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  • Em média*, partidas pela manhã são cerca de 25% mais caras que um voo à noite.
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Jet2Pontuação geral com base em 188 avaliações
Avaliações sobre a companhia

Cannot fault Jet 2 service

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Cannot fault Jet 2 service

Boarding lanes should have been better organised..as it always becomes a free for all..

Flight was first class Experience at Edinburgh Airport was appalling

great airline - puts others to shame

Smooth process, great in flight crew you wouldn’t want to travel more than 3.5 hrs with them as the seats are slightly hard

Prós: "Crew was attentive"
Contras: "The seats are awfully tight and no padding The plane was delayed for almost 3 hours while we were on it because of some air conditioning issue"
Prós: "Simplicity"
Contras: "Not much. Outside influences not under their control"
Contras: "Everything is made easy...."
Prós: "Simple checking with baggage etc"
Contras: "More leg room"
Contras: "It was freezing on the plane everyone had hoods up and coats on."
Prós: "Seats and legroom very good for a budget airline. Crew very good."
Contras: "Boarding in Naples was dire"
Prós: "Crew were good, no issues. Flight was prompt and easy."
Contras: "A few too many announcements and promotions for buying stuff on board."
Prós: "Comfortable flight"
Contras: "Alanya airport puts you through security 3 times. If they want to do this at the gate including hand searching they need to employ more staff to speed up the process. Food and drink at the airport is expensive"
Contras: "Food options are very bad & there are no TVs on the plane but otherwise this was an excellent flight & a seamless holiday transfer from the moment that we arrived."
Prós: "Nice plane and well trained crew, will fly them again, without any doubt"
Prós: "Crew are always pleasant and know how to smile"
Contras: "Air con started out super hot then went rather chilly!?"
Prós: "This plane was alot older then other planes owned but the cabin was still new, legroom brill, clean cabin and excellent staff. We were kept fully informed of the extra safety procedures needed in regards to de-ice the plane before takeoff."
Contras: "Would have rathered a new plane, and to land ontime but only 20 mins late."
Prós: "Comfortable, quick flight to prague, even landed early! The cabin crew were efficent and the cabin was kept clean and tidy. Legroom is always better on Jet2"
Contras: "Nothing to not like. Jet2 have good planes, excellent legroom and great staff."
Prós: "Cheap and easy."
Contras: "The announcements were a bit “organised tour” excitement which was odd. Also not allowed tablets during take off and landing which was a bit behind the ball compared to other carriers."
Prós: "Late at the airport but they managed to get us all through and boarded on time"
Contras: "Too many steps especially at Birmingham"
Prós: "Crew was good, boarding was good. On time."
Contras: "All food/drinks are chargeable, but they will not accept credit cards without a raise number on the front so I couldn't use my travel credit card and then I couldn't use my debit card because they said "often the debit card will not run through while in the air"...fortunately I had some Euros."
Prós: "The crew were helpful and friendly"
Contras: "Nothing to report. Very efficient"
Prós: "Good flight (when we eventually got airborne. Friendly cabin crew"
Contras: "Last minute gate changes at Heraklion meant lots of confusion & frustration plus late departure. Edinburgh airport is a joke since its recent upgrades, plane sent to wrong bay caused delays getting off then baggage handlers are slow beyond useless, seem to think they are doing everyone a big favour & will do things when it suits them. No help or information from airport staff who promptly vanished at the 1st sign of trouble. Edinburgh airport really needs to have a long hard look at itself."
Prós: "Nice clean plane. Short flight good check in, comfortable seat. Nice staff"
Contras: "No entertainment"
