Encontra voos baratos do Porto para Nebrasca

Encontra voos baratos do Porto para Nebrasca

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  • Como época alta, considera-se janeiro, fevereiro e dezembro. O mês mais barato para voar para Nebrasca é janeiro.

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Como é que a KAYAK encontra preços tão baixos em voos para Nebrasca?

Como é que a ferramenta de previsão de preços da KAYAK me ajuda a escolher a altura certa para comprar passagens aéreas do Porto para Nebrasca?

O que é a opção KAYAK Mix em voos para Nebrasca?

O que são as «datas flexíveis» da KAYAK e como me podem ajudar a encontrar um voo para Nebrasca?

Principais companhias aéreas a voar de Porto to Nebrasca

Pontuações baseadas em avaliações de utilizadores da KAYAK

Pontuação geral com base em 3 646 avaliações
Avaliações sobre a companhia

Prós: "Absence of food"
Contras: "In flight service"

Prós: "Confort and kindness"
Contras: "It was too cold"

Prós: "Fast boarding"
Contras: "Slow in refuelling, got us delayed for 40-"

Prós: "One crew member was very good but all were not very available or checking on people. I had a seat that I purchased and it was very hard to recline I only found out that it did if fact recline it the last hour to hour and a half of the trip! It was a difficult push back to get it to recline"
Contras: "If I knew how to recline my seat earlier. I did try several times"

Prós: "The crew were very nice, food was tasty, seat comfortable and the entertainment great as well. Will be flying KLM again soon :)"

Contras: "The check in desk was late opening & the carry on luggage size was smaller than advertised on their website, so it had to be put in the hold. Open on time to prevent less stress to travelers & give more accurate information about cabin luggage."

Prós: "The crew!!"

Contras: "At the check in they made me pay 50€ for my luggage. This is really upsetting because from Houston to Venice they didn't make me pay. Either the website wasn't transparent or the lady at the desk made a mistake. Very upsetting, one luggage should be included."

Prós: "Entertainment options."
Contras: "Service was poor, seat did not recline, and the food was terrible."

Prós: "short, sweet and to the point. 1+ hour flight is usually an easy hop."

Prós: "MCR airport Mert & Greet parking was smooth and efficient."
Contras: "Flight was delayed 2 hours due to bad weather. Additional baggage payment to Air Baltic did not show up on the KLM system and we had to pay again. Nowhere to address this with Air Baltic even in Tallin. Handlers seem uninterested and refer us to ‘the website to address the issue.....’"

Prós: "The staff tried to help me when it was evident we would not arrive on time"
Contras: "The connecting flight is too short of a time. We were late out of LAX and I missed my connection and had to sit in airport for 5 hours. Missed my grandson’s third birthday party. Just made me sad as Travelled from far to try to make it."

Prós: "Flying with KLM is a pleasure"

Prós: "Snooth and efficiënt with a KLM service"
Contras: "No entertainment"

Prós: "Good entertainment options. Nice flight attendants"
Contras: "It would be helpful for short people to be able to adjust the head rest lower on the seat. More recent released movies would be helpful. More leg room. Not charging more money to choose seats."

Prós: "Great on board service from a very professional crew."
Contras: "Can't think of a thing."

Prós: "Food and staff behaviour"
Contras: "Entertainment"

Prós: "Everything is top notch for an airline company."
Contras: "Nothing.... I enjoyed every moment of the flight."

Prós: "Nice to have a wrap for the snack."
Contras: "Would have preferred boarding by row - back of the flight first so would have been more organized."

Prós: "Nice crew; clean plane; decent dinner"
Contras: "No entertainment system; insufficient knee space"

Contras: "Nenhuma atenção aos intolerantes à lactose. Muito má política. 4 voos 4 refeições com queijo... Até a SwissAir oferece alternativa..."

Contras: "Não estão atentos à intolerância à lactose... muito mau neste ponto."

Prós: "Friendly staff, good service and on time departure/arrival."

Contras: "After more than two hours of delay... Initially the flight takes off was at 8:35... Then 21:20... Then 21:50... Then 22:10. Finally we took off at 22:40... Refund our money klm..."

Prós: ".Very much on time with pleasant service."
Contras: "Can nit find much fault fir a short run!"

Contras: "Bag was lost"

Prós: "Airlines issue"
Contras: "Profiling certain customers"

Prós: "on time, and with snow"

Prós: "In flight food was enjoyable"

Contras: "Dutch sub titels would be nice."

Prós: "The cabin crew were pretty good. That's about all that was good."
Contras: "I paid almost $400 for upgraded seats. When I got to the airport-- no seats-- both ways!! i didn't even have regular seat assignments. I had to choose from the last few seats available. The ticket agent, the gate agent and the cabin crew all did nothing to make up for the fact that their system screwed up and stuck me in a cramped coach seat in the back of the plane for 11 hours-- TWICE! Beyond that, KLM must have one of the oldest fleets in the sky. Both ways LAX->AMS->LAX, I was on a 30-35 year old 747 with no wifi, no power and a ten-year-old entertainment system. Never again."

