Encontra voos baratos do Porto para Vigo


Encontra voos baratos do Porto para Vigo

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Porto (OPO)
segunda 12/4
segunda 19/4
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Época baixa

outubroMelhor época para evitar as multidões, com uma queda média de 22% no preço.

Época alta

junhoÉpoca mais popular para voar, com um aumento médio de 34% no preço.

Preço médio de ida e volta

103 €(preço médio das últimas 2 semanas)

Boa oferta ida e volta

82 €ou menos

Boa oferta só ida

49 €ou menos

Quando reservar um voo do Porto para Vigo

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Conselhos para encontrar voos baratos

  • À procura de um voo barato? 25% dos nossos utilizadores encontraram voos nesta rota por 49 € ou menos (ida) e 82 € ou menos (ida e volta).
  • Considera-se época alta os meses de maio, junho e julho. O mês mais barato para voar é outubro.
  • Em média*, partidas pela manhã são cerca de 273% mais caras que um voo à noite.
*Média dos preços mais baixos mostrados nos resultados de pesquisa da KAYAK para partidas nos próximos 30 dias

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Como é que a KAYAK consegue encontrar preços tão baixos em voos do Porto para Vigo?

Como é que a ferramenta de previsão de preços da KAYAK me ajuda a escolher a altura certa para comprar passagens aéreas do Porto para Vigo?

O que é a opção KAYAK Mix nos voos do Porto para Vigo?

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Pontuações baseadas em avaliações de utilizadores da KAYAK

Pontuação geral com base em 3 644 avaliações
Avaliações sobre a companhia

Prós: "Comfort"
Contras: "Wifi on klm"

Prós: "The plane ✈️ itself the attendants . The entertainment on board. Really great"
Contras: "Nothing dissatisfying about the flight nor the airline staff . Very polite, very professional. It was a Great flight. For long trips this airline is one of the best."

Prós: "Muslim food"

Prós: "Fast boarding"
Contras: "Slow in refuelling, got us delayed for 40-"

Prós: "Great crew."
Contras: "Ran out of business class meal. Substituted a Econ class."

Contras: "Everything was OK"

Contras: "Boarding was chaotic & therefore delayed take off a little Receiving luggage was slow -@ 35 minutes from landing to luggage claim, so actual arrival was considerably later for those meeting me"

Prós: "Reclinable seats."
Contras: "The food!! The lights could be dimmed as it was a night flight."

Prós: "Food and service"
Contras: "Working wifi would be good. Better A/C. More comfortable seats"

Contras: "Flight 2 hours delayed, started boarding but had to wait on line 10 more minutes on boarding ramp for plane door to be opened, upon landing in Dublin had to wait on tarmac for anther 15 minutes for stairs to arrive and be connected to airplane. Then had to wait another hour for checked luggage...."

Contras: "Late departure. Rush to connect."

Contras: "Dozens of high school students screaming and climbing onto seats, crew did not intervene."

Prós: "The crew are amazing! Attentive and friendly."
Contras: "The seats could have been bigger."

Prós: "Everything was good except for the entertainment consul for one of our seats."
Contras: "One of our entertainment consuls had to be rebooted 4 times and still didn’t work. We gave up asking."

Prós: "the crew was nice"
Contras: "Seat confort on long flights, leg rooms,"

Prós: "Lovely crew, very helpful"
Contras: "N/A"

Prós: "The crew was very nice"
Contras: "Uncomfortable seat but it’s only a 1 hour flight so not a big deal."

Prós: "Crew was good"
Contras: "Food"

Contras: "Too much light in the cabin because of too many screens on. Should have a separate part of the cabin with screens off allowing one to sleep more easily."

Prós: "Gaps between seats are very narrow."
Contras: "when serving drinks, cabin crew limited to serve liquor only once and it was poor service."

Prós: "Friendly crew! More legroom, good entertainment and food was great! Smooth landings pretty much on time."
Contras: "Boarding could be better"

Prós: "Flying with KLM is a pleasure"

Prós: "I bought the Airport tickets for my Russian friend. However customs would not allow her to board the plane unfortunately. That's not Kayaks fault. I would definitely book with Kayak again. Many thanks."

