Encontra voos baratos de Madrid para Goiânia


Encontra voos baratos de Madrid para Goiânia

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Ida e volta
Madrid (MAD)
sexta 23/4
sexta 30/4
Qualquer mês
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Informações úteis

Época baixa

marçoMelhor época para evitar as multidões, com uma queda média de 20% no preço.

Época alta

dezembroÉpoca mais popular para voar, com um aumento médio de 16% no preço.

Preço médio de ida e volta

720 €(preço médio das últimas 2 semanas)

Boa oferta ida e volta

670 €ou menos

Boa oferta só ida

552 €ou menos

Quando reservar um voo de Madrid para Goiânia

Preço estimado de ida e volta
Preço médio por mês
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Conselhos para encontrar voos baratos

  • À procura de um voo barato? 25% dos nossos utilizadores encontraram voos nesta rota por 552 € ou menos (ida) e 670 € ou menos (ida e volta).
  • O voo mais barato de Madrid a Goiânia foi encontrado, em média, 46 dias antes da partida.
  • Reserve pelo menos 2 semanas antes da partida para conseguir um preço abaixo da média.
  • Considera-se época alta os meses de novembro, dezembro e janeiro. O mês mais barato para voar é março.

Perguntas frequentes sobre reservar um voo de Madrid para Goiânia

Quanto tempo leva um voo de Madrid para Goiânia?

Quais companhias aéreas oferecem os voos mais baratos de Madrid para Goiânia?

Que aeroportos vou usar ao viajar de Madrid para Goiânia?

Como é que a KAYAK consegue encontrar preços tão baixos em voos de Madrid para Goiânia?

Como é que a ferramenta de previsão de preços da KAYAK me ajuda a escolher a altura certa para comprar passagens aéreas de Madrid para Goiânia?

O que é a opção KAYAK Mix nos voos de Madrid para Goiânia?

O que são as «datas flexíveis» da KAYAK e como me podem ajudar a encontrar voos de Madrid para Goiânia?

3 principais companhias aéreas a voar de Madrid-Barajas a Goiânia

Pontuações baseadas em avaliações de utilizadores da KAYAK

Pontuação geral com base em 27 791 avaliações
Avaliações sobre a companhia

Prós: "One of the flight attendants was very rude and seemed bothered when I inquired about a meal since I was sleep when they originally handed them out and said that I would have to wait u til the next meal period."
Contras: "She could have informed me they where no longer available."

Prós: "Great"

Contras: "Best airline! More space between seats. Great service. Great meals and snacks and overall excellent experience! I've travel a lot and no other airline in North America comes close! Thanks!!"

Prós: "The food was better than most other airlines"
Contras: "The boarding process is confusing. Checking the passports separately in the same area boarding lead to a lot of congestion and confusion. The boarding pass reading machines often didn't work. It looked like passengers in higher classes couldn't use the economy machines."

Prós: "Everything, I love Lufthansa"

Contras: "Seats are super tight and very uncomfortable for tall people."

Prós: "I booked with Lufthansa, but this was a United flight. I prefer United's boarding process with multiple groups to Lufthansa's single group. Lufthansa's leads to a very very long line 20 minutes before boarding starts."
Contras: "United had fewer movie options, fewer meals, and worse food than the Lufthansa flight we took when we traveled to Frankfurt. It was also delayed two hours due to mechanical issues. I will have to pay more attention when I book next time to avoid United flights."

Prós: "Do pequeno almoço"
Contras: "Os acentos"

Prós: "Crew was good"
Contras: "No entertainment at all, food was bad"

Prós: "A comida e a disponbilidade da tripulação."
Contras: "O atraso de uma hora!"

Prós: "A disponibilidade da tripulação"
Contras: "Do atraso que já não permitiu, que durante a escala visitasse a cidade de Munique."