Prós: "The flight attendants could not do enough for you."
Contras: "Business class was pretty empty but again I was not allowed to change my seat selection online. Pathetic check-in."

Prós: "Entertainment was good, and crew was very nice and accommodating. Flight was very comfortable and smooth."
Contras: "The food was okay, not that great."

Prós: "Short-hop flight, fit for purpose."

Contras: "Flight way delayed 3 hours. Staff gave no information and wouldn't help rebook us onto other flights. They gave us food vouchers 2 minutes before we finally boarded, so we couldn't use them. The food on the plane had spoiled so we were all starving on the flight, and we all missed our connections. Horrible experience and wouldn't fly with KLM again."

Prós: "Cabin crew very pleasant"
Contras: "Lost our bags, little sympathy from staff"

Prós: "Professional, welcoming and very friendly crew, well-maintained aircraft, comfortable seat and good food. Keep up the good work, KLM."
Contras: "Not much to comment on here."

Prós: "Usual professional and friendly service from my airline of choice for most destinations."
Contras: "Nothing"

Contras: "KLM can't seem to figure out the order of boarding the plane. Should be business - priority - everyone else. Instead they do priority first, and that's usually two-thirds of the passengers. Also, really tired of the fake business class on these flights..."

Prós: "Loved the service...everything was excellent"
Contras: "The bus class seat was a bit narrow at the feet"

Prós: "Boarding/unboarding"
Contras: "Didn't allow my carry on. Said too big. Same bag was on earlier connecting flight on much smaller plane. Also on flight on Southwest week prior. But larger intercontinental flight wouldn't allow it."

Contras: "The leg room on the long flight was less than I would have wished and it was particularly bad when the person in front put their seat back. this was a day time flight and it would have been good to have a bit more room to use a laptop."

Prós: "The pilot kept us informed periodically during our journey. I liked that we could choose our seating online. The entertainment was good."
Contras: "The plane was dirty, all seats did not have pillows and blankets. Seating was not very comfortable, particularly as there was a box attached to one of the legs of the seat in front of me, making it necessary to move my legs to an uncomfortable angle."

Prós: "Great crew service. Among the best ever."

Prós: "It was so easy to board and I had no inconvenience. It took 4 minutes from when I said goodbye to my family till when I was at the front of the gate."
Contras: "Nothing! It was all great!"

Contras: "Chek in ....separado de minha mulher e ninguem resolveu o problema"

Prós: "Catering is ok"
Contras: "Seats comfort really old school"

Contras: "Meter minha esposa longe de mim...em outro lugar...chek in muito mau...depois de pedir a tripulação para juntar os dois ninguem quiz saber e nao ajudaram..vergonha"

Contras: "KLM had bumped us to a later flight for no reason and again we had to call with a long wait to get our original connection restored, However, we did not get boarding passes during checking in Europe and thus had to go outside security in Detroit to the main check-in gate and wait 30 minutes to get the error resolved. Then it was back thorough security and a rush to the gate to get there in time to board. Lost our original seat assignment and wound up in the last row at the tail of the plane. Extremely poor coordination between KLM and Delta who operated the flight."

Prós: "The crew was efficient and controlled the mask situation well. The seat was well used so it was not as comfortable as I expected. The flight crew did an excellent job with providing information and flying a smooth flight."
Contras: "Boarding was a little chaotic as the person calling out rows kept repeating the same rows for boarding."

Prós: "Everything was great thanks"
Contras: "Five star trip"

Contras: "Flight was over booked and 1 hr delay"

Contras: "Staff not friendly, no food"

Contras: "The flight was 7 hours delayed, United could have been more helpful with choosing a better option to get home"

Prós: "The seats were spacious"

Contras: "O avião tem bancos demasiado estreitos. Um corredor único também excessivamente estreito. Apenas 2 WC para a economia - a confusão é grande, há dificuldade em ir ao WC e de circular minimamente. Não acho o avião adequado para a extensão da viagem."

Contras: "Não efetuei o voo por causa de um atraso no voo anterior que fez com que perdesse a minha conexão. Senti que a swiss nao se esforçou em ajudar os passageiros da melhor forma possível"

Prós: "getting bumped up to economy plus and being in an exit row."

Contras: "Poor communication about delays, delayed for over an hour with no where to find once on the plane, nobody offered any of the passengers anything to drink. Overall my worst flying experience with United ever."

Prós: "Embarque com crianças Entrerenimento"

Prós: "It seemed they had just installed new carpet and the seats looked like new. The plane was nice."
Contras: "We were 2 and a half hours late to Omaha. There were thirty planes ahead of us to take off in Chicago. Very long wait inside of the plane."

Prós: "comfortable . got moved up to economy plus. enjoyed the seats in the exit row"
Contras: "we were delayed."