Prós: "Comfort was better than on the previous Dash-8. Food was OK."
Contras: "Despised the cold temperature and cold draft in world business even with all vents shut off...gave me a head cold. Boarding was disorganized. There was no sense of direction; ergo, everyone was jumping in."

Prós: "Seats were comfortable and there was enough room for hand baggage. I slept during the flight so do not have opinion on entertainment."
Contras: "Not able to charge my digital devices. When serving beverages and food, the same flight attendant missed me a few times. That was annoying but other attendants were very nice."

Contras: "You are almost always late!"

Prós: "The leg room, was surprisingly roomy"
Contras: "The food and that there was no entertainment."

Contras: "Nenhuma atenção aos intolerantes à lactose. Muito má política. 4 voos 4 refeições com queijo... Até a SwissAir oferece alternativa..."

Contras: "Não estão atentos à intolerância à lactose... muito mau neste ponto."

Prós: "Nothing"

Prós: "Bording was good and general flight ok"
Contras: "This airplane must be the oldest in the fleet. No USB, no charging, no touchscreen technology, no plugs, no bluetooth."

Prós: "On time"

Prós: "Pleasant flight"

Contras: "Headset jack only worked if the headset plug was in EXACTLY the right spot."

Prós: "on time, and with snow"

Contras: "una valija se perdió. Eso desató el descontrol que tiene KLM para seguir el equipaje. No hay como hacer tracking. No hay un teléfono a donde hablar, la web está desactualizada y con información equivocada. Direccionan a usar canales de twitter y facebook que no responden. Primer experiencia en KLM y no pienso nunca más usar esta aerolínea. Llevar el equipaje o resolver un problema sobre valijas es de lo más básico de una aerolínea y no lo hacen."

Prós: "Good multi media access and content"

Prós: "Flight crew was pleasant and attentive. Seats were comfortable for economy as well. We were allowed to check in extra baggage for free at check in which really helped since we would be catching a connecting flight in Amsterdam"

Prós: "Very little if any."
Contras: "Aircraft was not very clean,the staff seamed quite harsh at times when speaking to customers. The food was really quite poor but it was a short flight to be honest. Overall not as pleasant as the China Southern flights. I would not like to choose them again unless i had to."

Prós: "Crew was friendly..business class seat was very comfortable and seemed wider than most Nice power outlets great entertainment system"
Contras: "Row 6 in business is after the first 5 rows and Galley and restroom. Very awkward"

Prós: "Airline staff good and professional"
Contras: "Nothing one can do, for a 6.2" guy, the metal bar that forms the shape for the pouch for magazines and such digs into knees, ESP if person in front adjusts seat back. Fold out table barely accommodates laptop."

Prós: "Of the multiple international airlines I recently flew with, I would have to say KLM was by far the best. Relaxing atmosphere, comfortable seating, great in-flight entertainment, although I have the go-go in-flight data/entertainment plan with t-mobile (highly recommended), the flight included a decent selection of movies, television programs, etc. The food far exceeded typical "airline quality," even for an international flight - and included a fabulous little snack box with locally sourced gourmet and specialty items such as chocolate from Belgium, fine cheeses from France, and crackers from England. Drinks = gratis, and crew was exceptionally attentive and went out of their way to make flight as pleasant as possible."
Contras: "Nothing."

Prós: "Timing & efficiency. Good food though only a sandwich."
Contras: "Nothing. Could say there was no entertainment but I didn't want entertainment on such a short flight"

Contras: "Chek in ....separado de minha mulher e ninguem resolveu o problema"

Contras: "Meter minha esposa longe de mim...em outro lugar...chek in muito mau...depois de pedir a tripulação para juntar os dois ninguem quiz saber e nao ajudaram..vergonha"

Contras: "Pet was left behind at vacation destination as pet's reservation (made and confirmed through KLM) was not found at check in. Waiting for Customer Care to help get pet home and take responsibility for situation and getting no response. Very dissapointed, considering law suit."

Prós: "Service"
Contras: "Only one queue for boarding. Flight late on arrival."

Prós: "Speed, crew, and reliablity."
Contras: "Food wasn't good, no entertainment or accessory plug ins, and seats were worn out! Not comfortable at all. Great leg room though."

