without an inkling of when my flight will take off or if it will even take off. I was sent from desk to desk and everyone I spoke with said the same thing, "I don't know" , To every singlee question I had. I slept In the airport like a homeless person just to be shuttled around turkey afterwards in search of a hotel, and I say search because the shuttle that was provided went to 2 different hotels before we got to the one I'm in now. I'm disgusted, and afraid I won't even get a flight out of here."

Contras: "There was no option to choose kosher food in the order."

Prós: "landing in jeddah was very bad in caressive manner... but all other things were good"

Prós: "Your website was les expensive than other websites and I will strongly recommend to my family and friends to use Kayak.com ."
Contras: "I like it everything , from booking the flight your flexibility on the the flight schedule and airlines was great !!!"

Prós: "The crew and the service. Plus the choices for entertainment"
Contras: "The chairs were really uncomfortable, I'm a young, healthy traveler, but my knees and back really hurt after this trip."

Prós: "Food, boarding"
Contras: "Leg room was limited"

Prós: "Not much"
Contras: "The grew was not very happy almost upset perhaps they were tired the ladies were okay but one of the men was very moody and unpleasant to be around"

Contras: "Good floght"

Prós: "The food was very good. The movie selection was outstanding"

Prós: "I liked everything about the flight. Smoth flight good cabine crew and great service from stuardes"
Contras: "Everything was good no reason not to like turkish airlines. I enjoy everytime i travel from kabul to istambul and from istanbul to prishtina and vise versa"

Prós: "Great service overall"

Prós: "Every thing was excellent"

Prós: "Missed the flight for 5 minutes because of wrong information being given to us then tried to get help and no one is there to help for Turkish airlines . Called multiple times and was being hung up on multiple times and after finally getting through the custimer service representative was extreamly rude and was threatening to hang up the phone because I was asking her what I should do next . At the end of the day no Turkish airline associate was able to help us and had to buy another ticket with Emirats . Tar table customer service and just took our money regardless of us flying with you guys. Coming back my mother was sick and we tried to get our ticket dates increased but still wasn't able to and now my mother has to buy another ticket with another airline just because Turkish airline was the worse experience we have ever had and we always fly international ."
Contras: "Horrible customer service"

Prós: "Everyone seemed pretty happy to be at work that morning."

Prós: "Timing, attention, discipline and overall the neatness."

Prós: "To get a real meal on a relatively short flight is especially nice."

Contras: "Aggressive staff, terrible food"

Contras: "because of turbulence, they stopped serving food and beverages in the middle of their service but it wasn't that shaky. I've been in worse flights and they still served the food. they did not stop midway."

Prós: "Food was ok."
Contras: "I was so cramped and I'm only 6'. My back has hurt for days after that flight."

Prós: "Crew was nice"
Contras: "The aisle between seats is too small. There is barely any room for a cart to pass through. If you have any arm out on the aisle arm rest you"

Prós: "The crew was nice and efficient. There was no meal service because they had catering problems, but they tried to accommodate small children with candy cars and chips."
Contras: "There was no meal service because of catering problems. Though it was done for our safety (the crew mentioned some problems in prior flights), not having a back-up plan of sorts would be good for an airline of Lufthansa's stature."

Prós: "everything from the boarding and check-in process to in flight comfort."

Prós: "Friendly crew, tried their best to accommodate"
Contras: "Boarding was delayed and once in the plane more delay followed. Food was pasta (again!) while entertainment was non-existent. Flight is long enough to show at least a route map."

Prós: "Crew were amazing not stingy with the drinks. Boarding was easy and smooth"
Contras: "Would prefer flying with partner United though. Think they offered a better service on board"

Prós: "The crew."
Contras: "The airplane arrived over 45 minutes late."

Prós: "Nice to have breakfast on board"
Contras: "Arrival was a little tardy"

Prós: "Do pequeno almoço"
Contras: "Os acentos"

Contras: "I wasn’t able to fly because my passport was stolen"

Contras: "The flight never took off after 3 hours on board on the tarmac. There was poor communication from the staff at the airport and no compensation from Lufthansa."

