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3 principais companhias aéreas a voar de Porto Aeroporto Francisco Sá Carneiro a Leipzig

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Austrian AirlinesPontuação geral com base em 4698 avaliações
Avaliações sobre a companhia
Prós: "Seat was very comfortable. Crew was great."
Ler mais sobre a Austrian Airlines
Prós: "Seat was very comfortable. Crew was great."
Contras: "Don’t tell passengers they can make a transfer flight supposed to leave in 20 minutes because the first flight was late, and then have the plane leave without the passengers who sprinted through the airport after having to go through customs and security again."
Contras: "40 minutes waiting clearance for boarding and then for departure, for a flight 45 minutes in duration..."
Prós: "Friendly crew and ground crew worked VERY quickly and efficiently to deal with a broken plane and switch us all rather seamlessly to a replacement plane. Impressive."
Prós: "Curious crew."
Contras: "Nothing"
Prós: "Every thing"
Contras: "Nothing"
Prós: "Very comfortable journey, leaving on time, arriving on time"
Prós: "Crew was positively and smiling."
Contras: "Flight was 44 min late. Could have been on time"
Prós: "Clean aircraft, polite crew."
Contras: "1. Check-In , Check-In , check-In .. automated much more time consuming and probably costly. 2. Delayed flight (as usual) .. 6.am D.T. should either mean 6.00 or 6.05 or 6.10 ... but not 6.30. 3. Very tight connection flights in Vienna, so a slight delay could mean missed connection. 4. Food"
Contras: "Delayed boarding, crew very friendly, polite"
Contras: "My parents were traveling, they dont speak english and I verified with Austrian airlines that they would be assisted at the gates and that they had the correct visas for each airport they had a layover in. I was assured there would be no problems. Upon boarding they were not able to get on their flight. I have never had so many communication issues and frustrations in the middle of the night with an airline. disappointed."
Prós: "Flight was in schedule, friendly staff"
Contras: "Seats are very small. Plane was cramped. Snack was not very good. Need healthy options."
Prós: "The crew was friendly, seats were comfortable and boarding was prompt and fast."
Contras: "The food was not good at all and the entertainment selection was so limited. This was so weird because coming back from Vienna it was the complete opposite."
Prós: "Nice clean Airplane, good choice of entertainment. Food OK (except breakfast) but not great (coach class) Crew friendly, on time."
Contras: "The muffin for breakfast as the only choice at the end of the flight is a joke: superloaded with sugar, chewy, artificiall taste. Most of the passengers sent it back. This has not improved since my last flight with Austrian in March 2018. The one reponsible for ordering such junk should be punished by having to eat the muffin himself. Sorry!"
Prós: "Pontualidade e Conforto"
Contras: "Apenas serviram bebeidas"
Prós: "Pontualidade e conforto"
Contras: "Apenas serviram bebidas"
Contras: "Cancel it"
Prós: "I watched three good movies during the flight to London. I enjoyed them."
Contras: "Nothing particular."
Contras: "Flyght was terible"
Contras: "The fact that the luggage wasn’t included in the Austrian flight, nor anywhere was pointed out to that so I had to pay extra for it."
Contras: "muffin for breakfast ?"
Prós: "Boarding/deplaning quick Left on time"
Contras: "Food -too much starch Only chicken No breakfast Bathrooms were dirty"
Contras: "I sat in the last corner seat on the plane... very cramped as there’s no leg room, no window & was overbooked."
Prós: "The economy seats had as much leg room as the Premium Economy seats on Luthansa, so the comfort over a long flight was better than I expected."
Contras: "The charge for checking a 2nd bag was $100 which I thought was much too high. Food was average and not enough given that we were on the plane for over 10 hours."
Prós: "It was fine"
Prós: "Very nice crew."
Contras: "Buses to aircrafts. No snack on short flights."
Prós: "Da maçã que foi oferecida a bordo como opção de lanche."
Prós: "I thought the food was excellent. Better food in coach than I get on first class domestic flights. Also, the in-flight entertainment was very good. I watched a couple of science shows and extreme sports shows that I truly enjoyed."
Contras: "There wasn't much I did not enjoy that could be changed. I chose to go coach and had to put up with seating that was more cramped than I like, but I expected that."
Contras: "Our flight was cancelled at the time we were suppose to board. We had to find another flight via Istanbul and got to our destination 6 hours late. Won't use Kayak again."
Prós: "Despite airport issues, we took off quickly and all went well. No complaints"
Contras: "No problems."
Prós: "The crew was wonderful, as is always true with both Austrian Airlines and Lufthansa."
Prós: "snacks plus they had sparkling mineral water"
Prós: "they asked me if I wanted an upgrade to business class - nice"
Contras: "they left all the lights on in the plane - difficult to sleep at night. Never had this happen before. Another lady from N.J., originally from SLovakia and going to Kosice for a visit complained about the same thing. SHe was worn out and so am I."
Contras: "Boarding in Vienna was completely unorganized. Received zero instruction from crew on new boarding information."
Contras: "The aircraft was very old and smelled badly. The toillets didn't work properly and were dirty."
Prós: "They had a yummy snack. And fresh veggies. With great coffee. And the host told us abou the history of a Vienna dessert."
Contras: "Nothing."
Prós: "the stewardess gave me coffee even if she already passed by me (because I was sleeping) I appreciated that :)"
Prós: "got to my destination on time."
Contras: "uncomfortable chairs. zero entertainment for a non EU flight (over 3 hours), missed the meal, nothing was offered...."
Contras: "Please change food, enough of pasta every time."
Prós: "On time, smooth takeoff and landing, friendly staff and crew"
Contras: "Everything was fine, even the legroom"
Prós: "Compared to most American crews the Aus crew was helpful and outstanding."
Contras: "The chicken dinner was not that great and the breakfast was only a muffin, I expected more. On Turkish airlines flight from Ord to Istanbul we got a full breakfast tray."
Prós: "The service and the overall flight quality, the pilot was very good!"
Prós: "Fastboarding, left on time. Cleaner aircraft, too small for carry on. Carry on promised at staircase, delivered at luggage claim."
Contras: "Not enough snacks and no entertainment. Only an hour flight..."
Contras: "The crew members on the flight from Washington to Vienna were absolutely rude and unhelpful."
Contras: "Not a lot of legroom and they should have provided an additional snack during the flight. Did not like that in order to select a seat prior to the check in period I had to pay for the selection."
Prós: "Good service"
Contras: "Instant coffee"
Prós: "I enjoyed the flight along with my girlfriend from beginning to end. The flight attendants were very courteous & the service was fast & the food & drink portions were generous."
Contras: "While boarding, the AC was off due to a mechanical issue. The plane was uncomfortably hot, but the pilot and flight attendants were appropriately apologetic. The issue was resolved once we took off."