Prós: "Flight attendants were friendly, but they only had limited resources to work with."
Contras: "Worst aircraft I have been on in years. No wifi or entertainment, no power outlets, only bad wine/beer for a 3+ hour flight is mediocre at best..."

Contras: "Flight was delayed for 4+ hours"

Contras: "Staff Curtsy and overall gestures!!"

Prós: "Exit row seat had much more space for legs, very much worth the upcharge for this seat."
Contras: "Cabin temperature was very cool for me. Never used a blanket on an international flight before, and used a blanke on this whole 9 hour flight. Maybe a function of the seat location? Not sure but I was cold."

Prós: "Entertainment system"
Contras: "Awoke to find ill man laying on floor in aisle next to me with oxygen. Shortly after... Passenger in seat near man on floor (diabetic but no one tells us anything) needs to lay across four seats with oxygen for heart issues for remainder of trip with staff and doctor on board nearby. Nevdr informed what was happening, never offered to move our seats or move iIl passengers. Glad all turned out ok. Could have given them more privacy and better informed other passengers."

Prós: "Quick boarding, comfortable seating. Great food!"
Contras: "The seats and IFE were a bit outdated. Comfortable, but outdated. My family had issues with their screens and one had to use the remote as the touch screen was no longer functional."

Prós: "Tripulação boa"

Prós: "The crew was very friendly."
Contras: "No wifi on a 9 hour flight. Takes a long time to get another round of coffee."

Prós: "Tripulação excelente."

Prós: "Crew was good, seat was not, it was freezing cold and one little blanket was inadequate!"
Contras: "Provide another blanket when needed, was wearing shorts and a short sleeve shirt."

Contras: "CDG airport in Paris is a very inefficient and by far the slowest airport. I recommend other passengers to get to the airport at least 4 hours before their departure."

Prós: "The whole crew is so kind"
Contras: "Delta made my whole first flying experience the best."

Prós: "The crew was amazing and extremely helpful!"
Contras: "The food could have been better"

Prós: "The comfort of the flight snd kindness of the crew."
Contras: "My connecting flight to san francisco was through Delta, which it was on a different terminal, I had to carry my luggage out of the airport in order to get to delta’s terminal - the buildings are not connected."

Contras: "See above."

Contras: "Couldn’t understand announcements"

Contras: "Train your ground crew. Our luggage was not placed on our flight from Paris to Amsterdam and were sent to Amsterdam on separate planes. My husband’s medication was in his bag. This was a great inconvenience for us. Never again on Air Canada. I suggest you explore the baggage process used by Delta."

Prós: "Everything was great"
Contras: "N/A"

Prós: "The cue lines per zone are the most brilliant idea!"
Contras: "After boarding began there was a backup after the gate en route to the plane. No explanation. The plane left an hour later than scheduled but seemed to arrive close to scheduled time."

Prós: "The new movies selection, food was very good, staff more friendly than previous flights"
Contras: "Boarding always a problem on MEA we have to wait too long in the queue"

Prós: "The transfer times were excellent"

Prós: "The airplane"
Contras: "Nothing"

Prós: "Crew was very nice. Food was good and tasty."
Contras: "Plane seemed a little worn, which surprised me since it was an A380. Not that old. I had purchased an upgrade to a seat with more legroom, only to find out there was no USB plug for charging my phone. All standard seats have them. Would have been nice to be warned about that."

Prós: "Crew was friendly and attentive but hard to understand"
Contras: "Airport experience was inefficient. Long unattractive walk, boarding was tedious: the automatic check-in was not helpful and required so many more staff. Random security check was redundant and chaotic."

Prós: "Extremely hot the plane"

Prós: "Service and crew are great"
Contras: "Seats"

Prós: "Cheap ticket"
Contras: "The fact that you cheapskates don't allow credit or refund is downright usury. I didn't take that flight because of medical issues that caused me to cancel my trip 2 weeks in advance. I pleaded with you to be able to take a credit, to no avail. You lost a customer."

Prós: "Absolutely everything perfect."
Contras: "Through my own fault I ordered a different seat instead of window seat. :)"

Contras: "No offer of snack with no egg in it."

Contras: "Please see comments above about this flight."

Prós: "Comfort, food and service are better than average."
Contras: "When stewardess opened overhead locker, something fell on my head."