Prós: "A comida e a disponbilidade da tripulação."
Contras: "O atraso de uma hora!"

Prós: "A disponibilidade da tripulação"
Contras: "Do atraso que já não permitiu, que durante a escala visitasse a cidade de Munique."

Prós: "The crew was very thoughtful. Again, a smooth descent into Dublin.-"

Prós: "The food and the smooth descend into Munich."
Contras: "The delay on embarking into the plane. Stayed on the bus, in from of the plane for about 15 minutes and I thought I was in an sauna. and on the departure was delay for about 15 minutes . The crew was OK but nothing out of the ordinary."

Prós: "Staff, especially male steward was very professional and dedicated. Bravo for the effort for the boy."

Prós: "Good crew, very polite. Good ambient temperature on the plane. Food was good."
Contras: "Paid WiFi didn’t work for half the flight. They should post a map with when it works (above which countries) as apparently it’s a licensing issue."

Prós: "No problems, it was a quick and easy flight. Crew was great."
Contras: "No entertainment (due to short flight). As with all airlines, economy is incredibly cramped."

Prós: "Excellent service, food and entertainment"

Prós: "Crew was very nice and professional. We arrived early"
Contras: "Food was disappointing as was the wine. I am not a large person but I found the business class “bed” pretty narrow and uncomfortable."

Prós: "Lots of space....very comfortable seat."
Contras: "Can’t think of a thing."

Prós: "Personel went out of their way. Flight wqs comfortable and smooth."
Contras: "I loved the flight to Nurnberg and back to Atlanta, Georgia, USA."

Prós: "Once again, the in-flight crew was excellent. The flight was good, but no entertainment is provided."
Contras: "Another late take off, probably because the incoming connections were late. So it was good that the airline delayed the connecting flights. However, this leg of the trip was so late that I barely made it to third leg of the trip. A huge problem is that each of these international airports require that you go through the security check again. For that reason, connecting legs of trips through these airports should not be scheduled so close together. Heathrow is the worst, with security staff that, at best, don’t care that you have a close connection to make and just ignore your pleas to speed up the process, and at worst, are just plain rude."

Prós: "Had ridiculously long bus ride from terminal to plane. Plane was parked on the outer reaches of the airport. This happens far too often on Lufthansa when connecting in Franfort. Build more gates!!"
Contras: "Business clsss sweats on A321 were coach seats with the center seat left empty. Not sir it is worth the higher fare."

Prós: "Great crew. Ontime. Great online check in process."
Contras: "When we got off the plane in Frankfurt, they put us in shuttle buses to take us to the terminal. My wife and I got separated and were on different buses. The two buses took us to different terminals, despite airport staff assuring us that there was only one drop-off point for the shuttles. If there was a sign saying which terminal the shuttle was going to, it was not clear."

Prós: "Food was excellent. Wide variety of entertainment options. Good German beer."
Contras: "Cramped seating in economy for the long flight with thin padding making me very aware of the knees of the man behind me."

Prós: "Overall clean and efficient. Good service. Good craft and seating."
Contras: "Touch functionality of the entertainment system didn't work too well. Didn't get the second meal as I fell asleep around that time."

Prós: "Overall it was a good flight."
Contras: "The dessert could have been better than a Kit Kat chocolate bar."

Contras: "Had to take a United flight to a different destination. No compensation for something I had no control over. When I am at an airport and have the opportunity to catch an earlier flight you have room on, you charge me. When this kind of thing happens - I pay with my time. Sucks"

Contras: "The flight was delayed 6h. I got to the destination late And I was late for work Went to work restless"

Contras: "Got a little hot in the cabin"

Prós: "Friendly crew. Flight left on time"

Prós: "The trip was fast"

Prós: "On time."
Contras: "Nothing"

Prós: "Stewardess enjoyed her work encouraged us to take better seats. A full hot meal."

Contras: "Houve um atraso na saída de Munique."

Prós: "Flight attendants spoke multiple languages."
Contras: "Seats were a little uncomfortable."

Prós: "Friendly staff aND the economy seats aren't too cramped"

Contras: "Flight delays,...."

