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3 principais companhias aéreas a voar de Lisboa Aeroporto Humberto Delgado a Burgas

Pontuações baseadas em avaliações de utilizadores da KAYAK
NorwegianPontuação geral com base em 4419 avaliações
Avaliações sobre a companhia
Prós: "Crew was good, Seating needs to be updated"
Contras: "seats could recline better and padding could be better."
Ler mais sobre a Norwegian
Prós: "Crew was good, Seating needs to be updated"
Contras: "seats could recline better and padding could be better."
Contras: "More leg room."
Contras: "Making and being offered a solution that wasn’t two days later. When our plan had to emergency land due to engine surge there was no one working at the Norwegian desk. You had to wait in line for an hour and a half for a person to give you a slip of paper to call. They should have just told everyone"
Contras: "My luggage never arrived!! It was only a 45 min flight and bag was checked two hours prior to take off. Then customer service was nonexistent until we handled it on our own."
Prós: "the Screen you have"
Contras: "At least one complementary drink even water would be nice."
Contras: "The staff and crew at Norwegian were not friendly. Boarding was a mess. The plane smelled very bad and was uncomfortable to sit."
Prós: "The crew was amazing. They went above and beyond. I love traveling with Norwegian Airlines"
Contras: "Everything was perfect."
Prós: "Good movies and entertsinment"
Prós: "Comfortable leg room"
Contras: "Wheelchair assistance was not available. Waited over an hour to have someone assist us, but no one came. Once getting to security, assistance was still nowhere to be found."
Prós: "I slept"
Contras: "They just opened the gates and ran away and let people board. It was CHAOS"
Prós: "Nothing."
Contras: "Everything! Our flight was changed from a the 6 hour direct flight I purchased 6 months ago to an 11 hour 2 planes journey from a totally different airport! We arrived 3.5 hours before our flight at JFK yet waited in ticket line for 2.5 hours only to be given WRONG boarding passes."
Contras: "I missed my connecting flight because there was 2 hour delay and then first class got to get off first. Horrible"
Prós: "Comfortable rest, good food"
Contras: "Security and check in process need much improvement. No loungers even in premium."
Prós: "The aircraft was brand new and clean."
Contras: "The flight was delayed 5 hours for a total wait of 9+ hours without any contact for food vouchers, apologies or a compensation. We picked this flight for the convenience of the location and connection, but not sure if will ever do again in future. Also, no entertainment option in the flight at all."
Prós: "Business class seat can't recline to a flat seat"
Contras: "Quality of the seat."
Prós: "The best part was learning that we'll never fly with them again."
Contras: "The flight attendants were dismissive. The food service was only offered half way into the flight for extra (not mentioned food wasn't included). They even charged for basics like water. There was no entertainment even though the tickets were supposed to include it...but at least they weren't 2 hours late on the way home causing us to miss the next flight."
Prós: "Low fares, took away things like snacks and drinks which we were super okay with!"
Contras: "None"
Prós: "Needed to check in bags 24 hrs before the flight and do it online otherwise you have to pay $100 at the airport instead of the normal $35. It was extremely difficult to even tell if I needed to pay for checked luggage at all, when I tried to login to checkin I got an error that said "A technical error has occured""
Contras: "Baggage fees are a total scam. $35 over 24 hours ahead of the flight paid online or $100 at the airport. No where does the ticket tell you this."
Contras: "They lost our bags in the transfer and did not even offer water on the flight!"
Prós: "Food was pretty good considering it’s airline food. Featured the headrest flaps for more comfort when you doze off. Decent movie and show choices. I like the way you can order snacks, drinks or even duty free items on the display and have them quickly."
Contras: "Not very quick in picking up the trash. Tray tables too low."
Prós: "Comfortable seats. Friendly crew"
Contras: "Skagan wrap was slimy and terrible"
Prós: "Smooth floght."
Contras: "The guy servicing my aisle seemed not to know I was there. Overlooked me several times. Maybe I was too dark too see"
Prós: "I loved the service of the crew and the entertainment provided on the flight. Being all new aircrafts the flights have all been very comfortable."