Preço muito elevado - usd 2100 one way em economia é de mais


Everything was good.

Hands down the worst travel experience period. Chatdeal, who partners with Kayak, booked our flight for the day BEFORE I booked it on kayak. All of our travel information in Kayak and on the Kayak app showed we'd be leaving on Oct 7th, however Chatdeal made all our travel plans starting on the 6th. I am not flighting with Chatdeal to get a refund as our entire trip which I've been planning for since March of this year has been ruined. This trip was intended for my husband and I to finally meet my in law's in India for this first time and his first time seeing his family since COVID started. DO NOT BOOK ANY FLIGHT WHERE CHATDEAL IS THE AGENT! This company has ruined a year's worth of planning and is trying to say I it's our fault and not theirs.

Short flight. No food, no entertainment. Airport very busy but moved quickly.

Correu muito bem. Houve pequeno atraso na saída, mas sem consequências.

Atendimento impecável da Lufthansa

Atendimento impecável da Lufthansa.

Prós: "The crew was amazing"
Contras: "The WiFi"
Prós: "Smooth flight for the most part."
Contras: "Better food choices. Better communication and better boarding procedures by rows or groups."
Prós: "The crew was Ok except at the beginning when they could help more inside the plane with finding the seating."
Contras: "I missed the plane shopping because i don’t recall seeing the crew after the meal offering it. I heard the announcement at the beginning of the flight so I was looking forward to make purchases. Later when I asked it was already closed."
Contras: "Hour late departure and still only loaded 1/3 of the luggage. Communication about the luggage problem was poor"
Prós: "Nada. Assento não reclinava"
Contras: "Confirto"
Prós: "Tripulação muito solícita apesar de não entender o português."
Contras: "Avião quente e velho, comprar da ruim e foi servida muito tarde"
Prós: "Lufthansa is an airline in a different class altogether. Can not compare with any commercial airline that flies to Europe"
Contras: "For some reason there were 4 really young children seated all in the same area. Kids will be kids, but perhaps spreading them out wouldn’t make one particular area so loud and disturbing. Boarding the plane I a more orderly way would also help."
Prós: "Crew was courteous and professional. Food was okay."
Contras: "Seats a little wider and little more leg room."
Prós: "Tudo foi bom"
Contras: "As refeições."
Contras: "Never happened,missed flight"
Prós: "Friendly crew, great food, comfy seats"
Prós: "Pontualidade, conforto e bom atendimento da tripulação."
Contras: "Monitor multimídia nos assentos"
Prós: "Do pequeno almoço"
Contras: "Os acentos"
Prós: "Em ar foi bastante rápido."
Contras: "O voo atrasou. Não havia qualquer opção de entretenimento a bordo. A cadeira praticamente não desce."
Contras: "Infelizmente a Enonomy Premium que utilizei era próximo aos banheiros, então o voo todo teve muito movimento, não permitindo relaxar com o conforto esperado"
Prós: "Timely departure and arrival. Friendly and effect I’ve staff. Despite close connection in Frankfurt, luggage made it with me to Atlanta."
Contras: "Classical music selection was extremely limited. Complementary headphones were inferior to the point of being useless. I could understand only a small amount of the dialogue until I switched to my own earphones."
Prós: "A percepção de segurança e organização fornecem uma tranquilidade para a viagem"
Contras: "Serviço de bordo (Comida) e entretenimento podem ser substanciamento melhorados. A aeronave apresentou vários assentos com problema para reclinar indicando a necessidade de melhoria na manutenção da cabine."
Prós: "A comida e a disponbilidade da tripulação."
Contras: "O atraso de uma hora!"
Prós: "A disponibilidade da tripulação"