Prós: "The fresh bread and cheese."
Contras: "The staff is very unprofessional in receiving the passengers and serving the drinks mainly. The luggage wasn’t received and after 24 hrs no news about it! It’s a shame"

Prós: "Charmingly nice crew and involving captain"
Contras: "the delay of the flight, the drinks we had to pay in the lounge, some poeple got a 25$ compensation coupon and we didn’t. The connecting time was about 1 hour and the luggage was not put on the plane to beirut"

Prós: "It was Amazing staff helpfull and fresh.. love it"
Contras: "Flight of almost 3 hours was not entreteiment at all just magazines."

Prós: "Boarding and punctuality."
Contras: "Lagos boarding with rather annoying wait due to repeat hand check. Perhaps added security carried far."

Prós: "It was on time"
Contras: "Food was AWFUL! Better to serve nothing"

Prós: "Priority boarding"
Contras: "Premium economy seats do not recline, only slouch. One of our 2 seats wouldn't slouch more than half way. The entertainment options are extremely sparse and the screens are 4:3 ratio, tiny, and of such poor quality that they look like laptop monitors from 1999."

Prós: "Leg room is bigger than average, there is also a foot step which helps you to relax."
Contras: "There must be lice on the plane, either from the customer or on the seats. Got bitten 6 times on the leg and butt!!! And this is not the first time hearing same story, Air France definitely needs to disinfect the plane more thoroughly. Media center is outdated, touch screen isn’t working well, felt being punched in head every time when ppl behind you tries to touch the screen!"

Prós: "On time departure and arrival"

Prós: "leg space in plane"

Contras: "The leg-space is very narrow The chair is very tiring No entertainment at all Food was tasteless But most surprising was that we were on stand by for our connecting flight. Though we bought the tickets months ago and we got our luggage checked in all the way to the final destination."

Prós: "Boarding was very efficient"
Contras: "Losing my luggage after checking it at the gate when volunteers were needed."

Contras: "Our first leg from Paris was delayed and we missed our flight to Dubrovnik. We then had to hire a car and drive 6 hours to ensure we wouldn't lose a day more of our holiday."

Contras: "Food and coffee were cold. Service on AF is getting worse."

Contras: "The food is awful The entertainment, i.e. movie selection, is not very good and doesn't change very much. The seats are not comfortable and my chair did not recline."

Prós: "Loved the movie selection and the food was good too."
Contras: "Too many interruptions. Every time there's an announcement, it interrupts the movies and some of the announcements were completely unnecessary and there were so many of them, it was like constant interruptions, really annoying."

Prós: "Space"
Contras: "Couldn't adjust the seat and the cushion wasn't comfortable neither seat or back. The bottom back was like a board across the bottom and hurts."

Prós: "Spacing was ok"
Contras: "Scents. Perfumes. Products that have scents that irritate airways. Not good for asthma and allergies."

Prós: "Entertainment center is brand new and Cleanliness Crew was ok And yeah there's wine (that way you can get plastered and ignore the uncomfortable seats)"
Contras: "Checking in was ridiculous. They're charging for literally EVERYTHING now. On economy class you have many options: - Normal (free!) "ergonomic" seats: uncomfortable, narrow, really close to the one in front of you. - Normal (exit row): just give up. There's like 6 of these and they're taken immediately. - Normal (middle of the plane): are you kidding me? These are NORMAL seats and you charge an extra €30? - Normal (2 seats per row!): what a bargain. Same crappy seats, but two people instead of three! This is really worth my money. - Upgrade to business! Why are you so poor! AF food went from being the best in international flights to disgusting microwave food (especially vegetarian)."

Prós: "Crew was very nice and helpful"
Contras: "Old airplane with very low amenities. Plane still had ashtrays"

Prós: "Bar/Coctail service on AF was excellent."
Contras: "Boarding area at CDG had almost nothing in the way of food and drink. Only one small Illy. Unbelievable in a major international airport."