Contras: "It took way too long to board, seemed unorganized with lines forming everywhere and no formal instruction. We landed 30min early but had to wait while taxiing to gate for almost an hour. Took almost another hour to get bags released onto baggage claim. Was an incredible inconvenience as I missed my connecting flight because of the delays"
Prós: "TV and movie choices. NOTHING ELSE"
Contras: "No where in sight when I booked my flight it said I needed to order my food in advance. The flight attendant would not even consider giving us food after everyone was served. We had to overpay for awful junk food. One of the worst experiences flying...doubt will book Norwegian ever again."
Prós: "New Boeing Dreamliner plane was very comfortable. We successfully bid for an upgrade which was of course spacious. Most food and drink was complimentary."
Contras: "The movie selection was limited. If there was on board music I couldn’t find it. There are usb and power points so you can bring your own though. It was awkward to eat out of the meal boxes with little plastic cutlery."
Prós: "Planes arrived on time, crew helpful, the comforts not so good. I do have to mention that the low super basic fares if you can fly on a backpack allow folks to fly international who really couldn't before. Plane excellent new Boeing 787 but with least comfort economy section seating configuration.. Best ever technology in Greyhound bus comfort. Pay for food and drinks experience via entertainment screen was good but not perfect."
Contras: "it felt like the Southwest airlines but 13 hour flights and you had to pay for baggage and water. Their upper end fares allow slightly wider seat, no-cost luggage, food and drinks but you cannot avoid the cattle experience of being bussed from far west LAX terminal to Bradley terminal with economy folks like me. Much better than WOW but trailing everyone else."
Prós: "The price was good"
Contras: "My flight to Rome was cancelled due to the snowstorm and after being redirected to Milan and then Budapest and then Paris, I knew I would never get on the Rome leg of my trip. I would have liked some weather update or communication about the trip as I just kept tracking it online. Sadly missed the flight and lost the money but I know Norwegian doesn’t control the weather"
Prós: "Flight was inexpensive."
Contras: "More than 1.5 hours late and NO NOTIFICATION FROM AIRLINE. Not even when I was checking in. No offer of even water to passengers who didn't buy meal plan-Illegal on an 8+ hour flight. Awful."
Prós: "The flight had status of delayed for 24hours due to technical difficulties. No updates were provided, except to wait while they check the issue. Given the technical issues for 24hours there should have been another plane provided for the 300+ passengers."
Prós: "Same as above."
Contras: "See previous survey commemt"
Prós: "If anything, the leg from Oslo to JFK was worse than Bangkok to Oslo! Hard to believe, but true."
Contras: "Gate waiting area was cleared - no idea why. As a wheelchair passenger, I was simply stuck for over an hour with no clue what was going on, no way to get to restroom or anything else. Flight delayed over 2 hours & worried about my connection at JFK. GROSS INCOMPETENCE. GROSSLY UNCOMOPETITIVE ON PRICE OR SERVICE OR AMENITIES WITH OTHER AIRLINES. I'm beyond disgusted with these clowns."
Prós: "If you have to go for a budget airline, Norwegian is the definitely better than ryanair or easyJet."
Contras: "For a budget airline, I have no complaints. Terrific job!"
Prós: "The flight from Boston to Gatwick was most pleasant - plenty of leg-room in Economy Class. The food was somewhat mediocre, especially the snack served at breakfast-time. Overall, however, a very good five and a half hour journey."
Contras: "Not a very large entertainment selection and food didn't look too appetizing, but nothing out of the ordinary for an airline."
Prós: "Crew was extremely helpful. The flight was delayed and it was cutting it close with my connecting flight. One of the crew members had the bus take me to my terminal and I made the flight."
Contras: "I wouldn’t fly Norwegian again! Poor service!!!!"
Prós: "The lighting, and USB port at every seat."
Contras: "Departure delay of almost two hours then another delay for passengers with security issues. Why weren’t the security issues cleared up during the other two hour delay? There is no food. Not even an offer of water or coffee."
Contras: "A multi-million dollar company that does not offer you a glass of water on a 7-hr flight, unless you buy a meal. Classy."