Contras: "Lufthansa flight from Florence to Frankfurt was 45 mins late, so a large group of passengers had 30 mins to transfer from plane to bus to terminal to security to gate on other side of airport. They offered no assistance other than to say run, which we did the whole way. When we reached the gate less than 5 minutes after scheduled takeoff they said flight was closed and next flight was 18 hours later. Not one passenger successfully made the transfer. It took over 2 hours to get hotel and food vouchers, and we were forced to stay in airport Holiday Inn with now sweaty clothes and no luggage. Everyone was furious, and the entire incident could have been easily avoided in many ways, including by delaying the flight 5 mins or by providing passenger transportation at any point in the 30 minute transfer from the Lufthansa A arrival gate and the Lufthansa Z departure gate."

Prós: "The crew was very thoughtful. Again, a smooth descent into Dublin.-"

Prós: "The food and the smooth descend into Munich."
Contras: "The delay on embarking into the plane. Stayed on the bus, in from of the plane for about 15 minutes and I thought I was in an sauna. and on the departure was delay for about 15 minutes . The crew was OK but nothing out of the ordinary."

Prós: "Food was good but not enough."
Contras: "Entertainment system was not working."

Prós: "Good crew, very polite. Good ambient temperature on the plane. Food was good."
Contras: "Paid WiFi didn’t work for half the flight. They should post a map with when it works (above which countries) as apparently it’s a licensing issue."

Prós: "Crew"
Contras: "Late noisy too many children slow boarding"

Prós: "Crew was great."
Contras: "Seats were very uncomfortable, hardly any legroom"

Contras: "the plane was late boarding and some on board had tight connections. crew were aware but didnt let us leave first.we barely made our connection as we had to go through security in Munich. stress could have been avoided by letting us deplane first."

Prós: "Airy plane. on time. Good service. Flight wasn't full"

Prós: "Can I say basically everyyyyyything. The meals were amazing with respect to taste and the timeliness of them. The crew was extremely courteous and kind"
Contras: "Just typically being on a plane not much can do about the space in economy"

Prós: "Food and boarding"
Contras: "Flight was 1h40 late. Upon arrival we parked at a gate, but had to be bused. And it was raining"

Prós: "Good Service , and overall friendly crew"
Contras: "Automaten Check in / boarding Cards, is hard for some people and took really long . Extra help on these machines would be good"

Prós: "They’re very polite persons"
Contras: "The way they treat people"

Prós: "I believe Lufthansa does more than the majority of other airlines for economy class passengers."
Contras: "There was nothing I didn't like."

Prós: "The crew was fantastic and very kind the entire flight."
Contras: "We left nearly two hours late (all the while sitting on the plane) and once we finally got to Newark airport nearly the entire plane waited almost two hours to get our luggage."

Prós: "It was clean and it was on time."

Prós: "The trip from frankfurt to boston was amazin"
Contras: "The plane from beirut ti frabkfurt was old. No entertainment on board, no screens"

Prós: "Every time I fly Lufthansa I am super pleased with the food. All other aspects fine too."

Prós: "Good plane and service"
Contras: "Ticket check in was unclear, apparently we had to verify our tickets at the gate but there was no sign or previous instruction from the check in counter. I waited through the boarding line only to be told to first verify my ticket. My bags were lost on the Madrid to frankfurt flight, the first part. Unacceptable, if the airline can not schedule flights at their own hub that guarantee swift transfer it us pathetic."

Prós: "The boarding process was very fast and smooth"
Contras: "The seating space is very tight, more space is needed specially for tall people."

Prós: "Stewardess enjoyed her work encouraged us to take better seats. A full hot meal."

Contras: "Houve um atraso na saída de Munique."

Prós: "hot food and some complimentary alcoholic beverages"

Contras: "Flight delays,...."

Prós: "Luftahnsa is great. I can’t seem to get our system to recognize the two Condor is abysmal"

Contras: "Plane was delayed forcing me to run to my connecting flight"

Contras: "The vegan meal. No airline appears to know how to make a healthy and tasty meal."

Prós: "Punctuality"
Contras: "No entertainment"

Prós: "Houve atrasos mas saídas"

Prós: "Although the departure was a little bit bumpy, the snack was tasty!"

Prós: "there was food on the plane, which was quite o.k. and the crew was very friendly."
Contras: "Flight was delayed as it arrived too late. the boarding therefore, was a bit hectic, especially as Lufthansa does not make boarding according to zones or group numbers like most of the other major airlines."