Prós: "I actually found the seat quite comfortable, compared with other low-cost airlines. I was glad that i could take my hand luggage onto the plane, allowing me to exit without having to wait at the carousel. There was plenty of space in the overhead locker. I liked the sense of humour in the announcements - it proves that even serious things can be said in a pleasant manner"
Prós: "Last minute booking from Alicante, amazing seat allocation and the flight arrived 35 minutes early."
Contras: "Shame Leeds wasn’t ready for us, took far too long to access the terminal and queue at passport control was a joke. Landed feeling great, now I’m ticked off."
Prós: "Another excellent flight on Jet2 , 35 minute delay but handled with such relaxed professionalism by the crew. Highley recommend *****"
Contras: "Nothing."
Prós: "excellent legroom"
Prós: "On time."
Contras: "Charge to ensure you keep your free hand luggage in the cabin. Security delays at Belfast."
Prós: "First holiday with Jet2 and really impressed. My only tip would be to book a meal, as pre-booked meals are served first and the non-booked sandwiches ran out by our row. Will fly with them again."
Prós: "Decent legroom"
Contras: "Having to turn off electronic equipment for take off and 30 mins before landing. Ridiculous as all other airlines now agree this is pointless."
Prós: "Boarding was relatively painless. Although as always we seemed to end up in the crèche part of the cabin."
Contras: "Having to switch off all electronics while the seatbelt sign is on believe bags in the last century. Even a kindle! This is just ridiculous."
Prós: "New plane. Great legroom. Generous luggage allowance. Pleasant crew."
Prós: "- Boarding was quick and effortless - Customer service was excellent from both ground staff and in flight team - No niggly baggage rules - Fair prices for in flight meals and snacks A huge thank you to Jet2 for providing an excellent service at fair prices"
Contras: "Nothing"
Prós: "Short check in, good leg room in seats"
Contras: "Overpriced food"
Prós: "Delayed boarding, taking off, landing, and then getting from plane to gate"
Prós: "Have drag A1 do great space, all in timd"
Contras: "Nothing"
Prós: "First time iv used jet2 and I will again"
Prós: "Great flight, super low price. Overall great value. Also the cabin staff were great. The flight was quite empty so we had a bit of a blether"
Contras: "Nothing was wrong with the flight, aircraft or service. Only one star for food cos I didn't order, and for entertainment as there was none. Wasn't expecting for £80"
Contras: "temperature too cold on return flight from Faro, especially having been in hot weather for 16 days"
Contras: "Delay due to incompetence at Venice airport"
Prós: "Everything ran smoothly"
Contras: "The constant talking on the overhead trying to sell something (food, donations, duty free) and then the stewardess didn't make it to the back to hand over landing cards."
Prós: "- Flight was on time, yet they pad the timetable to make it difficult to be late. - Aircraft was relatively clean considering this was its 4th flight of the day, and the fact it's 29 years old. - More laid back then EZY and FR as they allow a reasonable turnaround time."
Contras: "- Seat assignments don't always make sense, we were split up even though there was an empty row behind us. - Shortly after takeoff passengers moved into the extra legroom seats without paying. - Constant attempt to sell things to you, scratch cards, overpriced drinks etc."
Prós: "Great service and food and smooth all the wsy"
Contras: "BiokAggrevation beforehand trying to book guaranteed cabin baggage"
Prós: "Convenient flights. Friendly staff. Excellent price."
Contras: "Older aircraft means electronic devices can only be used while cruising. Long queue for bag drop due to many flights leaving at once."
Prós: "Friendly, polite crew and clean aircraft both ways."
Contras: "Poor entertainment and lack of holder on seat in front to hold magazines, phone, iPad etc."
Prós: "Staff and process"
Contras: "No entertainment, pre booking hot food"
Prós: "Good service and price"
Contras: "Poor food selection"
Prós: "On time departure"
Contras: "Was told five minutes before landing that we would be circling the airport for 20 mins due to runway closure which turned into half an hour. When we landed we had to wait a further 10 - 15 minutes before we could taxi to the airport, so nearly an hour late but no delay."