Prós: "Boarding and crew were very good"
Contras: "Movie and TV selection was poor. Food was poor, selections I wanted were not available."
Prós: "Entertainment: Many of the latest movies were available."
Contras: "No complimentary meals Needed to pay for 1 checked luggage for an int'l flight Flight crew was unresponsive when using the on-screen flight attendant request button...unless I was purchasing something. What a rip-off!"
Contras: "BEWARE BOOKING NORWEGIAN THROUGH K A Y A K. Norwegian is the only airline that does NOT allow travel agencies to access reservations — meaning should any issue arise, the travel agency will be calling the same Norwegian line that you would, with even less power than you would normally have yourself. Never fly Norwegian if you don't like the sound of 8 hour delays and lost baggage that require a rescheduled flight home — because they will insist on charging you exactly what you paid for the first ticket, claiming there's a "fare difference" when in fact there is none at all. Outright. Theft. Phone operators will not transfer you to their supervisor; online request for problem resolution has not been answered in over two weeks. If you think nothing will ever go wrong with air travel and you want the cheapest seat possible, fly Norwegian every time."
Prós: "Free Wi-Fi"
Contras: "Seats are fixed, they don't recline."
Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "I arrived one hour before the scheduled departure with and the gate attendants had disappeared. Nobody could help, nobody could direct me where to go or who to call, the person on he phone when I called Norwegian was unhelpful and rude and informed me that nobody that worked for Norwegian or associated was at a the airport and that if I wanted to change my flight I would have to do so within the next 10 minutes (from that moment but that there were no flights available that would get me there on time more my engagement 36 hours later) this was one of the worst airline experiences (and indeed any consumer experience) I have ever endured. I am planning to launch a very aggressive and hopefully damaging social campaign against Norwegian, APS (the incompetents that apparently are the contractors for Norwegian at he airport), and potentially Kayak for the role each group has played in this charade."
Prós: "easy boarding friendly staff clean plane"
Contras: "really did not like all the extra charges from what is customary on a long international flight. charge for blanket, snacks, no scheduled meal service. no wifi on flight either but had USB charge ports. this was a 12 hours flight. would not do it again, there was no discount for the fare in comparison to similar airlines that provide all this in the standard fare."
Contras: "Both online check-in and self-service kiosk check-in were unavailable. Only middle seats were available upon assisted check-in. Flight was delayed. Pre-order meal was not offered at booking and therefore was not served any food on 8+ hour international flight. Flight attendants did not offer clear explanation or alternatives to assist."
Prós: "Flight was good and crew was friendly. Good entertainment options."
Contras: "I didn't realize that with this class of ticket it is bare bones, meaning you don't even get a soda or anything, you have to order and pay through the computerized snack bar and then they deliver it to your seat. If you ask for a glass of water they will give it to you but they don't ask. Also they did not pick up any trash until the very end of the 8 hour flight. You get what you pay for! Overall it was okay for me but it was a bit surprising that with such a long flight they don't offer even a soft drink or coffee/tea!"
Prós: "The crew was lovely and charming and attentive. The movie selection was great and well appreciated on the long flight back to the US"
Prós: "The plane was pretty new but some of the entertainment perks did not work"
Contras: "Being charged for items that were no longer available and waiting for refunds. Slow food service didn't get any food or water till about 4 hours into the flight"
Prós: "Entertainment and movies"
Contras: "The flight was inattentive and the staff didn't look like they cared. Inattentive staff and the plane looked so worn down that it looked like it may break anytime."
Prós: "The airplane was clean and the flight crew was friendly. There was a decent amount of space in the seats and there was enough overhead space for carry-ons."
Contras: "There was no complimentary snacks but that is typical these days, I suppose."