Prós: "Not much of anything. No complimentary food or drink for a nearly five hour flight, and sub- par customer service."
Contras: "The check in agents with Iberia airlines in Porto were rude, the. told me only when I arrived that I could not carry on “camping backpacks”, so I would have to check it for an additional 40 euro to check it.. despite saying they’d be happy to check “carry on” free of charge.. I’ve never had a problem with my backpack before, and it fits well within the size restrictions and easily fits in the overhead.. then they were unable to transfer my bag that I payed 40 euro to check, to my connecting flight. Therefore I had to wait two days to receive my luggage at my final destination in Rome.. Overall a really mediocre and frustrating experience."

Prós: "Almost nothing."
Contras: "Allow field research of all terminals to best decide for the next flight to book. If I were 3 seconds off and not running on my last leg to Naga, I would have been stuck in Manila for the entire duration of my trip."

Prós: "Nothing. The airline changed the departure time for the first leg of my flight so I could not check my connection and had to cancel my flight and rebook with another airline."
Contras: "Keep scheduled flight times."

Contras: "They lost my bag and I still haven't heard from them"

Prós: "The crew was good and the seats were fine."
Contras: "It was a short flight but it would have been nice to have a glass of water."

Prós: "The crew in my area were very helpful. The young guy next to me passed on the dinner choices. The crew member came back and asked if he would like some pretzels, etc. which I thought was very nice. They were very friendly."
Contras: "Just a suggestion that the ear jacks for the entertainment be passed out earlier. Luckily I brought my own but my neighbors on both sides had a long wait until they were passed out."

Prós: "The entertainment was good"
Contras: "The space in the seats are very small for such a long trip"

Contras: "Flight was delayed. Took a long time to board."

Prós: "Crew was nice and reliable."
Contras: "Beverages should be complimentary."

Contras: "2 hours late"

Contras: "Information,connection,airline staff,customer service, Ivan go on forever"

Prós: "The flight attendants were really nice and kind and the onboard entertainment was nice"
Contras: "LEG ROOM! This was less than normal space! The seats were so close to each other I couldn’t even straighten up my knees! This is a long haul flight, it is not humane to keep people folded in 3 for 12h!"

Prós: "nothing"
Contras: "It should have departed on time. It departed 50 minutes later than the original time."

Prós: "Clean and friendly crew."
Contras: "No food or drink and a single checked bag was extra money."

Contras: "Não apanhei o voo."

Contras: "Não apanhei o voo."

Contras: "Missed connection and this delayed by 20 hours to final destination."

Prós: "The crew was amazing.The seats weren't bad but not super comfortable."
Contras: "The kosher food was excellent and delicious but cold.Our only complaint was that the boss of the crew laughing and making lots of noise when people were trying to sleep.It was great to see people so happy but not during sleep time.I loved the crew.They were very warm and friendly.Boarding was excell"

Prós: "Tudo"
Contras: "Nada"

Prós: "Tudo"
Contras: "Tudo"

Contras: "The flight to Madrid from Porto left so late I missed my connecting flight to Bilbao and I so I took a bus to my destination."

Contras: "I couldn't check in online because I don't have 2 surnames. I arrived at Granada airport early to allow plenty of time to check-in. So did about a thousand other people. There was only one person available to check everyone in for Iberia. It was grateful. Plane was old. Not even a glass of water was offered."

Contras: "I wish there was a bigger selection of movies and tv-shows to watch."

Prós: "Price"
Contras: "A cup of water given anywhere else for free was not provided. There was no entertainment. The plane was old and seats very uncomfortable"

Prós: "Saving grace: movie selection much better than expected. Food a bit better than expected (in the world of airline food). Crew capable & nice enough. We got to our destination on time, so at least there’s that."
Contras: "Boarding @ JFK was a joke. That part of airport is currently under construction, so massive # of ppl & not enough room for everyone. Once on plane, all reasonably good until we reached altitude & settled in for the evening. At that point, for some reason the heat came on between rows 39 & 46 (we were in row 45) & was on all. night. long. on an overnight flight. Crew was baffled & didn’t know how to fix. I was melting & miserable — impossible to sleep. Cramped, basic economy seats. Awful experience."

Prós: "Crew was very helpful"
Contras: "Food could've been better"

Prós: "The flight is barley an hour so nothing was served. I was glad I had water on me. Other wise it was a easy flight"
Contras: "It was hard to hear the woman when we were boarding."

Prós: "The cabin crew, the overall flight conditions."
Contras: "No entretainement and flight information available."