Prós: "Excellent service by the staff"

Prós: "Service for economy class was what you would expect from other airlines in business class. Lufthansa has the best service of any airline I have ever flown with."
Contras: "Nothing."

Prós: "I have never flown with Lufthansa, but now, I will fly with them any chance I get. The crew were amazing. Friendly and attentive. For airplane food, it was very good and tasty. Received headphones, a pillow and a blanket for the flight. Legroom was good, but probably cramped for people over 6'0" tall. 24 hour online check-in was smooth an trouble free. I like having the boarding pass on my phone. No paper to carry around."
Contras: "Nothing"

Contras: "I was transferred to the flight through vienna, vienna-berlin was cancelled and i am stuck in Vienna"

Prós: "I like that the flight crew did the best they could to make sure my husband and I were sitting together with one child."
Contras: "I did like that my whole family including two children 2 ad 6 were sitting all separately all over the plane. Children 12 and under should not be seated separately. And that should be the job during the check in. Not during birding."

Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "The seats was un confotble"

Prós: "Timely."
Contras: "Seats are small, no entertainment, food was below average."

Prós: "Short flight, not much to say about it."

Contras: "Will newer agan fly business with Lufthansa!! It's not business at all just regular econom seats with short leg room and casual service. They should be sorry for that kind of business!!"

Prós: "Houve atrasos mas saídas"

Prós: "Crew was friendly. Received very filling meals. Free movies available for watching."
Contras: "We sat on the runway for over an hour with no explanation as to what was happening. At least overall, we only arrived half an hour late."

Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "Delay"

Prós: "The crew members were so sweet."
Contras: "Flight was late. I missed my connection."

Prós: "Overall Austrian was fine. Smaller plane and people were professional."
Contras: "Certainly don’t expect the luxury of SE Asian or Middle Eastern airlines"

Prós: "Good amount of leg space"
Contras: "Entertainment"

Prós: "In flight crew worked hard"
Contras: "No lines for boarding - it was a mess And randomly we were asked to check in our bags though Austrian crew had earlier tagged them for carry on"

Contras: "1:20 min delay for a 35 min flight (less then 200km on the road). It is even worse if it is during the night (aircraft landed at 0:40 instead of 23:20"

Prós: "The crew was great!"
Contras: "I don't like the movie options. Some are quite sexual and can be seen around the plane."

Prós: "Very efficient and fuss free. Just what I was looking for from a short haul flight!"
Contras: "The snacks are super small, which isn’t unexpected when the flight time is so short."

Prós: "Every thing"
Contras: "Nothing"

Contras: "na"

Contras: "I was switched seats against my will on board! Although i reserved the seat ahead of time when i got in i was pretty much forced to sit somewhere else. The staff handled the sitution in a very poor manner!"

Prós: "Clean, safe short flights"
Contras: "The 30 minute layover was close"

Prós: "From start to finish, Sevdije was in great hands. She had to be in a wheelchair, and there were three connecting flights in countries where she doesn't speak the language. It could have been so complicated, and everyone made it SO EASY. She was all smiles when she arrived in Boston. THANK YOU!!!!!!"
Contras: "Nothing!"

Contras: "Missed the flight from Houston to Fankfurt and the airline canceled the whole round trip. I did not know I had to call the airline to let them know not the cancel my trip. I would've appreciated a notice of that."

Prós: "Everything"
Contras: "Everything"

Contras: "Passengers should be notified of the process of changing airplanes at Vienna. What a nightmare. We were scheduled for 50 minutes between flights. Not really enough. If we were aware of what was required it may have helped, however the distance we had to walk was rather extreme."

Contras: "You sold wrong tickets to customers. I booked economy tickets but I got Econony lite ticket. Had to pay extra charges. You shouldn’t make money to sell lower class tickets as regular."

Prós: "The staff was very friendly and professional Even got some sleep, not easy on economy seats but on this flight they were actually good."
Contras: "The other travelers were loud rude and didn't listen to instructions. Also clapping loudly upon landing and it's very annoying. Parents don't take responsibility for their children."