Voo cancelado!!! Sem alternativas!!! Com voo de ligação para apanhar e sem alternativas! Muito mau

Pra mim correu muito bem a viagem

Gostei de nao ter pago valor a mais pela mala de cabine

Gostei de tudo, correu bem tudo

O que podia ter corrido melhor: Estava super satisfeita com lugares que nos foram atribuídos aquando da compra dos bilhetes e chegados ao avião, Alteraram os nosso lugares.

O comandante foi sensacional, saudou os passageiros olhando para todos. Explicou o motivo do atraso. Foi extremamente simpático convidando crianças e depois "crianças grandes" a visitarem a cabine enquanto aguardávamos a liberação da decolagem! Sensacional!!!

Voo impecável. Houve uma senhora que se sentiu mal, com ataques de pânico. Podiam ter levado para uma área do avião mais confortável mas não sei se há. Um dos tripulantes nao a largou e cuidou dela e do bebé, foi super!

Voo cancelado e sem possibilidade de reprogramação em até 48 hs.

Tivemos um atraso de mais de uma hora. É inaceitável tendo em conta que era o voo inaugural da rota para Porto Santo.

Nos últimos tempo tenho viajado na companhia easyjet, tem sido uma ótima escolha para os meus destinos !

Algum entretenimento (televisão, música…)

Contras: "From terminal to terminal... the worst airlines and experience. Flight delayed, crew unprofessional and boarding horrible."
Prós: "Competent crew"
Contras: "Very late"
Contras: "Flight was delayed ridiculously and were not informed of what time it was delayed to until shortly before departure. Been told due to fog but other flights were leaving in the meantime!"
Prós: "Crew was friendly"
Contras: "For budget airline they did pretty good"
Prós: "O assento é confortável para uma empresa de lowcost"
Contras: "O embarque e o desembarque."
Contras: "It is worth the price we paid for our round trip tickets. We were scrunched in, there are no frills. There is no food unless you want to buy it. Like I said, no frills, but worth the cheap ticket."
Prós: "The seats were comfortable, despite the fact that they didn't recline."
Contras: "We waited in cues repeatedly waiting to board. The check in crew kept separating people into different lines (unknown reasons). We were not told that the plane was late until after departure time. (by then, we had figured it out)."
Contras: "No delays"
Contras: "The food"
Contras: "The flight was delayed 2 hours. As a very tall person, I was put in the backmost seat, which is the only row which doesn't recline."
Contras: "Sair a horas"
Prós: "Crew was nice"
Contras: "Less line to check in"
Prós: "Crew were polite"
Contras: "Take off was over an hours dinner a half l late"
Contras: "O tempo de embarque, ou seja, depois de passar a porta de embarque, muito tempo à espera para entrar no aviao"
Prós: "Four hours of delay."
Prós: "Avião limpo e confortável"
Prós: "Voo de Londres à Paris bastante tranquilo e rápido."
Contras: "Poltronas não reclinam, mas tem um bom espaço para as pernas"
Contras: "Escolhi a easy jet porque considerava que se diferenciava das outras low-cost. A péssima experiência de autêntica caça à bagagem extra por um funcionário dedicado exclusivamente a essa função na fila de embarque provou-me que afinal estava enganado. Deixou de ter a minha preferência."
Contras: "More legroom than expected. Large fees for checked bags in my opinion."
Prós: ".?"
Contras: ".?"
Contras: "Assento desconfortavel para dormir."
Contras: "We were delayed an hour which would not have been so bad on a daytime flight but meant we did not arrive home until 3.30am"
Contras: "They overbooked our flight, sold our tickets and we didn’t get on standby. We had to wait in the airport for 8 hours for another flight because of this."
Prós: "Absolutely nothing."
Contras: "Our flight was 3 hours delayed, we had to throw away our backpacks because the the crew said we could not bring them on. They said throw them away or you have to stay in Portugal and can’t go to Madrid. We missed our connecting flight. Worst flying experience I’ve ever had! No one was apologetic."
Prós: "Na verdade não gostei dos assentos apertados e de não ter como carregar o celular."
Prós: "The price was cheaper"
Contras: "They could serve water"
Prós: "Sadly the best bit was landing and the pilot aborting and taking off again. Beats usual thrill seekers"
Contras: "4 hour delay"
Prós: "Pontual. Pessoal educado e alegre."
Prós: "Melhor pouso que já tive."
Prós: "Pontual"
Contras: "Nem uma água de cortesia."
Prós: "Espaco das cadeiras"
Contras: "N/a"
Prós: "No complaints about flight"
Prós: "Normal."
Contras: "Devter um atraso superior a 1:30"
Contras: "My flight was delayed more than two hours. They informed gate number at the last minute and changed the gate twice. Passengers had to running for catching the flight."
Prós: "Bigger plane, which was better."
Contras: "Flight delayed Not enough food on plane. Boarding took forever long long queues at Lisbon but security was surprisingly fast. Landed 40 min late"
Prós: "everything"
Contras: "i think the whole airline companies are losing the idea of providing simple free tea or coffee."
Contras: "O vôo atrasou e perdi o horário do meu ferry boat"
Contras: "Never again easyJet. rude staff at embarkation is London , made us pay for two hand bags when other passenger let go with two bags."