Prós: "Good organization and time on flight."
Contras: "In 10 hours never offered water."

Contras: "Iberia lost one of our bags and also broke our stroller"

Prós: "Loved the service and the plane"
Contras: "seats are uncomfortable."

Prós: "NOTHING, now waiting in airport for four hours."
Contras: "55-minute connection across terminals - five of us missed this flight. Iberia didnt even offer a voucher for breakfast. Makes this an overnight nightmare"

Contras: "Al llamar a Iberia(horas antes de nuestro vuelo)para informarles que por llegar a Venecia a bordo de un crucero y este no poder entrar a puerto en hora por motivos de la neblina y por esa razon no poder llegar en tiempo nosotros al vuelo,nos dijeron que no podiamos volar con ellos desde el vuelo de Madrid al otro dia a Miami y solo nos ofrecieron otro vuelo para 3 dias despues y con un precio bastante alto,conclusion que siendo una compania tan reconocida poco nos ayudaron, por no decir practicamente en nada,"

Contras: "It was hot in there and the WiFi wasn’t working Besides that it was good"

Contras: "Slow service by the flight attendants; poorly stocked food options. perhaps it’s a European thing with budget airlines but to pay for water is unacceptable."

Prós: "The flight was quick."
Contras: "It was incredibly close."

Prós: "Air hostess were pleasant. Take off and landing were super smooth. Plane was new and very spacious."
Contras: "Boarding process was confusing and disorganized. There were no vegetarian food options available for the dinner."

Prós: "I am of average height -6 feet- and my knees were touching the seat in front of me. Not comfortable but not too bad either."
Contras: "Boarding was extremely chaotic."

Prós: "Do comandante que simpaticamente explicou o que se ia passando"
Contras: "Quando chegámos de Figari e fomos logo fazer o check in não quiseram aceitar-nos porque o avião estava overbooked e tivemos que esperar até todos os passageiros estarem sentados sempre com o risco de nao embarcarmos, o que acabou por não acontecer. A sugestão era ficarmos a dormir em Paris uma noite, apesar de termos as reservas confirmadas. No gate foram simpáticos mas a funcionária do check in era uma francesa incompetente e antipática, que nem sequer conseguiu encontrar as nossas reservas. Tivemos que ir a correr ao balcão da Vueling e ainda nos ameaçou que o voo ia fechar...enfim, uma experiência a não repetir"

Prós: "Fast boarding."
Contras: "No air conditioning.no help with making connecting flight/customs. Staff could not speak english."

Prós: "They solve the flight connection issue and move us to a direct flight."

Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "No free snacks or drinks"

Prós: "The food served and diverse movie choices."
Contras: "4 hour delay."

Prós: "I liked the cabin crew, Iberia has the most beautiful bears on board! So handsome guys on beard!!!!!!!"

Prós: "I got a connection in Madrid to my destination, but the previous flight was delayed about 30 minutes. I got in the airport about 15 min before the gate closed. The gate that i arrived to my connection flight was around 26 min away. I have a condition on my leg and i cannot run, so i walked really fast through the airport and I was so happy to see that they were waiting for my delayed flight... which is very unusual. Thank you!!!!"

Prós: "Alcohol allowed for free. Friendly people"

Prós: "Crew was nice"
Contras: "Checking was a mess : Could only check in for the first flight, checkin for the second time was available 24h before the second flight, and when I finally was able to check in, it failed. so I had to check in at the desk in Paris. I also was not sure if I had to checkin at the AA desk or Iberia desk : ended up being AA, but you all should be clear about this and say it on your confirmation email for multi company flights. My ticket said Iberia but the flight was handled by AA. Food was awful and no personal screen in the plane, but that's not your fault."

Prós: "The quality of the service from the crew was superb. It was comfortable, relaxing and the food was delicious."

Prós: "It got me where I wanted to go."
Contras: "15 minutes late arriving which made connection tight. Very little legroom."

Prós: "Again, fantastic, professional, courteous and very helpful crew. Great take off and landing by excellent pilots"
Contras: "The seats are very tight and uncomfortable."

Prós: "More legroom than other airlines, timely and in flight entertainment."

Prós: "Flight was fine"
Contras: "Ticket/luggage issues not handled very well. Long wait lines. No notification of plane delay on monitors."