Prós: "Both the Lufthansa crew and the well thought out layout of Frankfurt International made it a lot more comfortable to travel."

Prós: "I never try Austrian airlines because this trip was my first trip with them and I'll say that it's one of the best trips I ever had the airport at Vienna it's very small and easy to go anywhere you want and it's super clean and the stuff at the airport are very helpful and they all speak English and I was able to get a hotel room with walking destination from the airport and it was a very good experience overall I'll definitely recommend to anyone and I'll definitely keep them on my top list"

Prós: "Comfortable"
Contras: "None"

Prós: "Plane was very clean and drink service was frequent."
Contras: "The gate was older, not well appointed and far from shops and better dining. We lined up only to be taken on a very long shuttle ride to the plane. I have had this experience before but in this case the planes location was virtually on the other side of the terminal. By the time all were boarded, the plane was late by about 15 minutes to takeoff, and we experienced more delay after that so that on arrival we were an hour delayed. Many missed connections in Vienna as a result. Crew seemed tense and on edge."

Prós: "Friendly flight attendants."
Contras: "Lost baggage is never good."

Contras: "Lufthansa’s/Austrian Airlines’s idea of a ‘snack’ is a pathetic little bag of sugar and chemicals that no one should have to be offered, even if it comes for free. Hugely disappointed. Flight attendants not attentive enough, and it took forever for the flight attendant to come after I’ve pressed the call button. Overall impression: meh! First time flying Austrian, but next time I’ll probably book with their competitors if prices are similar."

Contras: "First there were problems with the plane... then it got delayed... I missed my connecting flight... now it’s 2 am I have a wedding to get to in 4 hrs and I finally just arrived ."

Prós: "Pontualidade e Conforto"
Contras: "Apenas serviram bebeidas"

Prós: "Pontualidade e conforto"
Contras: "Apenas serviram bebidas"

Prós: "Was a fine solid flight by Austrian."

Prós: "Nothing special."
Contras: "Limited meal choices (I flew business class). It seems Austrian puts more emphasis on the Trans-Atlantic flights and less on short hauls."

Prós: "Everything OK"
Contras: "Arrived 5’ later, lost train"

Prós: "Friendly staff"

Prós: "Flight smoothness, service, friendliness, pilot experience, stewardesses (except for one), food, delicious."
Contras: "All flight attendants were great except for one tall with very short blonde hair. What a poor attitude! She really ruined my trip. There was not an exchange with her that was friendly and agreeable. When serving drinks a second time, she asked me what would I like to drink and I answered: What do you have? I had not asked the first time drinks were served since I knew I wanted orange juice. he second time, and not wanted to drink the same, I asked: what do you have? and her answer was: "Same as before". I had to let her know I had not asked before and then she proceeded to tell me the different drinks and finally added: My colleague will take care of you. She did not want to serve me. The first incident went I tried to use the bathroom in the back of the plane, she would tell people: "don"t use that one, I need that bathroom for......." ( not sure for what but her tone was so rude,that people walked to the other bathroom embarrassed). All I can say is that everything else was great, including the friendliness of all other crew, but that one ruined the experience. A third time I got up to walk to the bathroom and the seatbelt sign was on, but so it had been for a long time. She prompted me to go back to my seat. All others seem to do their job without been rude, Not sure why this one couldn't. Job stress? Not the passenger's problem. Besides that and the poor movie choices, everything else was great. I think the flight was delayed but to that point everything was going so smooth, I didn't even notice. I will fly Austrian again, and would love to visit Vienna. Please advise how to add the miles of my trip to my account. I booked in Kayak, left to Ohio from Miami running from hurricane Irma, my return from Ohio to Miami was cancelled and I had to embark on that long plan10 day trip without even returning home to Miami to pack. I totally forgot about putting the miles on my account on either ticket counter."

Prós: "Spacious aircraft. Polite crew. Even good food. On time."

Prós: "The plane crew was really nice always there for my needs."
Contras: "The seats were uncortable my chair was very wobbly."