Tudo tranquilo

Atraso de quase 1h da hora inicialmente estimada

Um sorriso da tripulação.

Atrasado, equipe antes do embarque mal educada

É ridículo viajarem duas pessoas e cada uma ficar em lugares opostos na aeronave.

Pior companhia aérea com quem voei...colaboradores sem cortesia...

Comprei os bilhetes pelo site kiwi. Não entregaram os bilhetes pelo email. A ryanair criou dificuldades para emitir no aeroporto. As poltronas são muito apertadas. Sou alto. Foi um sofrimento a viagem. Ryanair nunca mais


Sinceramente foi o pior serviço de todas as companhias aereas que jà viajei. Fico só por aqui senao tenho horrores para dizer

Delay nearly 2 hours, they know what they doing ,because if it was 2h delay they have to pay us. But luckily 1h48 min lol. Disrespect with clients

Boa tarde . Infelizmente aconteceu nos um incidente e enganamo -nos no aeroporto . Chegamos ao aeroporto as 20h , o nosso voo seria as 21:30 . Por meia hora de atraso não nos foi permitido fazer o check in nos balcões e tivemos que pagar 55 por pessoa . E de facto lamentável , não há necessidade de manterem trabalhadores vossos nos balcões se para além de pagarmos o voo ainda temos que pagar mais 55€ para nós fazerem o check in quando ainda falta 1h e 30h pra o nosso voo partir ! Uma companhia como a ryanair peca muito por este tipo de atitudes . Não volto a viajar com a ryanair .

Foi tudo impecável. Todos sempre atenciosos

Não senti que a vossa empresa saiba gerir os voos dos clientes

Paguei embarque prioritário Ponta Delgada - Lisboa e nada foi prioritário, o voo atrasou e depois foi tudo ao molho e fé em Deus...