Excelente aeronave, pessoal gentil, conforto, tudo na classe econômica

Avião maravilhoso super confortável mesmo na classe econômica


Voo muito bom e cómodo

Contras: "Flight cancelled. Impossible to manage flight or request refund directly. Must make the request to the travel agency. The problem is that the client should have the right to bypass the travel agency..."
Contras: "Flight cancelled. Impossible to manage flight or request refund directly. Must make the request to the travel agency. The problem is that the client should have the right to bypass the travel agency..."
Prós: "Crew was attentive - the service from SJC is much better than SFO - less crowded etc. New 787 and Premium Econ is great."
Contras: "A alimentação fornecida não permitiu opção para todos a bordo, além de apresentar cardápio pouco atrativo."
Prós: "Limpeza dos toaletes."
Contras: "A comida servida a bordo."
Prós: "Nao viajarmos, o voo foi cancellando sem avisar fui fazer o chekin e fiquei sapendo. Tive que comprar outra passagem pela Tam que custom muito cara devido a data estar muito em cima.um horror!"
Contras: "Tudo, inclusive me idenizarem pelos transtornos psicologicos e gastos desnecessario de muito dinheiro"
Prós: "A tripulação, particularmente a Sra. Betina, é a mais simpática e prestativa tripulação que já vi. Vinhos excelentes, servidos a vontade mesmo na classeeconômica. Os assentos são bastantes confortáveis. O pouso também foi perfeito."
Contras: "Só faltou servir o café, junto com a refeição da manhã"
Contras: "As opções de entretenimento e cadeiras mais confortáveis."
Prós: "Tripulação atenciosa e solidária"
Contras: "Procedimento de embarque respeitando os grupos para acessar a aeronave"
Prós: "Serviço de bordo comida"
Contras: "Assento com encosto de cabeça... horrivel"
Prós: "Although a late take off we managed to arrive 3 minutes early!"
Contras: "Nothing, keep up the good service!"
Prós: "The crew was nice."
Contras: "The food was the worst I have had on a flight. We were crammed into the seats....especially when the seat in front reclines back."
Contras: "Demora en el despegue"
Prós: "A atenção e cordialidade da BA é demais."
Contras: "Nada a dizee"
Prós: "Uma verdadeira lata de sardinha"
Contras: "O tratamento pois depois de um atraso na decolagem de mais de uma hora dentro do avião, não serviram nem um copo de água ."
Contras: "Verdadeira lata de sardinha"
Prós: "On time"
Contras: "Having to take a bus from the plane to the terminal. This would make me fly via Amsterdam to the US to avoid these connections"
Contras: "Voces me venderam uma passagem as 9:47. Eu tinha apenas 3min para fazer meu checkin pois encerrava as 9:50. Não consegui, perdi o voo e o dinheiro. Palhaçada, irei entrar na justiça. Deviam alertar ou bloquear as vendas faltando pouco tempo para o checkout."
Prós: "Vôo saiu no horário, tudo muito bom."
Prós: "Simpatia da tripulação"
Contras: "Espaço entre bancos demasiado pequeno"
Contras: "Cadeiras da Business"
Prós: "Tripulação muito atenciosa."
Contras: "A distância entre os assentos. Muito apertado."
Contras: "The absurd delay and the fact that last row seats can’t be reclined and have no windows. Not a nice experience."
Contras: "O prato que escolhi, disponível no menu, não estava disponível no vôo."
Contras: "Double charge and unprofessional untrained staff on the counter"
Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "Delayed my flight connection was missed and ba said they put me on another flight but they never did"
Prós: "Check in was a breeze, and the food was good!"
Contras: "Our flight was delayed d/t engine trouble, & we missed our re-booked connecting flights twice & finally our third flight was only available to a different city than originally planned.. (Newark, NJ instead of JFK) In compensation, we were offered a coffee voucher but had to dead run to catch the next flight. No time for coffee."
Contras: "2 Hours delay I lost my connection it took like 10 more hours to get to my destination I finally got to my destination my luggage was misiing today is Tuesday July 24th and I’m still waiting no luggage and dress with the same clothes since Sunday"
Prós: "I enjoyed all of the amenities provided on this flight, the service and food was great and I got to enjoy 3 new movies I'd been meaning to see."
Contras: "No complaints here! It was a great way to start off our vacation."