Prós: "snacks plus they had sparkling mineral water"

Contras: "Complete lack of information and abrupt staff when flight was delayed"

Prós: "Ok flight' late leaving from Vienna because pulling luggage when passengers missing,."

Prós: "Leg room, kind staff in the airplane"
Contras: "Staff at service desk -unprofessionalism, never on time. Charged 3 times for infant ticket because of computer errors but lack of human factor explaining why, just completely horrible explanations."

Prós: "Very nice crew, great entertainment options"
Contras: "Flight was delayed by 2hours (but we did catch up 1 hour so good job!)"

Prós: "On time, smooth takeoff and landing, friendly staff and crew"
Contras: "Everything was fine, even the legroom"

Contras: "It took us 2 tries to get there due to weather and they had us waiting in the airport for 12 hours in the middle of the night. We first flew to Lviv and then they turned the plane around and came back as we were landing. I appreciate that they did this for safety reasons. When we got back however at 2:30am, they did not provide us with a hotel and just gave us blankets and pillows to sleep in the airport. They also offered us only a piece of bread with ham and cheese and a coffee for the next 12 hours until the new flight left. Not a pleasant experience."

Prós: "The staff should speak english and albanian from pristina to austria or from pristina to turkey its abvious they are albanians %95 of them and elderly who dont speek any other language but albanian"

Prós: "They offered passangers ti move to raws that wete half empty so we will have more room."

Contras: "I did my fligh because I was in the hospital I have send a mail to kayak and to the agent I have booked the flight with No one got back to me yet!!!!!!!"

Prós: "Staff was very kind. I'm not a needy person, but they offered continuous service."
Contras: "This is for Kayak's app- Usually I get a special meal request through the agent, but could not do it on Kayak's app, and Lufthansa and Austrian did not recognize my booking code from the ticket purchase confirmation email to do it on their website directly. Please look into both issues. This is for my whole trip and not the above mentioned destination."

Contras: "5 hour delay. One staff member said there would be a delay, the second said there was no delay and after a couple hours the delay was confirmed. I was told the flight was full without the attendant even checking, flight was actually not even close to full. Nobody wanted to help and do their job, they just want to send you on your way."

Contras: "The delay in take-off"

Contras: "Been traveling with Auystrian for a while now and so far so good, I'm very satisfied"

Contras: "Flight was canceled and I was rebooked to another airline. Terrible customer service too, polite and sorry, but only repeating their statements over and over again."

Prós: "All"
Contras: "0"

Prós: "Quick boarding, friendly staff"
Contras: "Flight was delayed"

Prós: "Price. Efficiency"
Contras: "I got an email that the flight was canceled then another that it was on time. This caused confusion and distress"

Prós: "A simpatia dos profissionais do avião"
Contras: "Quando cheguei ao aeroporto de Gartwik fui até ao guichê da easyget pedir uma informação sobre o meu voo por volta das 5h55m e fui estremamente mal atendida por as funcionárias uma delas até me perguntou se eu não tinhas olhos para ver o placar não me deu a informação que eu pedir não foi nada educação povo sem educação nada profissional"

Prós: "Cumprimento dos horários. Antecipação da hora de chegada."
Contras: "Voo com alguma turbulência. Só deram o aviso uns 10 minutos após ter começado."

Prós: "Right price."
Contras: "Crowded and not organized."

Contras: "Announcements at gate..only one long line..didn't know what was boarding.."

Prós: "The price, the crew"
Contras: "The terminal without air conditioning in Bordeaux was a mess, due to construction and size. It felt I was being penalized for using a low cost airline."

Contras: "o voo ter partido e chegado a horas e não com um atraso de mais de 2h"

Prós: "On time"
Contras: "Charles dGaul airport security was redundant and slow. A more cohesive flight change would have been better."

Prós: "Embarque"
Contras: "Espaço entre cadeiras e atraso no voo. Bagagem demorou muitotemoi a chegar"

Prós: "Pontualidade"
Contras: "Espaço entre cadeiras"

Contras: "atraso de 2h no voo, sem nenhuma indicação por parte dos assistentes de terra. serviço pós venda terrivel, sempre a desresponsabilizar de todos e quaisquer factos. nao volto a contratar serviços a esta companhia."