Contras: "Do atraso que já não permitiu, que durante a escala visitasse a cidade de Munique."
Prós: "The crew was very thoughtful. Again, a smooth descent into Dublin.-"
Prós: "The food and the smooth descend into Munich."
Contras: "The delay on embarking into the plane. Stayed on the bus, in from of the plane for about 15 minutes and I thought I was in an sauna. and on the departure was delay for about 15 minutes . The crew was OK but nothing out of the ordinary."
Prós: "Other than being too late it was everything ok."
Contras: "We had a very late departure but it wasn't anything Lufthansa could control"
Contras: "Temperatura da cabine muito fria durante todo o voo"
Prós: "Atendimento"
Contras: "Alimentação simples e pouca Sem local para carregar celulares"
Prós: "Atendimento"
Contras: "Alimentação simples e pouca Sem local para carregar celulares"
Contras: "Da falta de atenção com os passageiros depois se um atraso que estavam na conexão, hotel longe transporte só depois de muito tempo de espera 3hs. Chegada ao hotel as 23 hs, jantar improvisado, café da manhã bizarro, servido na recepção pequena muitos tomaram café em pé, pão com manteiga e café puro..."
Prós: "Plenty of room in both the cabin and the bathroom- more than we have ever experienced. Food was very good. Crew was outstanding"
Contras: "Boarding is chaotic for economy, with everyone mobbing around the entrance. Having people board in subsets, beyond just 1st class and people needing assistance would be helpful. It makes the entire airport gate areas hard to maneuver around for other people as each plane loads, and it stresses out the group waiting to get on the plane."
Prós: "Good crew, very polite. Good ambient temperature on the plane. Food was good."
Contras: "Paid WiFi didn’t work for half the flight. They should post a map with when it works (above which countries) as apparently it’s a licensing issue."
Prós: "Nada."
Contras: "O funcionário que nos atendeu em Beirute era mal educado. Sala VIP horrorosa. O banheiro era pior que o banheiro de uma rodoviária suja. Os assentos são apertados. Na verdade não são assentos de classe executiva. São assentos comuns, em que eles bloqueiam o assento do meio. Não tem banheiro privativo da classe executiva, o banheiro tinha fila o tempo todo. A comida era medíocre. Enfim, jamais pague um voo de executiva pela Lufthansa nessa rota."
Contras: "I was put on stand by because the flight was overbooked even though my reservations were confirmed by you, why?"
Prós: "Nada"
Contras: "Comida e espaço da aeronave"
Prós: "Nenhuma anotação especial. Talvez apenas o registro do serviço correto da tripulação."
Contras: "A classe executiva nesse voo de Frankfurt para Beirute é uma piada. Pequena, apertada, pior que o assento conforto da gol, mas custa uma fortuna. Não vale a pena."
Prós: "Wider economy seats"
Contras: "Metal box impedied foot space for 15 hours and monitor froze several times during flight"
Prós: "Height Space, good pilot and some of the food. Good landing and overall pilot skill."
Contras: "For the whole journey I had a small child kicking, knocking, tapping behind me. Kept waking me up also nearly ten hours of whining. I was genuinely uneasy and uncomfortable for the whole trip. I think there should be a designated child with adult area as I really don’t think this is acceptable. It is stressful enough traveling for 30+ hours this really is not welcome."
Prós: "We were kept informed of prigresd"
Contras: "Delay"
Prós: "Overall good experience just smaller plane so seating not as comfy as on larger planes and quality of food typical airline food. All staff were helpful and courteous and flight smooth and easy"
Prós: "The flight was full. service, food and entreatment was excellent"
Contras: "Sem entretenimento a bordo"
Contras: "Demora na retirada de bagagens"