Prós: "We were kept informed"
Contras: "I felt stressed due to an ill passenger holding up the plane. Plane returned to gate from runway. High potential of missing connecting flight. Landed on tarmac at Heathrow. Waited for bus. Took to faraway terminal. No info monitors so stood in long queue to find out in wrong terminal."
Prós: "Pontualidade, espaço entre as poltronas."
Contras: "Ter que comprar a água"
Prós: "Tripulação"
Contras: "Atraso de mais de 1 hora"
Contras: "Las películas no se podían poner desde el inicio"
Prós: "The crew were great."
Contras: "No on house movies system down. Dirty seats."
Prós: "Nada!"
Contras: "Estava na executiva e tinha cadeiras com tv quebradas, passageiros sendo removidos para econômica para chefe de cabine dormir, não tinham todas as opções do cardápio , vinho acabou , tripulação mal educada"
Prós: "On-flight entertainment. Great selection of movies, TV, music. Timely boarding and early arrival."
Contras: "The flight attendant who served me apparently doesn't like Americans. She was very cold to me although I was as polite (or even more so) than others. When I handed her used service items she snatched them out of my hands."
Prós: "Crew and staff were very nice."
Contras: "Flight was overbooked even though we booked the flight 2 months ahead of time"
Prós: "Flight crew was top notch with few exceptions. Safe journey. Great price tag with what should have been limited connections."
Contras: "BA used to be one of my three favorite airlines, especially the international. Sat on tarmac for over 2 hours because no one thought to load luggage of a couple hundred people or de-ice the wings for the sprinkle of snowflakes that terrified London. Cancelled our first flight to London a few hours before we were to leave home and after two hours on the phone, we were instructed to cancel our remaining flights and purchase a connecting flight to our destination ON OUR OWN DIME with the hope BA May reimburse. Had to fly into another COUNTRY, pay for our own hotel room and transfers and got to our final destination a day later, with only crossed fingers BA will take care of some of those expenses or at very least reimburse for the cancelled flight. They Lost our luggage on the way home because of a 2-hour delay (tarmac story above^), because they involved 3 airlines in their efforts to help us connect back home. Staff and crew we saw face to face were great to help...though not all customers shared that experience as we witnessed. Administratively, based on our 2 weeks of multi-country travel with them, BA seems to have lost the ability to manage themselves. 2.5 hour flight from Rome to London has terrible service and we had to ask for water to drink. Everything else was paid...I’m accustomed to that on regionals Euro commuter flights but very surprising on a full-fledged BA plane covering that distance. So many extra inches given to the thirty folks in first and business that commoners get sardine seats across the pond to America. That being said, the seats themselves are plenty comfortable withthe exception of arm rests that do not fully position upright. BA used to make you feel incredibly fortunate to fly with them. Now, I appreciate the crew who worked very hard to make-up for such an ugly delay on the ground and in baggage and flightbmanagement. The rest left me with a migraine."
Prós: "São pontuais"
Contras: "Não servem nem uma água para vc beber, única aviação que não servem 1 lanche, nunca vi isso! Eles vendem alimentos, só vendem, não oferece nem água! Um absurdo!"
Prós: "Polite staff professional"
Contras: "Delay."
Prós: "Customer service."
Contras: "Entertainment need more movies"
Contras: "Arm rest not going up for 11 hour flight not good . Trash not collected"
Prós: "A British Airline é uma empresa muito organizada, não houve atrasos e o serviço de bordo estava impecável, porém, tive problema com a minha tv, na verdade todo o bloco central perdeu acesso ao entretenimento e eles não conseguirem resolver ainda em voo."
Contras: "Do meu sistema de entretenimento ter parado de funcionar"
Prós: "cheaper pricing"
Contras: "no mention of visa entry to US when I booked my trip !! caused me all sorts of problems .... you must make double and triple check that when booking a ticket to a country that requires a visa it is a 'click to accept' thanks"
Prós: "Boarding was excelllence"
Prós: "Splach"
Contras: "No cafe"