Prós: "Extremely nice staff starting from check-in and till the end of flight, everything was perfectly on time"

Prós: "Punctual, efficient, Lufthansa never fail to deliver."

Prós: "Very organized"

Prós: "Flight was ok"
Contras: "We had one hour delay, on a 1:30h flight, totally unacceptable"

Contras: "Seats recline too much. When the person in front of you reclines his/her seat, you feel like you're in a tunnel with the seat back just inches from your face. However, the flight attendant was very kind and asked passengers to lift seats for the main meal, which was very nice."

Prós: "Everything! The food was nice, I liked the entertainment too!"
Contras: "That my fellow passenger took some of my limited space due to being obese:("

Prós: "Flying from San Francisco to Madrid via Munich in economy class. All very good in general, in fact the best experience compared with other airlines I have used in the past for the same trip. Vegetarian meal was good, but only on the long leg. Munich to Madrid was not possible to choose the special meal, but that is not that important for me, so I eat what I could and that was good enough. The crew was super nice. The plane is huge, toilets are literally 'downstairs' and extra room to hang out. I will definitely choose Lufthansa again for my trips to Europe."
Contras: "If you want to reserve a seat in advance you need to pay for it, that's the only thing I didn't quite like because I found it after I bought the ticket. It was not mentioned clearly in advance, and it felt like an afterwards surprise, really? I paid for it anyways. For me it is worth it to make sure I get a window seat on the long leg flight."

Contras: "O uso de mascara não foi obrigatório"

Prós: "The food was great and the screw were nice and young ."
Contras: "The boarding process and charging 95 dollars for an extra bag is crazy."

Prós: "Pontualidade e simpatia da tripulação"
Contras: "Comida, vergonhosa. Bebidas ok"

Prós: "Good service, friendly staff and easy boarding process, good food and on time departure"
Contras: "No complaints"

Contras: "Nothing, it was better than most other airlines"

Prós: "2 free checked bags"
Contras: "Very long wait time."

Prós: "Assento bom, preco bom, viagem optima"
Contras: "30 min atraso"

Prós: "Kind staff. We were served a very healthy snack which was also delicious. Flight was delayed due to fog in Porto but oh well! No big problema."
Contras: "No delays."

Prós: "Excelente"

Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "We were not able to board the plane. We left our morning flight from Madrid on time and arrived as expected. We hurried through the airport and went exactly where we were directed. Despite this, the gates closed on us while we were running to the gate. TAP sold us a service they could not provide."

Contras: "O voo partiu com um atraso superior a 1 hora"

Prós: "Tripulação muito simpática"
Contras: "Atraso de uma hora"

Prós: "Flight didn’t happen"
Contras: "Transfer to other airline was abysmal"

Prós: "The crew was good and went out of their way to help the passengers. The seats were uncomfortable."
Contras: "The entertainment could definitely be better. Newer screens, and more options."

Prós: "Extremely friendly flight crews, never hesitate to help with a smile on their face!"
Contras: "The layover situation needs to be improved. When you give 50 minutes, there really isn’t enough time to deplane, get through the check point, and make it to the terminal. We were told to run like animals in the airport in order to not miss the flight."

Prós: "A comida era boa"
Contras: "Atraso de uma hora, assentos do mais desconfortavel que existe"

Contras: "I fee cheated because it is the first time that I have. to pay for luggage. In their website it states that the basic fare allows in check-in bag. They said to me that there are different categories of basic fare, which is not disclosed in their website. Additionally any seat change cost"

Prós: "Simpatia da tripulação"
Contras: "Atraso no voo"

Contras: "Pontualidade e simpatia"

Contras: "Um atraso muito nenor"

Prós: "The crew were very friendly and attentive, there was a delay to boarding and departure but they were very apologetic about it. Service was attentive on the plane and bags promptly delivered at the baggage carousel."
Contras: "I upgraded at the airport to Executive class, which is really a bit of a scam to be honest. It’s just the first two rows of the plane and the middle seat kept free... the seats were no different to economy. Not worth the 109€ upgrade fee."