Contras: "They didn’t allowed to add one luggage for free( not carry on) they charged and for international fly , all companies allow one"

Prós: "Too long ago!"

Prós: "Snotty crew. Had to pay 2+ Euros for a Coke. Untrained personnel in the airport check in"
Contras: "If I had flown on Iberia"

Prós: "The crew was bilingual and very friendly."
Contras: "The TVs did not work. The sandwiches we had for breakfast were underwhelming, especially after having a 4.5 hour delay prior to boarding"

Prós: "Crew was great"
Contras: "The plane had a technical difficulty with the emergency exit making us feel so uncomfortable and nervous we left the aircraft and had to buy tickets to another flight later"

Contras: "Boarding started 50 minutes late without explanation and we sat on the plane at the gate for another 45 minutes without any explanation as to what the delay was for."

Prós: "Great airline"
Contras: "More choice of food"

Contras: "The charge for baggage but when i bought the ticket i received that the baggage was included"

Prós: "Flight took off on time. Plane is big and seats are good for people up to 6 feet tall and comfortable fior people up to 220 lbs. Crew was excellent from checking in til landing. I will travel again with Air Europa but I will take a sandwich or two with me just in case pasta is being served. Flight was from Madrid to Miami. On my flight from Miami to Madrid the food (chicken) and everything was excellent. Oct 14 2018"

Prós: "I am new to Air Europa, and I have had a great experience with several flights."
Contras: "They could use kiosks at check in, to move the line a little quicker."

Prós: "Everything was great!"

Prós: "We did arrive"
Contras: "15 mins late...boarding...looked like a circus...got double billed for my luggage...person in charge of boarding ...total B to customers.... There are other options...take them."

Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "Flight left an hour late, cabin was very hot."

Prós: "clean plane food and drinks comfortable seats"
Contras: "warm and no way of adjusting a personal vent"

Prós: "clean plane food and drinks comfortable seats"
Contras: "warm and you can't adjust personal vents the internet and on flight entertainment kept going offline. the monitors were reset 3 times and nothing got better."

Prós: "excellent crew and support staff, very helpful. last minute ticket price was exceptional. Food was actually better than the major carriers."
Contras: "personal video was the only thing that wasn't up to par in comparison to the bigger airlines. But what I paid for the ticket, I'm not going to complain."

Contras: "Comfort"

Contras: "A low cost company trying to compete with bigger company and prices too high for what you got."

Prós: "I liked the Boeing 787"
Contras: "The service sucked. The crew speaks very weak English. The crew only comes around the cabin very few times. Not good on a 9 1/2 hour flight."

Prós: "The Embraer is a great regional aircraft."
Contras: "There are plenty of air bridges to use at Porto airport, but AirEuropa chooses to use a stand that requires busing passengers from the terminal and back. No IFE."

Contras: "An hour to check in is unreasonable and the having to go to a separate counter to pay for a bag was a joke."

Prós: "I like the service"
Contras: "The lack of space between seats, for a trip so long every passenger should feel some comfort not just first class passengers"

Contras: "La tripulación fue muy gentil y atenta"

Prós: "excellent"

Prós: "Wide body aircraft."

Contras: "The plains are old and uncomfortable, very little space in between seats. The food wasn't good"

Contras: "The first time the pilot try to land it was horrible. I guess he realized what he was doing apologies and did much better. Thank God. The charge for everything. They don't even give you soda if you don't paid for it."

Contras: "Every flight was at least an hour delayed. We were insanely late for our connection flight due to a totally unnecessary delay at the first airport. We then SPRINTED across the whole Madrid airport and then when we arrived to second plane was TWO HOURS delayed. The staff always seemed to be working, but was completely inefficient in getting anything done. It took them 20 minutes to respond to our notice (we pressed the air attendant button on our seats) and then told us we couldn't get snacks because they were giving out pizzas, which took another hour. Every single part of our flight was delayed and inefficient... with no reason ever being given. It was pretty miserable overall and I will likely never use Air Europa ever again."