Contras: "Sair a horas"

Contras: "Receberem a minha bagagem de mão na porta do avião"

Prós: "Voo confortável tripulação simpática, aterragem muito suave"

Prós: "A simpatia da tripulação."
Contras: "Estar a espera mais de uma hora para sair de Paris."

Contras: "O tempo de embarque, ou seja, depois de passar a porta de embarque, muito tempo à espera para entrar no aviao"

Prós: "Acho ridículo não nos oferecerem nem 1 chiclete na viagem"

Prós: "We got to Lisbon in one piece. Comfortable during the flight. Well behaved neighbouring passengers."
Contras: "Although the flight is actually good, my overall experience is still poor due to the boarding crew at the gates. If anything I want to make an official complaint on how poor the services were towards other passengers and us. I will do this in the week."

Contras: "Escolhi a easy jet porque considerava que se diferenciava das outras low-cost. A péssima experiência de autêntica caça à bagagem extra por um funcionário dedicado exclusivamente a essa função na fila de embarque provou-me que afinal estava enganado. Deixou de ter a minha preferência."

Contras: "Assento desconfortavel para dormir."

Prós: "Our outward journey was quick from parking our car through to departure lounge via bag drop and security all within 17 mins. And our return journey was just as good, from landing through security, collecting luggage to leaving the car park all within 30 mins."
Contras: "Self Service Bag Drop at Luton Airport was really quick. Security was exceptionally quiet and very quick."

Prós: "Emergency seats with space to stretch the legs."
Contras: "Only one hand luggage"

Prós: "Price"
Contras: "Chaotic boarding zero food and drink"

Prós: "Crew were good for EasyJet"
Contras: "Flight was delayed, so car hire office was closed when we arrived"

Prós: "On time"
Contras: "Seat comfort is terrible. Seats do not recline, room is tight. On outbound flight to Malaga, crowded with partying people - in flight was like a nightclub or bar. Charge for water."

Contras: "Didn’t even get to take this flight due to our first EasyJet flight being delayed."

Contras: "Late so missed a train connection so made the flight actually very expensive."

Prós: "Everything went to schedule and the crew dealt with an illness emergency without fuss and I am sure more than half the passengers never knew about it."

Prós: "Normal."
Contras: "Devter um atraso superior a 1:30"

Prós: "Flight was exactly on time. The plane was bigger than expected with more room and a lot of overhead bin space."

Contras: "Terrible customer service. Staff is very poorly trained and just lacking in every regard, from those attending to baggage check to those supposedly assisting with customer service. The airline takes no responsibility for the actions of their employees and leaves everything at the expense of the customer, even when the airline / it’s poorly trained employees are to blame. They left me stranded in a foreign country overnight with no accommodations and just complete and utter disregard for what had actually occurred. By far the worst experience I have ever had with any airline, ever. Beware. Their rules for checked baggage are ridiculous. Nothing is worth the money. I spent less on a 4-star hotel the night I was stranded than the airline charged me to check my bag. I initially paid $107 online to check my bag which was insane enough as is, but despite the fact that I had already purchased the extra large checked-bag option, I was charged an additional €80 at the airport since there was apparently no record of me purchasing the XL bag option (except for on my flight invoice as well as on my bank statement, of course). As a result, after seeking assistance from multiple employees—each of whom couldn’t have cared less—and paying the additional fee, I missed my flight (which was a CONNECTING FLIGHT) because they finished boarding early / closed the gates early. Their lovely cutomer service then proceeded to tell me (as I embarrassingly wept and sobbed), that I must purchase a new flight ticket, before also happening to mention that seeing as though it was almost 12pm, they were doing me a favor by waiting for my decision since I was delaying them from leaving work, as it was the end of their shift. All in all, because I missed my connecting flight, I then missed another flight, as well as a train I previously booked. I not only had to purchase a new flight, but also a hotel room, a taxi to the hotel since the airport hotel was fully booked, a taxi back to the airport from the hotel, and another train ticket, in addition to the obvious necessities such as food and water. All without even an apology from the airline. To make matters worse, once I was finally on the newly booked flight, I was not offered a single refreshment. No food, no beverages, and in fact, was actually ignored by the flight crew as they served everyone around me. EasyJet turned my long 16-hour journey into an exhausting and overall miserable 72+ hour journey due to their complete insolence. Never again......"