Prós: "Crew was helpful and professional. Airplane was comfortable and very spacious. Food was awesome."
Contras: "Really need to look at a more efficient way to board the passengers. Was pretty chaotic and the gate was way too small for so many people. Feel like the passengers with carry on luggage were thrown to the wolves while those with backpacks were treated way better."

Contras: "Pouca experiência da tripulação"

Contras: "Ontem tripulação pouco experiênte"

Contras: "Poor service"

Contras: "O katering tem de ser melhorado, não se justifica pagar 1180 euros ida e volta e comer uma Sandwich básica!"

Prós: "The crew was nice in the cabin."
Contras: "The Check in people were insanely rude. They made me pay 50 Euro for my carryon. The size was fine but it weighed more than 7 kilo. There was no problem outbound and plenty of people had bigger carryons"

Prós: "A tripulação era competente e simpática!"
Contras: "Aeroporto sem meios de embarque"

Prós: "Tudo óptimo."
Contras: "Política de bagagem alterou e eu desconhecia. Preço do lugar escolhido caríssimo. Preço do vôo elevado. Para voo não lotado."

Prós: "Punctuality, service and confort"

Contras: "There wasn't food or entertainment. Might want to add NA as an option in those categories"

Prós: "O atraso só foi de 30 minutos."
Contras: "Processo de faturação de bagagens caótico. Colaboradoras de terra indisponíveis para ajudar e prestar esclarecimentos. Tripulação antipatica. Avião alugado a outra companhia."

Prós: "Pontualidade"
Contras: "Nada de mau a apontar"

Contras: "Atraso"

Prós: "I am used to traveling continents with other companies. There has always been 2 check in bags allowed with no extra charge as long as you are under 23kg on each. I get to the airport with my 2 bags ready, TAP tells me on large holidays, they only allow 1 bag to be checked to my specific african destination until January 11. And that one bag will cost me $120. They will not let me have the second one. Who does that? How much sense is this supposed to have. I checked with others and they do not do that. Never again they will see me."
Contras: "TAP's stupid rules against my destination. Not faire!"

Contras: "Vôo com atraso."

Prós: "All!!"
Contras: "Nothing."

Contras: "Food was terrible ! Please change the menu ...."

Contras: "Atraso de 1h30m"

Prós: "chegar a horas"
Contras: "comida"

Prós: "Nada"
Contras: "Tempo espera"

Prós: "Hoje em alternativa a horrível pasta de atum fui surpreendido com um wrap vegan - estava bom ! Embora muito desadequado para crianças ...."
Contras: "Como sempre TAP = voo atrasado As justificações (desculpas) são as de sempre) : Restrições no tráfego aéreo, problemas no embarque, congestionamento, etc"

Contras: "Delay and food - terrible"

Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "The service was worse than poor. The planes seay table had hair and dandruff all over it. The air hostesses handed me the food two isles away and I had to hand it to my whole row. I would never pay this price for business class for this airline or ever trust Kayak to give good options."

Prós: "Tripulação excelente, atenta às necessidades dos passageiros e prestável"
Contras: "Lugar pouco confortável. Animação sofrível, aparelhagem antiquada com poucas hipóteses de escolha. Escassos canais de música"

Contras: "Atraso como sempre .... E pergunto : acham que atum é uma refeição que se ofereça as 9:00h da manhã ? Pois ... tal como eu a maior parte dos passageiros recusou (seria menos mau apenas um cockie)"

Contras: "Atraso do voo, mais de 5 horas de atraso para a hora de chegada prevista, com uma espera de mais de 2 horas dentro do avião"

Prós: "Pontualidade ! (O que infelizmente é pouco comum na TAP)"

Contras: "Voo atrasado mais de 3h ! Muito mau com mudanças constantes de hora"

Contras: "Atraso de 3h e meia, isto não é normal!"

Contras: "DELAY"

Contras: "Boarding procesa...an absolute mess"

Prós: "Ok"
Contras: "Is ok"

Prós: "The safety rating and the price."
Contras: "Overall, not impressed. The price pasó seemed cheap, but baggage fees aren’t included and are ridiculous. Delayed over 7 hours flight out. Flight back was more or less timely. The movies are old, and the newer ones are B level, at best. The food, is cheap. The price seemed right, safety ratings were good too; but won’t fly with them anymore."