Atraso de quase 1h da hora inicialmente estimada

We onboarded 1h30 late. We stayed in the plane for 3 hours before it was canceled because of snow. And we waited another two hours to be off boarded. Information was rare and bad. Decisions badly made. No support AT ALL from Ryanair after the cancelation.

Um sorriso da tripulação.

Não pude embarcar pois a tripulação disse-me que o vôo estava atrasado e que eles não poderiam me realocar em outro vôo, tive que comprar outra passagem e não tive direito nem sequer a reembolso.

Foi muito bom mesmo

A falta de organização no embarque, à falta de preparo dos funcionários no embarque e no voo, minha filha pediu uma lasanha durante o voo e precisei por duas vezes chamar porque esqueceram os talheres, a lasanha esfriou. O senhor de idade que pediu água para os remédios e se estressou no final pela demora e o pedido ainda assim demorou a ser atendido. Fora o atraso de mais de uma hora

O encosto era muito inclinado pra frente. Além de ser muito apertado, a posição inclinada pra frente fez o vôo ser extremamente desconfortável. :-(

Tudo normal, não vejo a necessidade de de fazer um novo checkpoint quando não se tem malas de porão.

Pior companhia aérea com quem voei...colaboradores sem cortesia...

Comprei os bilhetes pelo site kiwi. Não entregaram os bilhetes pelo email. A ryanair criou dificuldades para emitir no aeroporto. As poltronas são muito apertadas. Sou alto. Foi um sofrimento a viagem. Ryanair nunca mais

Sinceramente foi o pior serviço de todas as companhias aereas que jà viajei. Fico só por aqui senao tenho horrores para dizer

Delay nearly 2 hours, they know what they doing ,because if it was 2h delay they have to pay us. But luckily 1h48 min lol. Disrespect with clients

Como não consegui fazer o check in online no telemóvel tive que fazer no aeroporto e pagar mais de 100euros por isso! Gostaria de saber se isso é legal. Porque li que comprando através de outra operadora não deveriam ter cobrado

A temperatura estava muito alta mas o levantar e a aterragem foram incríveis mal se sentiram

Had a drunk guy by my side trying to mess up with me

Como sempre, a ryanair cumprir com os horários estabelecidos

Paguei embarque prioritário Ponta Delgada - Lisboa e nada foi prioritário, o voo atrasou e depois foi tudo ao molho e fé em Deus...