Contras: "Entretenimento de vídeo avariado"

Prós: "Everything"
Contras: "Nothing"

Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "Plan was late. Had to fix radio on plane. Dat on plane for 1 1/2 hours to get engine started. Never again"

Prós: "Quick"

Prós: "In flight "included wifi" is a joke. Spent 20 minutes trying to connect and the rest of the flight trying to load the "entertainment" page. Doesn't matter if you have the app, same thing happens. You're better off downloading whatever you'd like to consume prior to take off!"
Contras: "Wifi connection, pretzels, tiny beverage cups"

Prós: "Friendly staff"
Contras: "Had to pay for wifi. Seems weird to advertise it and it's not included"

Prós: "...."
Contras: "Cheiro a jet fuel dentro do avião, barulho despropositado feito pelo pessoal de bordo aquando no tempo de descanso."

Prós: "I arrived in Omaha in one piece."
Contras: "Everything else."

Prós: "Good entertainment and nice seats."
Contras: "I don't understand how you pay $500 for a six hour flight and a meal is not included."

Contras: "A cat in a carrier was very loud and restless during flight."

Prós: "I love United Airlines airplanes. They are roomy and comfortable. I don't like to fly, but I have to admit, I felt pretty good on these flights. I get scared when it's bumpy, but I guess that's just life in the air."
Contras: "There was a slight delay in Chicago (20 minutes), which is not much to complain about. I just wanted to get home."

Prós: "CHECKIN Is long and awful."
Contras: "Staff rude"

Contras: "United and AL never helped rebook my flight from Chicago to Omaha. Spent too much time and money to get back home."

Contras: "Both legs of the flight were delayed for 1-2 hrs."

Contras: "One hour mechanical delay"

Contras: "No gluten free options"

Contras: "Was supposed to arrive in time for my speaking engagement - since I was the speaker, I was very upset I missed it!!!"

Contras: "2 hours late"

Prós: "I had excellent service, the employees were extremely nice and helpful. I use a wheelchair due to disability, so it's important to me to have someone take me from entrance to the gate and help getting on board. From the woman who helped me with getting me to the gate, the gate agent and flight attendants, I was very impressed with UA service today."

Contras: "Similarly, poor cabin staffing"

Contras: "Very rude steward. Sooooooo not his line ofnwork!"

Contras: "Had computer problems. All flights shut down. Will never fly United again"

Prós: "Crew was nice Smooth flight"
Contras: "Small plane Delayed flight"

Prós: "The flight is short and sweet and because of my seat assignment I didn't get a beverage until about 15 minutes before landing so the flight attendant said, "you don't have much time to enjoy it, so just enjoy it". That was just what i needed that day! Thanks United!"
Contras: "Nothing"

Contras: "Delayed for a latch for 10min then 10 more then 30 in reality was around 1:30 plus when we finally bored the plane we got delayed again because they had to spray the aircraft because of the snow supposedly 5 minutes it took 25 My overall opinion about united airlines is: Never again Bad customer service"

Prós: "Everything was good!"

Prós: "Quick and easy flight. Just over one hour from take off to landing. Both airports are easy to navigate."
Contras: "Barely had enough time for the flight attendants to get everyone a refreshment."

Contras: "My luggage was lost"

Prós: "Convenient, seamless boarding process. Arrived early"
Contras: "Middle seats are pretty cramped on 737"

Prós: "On time no delays"
Contras: "None"

Prós: "Everything was on time and all the staff was friendly and helpful."

Prós: "Take off and landing and overall flight was great. Flight crew were very friendly."
Contras: "Flight delay"

Prós: "Again, the food wasn't bad, persay, there was just hardly any time to justify food at all. Just a slightly crushed packet of snack that was almost entirely pretzel."

Prós: "We had no delays this time and had a smooth flight."
Contras: "While we arrived on time, we all waited 40 minutes to get our checked luggage at the end of the flight. United is not my first choice in airlines: they give the impression that they're giving the bare minimum and not really trying to make a good experience for the customer."

Prós: "The kindness of the staff."
Contras: "Having to go back to Denver because of a storm-in Omaha."

Contras: "The boarding gate changed but the gate information did not. I thought I would save money and time flying United at Ohare. That's a mistake I will never make again."

Contras: "Went all the way there turned around and came back"

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Medidas de segurança das companhias aéreas que voam do o Porto para Nebrasca

As companhias aéreas que voam do o Porto para Nebrasca adotaram medidas de segurança adicionais e ajustaram as suas políticas para melhor acomodarem os passageiros. As políticas variam consoante a companhia.

Reforço das medidas de higiene

Limpeza diária, instalação de filtros HEPA na cabina em voos do o Porto para Nebrasca

Uso de máscara obrigatório

Uso de máscara obrigatório a bordo; máscaras fornecidas em voos do o Porto para Nebrasca

Lugares com distanciamento físico

Lugares do meio indisponíveis em voos do o Porto para Nebrasca

Teste antes do voo

Teste de anticorpos e sintomas em voos do o Porto para Nebrasca

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