Tripulantes educado , serviço nada de especial

Gostei de nao ter pago valor a mais pela mala de cabine

Gostei de tudo, correu bem tudo

O que podia ter corrido melhor: Estava super satisfeita com lugares que nos foram atribuídos aquando da compra dos bilhetes e chegados ao avião, Alteraram os nosso lugares.

O comandante foi sensacional, saudou os passageiros olhando para todos. Explicou o motivo do atraso. Foi extremamente simpático convidando crianças e depois "crianças grandes" a visitarem a cabine enquanto aguardávamos a liberação da decolagem! Sensacional!!!

Voo impecável. Houve uma senhora que se sentiu mal, com ataques de pânico. Podiam ter levado para uma área do avião mais confortável mas não sei se há. Um dos tripulantes nao a largou e cuidou dela e do bebé, foi super!

Estava um calor absurdo dentro do avião.

aeronave antiga, banco sem reclinar.

Tivemos um atraso de mais de uma hora. É inaceitável tendo em conta que era o voo inaugural da rota para Porto Santo.

Algum entretenimento (televisão, música…)


Prós: "Flight was pretty smooth"
Contras: "Seats allocated"
Prós: "O assento é confortável para uma empresa de lowcost"
Contras: "O embarque e o desembarque."
Contras: "Don’t charge everyone on the flight €60 without warning."
Contras: "Made us run from one end of the airport to the opposite end, because they said they had ‘operational difficulties’, causing them to switch gates between two flights. Total baloney, and completely avoidable."
Contras: "o voo ter partido e chegado a horas e não com um atraso de mais de 2h"
Contras: "O voo atrasou 1 hora."
Prós: "Receiving updates about delays"
Contras: "The flight could have left on time"
Contras: "Sair a horas"
Contras: "O espaço entre as poltronas é pequeno demais."
Contras: "Seats very uncomfortable for a 4 hour flight and boarding process was chaotic"
Prós: "Friendly crew"
Contras: "Border control at EDI. Lanes too long"
Prós: "it was fast"
Contras: "seats are very tight"
Contras: "O tempo de embarque, ou seja, depois de passar a porta de embarque, muito tempo à espera para entrar no aviao"
Prós: "Voo de Londres à Paris bastante tranquilo e rápido."
Contras: "Poltronas não reclinam, mas tem um bom espaço para as pernas"
Contras: "Escolhi a easy jet porque considerava que se diferenciava das outras low-cost. A péssima experiência de autêntica caça à bagagem extra por um funcionário dedicado exclusivamente a essa função na fila de embarque provou-me que afinal estava enganado. Deixou de ter a minha preferência."
Prós: "Boarding flowed well. Good flight, helpful staff."
Contras: "Left a little late but made good time. A positive experience."
Contras: "Assento desconfortavel para dormir."
Contras: "Too crampt. Food like cardboard."
Contras: "They overbooked our flight, sold our tickets and we didn’t get on standby. We had to wait in the airport for 8 hours for another flight because of this."
Prós: "Na verdade não gostei dos assentos apertados e de não ter como carregar o celular."
Contras: "4 hour delay"
Contras: "Flight could’ve arrived on time."
Prós: "Staff was pleasant and helpful, it was a short flight but overall was very good"
Contras: "It was just enough, May be a magazine that tell you more about things to do in Cities you are flying to would help. Don’t compromise on information. All was great."
Contras: "Boarding at gate 43 at Berlin was very bad. Encouraged to go to gate very early. The gate area wasn’t pleasant. Once checked in through the gate we had to stand in a cramped fenced off area for more than 30 mins Seating on aeroplane cramped Everything else was good."
Prós: "Good crew - efficient, polite and made the trip easy"
Contras: "The usual shennanigans being herded into a crappy space before boarding.."
Prós: "Tripulação mal educada e grossa. Terrível."
Contras: "Ter ido por outra companhia aérea."
Contras: "Foi tudo muito bom. Sem problemas"
Prós: "Pontual. Pessoal educado e alegre."
Prós: "Pontual"
Contras: "Nem uma água de cortesia."
Prós: "Preco"
Contras: "Sem servico gratuido de alimentaca"
Prós: "Easy boarding and flight. The onboard meal deal tasted alright and wasn't as had value as I'd expected."
Contras: "Not the most comfortable seats but bearable for a few hours if you're not trying to sleep."
Contras: "no entertainment no food, no snack, no drink scary landing due to strong, gusty wind in Innsbruck"
Prós: "Good airplane and very welcoming crew, food options are also good."
Contras: "The seats are va little uncomfortable but nothing that affects the flight."
Prós: "What a landing from the pilot. Straight from the aviation textbook."
Contras: "12 min delay."
Prós: "Our flight was delayed two hours due to mechanical issues. They were very apologetic - customer service was great."
Contras: "Delayed flight"
Prós: "One time"
Contras: "Cattle car boarding. But expected. Luton airport is confusing for transport to London"
Contras: "O vôo atrasou e perdi o horário do meu ferry boat"
Contras: "Huge lines at baggage drop when we arrived 2 hours ahead of flight, for domestic flight in Germany. Barely made it on board due to the long lines. Then plane stood on runway without power for 45 minutes, and delayed us by that much time. Arrived in Munich, our checked luggage was lost. Personnel stated it takes at least 3 days to be sent after us. Terrible for a domestic flight. Separately, easyJet mobile app wouldn’t let my wife download boarding pass and security didn’t accept her check-in. App is useless as a result."
Prós: "We were pleasantly surprised with how comfortable the flight was and the efficiency."