Prós: "Too long ago!"

Prós: "Crew was friendly"
Contras: "Tv screen didn't work, stuck on an airplane for 8h without any entertainement. Had to pay an extra €120 to check in my bag, because it wasn't mentioned in the confirmation that my ticket didn't come with checked-in luggage. Moreover, the food on the plane was terrible ... Thank god it was a relatively cheap ticket, but would never take this airline again though."

Contras: "The boarding gate was very far, and I had to walk all the way."

Prós: "Friendly staff"
Contras: "No working movie screens and no outlets"

Prós: "All"
Contras: "No"

Contras: "Very poor company . Not recomendet . Dont fligth wuit them"

Contras: "El tiempo de espera se retrasó demasiado tiempo"

Prós: "Why do I needed to pay at the airport addiction 150 euros for one suitcase? Why was it online included to find out the I have to pay extra? That’s addioanl 30% increase for the price of the ticket. I’ have been using you for a long time and not really happy"

Prós: "Excellent"

Prós: "Smooth ride"

Prós: "Boarding was efficient"
Contras: "No free beverages"

Prós: "We didn’t crash"
Contras: "Aggressive, offensive, regimented staff almost strip searched people to assure no one violated their carry on ( one item, no purse) rule. We fortunately complied, but they humiliated an entire family for minor violations"

Prós: "The airplane clean conform"
Contras: "No beverage not even water or snack nothing there are some basic things that the airline should supply water or a cookie something basic minimum yeah charging money for"

Prós: "Vuelo de la excelencia"

Contras: "Very unorganised"

Prós: "New airplane,"
Contras: "Madrid Rome, charged for water."

Contras: "La tripulación fue muy gentil y atenta"

Prós: "excellent"

Contras: "Advance check-in did not work -- tried 3 times. Entered all the info, pressed enter and nothing happened."

Prós: "Very puntual & cheap!"

Contras: "Row 35 should not be an option far too tight"

Prós: "Didn't care for just one movie choice but I liked the price!"

Prós: "Very friendly."
Contras: "Everything was perfect. Can't complain everything was good."

Prós: "Same as previous answer"
Contras: "Same as previous answer a"

Prós: "Excelent !"


Prós: "Everything was perfectly reliable."

Contras: "Still haven't received over 2 days now"

Contras: "T"

Prós: "Wide body aircraft."

Prós: "Nothing"
Contras: "All"

Contras: "Terrible line up for boarding."

Contras: "Cold onboard"

Contras: "No alcohol."

Prós: "Alitalia is fine."

Prós: "Nothing"

Prós: "All went well. As above"
Contras: "No complaints"

Contras: "The boarding procedure need to improve."

Prós: "La puntualialidad y amabilidad"
Contras: "En verdad todo estuvo muy bien"

Prós: "New airplane 787 Dreamliner was great!"

Contras: "They are always late, they charge for everything..."

Prós: "Muy buena"
Contras: "Muchas veces las azafatas eran hostil y/o muy serias"

Prós: "I got there"
Contras: "Be prepared to take a bus to the airplane. No perks of any sort."

Contras: "Paying for my seat I didn't fet"

Prós: "Servicio excelente"
Contras: "El sistema de peliculas"

Prós: "Boarding system! It seemed to go smoothly."
Contras: "Nothing comes to mind"

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Medidas de segurança das companhias aéreas que voam de Madrid para Goiânia

As companhias aéreas que voam de Madrid para Goiânia adotaram medidas de segurança adicionais e ajustaram as suas políticas para melhor acomodarem os passageiros. As políticas variam consoante a companhia.

Reforço das medidas de higiene

Limpeza diária, instalação de filtros HEPA na cabina em voos de Madrid para Goiânia

Uso de máscara obrigatório

Uso de máscara obrigatório a bordo; máscaras fornecidas em voos de Madrid para Goiânia

Lugares com distanciamento físico

Lugares do meio indisponíveis em voos de Madrid para Goiânia

Teste antes do voo

Teste de anticorpos e sintomas em voos de Madrid para Goiânia

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