Contras: "Rude staff, unprofessional"
Prós: "Nothing. Everything was very bad."
Contras: "Bad line to check in. Bad line to get in the plane. 1h15 waiting inside the plane with no answer about hour to take off. No are condition in the plane. Cabin crew with no attention. Late to get out the plane. Late to claim the luggage. And, after 30 years traveling, first time I have a bottle broken"
Contras: "Flight had delay for about 40 minutes on taking off ... and landed about 30 minutes late ..."
Prós: "De nada nunca mais viajo c essa empresa, cheguei c 3 horas de antecedência no aeroporto e me fizeram pagar uma taxa de 55 euros absurdo, na volta atrasou muito, pessoas maleducadas"
Contras: "Houve um atraso e não avisaram. Ficámos em pé imenso tempo para embarcar como se o voo estivesse a horas."
Prós: "Gostei da tranquilidade do voo"
Contras: "O atendimento poderia ser melhor, mais explicativo sobre as dificuldades do cliente que não entende do sistema e estar em hotel. Isso dificultou a comunicação. A atendente geral no posto de atendimento muito arrogante."
Prós: "Tripulação prestativa e simpática."
Contras: "Voo atrasou mais de 40 minutos."
Contras: "O atraso do voo 45 minutos e a espera pelo autocarro para nos levar à saída do avião (10 min) !"
Prós: "Tudo muito bem organizado"
Contras: "O espaco entre os bancos e ao menos água deveria ser ofertada"
Contras: "Got asked several times for passport checks, about six times. Didn't quite understand why so many. Not many seats in Lisbon airport. Same with toilets."
Contras: "Conforto"
Contras: "Instruções de embarque mais clara entre prioritário / não prioritário."
Contras: "O aeroporto. Tudo muito longe."
Contras: "Priority line...."
Prós: "Amazing crew"
Contras: "It would be nice if the back of the chair was reclining"
Prós: "Tripulacao."
Contras: "Nao poderem entrqr trlles mais pequenosque mtos sacos d viagens precoa ebgnadores fica uma viagem prevo TAP"
Contras: "Desde a organização das informações para realização do Check-in até o atendimento durante o voo, a empresa deixa muito a desejar. Principalmente no quesito bagagem. Prestem muita atenção, pois eles não informam adequadamente sobre o despacho de bagagem, fazendo com que você desembolse valores absurdos no aeroporto."
Prós: "The price of the flight"
Contras: "1 hour late departure"
Prós: "Nada"
Contras: "Perdi todas as minhas conexões"
Prós: "Smooth flight"
Prós: "Preço e facilidade busca"
Contras: "Tratamento no checkin e embarque. Só respeitam prioridades legais a quem paga a mais por isso"
Prós: "A experiência no embarque foi PÉSSIMA, com a companhia RYANAIR, rnão desejo relatar nada do que tenha gostado."
Contras: "A companhia RYANAIR, não deixa claro a política de bagagens e na hora do embarque cobra por valores não informados antecipadamente."
Contras: "Turbulência"
Prós: "Cheap"
Contras: "They didn’t turn the cabin lights off on a 11 pm flight!"
Prós: "Ship flight arrived 20 minutes before"
Contras: "Big person on very small space Disturb quite a lot"
Prós: "Seats were roomy. Staff were friendly"
Contras: "50euro per bag for check in! Very delayed departure. More money to sit next to spouse and more money to have one carry on bag-- which was for medications."
Prós: "Price"
Contras: "Horrible experience. Queued on foot at gate for ages including 15 mins waiting on tarmac outside plane in blazing sun. Luggage took one and a half hours to appear after landing. Ridiculous baggage arrangements which seem to be designed to save Ryanair airport handling charges. You take your bag through security as hand baggage which means no liquids but then it’s put in the hold and you have to wait for it on arriving. As usual with Ryanair, maximum inconvenience to passengers."
Contras: "They delayed the flight from 8:55 to 10:15 but we didn’t board until about 11. They left us outside in the cold and extreme wind instead of having us just stay inside until the plane was ready. When I complained the employee said there was a woman onboard with a wheelchair and they didn’t have a way to get her off. When we finally got on takeoff was delayed another hour. They blamed all of this on air traffic control staffing in France, didn’t take any responsibility for the delay with the wheelchair. Ryanair is a disgrace."
Contras: "The guy at the boarding did not know the procedures for a non EU passport and kept me waiting for so long because he had not sure if my visa was real. He did not even check my passport if I had a visa. I paid for priority and ended as a lat person in the queue. Then a woman came and checked my passport and saw the visa and could not see any problem with it. I want to know why did a pay for priority services if the person at the boarding does not even know anything. Is the company going to reimburse the company for the time waiting and bring the last one?"
Prós: "Segurança"
Contras: "1- A comida parece a Comida servida nos Anos 70, muito básica com sabor Indústrial típico da Aviação. Tipo de comida que pelo aspecto e sabor nos faz sentir desconfortável e com náuseas. 2- Uma viagem transatlântica num Avião velho e desactualizado o barulho e a vibração do motor, principalmente junto a janela é tanto que não me permitiu dormir, mesmo sendo uma viagem de 7 horas (de Toronto, Canadá até Lisboa Portugal. 3- Inizisténcia de qualquer tipo de Entertenimento! Ausência total de monitores ou televisores não podendo assim assistir a nenhum tipo de programas ou filme., que agrava, principalmente quando se viaga com crianças."
Contras: "Ficamos mais 30 min trançados numa mini sala de embarque, os passageiros no voo pareciam estar num ônibus (gritavam, ficavam de pé o tempo todo, num voo de 55 min) e a tripulacao nada fez para melhorar isso."
Contras: "More one and half hour fight delay. Plus terrible queue at border control."
Contras: "Waiting time, unfriendly crew, pilot out of the cabin chatting with the door wide open."
Contras: "Received emails about baggage, the policy stated that any cabin baggage beyond 1 would be checked for FREE in the hold. My wife and I both arrived with a small carry-on bag and a backpack. Upon arrival to Lisbon the attendant told us we needed to pay40euro each for the extra bag because it was slightly bigger than the bag “tester” box. (It fit sideways but not long ways). We showed the email about the free checked bag and she said because it was too big we had to pay 40 euro each. After a while we agreed. She then told us just to go to the gate, it would be ok. At the gate we had the same conversation with a different attendendent, this time it was 50 euro a piece! She said there was nothing she could do and just like that we are out 100 Euro. Do not fly with these Crooks!"
Contras: "We are senior travelers and were unable to check in early due to tecnology issues. So we we went to the airport early. We arrived a half hour before the check in deadline ended. There were not enough agents at the booth and we waited and waited. By the time we finally got service we were past the two hour deadline, and we were charged an additional 220 euros. This was not due to an error on our part. We want afull refund. If we donnot receive some sort of satisfaction, rest assured we will never fly your airline again. Nor will we recommend it."