Contras: "Bad services, and the staff too"

Prós: "terminal E7 was filled about 15 AE personnel standing around doing not much of anything. Not even simple announcement welcoming or informing the customers of why its flight was delayed. They were busy greeting their own VIP's heading in and out of the business class. When asked what's going on, the AE personnel simply stated 'just wait'"
Contras: "At the security, i was turned away because TSA will not take Air Europa's electronic boarding pass. When I went back to the check in counter, I asked why, no answer from three people at the check in standing around. Again, indifferent attitude. Shouldn't AE inform customers of this time wasting problem? No self check in kiosks."

Prós: "Most of the staff was friendly and professional"
Contras: "As a musician all it takes is one flight attendant to make your trip a nightmare. Every flight is a game of cat and mouse to get your instrument on board. I was told there wasn't enough room, in the end half the over heads were empty."

Prós: "The flight itself was comfortable. The Airbus planes are fantastic."
Contras: "I was squeezed in the middle of a row. If I was able to check in ahead of time I would choose a better place to start with. The check in just didn't work!"

Prós: "Price."
Contras: "Could not check-in 24 hours in advance. No free drink due to 1 hour flight; water would have been good."

Prós: "I like in general"
Contras: "For the next time I need more space for my chair, because my legs suffer for this."

Prós: "Onboard service was great. A small tram picked me up as I was in a Wheelchair and transported myself and companions to the terminal."

Contras: "It has a 2.5 hours delay I had an important meeting, I had to cancel"

Contras: "Flight was over 1,2 hours late leaving MAD, causing me to miss my Cancun connection and costing me over $300.00 in hotel bills and re-booking fees. This alone trumps any positive aspects of the flight."

Prós: "- I like the economic price. - I like that I was flying in economic class and I was allow to carry two luggages. That makes the difference with any other airline."
Contras: "There was one hour delay because the Madrid airport was foggy and they never told the passengers what was going on. When the airplane was almost landing at the Madrid airport with the normal low speed, then suddenly accelerated and start going up to flying around Madrid, then they put music and they never told the passengers what happened or what was going on again."

Contras: "I particularly hate this airline as the flight teams always seem overworked and under prepared. The flight attendants were yelling at all the passengers and threatened to kick people off the plane for trivial reasons. At the end off the day I guess you get what you pay for as this was the cheapest flight available and the service was mediocre at best"

Prós: "Nothing. Totally dissatisfied."
Contras: "They could have made a better effort to get me on that plane in London. After the facts unfolded, I got the impression it was a race thing."

Prós: "Overall the experience was pleasant, once we figured out that things were fine. The crew was friendly and the seats are better than United Airline."
Contras: "We arrived at JFK early 4 hours before departure, and there was no sign and no one to ask questions. The check-in did not start until 2:30 before departure and there was no announcement."

Contras: "They closed the boarding doors early and I ran thru the entire airport to get there and they wouldn't let me on because my flight was delayed. THE WORST"

Contras: "Airlines provides no customer support. Do not take it. You have been warned. If you need any changes or any cancellations the policies are extremely unfair. Complete garbage."

Prós: "Food"
Contras: "No entertainment for long flight except mr bean. The way to Madrid was much more enjoyable. Same airline. Oh and wifi=30$ for 50 MB. I use that in 2 min so way too little data with each package."

Prós: "Very friendly crew."
Contras: "Getting off the plane on the tarmac"

Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "Very cramped plane, weren't given breakfast or drinks. I just suggest never flying Air Europa. Terrible airline."

Prós: "Our flight was ontime"
Contras: "Minimal leg space, only a couple of televisions, uncomfortable flight overseas"

Prós: "Service"
Contras: "The seating space was horrible. I have used this airline before and everything was good, but this experience was not comfortable. I could barely move in my seat. The rest was good but can work on the space issue."

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Medidas de segurança das companhias aéreas que voam do o Porto para Vigo

As companhias aéreas que voam do o Porto para Vigo adotaram medidas de segurança adicionais e ajustaram as suas políticas para melhor acomodarem os passageiros. As políticas variam consoante a companhia.

Reforço das medidas de higiene

Limpeza diária, instalação de filtros HEPA na cabina em voos do o Porto para Vigo

Uso de máscara obrigatório

Uso de máscara obrigatório a bordo; máscaras fornecidas em voos do o Porto para Vigo

Lugares com distanciamento físico

Lugares do meio indisponíveis em voos do o Porto para Vigo

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