Tudo tranquilo

Atraso de quase 1h da hora inicialmente estimada

Um sorriso da tripulação.

Atrasou mais de 2horas

Atrasado, equipe antes do embarque mal educada

É ridículo viajarem duas pessoas e cada uma ficar em lugares opostos na aeronave.

O voo foi ok mas atrasou quase 1 hora. Pelo menos a tripulação nos manteve informados sobre o motivo do atraso e previsão de decolagem.

O voo atrasou uma hora e não houve compensação pelo facto. Fizeram o embarque meia hora antes e ficamos em pé à espera em fila em cima uns dos outros A tripulação de bordo apenas se preocupa em vender Pedi para por por uma garrafa de plastico no inicio do voo, a assistente mandou me esperar e some recolheu a mesma no fim do vending todo As janelas estavam imundas Enfim, uma companhia a não utilizar novamente

Pelos menos servirem uma água ou café


Sinceramente foi o pior serviço de todas as companhias aereas que jà viajei. Fico só por aqui senao tenho horrores para dizer

Delay nearly 2 hours, they know what they doing ,because if it was 2h delay they have to pay us. But luckily 1h48 min lol. Disrespect with clients

Como não consegui fazer o check in online no telemóvel tive que fazer no aeroporto e pagar mais de 100euros por isso! Gostaria de saber se isso é legal. Porque li que comprando através de outra operadora não deveriam ter cobrado

Partida com 2 horas de atraso

Foi tudo impecável. Todos sempre atenciosos

Tava tudo excelente

Had a drunk guy by my side trying to mess up with me

Paguei embarque prioritário Ponta Delgada - Lisboa e nada foi prioritário, o voo atrasou e depois foi tudo ao molho e fé em Deus...

Contras: "Água poderia ser mais barata."
Prós: "Affordability"
Contras: "Flight delayed 2 hours with very little communication as to why. We were not informed of likely length of delay. Once on board we were not offered any small compensation such as a free drink etc. Customers were moved to accommodate other passengers resulting in my friend moving from isle or middle seat. This wasn’t handled very gently and she wasn’t thanked."
Contras: "Too many school groups and screaming children"
Contras: "Correu tudo normalmente"
Contras: "Not worth trying to choose seats. Computer still seems to allocate at random. Unless travelling with small children just go with the flow for 2 hours or so."
Contras: "Bare bones is one thing.. standing in line forever after 1 hour delay then changing gates, then lining up again to stand in a non moving line.. too much"
Prós: "O voo em si foi ótimo. O trajeto e comissários tranquilos"
Contras: "Teve atraso e troca de gate antes do voo. Então a poderia seguir com mais pontualidade. E um atrativo seria um agrado aos passageiros. Como um petisco e suco , por exemplo! No mais. Tudo correu bem!"
Prós: "Nothing!!!"
Contras: "Loud men in lifeguard uniforms were allowed to blow whistles, yell, run around, and make everyone miserable by attendants. When I commented she said ,"oh well, that's the kind of flight it is,". junior high school lunchroom Nightmare!!"
Prós: "Very organized and very easy boarding experience."
Contras: "If the seat and sitting area would have been cleaner and if you could recline your seat"
Prós: "De nada nunca mais viajo c essa empresa, cheguei c 3 horas de antecedência no aeroporto e me fizeram pagar uma taxa de 55 euros absurdo, na volta atrasou muito, pessoas maleducadas"
Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "Communication, comfort, customer service, timeliness"
Prós: "Sim, a tripulação excelente"
Contras: "Correu tudo bem"
Prós: "Nada"
Contras: "Informações sobre o voo e faixas para checkin no balcão mais barata !"
Contras: "Houve um atraso e não avisaram. Ficámos em pé imenso tempo para embarcar como se o voo estivesse a horas."
Prós: "I got there nearly on time"
Contras: "65% of customers had priority so a bun fight to get on. We then tried to use the faster entry on non priority to get into the lounge and were sent back to the priority queue. families with kids weren't given the option of getting on first. Seats were incredibly uncomfortable. Lack of space for bags."
Prós: "The crew were friendly"
Contras: "Entertainment but it was a short flight"
Prós: "Tudo muito bem organizado"
Contras: "O espaco entre os bancos e ao menos água deveria ser ofertada"
Contras: "Instruções de embarque mais clara entre prioritário / não prioritário."
Prós: "On time flight"
Contras: "More leg room"
Contras: "Priority line...."
Contras: "Tripulação pouco profissional, a ter conversas sobre passageiros a frente de toda a gente,"
Prós: "On time and quick boarding, arrived before schedule and no issues with flight"
Contras: "Some passengers very noisy and shouting throughout flight but not the airlines fault"
Prós: "The price of the flight"
Contras: "1 hour late departure"
Prós: "Horário cumprido"
Contras: "Tripulação pouco simpática"
Prós: "- very kind and professional crew"
Contras: "- boarding was late - did not get actual notice that plane IS GOING to be slightly delayed (only email that it MIGHT happen)"
Prós: "A experiência no embarque foi PÉSSIMA, com a companhia RYANAIR, rnão desejo relatar nada do que tenha gostado."
Contras: "A companhia RYANAIR, não deixa claro a política de bagagens e na hora do embarque cobra por valores não informados antecipadamente."
Contras: "Turbulência"
Prós: "Da qualidade versus preço"
Contras: "Atrasou 15m, nada de especial"
Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "Everything ! Delay, no info (absolutely no info! Regarding the delay. I would never, ever choose RyanAir again !"
Contras: "Atraso de duas horas no voo. Cheguei em casa muito tarde."
Prós: "Fly on time"