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10h 35mBOJ-LIS
285 €
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
13h 45mLIS-BOJ
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
13h 35mBOJ-LIS
291 €
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
22h 15mLIS-BOJ
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
21h 35mBOJ-LIS
293 €
2 escalasRyanair
20h 55mLIS-BOJ
1 escalaRyanair
15h 10mBOJ-LIS
312 €
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
22h 15mLIS-BOJ
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
22h 00mBOJ-LIS
319 €
1 escalaVárias companhias aéreas
12h 20mLIS-BOJ
1 escalaVárias companhias aéreas
9h 15mBOJ-LIS
325 €
3 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
35h 45mLIS-BOJ
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
13h 35mBOJ-LIS
345 €
1 escalaVárias companhias aéreas
12h 20mLIS-BOJ
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
22h 00mBOJ-LIS
361 €
1 escalaRyanair
13h 30mLIS-BOJ
1 escalaRyanair
15h 10mBOJ-LIS
401 €
1 escalaVárias companhias aéreas
15h 00mLIS-BOJ
1 escalaVárias companhias aéreas
11h 15mBOJ-LIS
442 €
1 escalaVárias companhias aéreas
12h 20mLIS-BOJ
1 escalaVárias companhias aéreas
18h 40mBOJ-LIS
486 €
1 escalaVárias companhias aéreas
24h 40mLIS-BOJ
1 escalaVárias companhias aéreas
16h 40mBOJ-LIS
573 €
2 escalasNorwegian
25h 30mLIS-BOJ
1 escalaNorwegian
16h 40mBOJ-LIS
584 €
2 escalasNorwegian
25h 30mLIS-BOJ
2 escalasNorwegian
16h 30mBOJ-LIS
606 €

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Ofertas recentes de voos de ida

2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
27h 10mLIS-BOJ
194 €
1 escalaVárias companhias aéreas
15h 45mLIS-BOJ
430 €
1 escalaeasyJet
13h 35mLIS-BOJ
444 €
3 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
19h 15mLIS-BOJ
758 €

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Voos Lisboa - Burgas


Lisboa (LIS)Portugal


Burgas (BOJ)Bulgária

Ofertas de voo de volta:

Burgas - Lisboa

Descubra aeroportos de origem:

273 €

Descubra destinos:

273 €