Prós: "No person in middle seat"
Contras: "Left 2 hours late. Gate was way too small for that large a flight. Flight was held at immigration on arrival for 2 hours. Apparently too many flights arrived at once and surprised immigration. Food was poor."

Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "No information, deley after deley and no reps or updates."

Contras: "We were stopped and told that we had to repackage because my small shoulder bag and my wife's purse were too large and constituted more than one carry-on. We repacked as best we could, considering our suitcases were full already. Not good enough! We were charged sone 70 euros extra. As our bonding proceeded we saw more than several people with larger backpacks and purses than we originally had. Never again for easyjet!"

Prós: "I liked the way I was treated when i went to drop my luggage."
Contras: "I think that when the customers buy ticket they expect to have meal included. At least I've felt that way. I hope you to improve this service."

Prós: "On time, efficient, from boarding to landing. Nothing remarkable, nothing bad."
Contras: "The 4 crew members that where serving food & drinks didn't speak Spanish and had problems to understand it. Which is strange, as the flight was departing from Barcelona."

Contras: "Cancelled flight"

Prós: "The plane departed and arrived on time. The onborad crew was fine as well."
Contras: "The ground staff of easyJet were horrible. During boarding, my girlfriend was instructed to fit a carry-on on the "bag size check thing" and it didn't fit (barely). We we're forced to open the bag and put some of the clothes on to make it fit (the most unnecessary thing, since we're carrying the same weight and volume on the plane anyway). If this was not bad enough, after that, we had to check in the luggage anyway because there was no space in the cabin (making the whole process of removing stuff from the luggage even more irrelevant since volume is no longer an issue). EasyJet goes out of their way to inconvenience its costumers so we are forced to pay more to not be harassed by the staff and their random policies. The flight itself: no leg room and no entertainment."

Prós: "Do atendimento das hospedeiras"
Contras: "De ir na cauda"

Prós: "Glad that there are so many options on EasyJet"
Contras: "Staff at checkin desk in ZRH are a bit abrupt with customers"

Prós: "Uma equipa excepcional, simpáticos e muito eficientes."

Prós: "Forget the flight, think where you’re heading!! Old Lisbon, Chiado, is well worth a visit. Almost seems like time stopped with all the architecture. People are friendly and not too pushy while selling you intems. Well worth a visit as a city break. B&B €25 for two per night!!"
Contras: "What would you expect from a great name? Still have to be disappointed! But while in Lisbon learn some words in Portuguese. They’re essential. If they see that that you’re making an effort, they’ll appreciate it more. Speak in foreign and straight away your price rises!"

Prós: "The speed of boarding"
Contras: "Other passengers that kept trying to bring more than one item on board"

Contras: "The flight was 3 hours late and we given terrible information, then hey gave us vouchers for food of a paltry €4.50 each!"

Prós: "Crew was nice and polite"
Contras: "Boarding process was an absolute mess."

Contras: "They didnt give me to carry laptop bag too. Only one hand carry include."

Contras: "Orlando International Airport closed on Sep 9, at 5pm. Our tickets were for Sep 9 at 10pm. Hurricane Irma we tried to get out on the 6, 7, or 8th but Norwegian air did not have any flights available. Since we could not make the original flight on Sep 9, we never went."


Contras: "It was charged me 60 euros for a small bag with laptop. Next time i am using other company."

Prós: "On time leaving"
Contras: "Hot lounge, a hold up getting on. Crew could have helped more stowing cases in the top lockers. Bumpy landing"

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Limpeza diária, instalação de filtros HEPA na cabina em voos de Pristina

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Uso de máscara obrigatório a bordo; máscaras fornecidas em voos de Pristina

Lugares com distanciamento físico

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