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2 escalasRyanair
14h 45mNCL-FNC
1 escalaRyanair
12h 15mFNC-NCL
208 €
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
14h 45mNCL-FNC
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
14h 05mFNC-NCL
212 €
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
16h 50mNCL-FNC
1 escalaVárias companhias aéreas
9h 40mFNC-NCL
268 €
2 escalaseasyJet
11h 20mNCL-FNC
1 escalaeasyJet
6h 50mFNC-NCL
273 €
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
14h 45mNCL-FNC
1 escalaVárias companhias aéreas
6h 50mFNC-NCL
274 €
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
20h 15mNCL-FNC
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
29h 10mFNC-NCL
275 €
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
16h 50mNCL-FNC
1 escalaVárias companhias aéreas
6h 50mFNC-NCL
282 €
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
20h 15mNCL-FNC
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
24h 50mFNC-NCL
286 €
1 escalaeasyJet
13h 30mNCL-FNC
1 escalaeasyJet
6h 50mFNC-NCL
294 €
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
10h 05mNCL-FNC
1 escalaVárias companhias aéreas
6h 50mFNC-NCL
302 €
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
10h 30mNCL-FNC
1 escalaVárias companhias aéreas
9h 40mFNC-NCL
303 €
diretoVárias companhias aéreas
4h 05mNCL-FNC
1 escalaVárias companhias aéreas
12h 15mFNC-NCL
309 €
diretoVárias companhias aéreas
4h 05mNCL-FNC
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
14h 05mFNC-NCL
317 €
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
16h 50mNCL-FNC
diretoVárias companhias aéreas
4h 10mFNC-NCL
326 €
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
20h 15mNCL-FNC
1 escalaVárias companhias aéreas
8h 00mFNC-NCL
329 €
1 escalaRyanair
15h 45mNCL-FNC
1 escalaRyanair
16h 15mFNC-NCL
366 €
4h 05mNCL-FNC
4h 10mFNC-NCL
474 €
1 escalaBritish Airways
12h 55mNCL-FNC
1 escalaBritish Airways
6h 00mFNC-NCL
487 €
4h 05mNCL-FNC
4h 10mFNC-NCL
494 €
1 escalaBritish Airways
12h 55mNCL-FNC
1 escalaBritish Airways
8h 10mFNC-NCL
502 €

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Ofertas recentes de voos de ida

1 escalaeasyJet
13h 10mNCL-FNC
117 €
2 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
19h 15mNCL-FNC
155 €
3 escalasVárias companhias aéreas
19h 20mNCL-FNC
546 €

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Voos Newcastle upon Tyne - Madeira


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