Contras: "A água poderia ser grátis."
Contras: "Easy checkin Comfortable seats Fun cabin stewards Great flight Great price"
Contras: "Correu tudo normalmente"
Prós: "O voo em si foi ótimo. O trajeto e comissários tranquilos"
Contras: "Teve atraso e troca de gate antes do voo. Então a poderia seguir com mais pontualidade. E um atrativo seria um agrado aos passageiros. Como um petisco e suco , por exemplo! No mais. Tudo correu bem!"
Prós: "price"
Contras: "we were 4 person traveling together and all seats assigned were separeted, including 2 children"
Contras: "The landing was very rough. My mom and I felt sick."
Prós: "Very organized and very easy boarding experience."
Prós: "Sim, a tripulação excelente"
Contras: "Correu tudo bem"
Prós: "Atraso del vuelo"
Prós: "De tudo, tripulação Portuguesa super simpática"
Contras: "Tudo estava bem, sem reparos a fazer"
Prós: "Yes, the onboard crew did a great job."
Contras: "Their crazy rules with “hand luggage” makes me nuts."
Contras: "O atraso do voo 45 minutos e a espera pelo autocarro para nos levar à saída do avião (10 min) !"
Prós: "Tudo muito bem organizado"
Contras: "O espaco entre os bancos e ao menos água deveria ser ofertada"
Contras: "Conforto"
Contras: "O aeroporto. Tudo muito longe."
Contras: "Um voucher de lanche devido ao atraso de mais de 2 horas"
Prós: "0 conforto"
Prós: "Cheap flight"
Contras: "Less time in the boarding line and less interruptions to sell things."
Contras: "Tripulação pouco profissional, a ter conversas sobre passageiros a frente de toda a gente,"
Contras: "Tudo"
Contras: "Desde a organização das informações para realização do Check-in até o atendimento durante o voo, a empresa deixa muito a desejar. Principalmente no quesito bagagem. Prestem muita atenção, pois eles não informam adequadamente sobre o despacho de bagagem, fazendo com que você desembolse valores absurdos no aeroporto."
Prós: "Pünktlichkeit"
Contras: "Preis des Gepäck und das ich 40€ für 10kg zahlen musste"
Prós: "Short"
Contras: "No food/ drink. Even water costs €3. It was EXTREMELY hot on the flight."
Prós: "Preço e facilidade busca"
Contras: "Tratamento no checkin e embarque. Só respeitam prioridades legais a quem paga a mais por isso"
Contras: "Não há nada de comida que a empresa oferece de cortesia."
Contras: "Turbulência"
Contras: "They charged us an additional 55 Euro per person for a boarding pass even when we have checked in on-line the night before."
Contras: "Ryanair service such as online checkin is not clear saying."
Prós: "Da qualidade versus preço"
Contras: "Atrasou 15m, nada de especial"
Prós: "price time of flight"
Contras: "unable to choose your seat free expensive tea and coffee and others"
Prós: "The crew"
Contras: "Uncomfortable seats"
Contras: "Atraso de duas horas no voo. Cheguei em casa muito tarde."
Prós: "Gostei que a experiência chegou ao fim e serviu para nunca mais voar com a empresa."
Contras: "Detestei tudo, me fizeram pagar novamente a mala para despachar, pois falaram que as 2 malas extras que comprei estavam indicadas para a ida da viagem e não uma para ida e uma para volta. O voo atrasou 2h40min e ficaram dando desculpas de todas as formas possíveis. Ficamos parados dentro do avião por 1 hora até conseguir finalmente sair do chão. Pouco espaço para as pernas. Te obrigam a pagar para escolher onde quer sentar (se tiver em mais que 1 pessoa, na hora que fizer o check in te colocam de proposito um na frente do avião e outro no fundo, para que voce pague para trocar de lugar). No balcão de informações da empresa eles não conseguem resolver nada e se livram do problema que qualquer reclamação deve ser feita no destino final."

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Porto (OPO)Portugal


Leipzig (LEJ)Alemanha

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Leipzig - Porto

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